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September 5, 2008

Face it: Sting’s no heel

Watching TNA Impact last week, I wasn’t sure if Sting just wasn’t very good at cutting a heel promo, or if he wasn’t really trying to cut a heel promo. After seeing last night’s show, I think it’s the latter, but I can’t say that with any certainty.

I think a dumbfounded Kevin Nash spoke for all us when he said, “What the hell is going on here?” right before the show went off the air.

For the second week in a row, the final segment of the program was a Sting promo. The first thing Sting said was that he was pleasantly surprised the fans didn’t boo him last week. He thanked the people and said there would be no Sting without them.

Before long, grumpy Samoa Joe came out to interrupt the lovefest. TNA’s supposed top babyface was greeted with mild boos. After some smack talk and Sting offering Joe a free shot with his bat, Nash showed up to play peacemaker. Oh, by the way, Nash and Joe weren’t getting along this week.

Suddenly, Sting hit Joe with the bat and landed the Scorpion Deathdrop. That makes two weeks in a row that Sting has cheap-shotted a top babyface. That seems like a pretty heelish thing to do, except the fans are cheering him (which he encouraged this week) and booing the faces.

It’s looking more and more like the plan is not for Sting to do a full heel turn. As I said last week, the story line could be that he is trying to toughen up the current generation of babyfaces and teach them about respect. A key point is that there is no real evidence that Sting has aligned himself with any of the heels.

I’ll continue to take a wait-and-see attitude with the angle, but right now it doesn’t seem to be benefiting Joe and A.J. Styles. Perhaps when Jeff Jarrett arrives on the scene, things will become clearer. Or more confusing.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

I’m not sure, but I think TNA has a videogame coming out soon. …

Anti-American heels have been around forever in wrestling, and most of the time I don’t find the characters offensive. With Sheik Abdul Bashir, however, I think TNA crossed the line (no pun intended). Specifically, it’s his entrance that I have a problem with. Right before his music starts, there is the sound of airplanes descending. Whoever came up with that idea should be ashamed of themselves, and whoever signed off on it should be fired. Next Thursday is 9/11. I hope TNA has the decency and common sense to keep Bashir off the show. …

I did like the angle with Bashir and referee Shane Sewell. I’m guessing that the majority of fans had no idea that Sewell has been wrestling for years (as Glamour Boy Shane in Puerto Rico), so when he took off his shirt and fought back against Bashir, he got a big pop from the crowd. …

Styles and Christian Cage had a good match, but what else would you expect with these two? Frank Trigg’s interference cost Styles the match, setting up the inevitable showdown between them. I’m looking forward to seeing what Trigg can do in the ring. …

Styles showed a lot of fire when cutting a promo on Sting, but when he started talking about having a wife and kids, I got confused. You mean he didn’t really have a schoolboy crush on Karen Angle? …

Here’s something else I’m confused by: Why are Booker T. and Sharmell so chummy with Kurt Angle? Didn’t Angle try to force himself on her a few years ago? I guess since it occurred in WWE it’s OK to pretend it never happened, but I seem to remember it being referenced in TNA when Booker and Sharmell first arrived. Oh well, forgive and forget, I always say. …

So I’m enjoying a promo by Beer Money Inc. and then the Prince Justice Brotherhood goes and interrupts them. Talk about a buzzkill. …

I know it was juvenile, but the skit with ODB doing her business in the men’s bathroom made me laugh. The best part was a horrified Lauren telling ODB that she didn't wash her hands. ...

It sure did take Awesome Kong a long time to make the save for Raisha Saed. Maybe Kong ate some of the same beans that did in ODB. …

The Awesome Bomb on a chair that Roxxi took sure couldn’t have felt too good. …

By the way, did you know that TNA has a videogame coming out soon?

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A videogame? Really? You'd think they'd try to advertise something that big, huh?

Are you serious? They're making a TNA video game?? I wish I had as many contacts inside the industry as you did, so that I could find out these things. I wonder if TNA has considered marketing the game to spread the word?

TNA has a video game coming out soon?! Why didn't they say something about it?

TNA's video game looks completely lame. It doesn't even have title belts you can defend. Plus Sting wrestles without a shirt on in it. He hasn't done that in like 20 years.

I don't think Davari's character is creative at all. Why is it every wrestling promotion has to have the following heels:

1- The Cowboy

2- The Rich Guy

3- The Middle Eastern Guy

Can we just get something new?

The ODB segment was one of the grossest things I've ever seen on a wrestling show. I don't care if she's supposed to be different, I don't want to see a vignette of a wrestler on the toilet duriing an interview, especially not a woman.

Otherwise, an so-so show. Seen better, seen worse.

TNA has a video game coming out soon?! Really?!

If I have to watch those cgi entrance videos one more time....

Yea, under worst heel ever, Sting wins. They might as well drop the whole thing now and save whatever plans of partial bad/good guy thing for- nothing and no one. In fact, they should lite the whole idea on fire.

I pretty much figured he was a wrestler about 5 second after that first hit but I was still grinning anyway. Not really because I hate Bashir or anything but just because it was fun to watch a ref go "postal" on talent for once.

Prince Justice Brotherhood... cause channels to be changed and noises to be muted, I felt bad for Beer Money.

But I liked the show overall. That doesn't always happen but I did. Now only if someone would kindly tell Kip that looking more female than the females in the promo is wrong on many levels.

He was more girly than me, not that I'm huge girly girl but I still have the right gender behavior going unlike him.

In my opinion, Having Christian as a baby face is a complete waste....the man is a natural heel

Looks like we've got a bunch of comedians in our midst!

Kevin re: your confusion about A.J. Styles reference to wife and kids / Karen Angle , don't be so naive . Don't all married men have a girlfriend on the side ? Just kidding .
TNA has a video game coming out soon ? , I wonder if Rellik is in it , that's killer spelled backwords Kev .

With respect to the "standard" wrestlers in each promotion (cowboys, middle easterners, rich guy) - why is there always a pissed off Latino group like LAX?

Why can't they just be amazing wrestlers?

I honestly hope that they eventually have Sting pick a side in this whole situation.

Stuff like this was the main reason why I was skeptical of the whole "New Blood vs Millionaire's Club" do-over, in the first place.

Sting, in my opinion, should've turned heel; it's the best thing for business, and if the idea is to put over the young TNA guys, it'd be the best way to do business.

Unfortunately, Sting's pride is getting in the way of doing business. it's sad really.

I found the ODB segment to be funny yet disgusting, in a pretty-gross-but- I still- might-hit-it, kind of way.

And, like i felt with the Muhhamad Hassan angle, I don't see what's offending so many people about this angle either.

Bashir, a man who immigrated to this country, in pursuit of the American dream, doing things the right way, is shunned by this country, because a group of radicals who committed a heinous attack, look like him, and he's furious about it.

Cut out the "raping Lady liberty" and I think you have a real good angle.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I wasn't offended by Bashir until I heard the sound of the airplanes descending in his entrance. That's taking it too far, in my opinion.

Curry Man is SO much a better character when he doesn't talk.

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