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September 6, 2008

At last, evil Vickie Guerrero is back

“Excuse me!”

I’ve been waiting for weeks to hear those two glorious words spoken with vitriol as as only Vickie Guerrero can. Goodbye whimpering, apologetic Vickie. Welcome back scowling queen of mean.

I’m so glad that WWE has resisted the temptation to turn Smackdown’s wickedly entertaining general manager babyface (reportedly that was to be the original ending of her story line with Edge). It was great to see her morph back into the woman viewers love to hate last night on Smackdown. I’m not sure even Chris Jericho has generated as much heat from the crowd as Guerrero did while she was cutting her promo last night.

After The Undertaker said earlier in the show that – I’m paraphrasing here – he was going to choke her, stuff her in a coffin, set it on fire and send her to hell at the Unforgiven pay-per-view tomorrow, Guerrero retorted that the only thing The Undertaker was going to do at the show is apologize to her.

Obviously, she has something up her sleeve, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it is.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

I like Triple H’s character – a babyface who has some heel qualities – but I’m not sure I agree with how he was portrayed last night. In the opening segment, his condescending promo pretty much made Shelton Benjamin and MVP look as if they weren’t in his league. Later, when he was asked what his biggest concern was heading into the Championship Scramble, he sarcastically said global warming and the economy. Then he added that tomorrow’s match was “just another day at the office.”

I know that Triple H is supposed to be brash, but if the match is no big deal, why should anyone pay $40 to see it. The only way any of this makes sense is if the story line ends up being that Triple H’s overconfidence costs him the WWE title tomorrow. …

An interesting subplot with Triple H and Jeff Hardy is developing. First, Triple H brought up the fact that Hardy has two strikes against him (an obvious reference to Hardy’s two suspensions for violating WWE’s drug policy). Then at the end of the show, Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Triple H after Triple H’s win over The Great Khali. The crowd seemed confused as to how to act to an uncharacteristic cheap shot by Hardy, but I like that he showed some attitude. …

WWE is trying hard to get fans to take Brian Kendrick seriously as a threat to the WWE title after they’ve watched him be a mid-card tag-team wrestler for years. Having Kendrick defeat Hardy last night gives Kendrick credibility and it doesn’t hurt Hardy. Jim Ross also stressed in commentary that having Ezekiel in his corner makes Kendrick dangerous. By the way, Ezekiel’s no-sell of the chair shot reminded me of Big Bubba Rogers in the ’80s. …

You don’t see too many heel vs. heel matches, so I liked the idea of a Benjamin-MVP match. However, I thought the match was too short and I was really surprised that Benjamin won clean. Perhaps that result has something to do with reports that MVP has heat with management for his recent actions backstage. …

If Ryan Braddock can’t even beat Super Crazy, I don’t have real high hopes for his future. …

The Maryse-Maria match wasn’t bad. I like Maryse as a heel and she is improving in the ring. Her character is WWE’s version of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

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God forbid a HHH promo doesn't include an awkward personal insult that makes everybody feel uncomfortable.

Maryse and Velvet: now there's a tag team, yeah baby, yeah!

Oh and the wrestling might be interesting even too.

I thought Maria looked sloppy at times. When she came off the second turnbuckle trying to do a flying body press her timing was way off. I think she messed up a couple other moves. This may have been the first time Maryse and Maria have met in the ring 1 on 1.
I think the very end when Jeff did a twist of fate on Triple H was the end of all 4 challengers attacking him. Hopefully it will be the start of a new challenge after Sunday for the title.

I thought that the Brian Kendrick/Hardy match was of PPV quality. It was pretty much non-stop offense going back and forth. I bristle when they compare Kendrick to Pillman (probably because of his hair). Kendrick isn't close to Pillman's level of psychology yet, to me. However, he's becoming a compelling character to watch on the show, despite his lack of size.

I thought Maryse did a good jog backstage, during her run in with Maria. She's getting the cocky b@tch character down pretty good now. She's definitely more interesting than Michelle McCool's character.

Do you think they're gonna bring Edge back at the PPV, or who hold him off further? All I know is, whenever they bring him back, I hope he disassociates himself from La Familia. What storyline would you do for him to keep his heal heat, while also ridding himself of La Familia?

The Vickie Guerrero we all love to hate is back. Personally it would have been nice if Big Show had chokeslam her but oh well. I thought the opening segment was awesome especially w/ Triple H explaining to MVP and Benjamin how a promo before a ppv is suppose to go. I still not sure about Kendrick as being the next loose cannon maybe b/c Pillman didnt have a bodyguard by his side.

My observer subsription ran out, I read a headline that said in the MVP/Benjamin match only one guy knows how to work. I was wondering if you can add more to this.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: MVP reportedly has heat backstage stemming from his rude behavior toward one of the people who administer the drug tests. Then he supposedly was told that he needs to watc hBenjamin to learn how to work as a heel.

Wow, that was some facebuster that HHH applied on Khali. In fairness, Khali is no Shelton Benjamin.

Can't agree with you more about HHH's promo; his "too cool for the room" promo style does nothing but make his opponents look unworthy of title shots and does the opposite of what a good promo should do- build up excitement for the upcoming PPV match. I don't expect him to heap praise on his opponent, but at least seem like you take any of them seriously.( he at least did that with Hardy, albeit with a shot at his drug history).
As far as Jeff Hardy, how many more losses before they start "hurting" him? He jobbed to Khali, then MVP and now Kendrick in the last month. I'm assuming he will have to wait awhile before winning the title, unless they are going to use the CM Punk booking method of making a champion.

What do you think of the setup with The Big Show? It seems to me that in previous weeks something has been evolving, but this week disappointed. He came off as a bit wimpish, in my mind anyway.

I'm so over HHH and his comments putting the other wrestlers down in public like that.

Also, am I the only one who seriously doesn't find him funny at all?

Actually, I'm really just tired of HHH period, I hope Hardy wins tonight.

I cant believe mvp had to job to the gold loser who has about as much chrisma as a dead dog. mvp and edge are the 2 best heels by a mile on smackdown, but mvp is not getting the push he deserves.

Then he supposedly was told that he needs to watch Benjamin to learn how to work as a heel.

Whoever told MVP that is just flat crazy. I read that, then went back and watched Smackdown again. MVP gets genuine heel heat. The crowd responds to him. He knows how to talk and he knows how to work. He may not be the greatest technical wrestler to ever work for a promotion, but he has something that Benjamin doesn't - charisma and a connection with the crowd.

They want to teach him to be a little more respectful backstage, that's fine. But telling him to watch Benjamin to learn how to be a heel? No. MVP has IT. Benjamin doesn't.

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