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September 18, 2008

Jeff Hardy update

A WWE spokesman issued a statement to The UK Sun about Jeff Hardy being involved in an incident at the airport in Nashiville, Tenn., yesterday.

“WWE has been informed of an alleged incident involving Jeff Hardy,” the spokesman said. “We are currently investigating the situation and will take appropriate actions if needed.”

As I wrote last night, the nature of the incident and what if any disciplinary action is taken by WWE could have a significant effect on Hardy’s career and the No Mercy pay-per-view main event between Hardy and WWE champion Triple H on Oct. 5.

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From what I read, Matt, Jeff and gregory Helms boarded a plane, and shortly after they boarded, the police boarded the plane and escorted Jeff off the plane. At last check, they are saying no official arrest was reported at the airport.
This doesn't sound good and makes me truly worry about Jeff from a personal and professional standpoint.

I hope this incident doesn't affect his career, he openly admitted fault for his previous offenses. If he needs help, get him help. his fan-base is enormous [myself included] and to conjecture the thought of dismissal on Hardy's part would be HUGE blow to the WWE.

Lets hope it's nothing serious.

This all seems to be very vague and is really strange that no news outlets in Nashville are reporting anything about it.

I can't believe anyone over the age of 5 really buys into Jeff Hardy. Personally, I can't watch him. I think he should take his 125lbs, his multi-colored hair and his multiple tatoos and buy a marajuana farm somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina.

I've got a feeling that despite what happened during his last tour with the company, Dixie Carter would probably take another chance on Jeff if he is terminated by the WWE?

It would be truly horrible to see Jeff in more drug problems, not only in concern for his professional career, but most importantly concerning his personal well-being. I do have a question for Mr. Eck, and that is if Jeff can actually win the WWE Champonship, as I thought that after the second violation of the company's drug policy you lost all opportunities to hold a belt...

I hope it's nothing serious and that everything is OK with him. i really hope it doesn't affect his position in the WWE right now.

I hope this is untrue --- while I really like Triple H, Jeff Hardy is running a close second (and that's who I want to see Trips lose the belt to .) I hope and pray it's not drugs because since this would be a 3rd offense, I think that means dismissal. What a loss for WWE - but more importantly,,what a loss for Jeff, both personally and professionally --- I'm hoping it's either false or something totally not related - like maybe they just picked him up due to the way he looks/dresses. If it is true, I only hope Jeff gets the help he needs, personally. He's definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

come on jeff!!!, hopefully this doesnt affect the no mercy ppv, and even his career!!!, as a matter of fact, you know what, no mercy is gonna suck without jeff hardy vs. triple h!!!...

The news story I read is showing that Jeff was intoxicated on the plane.

I know WWE can punish him for that (it may not be an official wellness policy violation, but they still can), but I think something like that was handled the best way Jeff could have done it.

If he was just drunk (I haven't heard any elaboration on "intoxicated") then he was asked to leave, did so without a scene, and made alternative plans to get home.

I'd say that went rather smoothly. Should he have been intoxicated in the first place? No. But that's another story for another time.

I guess MVP has been right all along

I read somewhere that it was his girlfriend, not him, that was at fault for whatever the problem was. I really hope that if that is the case they don't punish him for it. After everything that has happened to him this year, they should cut him some slack, especially since he is really popular with the fans. I would HATE to see him go!

I heard that he was intoxicated while trying to board a plane and that he was denied entry. It didn't say what he was intoxicated on, but it made it sound like liqour. They also say he wasn't arrested and that there wasn't an incident because he agreed to take a later flight. Now I just got this off a wrestling forum where anyone can submit news, and I've never heard of this source before (it looks like a regional news source), so I don't know how solid it is.

I dont have a Master's in Counseling but work in the field. Without knowing all the parameters or dynamics of his situation it would lead me to believe that there is an addiction issue. Whether it is alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs. Some prescription drugs mixed with alcohol can cause those to appear disoriented or intoxicated. I am surprised you don't hear more stories of wrestler's who have an addiction to prescription drugs such as painkillers or for mental health issues. Hardy is always entertaining to watch but at times does look like he is in pain or hurting after a move or match. Hopefully Jeff the person gets the "help" he needs.

Jeff I don't think it's anyone business let people talk but be careful about your career Jeff you have alot of fans who watch you through the years and more to come so don't throw it away because you have younger fans following your footsteps and who one day will be proud to follow a star like you please don't let your dreams fall apart because it took you and matt along way to get where you are today

I hope none of you people are ever on a jury. Maybe he took something to help him sleep for the flight home. Maybe he had a drink in the lounge before he boarded. The last time I checked alcohol was legal and I'm pretty sure he is old enough to drink. I"m willing to bet that he's not the only one to have a drink. I'm absolutely sure they still serve it on airlines. I hate to see someone tried and convicted without knowing all the details.

Magnificent Mark - we agree !!!!

Ditto to Magnificent Mark and The Artist.

To add to my comments poseted earlier. I look at the timeline Kevin Eck was referring to when he was slated to be in a pay per view event and then was scratched due to another violation. In this case it remains to be seen if this is another "violation". Another poster stated that he could have taken sleeping pills, this could be very true. However, you should really be conscious of how many you take or if you are abusing sleeping pills because you have trouble sleeping then maybe there are other issues to be looked at.

Bottom line: I just hope that the WWE steps in if there is another violation to help Jeff the man not the wrestling persona. I think he is exciting to watch due to his high risk moves.

Teresa , in response to your comment , I have been seated on a jury ( twice ) and yes alcohol is legal . However public intoxication is not . In most jurisdictions it's falls under the category of disorderly conduct . Jeff Hardy or otherwise .

Hello everyone,

My name is simone, I just became a jeff hardy fan about three to four weeks ago. I am truly worried about Jeff. I know what he is going through I myself are taking pain killers I have extreme spine and neck problems I had just two spine surgerys. I really like jeff and I enjoy watching him. I am so very proud of him for just becoming champion last sunday.

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