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September 12, 2008

Comedy is not pretty on Impact

Before I get into my thoughts on last night’s TNA Impact, I want to make it clear that I am a big fan of The Beautiful People. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky do a great job in their roles as the snobby pretty girls you love to hate.

TNA, however, doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of less is more. The Beautiful People got so much time on last night’s show that by their final segment, I really didn’t care to see them anymore. It didn’t help that they weren’t given the greatest material to work with, or that The Prince Justice Brotherhood was in all of the segments.

Sometimes attempts at silly, sophomoric humor can be funny – ODB in the bathroom, Santino Marella’s antics – but the beauty pageant skits just didn’t do it for me. But that’s just my opinion. Humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and I won’t be surprised if these segments did well in the ratings.

It did seem odd, though, to devote so much TV time to these skits on the go-home show for Sunday’s No Surrender pay-per-view.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

I’m looking forward to seeing Jeff Jarrett back after such a long absence. After his return had been teased for weeks, he made a quick cameo at the very end of last night’s show. One could argue that Jarrett shouldn’t have appeared on camera at all until the pay-per-view, but I thought this was fine. TNA wisely did not let him cut a promo on free TV. …

The Sting angle would be so much better if he was a full-fledged heel. To me, he isn’t even a subtle heel at this point. He was still slapping hands with fans on his way to the ring last night. I don’t know this to be the case, but if Steve Borden refused to go all the way with a heel turn, then TNA should have just scrapped the idea and come up with something else for Sting. …

At the beginning of the show, Samoa Joe said that he was going to rough up Kevin Nash. Before the end of the show, they were hugging and Nash was kissing him on the head. And they wonder why no one cares about this angle that has seemingly been going on forever. If rumors of Nash leaving TNA turn out to be true, then the story line won’t have a payoff after all the time that was invested in it. ...

The word going around about Tomko, who returned on last night’s show as one of Samoa Joe’s three opponents in a gauntlet match, is that he is going to appear on a semi-regular basis with TNA. Tomko and TNA reportedly had mutually agreed to part ways a couple months ago. …

Christian Cage cut a good promo about his participation in Sunday’s main event, which takes place not far from where he grew up in Ontario. …

I have no idea how good Frank Trigg will be at doing worked matches, but he is already at a high level when it comes to talking and projecting a heel persona. …

Roxxi is one tough woman. She takes some painful-looking bumps, and last night she bled heavily after being struck in the head by a chair that was thrown at her by Awesome Kong. I hope people in the company are appreciative of her sacrificing her body to make Kong and others look strong. …

For the talent competition in the beauty pageant, Taylor Wilde played the drums. She wasn’t bad, but she was no Peter Criss. Love, on the other hand, gave an “oral presentation.” Oh, that witty Vince Russo. The funniest part of the whole pageant was the shot of a fan sitting in the audience with a paper bag over their head and Kip James’ picture on it.

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Of all the things about Russo's booking that I hate, it's his extended, obvious comedy skits that I detest the most. His approach usually is to take something that was off the cuff and amusing, and smash it in fans faces like the proverbial pie in the face.

I think back to the dark days of WCW, when Mike Awesome was the "Fat Chick Thriller", what started out as an amusing aside to his character was buried in stupid Russo-produced skits, complete with XXXL underwear. He's doing the same thing here, taking what was a funny, subtle jab about wrestling "Divas" and burying it in asinine beauty pageants and sex jokes.

But what do I know, the biggest ratings grabber of all time was the stupid 20 minute Rock N Sock interview back in the late 90s. That crap pulled an 8.0+. Stupid casual fans.

.... and Peter Criss is no Ginger Baker .

Can you imagine the crap WWE would get if they built up Mickie vs. Beth or Michelle vs. Natalya for a PPV with a beauty contest featuring puns about oral sex?

Not that I hated the segments (I was OK with them), but I just think that anyone who would say it would be stupid if WWE did it should be equally hard on TNA for actually doing it and devoting that much TV time to it.

Also, doesn't the Knockouts TV ad say something along the lines of "Bikinis, evening gowns, lingerie? That's for Divas!"?

According to a wrestling news site Sting was supposed to turn heel 2 weeks ago. Instead the promo he cut was his own. TNA gave Sting the script he didn't want to use so he cut his own. Even Kevin Nash was surprised because he was expecting the heel turn to. And that part of the show turned out to be the highest rated of the show.
Last night's show didn't do too good. Very lame promos except for Christian Cage.
The Beautiful People Beauty pagaent was terrible. They should stick to wrestling. Why Kip James is involved is way beyond me.
Roxxi was incredible. How much more punishment can this woman take?
I don't see the TNA Knockout title taken off Taylor Wilde. It's to my understanding that Kong, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky's contracts are up in about a month.

Um, what happened to the wrestling? There was precious little of it last night and what there was wasn't great.

Why did they wait so late to announce Trigg vs Styles?

Also where were LAX and Beer Money?

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: Two excellent points.

Glad to see you are a KISS Fan! Speaking of KISS, whatever happened to Dale "the DEMON" Torborg?

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: Last I heard, Dale was the conditioning coach for the Chicago White Sox. I got to know Dale in WCW. One of the nicest guys in the business. He loves wrestling, Kiss and baseball -- no wonder we got along well.

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