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June 17, 2008

Triple H responds to Scott Steiner

After last Thursday’s WWE news conference, Triple H was asked for his thoughts on the negative comments that Scott Steiner made about him, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels in interviews with me last month.

Triple H disputed Steiner’s contention that he and Michaels were the only two guys in WWE who were sincerely choked up during Flair’s farewell on Raw. He also questioned whether Steiner truly believed what he said or if he was just looking to make headlines.

“When you are no longer in the limelight, you need to talk about people who are in the limelight to keep yourself current,” Triple H said.

A video of the interview with Triple H has been posted on The part about Steiner is about 2 minutes, 45 seconds into it.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 2:42 PM | | Comments (28)


HHH didn't appear to be in character which makes it more understandable to me. However I do think a part of what HHH was saying was trying to squash Steiner and his opinion because why give someone a leg up when you really don't have to.
I do believe the Wrestlers have issues with other wrestlers for what ever reasons. I expect HHH to stand up for Flair even if only its because Flair is still WWE employed and/or HHH will be going after the 16th/17th World Championship Belt at some point so why diminish Flair in any way.

What else did anyone expect HHH to say ?

After watching the video, I was impressed with Trips. He didn't feed into Steiner's anger or jealousy but told it how it is and did't cut a promo on the guy like I was kinda expecting. Like a certain other superstar who's name shall remain private, the only person Steiner's bitterness is hurting is himself. I really don't think that Hunter, Shawn and Ric are going to lose any sleep over what Steiner thinks of them.

Aside from the Scott Steiner issues I've never really been much of a Triple H fan . I take that back , there was a brief period with the original DX , that involving X-Pac and Chyna .
Growing up old skool I was groomed on the "Road Warriors", the "Barbarian" , the "Warlord" . Even further back , Putski etc . HHH's act early in his career is tough for me to shake . ie. : the plie' and the Jerry Seinfeld "puffy shirt" .

Yep, that's right, Scott Steiner is bitter and jealous and it has nothing to do with the fact that he went from a former WCW World Champ and main event mainstay in WCW to being Triple H's jobber in WWE. Oh, and that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with backstage politics, the fact is that fans just don't like Steiner and he can't make it in the, "big time." Oh, and nevermind the fact that Steiner has 6 years in the business on Triple H, and all the numerous Wrestling Observer awards he's gotten such as best worked match, best move, tag team of the year, and five-star match, he can't work and he's completely inferior to Triple H. Everyone wonders why the business is falling apart, THIS is why the business is falling apart. Instead of actually trying to take an objective approach to the whole thing and judge wrestlers based on certain set aspects of their ring performance all we get is a bunch of fanboys who just go around spouting whatever tired line Vince and his lackeys throw out there in order to save face. You don't have to like Scott Steiner, and everything he says may not be entirely true, but you're just blind if you can't realize that he had a promising period in his career lined up in WCW that basically got thrown out the window by Triple H's backstage politics. Whether those politics included, "banging the boss' daughter," is irrevelant, Triple H has a well documented history of playing the politics game to get ahead, even if that means stepping over other people who deserve their spot.

And I don't see any steroid-related posts yet, but before anyone starts going on that rant, you may want to remember that Triple H has had his own history with the juice.

If what triple H does works, then more power to him.

My only qualm with HHH is that I would like to see him make some effort to move his wrestling forward with some new moves, personality twists, etc. His current act is growing old and stale. I'm sure he is physically limited these days after years of work and surgery, but that is not an excuse.

My impression is he is too jaded at this point to try doing anything radically new or different that might be interesting. He is playing it safe, similar to WWE, in general, which makes for a lot of boring wrestling.

Even the best wrestlers need to move their act forward over time somehow. Playing it safe is not the way to keep fans entertained. He can keep his signature entrance if needed, just do something different or interesting once you get in the ring.

HHH has done many surprising heel turns over the years. Maybe the time is ripe for another. I think HHH is better as a heel than a face.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: The problem for me is that I've seen Triple H turn heel so many times, that it won't be either surprising or interesting. I actually think he is less stale and more interesting as a babyface -- but that's just me.

kevin did you watch ecw. it was fantastic. if not it worth go in to while your at work to see the show it that good. ps sorry for be in off topic.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I did watch it. I thought it was enjoyable as well. Nothing outstanding, but nothing bad either. I relaly like Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Shelton Benjamin, and even Mike Knox has grown on me. Punk-Morrison was a good match as well.

