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September 19, 2008

Good news, bad news for Jeff Hardy

WWE will not take any disciplinary action against Jeff Hardy stemming from the incident at the airport in Nashville, Tenn., according to a report on this afternoon.

The Web site said that WWE considers it a non-issue. Hardy was denied boading a flight to North Carolina Wednesday because a Southwest employee said that he appeared intoxicated, according to

The fact that Hardy will not be fined or suspended is certainly positive news for him. However, as I wrote yesterday, even though this incident did not lead to Hardy being disclipined, it might make WWE officials leery of putting the WWE title on him or even pushing him as a main-eventer. As a fan, I hope that isn't the case.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 9:44 PM | | Comments (18)


Whaa ? A non -issue ? No disclipine ? This guy is a train wreck . I'm sure he's "learned his lesson" ( again ) .
Kevin , given Hardy's track record I'm surprised that you would still want to see him pushed . Despite his popularity and talent , would you really like to see someone such as him being the face of WWE ?
Everyone deserves a second chance . But a third , and fourth ? The only way I would want to see him back in the mix is after seeing some type of reform and frankly that could take years .

As a J.H. fan I hope this doesn't affect Jeff's possible WWE Title reign.

But looking at it from a if-i-were-a-company-official-person-point-of-view now that this has occurred WWE might want to use Kozolov to ruin his title match to keep him from winning it and have Kozolov going for Triple H instead because of finding Jeff still under the bar for being a champ.

The only thing this will hurt is his reputation. He is looked up upon by so many people and for him to pull such a stunt shows little responsibility [to say the least]. The recurrence of this issue seems like an obvious addiction. The only person who will get help is Jeff. All we can do is wish him the best.

That is very true. It's good that Jeff won't be fired, but at the same time this really puts more pressure on anyone who wants to push him in the fed. That is too bad.

Do you think people are just coming down on Jeff Hardy? You know people read a lot of things and assume the worst in a person. With all that has happened to him, I just can't believe he would try to board a plan drunk. Come on give the guy a break.

Sad to hear the fella has his problems.It seems the company has tried to drill into him that he needs to sort himself out.He looked visibly shaken after MVP's lecture on his come-back,don't think that was in the script,not Jeffs' anyway! Comments from Brian Kendrick and HHH since,appear to try and drive the message home.
Personnaly,i think the WWE should be more constructive than saying,“next time,you'll get the boot”,they should tell him to seek help or get out for good.While it's true in this instance,you can only help someone who wants to be helped,if you care about the individual,you really have to take a firm stance for the employees sake ( i know through personnal experience ).
Gutted for Jeff as i can honestly say,the only time since Stone Colds' reign,i've only been on my feet,jumping up and down,adrenalin going and heart pumping,when he's been near winning the title.Sincerely hope he sorts himself out,with his talent he deserves to be at the very top of the game.

WAS he intoxicated? Is there evidence of this besides on airline employee's impression? There could be a few explanations here. Don't jump on the media train!

we dont even know what he did to call it an issue of not its all speculation so you heard he was denied cause of possible intoxication well so what i heard he was arrested and taken to jail and that dont happen for POSSIBLE intoxication so i think until we know for sure the speculation needs to stop and if your a fan then shut up and be supportive and keep him in your prayers for his problems and if your not a fan and have nothing good to say then just simply shut up.....

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I appreciate that you are a Hardy fan (as am I), but we cannot ignore that one of the biggest stars in wrestling today and someone two weeks away from a pay-per-view main event who also happens to be someone with a troubled past was denied boarding a plane because airline officials said he appeared he was intoxicated. Was he intoxicated? I don't know. I wasn't there. All I have said was that, whether it is fair or not, some will assume he is guilty of something because of his history. As far as him being arrested and taken to jail, I have not read that anywhere. Whatever source you got that from was obviously a bad one.

Now as far as the opinion of others who post here, they all are entitled to their opinion just as you are.

Oh give the guy a rest ok. Jeff Hardy has been through so much in his career and this a 15 yr old girl from Scotland and it shows he has got fans all round the world who support him and about the INTOXICATION wtf!!!
He has said himself "Jeff Hardy will never get suspended again".
So I really don’t believe he would "intoxicate" himself to put his career on the line.