Triple H is right for his comments, he makes Steiner seem like a man grumbling about a petty issue and yes I do know that Steiner was part of the legendary Steiner brothers, he is a former WCW world champion and an experienced professional but when it comes down to it Triple H is the is the WWE champion in a billion dollar, global company and HBK and Flair also are in comfortable spots. Steiner and the company he works in (TNA) are names which most contemorary fans don't know and because of all this no matter how much I try to respect all the legends I can't do it for Steiner.

(P.S This is my first comment and I wanted to say That Kevin Eck's blog is one of the most well written blogs I've seen in a while and it has a very fresh perspective as well.)

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I appreciate the kind words and thanks for reading the blog.

I agree with you, Kevin. I like Triple H as a babyface. I feel like he's more versatile there than he is as a heel.

HHH is there because he deserves it. He was a multiple champion before he hooked up with Stephanie, so Steiner's and other's comments on that subject are just so much BS. Where Steiner failed in his comments was, A) bringing up H's relationship with China. People hook up because they are attracted to each other , sometimes by more then looks. Steiners comments were just the cheap comments of a bitter man; and B) Telling stories that were more third hand squabbling then anything. Steiner is done, he has just enough fans to make him a draw to the minor leagues. Oh, and Kevin, I agree with you, HHH should stay a babyface. He's just too convincing as a heel.

I respected the way HHH handled the Scott Steiner issue and also the response to the issue of being the champ and the boss's son in law.

I don't know the truth about HHH backstage politics, but the fact that he didn't launch into attacking Steiner made me think he is a bigger man than Steiner. I've always believed anyone who needs to run their mouth (legit not kayfabe) is the one who is trying to compensate for something.

HHH said it right when he mentioned that if Vince didn't think it was good for business, then he wouldn't have won the belt. And HHH is someone the fans (including myself) have cheered for when he is on the way up, but when he gets there, they seem to turn on him.

I just hope that Cena loses to HHH, then someone else beats him - I'd love to see Shawn the champ again for a while and have a big HBK Jeff Hardy fued with Hardy ultimately winning at a big pay perview.

"If what triple H does works, then more power to him."

If that's your opinion, that's fine. I don't necessarily agree with it, but at least you have some credo that you stick with. What I really have a problem with is people who rag on Steiner, and rag on Carlito, and rag Zybysko, and then turn around and say Triple H, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels are the best wrestlers in the world even though those same wrestlers pulled the same crap that they're ragging on all the other wrestlers for.

What a quality interview from Triple H. So many times we hear people dodge questions but Hunter addressed all of them candidly.

Hunter's career makes for a fascinating case study. People sometimes forget that the DX that he led was better than it was when Shawn was running the show, though they were both great. (Remember the WCW invasion???)
But his act is growing stale. This is partly because WWE plot lines have such limited shelf life these days due to the WWE having so much air time. Remember Hulk's second title reign (which lasted one year)? He only defended the title once on pay-per-view (he lost to the Ultimate Warrior). Hulk also didn't appear on TV every week. It's easier to keep the same schtick for year after year in that environment.

In addition, HHH has been at the top for longer than most recent champions. Rock's world title status reign lasted about five years before he began doing spot work. Stone Cold's lasted about the same length and that was interupted by injury and a dispute with WWE. Hunter has had World Title status for 8-1/2 years, so it's tough when you're on TV so much and for so long to stay fresh, especially when HHH's character has such a proven track record, which makes it tougher to do a complete overhaul on.

That said, I think he would benefit from adding maybe one move to his repertoire. Remember when Bret Hart added the ring pole figure four? What if Triple H were to challenge himself and come up with something similar?

He must try to take his "GAME" to the next level, even if there is little talent for him to feed off of to help them get there.

The failure of him to "get there" is both a reflection on how shallow the WWE talent pool and maybe also, if the internet fans speak the truth, his focus on keeping others down rather than leading them all on a quest for higher ground.

In closing, I think Triple H works best as a heel and one way to get him there with some heat would be this...
I don't know if Steph has had the baby yet, but even if she has, there could be a way to make her look pregnant. Have HHH turn on his pregnant wife and turn the McMahon family into babyfaces.

p.s. Kevin, this blog is more entertaining than the current state of the very product we all know and love. Keep up the good work.

I have to disagree with HHH's reasoning of Steiner's b****ing, If I remem ber correctly, Steiner was just as loud, brash and outspoken when he was among the top superstars in the business and was a world champ. Im not saying its a good thing, but Steiner has always been like that and not just nowadays like HHH said. Also, Im not sure if HHH is the right guy to critisize a glory hound who wants to remain in the limelight while being way past their prime

When it comes to backstage politics maybe HHH is as guilty as 95% of the other wrestlers are. It's a business, the same as any other, most work places have these things happen, I am one of the fortune few who doesn't work in that enviroment, but it's how it is. HHH has my respect for the same reason as Hardcore Holly, even hurt he finishes matches. When his hamstring riped during the match with Jericho he finished the match, I remember when Nash had the same injury he laid in the ring holding his leg, game over, to coin a phrase.

Triple H has used steroids and politics to get ahead in this business. Period. Without the gas and (sleeping with) Steph, he'd be just another jobber. I hate what WWE has become. Heck, I hate what this business has become, and its because of WWE's unwillingness to accept that there is more than one style that can get over. Vince and Triple H and their cronies have destroyed what I loved about this business. Talent does not rise to the top in WWE. Steiner is wrong about Flair, but right about everything else.

Evan Bourne definitely has some serious potential. I could honestly see him as an upper midcard face in a few months.

I liked the interviewer's unbiased approach.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I think the guy was a little star struck standing next to "The Game."

Just out of curiosity, because I read this pretty much everywhere, where is the proof that Triple H has ever juiced? Where is the failed drug test?

Innocent until proven guilty doesn't seem to be applicable here and I'd like to know why.

And for Brian, it's sort of like beating a dead horse, but Triple H had multiple title reigns before he and Stephanie received permission from Vince to have a relationship. How that translates to "would have been a jobber", I have no idea.


With all due respect. Triple H was already what, a three time champion by the time he married Steph. That has nothing to do with it. Do you think that Vince will risk his billion dollar corporation just to make his daughter and son-in-law happy? Really now. If things were ran that way in the company, then do you really think that Trips would have lost to Cena at Wrestlemania 22? Or would have lost the Triple Threat Match between him, Michaels and Benoit?

Steiner was a great athlete in his day. His day is running down now. And it probably irritates the heck out of him to see guys from his generation still on top while he is on his way out. I kinda feel sorry for him.

BTW, I apologize to any Flair fans (I'm indifferent when it comes to the Naitch), but he was right about everyone else and wrong about Flair? What the heck is that? Flair definetly didn't play nice all the time. How the heck do you think he got the name "The Dirtiest Player in the Game"??????

"Just out of curiosity, because I read this pretty much everywhere, where is the proof that Triple H has ever juiced? Where is the failed drug test?

Innocent until proven guilty doesn't seem to be applicable here and I'd like to know why.

And for Brian, it's sort of like beating a dead horse, but Triple H had multiple title reigns before he and Stephanie received permission from Vince to have a relationship. How that translates to "would have been a jobber", I have no idea."

If I go walking around with a bloody hatchet and the police say they want to take me in for questioning, can I argue that they have no proof? There's no record of Triple H taking steroids, that's ever been made public. That doesn't mean he never took them. If you follow his career from his Blueblood days through the Attitude Era and up until now you will see a BIG difference in size. And before you come out saying, "well maybe he just worked out more," why don't you talk to a bodybuilder and find out how difficult it is to gain mass. Better yet, find an experienced bodybuilder, show him Triple H's muscle progression, and ask him if Hunter ever juiced. I garundamntee they'll say yes. He went from being an average build, to being absolutely ripped, to having way less definition and being somewhat flabby, to being back in between his two extremes. That's classic steroid use.

The thing I don't get is why everyone is so quick to think that WWE is so clean, and that the few people that do get caught are NOT the norm. If you'll remember correctly, the company's top star AND it's owner both denied ever using steroids before later admitting to have used them. The wellness policy is nothing more than throwing us a bone so we think that WWE is after this type of thing. It has been a part of the culture in the company for over two decades and all of the top stars have done it, and recently most of the other wrestlers as well. There's no reason NOT to think Triple H hasn't done it.

Triple H played the politics game before he met Stephanie. He tried to get ahead in WCW, didn't know the right people, came to WWE, got in with the right crowd, and here he is today. If WCW had put WWE out of business you'd be talking about a sniveling Triple H who was so jealous of 12-time WCW World Champ Scott Steiner's success. Triple H made nice with the people who had a lot of pull behind the scenes (Shawn Michaels, Diesel, and Razor Ramon), and that's why he is where he is today. Good workers do not always get what's due to them. If that were the case Booker T would have had a World Title reign years ago, Jericho would have never fallen back to the mid-card, Eddie, RVD, and Beniot would never had spent as much time as they did on the mid-card, and WWE would never have jobbed Steiner out to Triple H. They would have put him in a REAL fued with Triple H that they billed as a former World Champ facing the current World Champ. They could have made that a better fued, but they didn't want to. What they wanted to do was make Triple H look superior ro WCW's biggest star currently employed by WWE, and that's what they did. It doesn't make Triple H a better wrestler, it just means he was in good with the right people.