But if you believe your sources well you believe them but I don’t believe them. But that’s my opinion and I know you should have your opinion about this to so if you believe the "sources" then you can believe them.

Yes I do admit to being a Jeff Hardy fan but if I believed that he would "intoxicate" himself I would say. I have an honest opinion about everything so I would be honest.

Courtney Kyle <3

It is very good that noting bad is going to happen to him. Jeff is a wonderful wrestler and has really good tallent and he would not do anything like that because he knows better than that. And alot of poeple like and some even love him. Over all it's a good thing that noting is going to happen.And i can not wait to see him take the title from HHH.

As I posted on other "Hardy" posts without knowing the full situation it would appear to be some form of an addiction problem. Kevin pointed out that this is twice that he was being hyped and getting close to two main pay per view events. Since I have a background in D & A and counseling for those with an addiction problem whatever it may be (alcohol, drugs, prescription meds, sex, spending $$) this has the appearance of being an individual who when it gets close to a huge life event (such as a company pay per view match) The stress factor climbs the scale which leads to more stress to deal with. For some who struggle with an addiction they revert back to what they have used in the past to deal with stressors. I just hope if there is an addiction he goes to counseling, or the company will have him go or AA or NA. A life is more important than a product. Even though wrestling is a business and hopefully WWE has a concern about an employees well being as a person, not as a moneymaker.......

This is my only concern is that so many kids love and watch him and want to be like him. That includes my son. That makes me worry for the fact that he thinks Jeff is the greatest thing and all he does is great I just dont think he shows the right things for kids. I wish him the best hope he get the help he needs to inprove his life.

Hardy is a junkie and it shows how useless the so called wwe wellness policy. If they were serious about it, hardy should have been sacked by now. would you let jeff hardy be the face of your company, never knowing when he is going to show up of his face, thats why i think he will struggle to get his hands on the wwe title, shame a great talent but cant take the pressure

There are waaaay too many people putting all of their faith in what one (non-medical professional) Southwest employee assumed they saw when they prevented him from boarding the flight that day. Two margarita's can put you over the legal limit making you "legally intoxicated", although you may not be drunk or acting out. Too many people are watching his every move right now, and just wanting to make more out of any situation that they can. Try living under a microscope, for everyone to watch your every move. I'm sure it's not easy. One person made a decision based on "appearance" alone. And then the media got a hold of it. No WWE superstar's personal life is any of our business. They don't get any time to themselves the way it is, and when they finally do find some time for themselves, every little thing is blown out of proportion. So he had a few too many drinks... big deal... it's not like he got behind the wheel and risked anyone's life. And last time I checked, drinking is not illegal.

I don't want to get negative on Jeff Hardy -- he's fun to watch in the ring and I hope for his continued success. And I wasn't there and have no idea of the real facts behind what happened at the airport But I do know that airline employees are trained to watch out for potential problem passengers, so I would not be quick to dismiss it as an overreaction by Southwest employees to "appearances."

I must agree with Courtney Kyle from Scotland, I am a big Jeff Hardy fan and I don't believe that he would put his career on the line....and the question is can the airline employee prove that Jeff was intoxicated at the time? Most likely not...Jeff deserves this title match just as much as anyone else...

OMG *cries* some people just don't get it do they??? Courtney Kyle you understand! So do you Jim good on you! *pats on back and give a hi-5* i have scottish blood in my veins as well, but i'm Aussie, i'm part Scottish.

As a Hardy fan, i don't see why everyone should jump to conclusions. Jeff (Hardy) as been having a real bad time, by MVP, The Brian Kendrick and HHH. Matt (Hardy) i think is kool, and as got to support Jeff.

I think that is stupid, i know Jeff wouldn't put his career on the line... i know he quit WWE in 2003, and came back as the refreshed Jeff in 2006. Why do people, in this case airline employee, claim that if your famous, you're always bound to do something out of the "Ordinary". Their personal life is not for us, or the media. it's their's.

jeff hardy is good person and likes kids believe me i have met him he is my friend i,m a 14 years old

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