I agree with AMC that HHH needs to move his wrestling forward. I admit that Bret Hart was somewhat predictable in the ring, but his backbreaker looked like it hurt alot more than HHH's facebuster. If you are going to use the same manuevers over and over, at least use something that looks semi-credible.

I do not understand why so many fans criticize HHH or Micheals for backstage politics. Everybody grow up, this is life. In every office surrounding there exists politics and favouritism. Outspoken "martyrs" like RVD and Stiener would in a normal office surroundings have been told to bugger off. At least here their talent and popularity ensures that they remain on the job.
In any competitive workplace, one needs to have both talent and "soft skills" to succeed. Those who do not have soft skills call it politics. Not saying that it is correct, but life is not perfect.

Mr. E, that doesn't address my point.

People assume that Triple H is, or was, on steroids. Then they state it as fact.

Assumpion does not equate to fact.

Hunter's background is in bodybuilding. Does every bodybuilder engage in steriod use? If your first response is yes, then prove it to me. I would not state unequivocally that Hunter has never taken steroids in the past because I do not know. Yet, the people who enjoy jumping on the Triple H Hate Bandwagon tend to scream from the rafters that Hunter is a main-eventer only because of his relationship with Stephanie and that he juiced and/or juices. And they state it as if it were fact, not their opinion.

You say there is no reason not to think he's been on steroids. Fine. Think that he maybe juiced somewhere down the line or still does. The bottom line is that neither you nor I have proof that he has or has not. Ergo, neither of us has any ground to stand on in stating as fact that Triple H was ever, or was never, on steroids.

I am not going to "come out" and say that he hasn't and that "maybe he just worked out more" because I am not privy to any definitive evidence. Turns out, though, neither are you or anyone else who claims that Hunter must have juiced.

As for the politics equation, the only thing I really have to say to that is ... so what? Every walk of every person's life is going to encounter politics in order to succeed. He played the game to be successful and he did it well. And? There are politics in every social group, every office environment, and everywhere else you look. It's the nature of the human beast.

Nor, however, is that the point. The IWC and Hunter's detractors like to make it the point. It's not. His political acumen has absolutely nothing to do with who he fell in love with and who he chose to commit to for the rest of his life. It's no secret that Vince gave his blessing, then rescinded it for 10 months because of politics. Hunter and Stephanie did what they were told and stopped seeing each other until they were again granted a blessing. All the while, Hunter was one of the top guys in the company. He'd held multiple world titles. The office made that decision, and they will continue to make it if they think it's good for business. As long as Triple H is welcomed with resounding cheers as a face or raucous boos as a heel, it's hard to argue that it is good for business.

Yet again, the logic I present here isn't the point I was trying to make.

My point is that assumption is not equatable to fact. All too many people, and not just in wrestling, tend to state rumors and speculations as fact.

Rumors and speculations are not fact.

Mina , all due respect to your comments re: steroid use , this is something I have firsthand knowledge about as I competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting off and on for nearly twenty years . In both sports drug testing for years either didn't exist , was inadequate , or results were "fudged" . These two sports were simply a joke in respect to drug testing . Basically if you were a participant and expected to compete , you did drugs , period . While those not using may have done the "noble " thing , very few would be a factor .
Getting back to HHH , I can't say what his status regarding enhancements are now , but I can SPECULATE that if he competed in bodybuilding that at least the odds are that he used .

That's interesting information to note, Jack. Thanks.

I suppose what gets under my skin is the rampant injustice that it is somehow ok for fans to state something as fact that they have no idea about personally. Sure, we can speculate that x + y (definitively) = z, but we don't know. We weren't there.

And for all we know, we could be making slanderous accusations. Somehow, though, because these guys choose to be in the spotlight, it's ok for us to speculate wildly on things that aren't any of our business.

As a note, I think it's just as ridiculous in Hollywood, theatre, the music business, etc.

Mina - point taken .

Triple H is full of it. And Steiner is 100% correct about Flair, a LOT of wrestlers mentioned this about Flair backstabbing and holding guys down and sandbagging in the ring. As far as not being in the limelight, Triple H would have been out of it a lot time ago if he hadn't married Stephanie. Meanwhile, Steiner IS still in the limelight, and he's rich as well.

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