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May 25, 2008

The end of Hulkamania

Hulk Hogan has been pro wrestling’s ultimate Teflon man for years, but this time I think his reputation has been tarnished beyond repair – and rightfully so.

I’m assuming that most people reading this have either heard the taped conversations between Hogan and son Nick during Nick’s incarceration or have heard about them. I don’t know how anyone can ever look at Hulk Hogan the same way after listening to the tapes on I know I certainly won’t.

During one conversation, Hulk and Nick – who recently began serving an eight-month sentence for felony reckless driving – assassinate the character of John Graziano, who was Nick’s passenger during the accident and was critically injured.

If that isn’t disgusting enough, Nick also talks to his father about wanting to put a deal together for a reality series that would chronicle Nick’s attempt to get back on his feet after leaving jail. When an enthusiastic Hulk asks who they should make the deal with, Nick says, “I want to do it where I’ll make the most money.”

So rather than having the car accident and jail sentence serve as a wakeup call, the Hogans are busy thinking about how they can cash in. These are some sick people.

In addition, Nick is heard asking his father to pull some strings for him and get him out of jail and onto house arrest. “I’m trying,” Hulk replies. Nick also complains that he doesn’t have a window in his cell and has nobody to talk to. In a conversation with his mother, Linda, a tearful Nick says, "I have to get out of here.”

So much for the recent claims of Hulk and his daughter, Brooke, that Nick in real life was nothing like the spoiled, cocky knucklehead he was portrayed as on Hogan Knows Best.

With everything that has happened to Hulk Hogan in his personal life recently, just think about how ironic the title of his reality show is. I was on a conference call with Hogan about three years ago before the show’s debut. When comparing it to The Osbournes, Hogan said he and Linda as parents were the exact opposite of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. “We run a real tight ship,” he said. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

Hogan certainly is no stranger to controversy. He was in the middle of a steroid scandal in the early 1990s, and he is almost as famous for his backstage politics as he is for his 24-inch pythons. More recently, he has been involved in a messy divorce and allegedly had an affair with his daughter’s friend.

I can overlook all of that, but I will never be able to get past Hogan badmouthing Graziano and callously trying to turn this tragedy into a money-making entertainment vehicle.

For decades in wrestling story lines, countless heels tried to kill Hulkamania. As someone who first became a Hulk Hogan fan in 1979, and who always found him easygoing and gracious during the handful of times that I interviewed him, it pains me to say that the person responsible for killing Hulkamania is a guy named Terry Bollea.

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Just another example of greed and materialism in this country over principle.I can only imagine the Hogan's life gettng worse as this is offensive to most sensible people. Here's a kid paraylized in the hospital and they're off looking for more money to party with and maybe buy bigger houses.Self absorbion at it's best.

I have absolutely no sympathy for Nick Bollea. This is just another example of a kid who grew up never hearing the word NO. He's lucky his last name IS Bollea. If he was Nick Smith, and he pulled the stunt he was found guilty of, his rear end would be in jail for 3-5 years, not the 8 month slap on wrist he is serving. Sadly, with most celebrities who find themselves on the wrong end of the law, it's not about rehabilitation of their character, it's about how much a network is willing to spend to follow them around. Sad....but true.

Funny how people CHOOSE to forget Graziano CHOSE to not wear his seat belt while Nick wore his.

It seems all the wolves are out bashing hogan and family but I have yet to hear anyone say what the hell was graziano thinking by not wanting to wear a seat belt. It is his actions that have landed nick in jail

What Nick had is called an "accident" - something not intentionally done or planned, what graziano did was intentional and if anything hogan and family should sue graziano!

I still don't get how John's character has anything to do with the accident? He could be the biggest scumbag in America and it still wouldn't change the fact that Nick caused his injuries.

Well said Kevin, it's unfortunate that the phenomenon once known as "Hulkamania" is now virtually destroying the Bollea/Hogan family.

To be fair, one or two conversations don't necessarily provide the full story. It's very possible that Nick does feel a lot of remorse for what happened, and that Terry and the rest of the Hogan clan were very upset about it and talked it out with him, but that it all happened months ago. We just didn't hear about those conversations because no one recorded them.

Nick's mother does sound genuinely upset about the death, even on these audio clips, albeit in a very self-centered way (Somehow I really doubt that the loss of this child was truly more upsetting to her than to the child's mother as she claims).

I think it's reasonable to cut the Hogans some slack here. Having a young family member in jail is an upsetting experience. Human nature is that you deal with the crisis of the moment and not the crisis of a while back. Even though Nick was sentenced recently, this accident didn't happen yesterday.

Nick is serving his debt to society, and hopefully he'll come out of prison a changed man. Though this was a very serious thing, and a life was involved, we all know he didn't intend to contribute to the death of his best friend. We're not talking about a thuggish character who's gangbanging and threatening people or something -- we're talking about a reckless kid who drove his car too fast.

If he does something like this again, obviously he should have the book thrown at him, because this needs to serve as a wakeup call, but let's give him a change to serve his time and see if he's learned his lesson. I don't see anything that really indicates on these tapes that he hasn't learned from this experience. A new reality tv show isn't necessarily a bad thing -- that's his occupation, isn't it? He's working on a way to occupy his time and be productive when he rejoins society.

I totally agree. I never cared for Hogan much, but all I could think while listening to those tapes was "morally bankrupt."

If they do make a reality show out of his release, he should be required to pay the family of the boy injured part of the profits. And it's sad that they would have to coerce him to do that. Does he not realize that he basically took that kid's life away from him? Does he really not care? How sad!!

I haven't heard the tapes and don't care to, but count me as unsurprised that a mother and father would want to take care of their child. Yes, Nick did a bad thing, but I have a difficult time blaming the Bollea's for wanting to alleviate his suffering -- no matter how deserved it is or isn't.

What is unforgivable, however, is Nick and Terry Bollea looking to cash in on a reality show about Nick leaving prison. That's profiteering of the worst kind, especially because they don't seem to want to cut the actual victim in on the possible profits.

Hogan has been a piece of trash since refusing Mcmahon's generous offer of like 300,000 dollars for an appearance at a pay per view. I can understand The Rock's distance from wrestling because of successful acting career, but Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando, oh and 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain or whatever are no excuses for Hogan who is just greedy and doesn't appreciate the people who made him rich and popular. Hulkamania is over for sure.

I can't say that I've ever been a big Hogan fan , but nor have I been a detractor . However after " stomaching " several episodes of him and his family on their reality show , my opinion has changed . Only to be reinforced by this latest news . While it is unquestioned what he has done in the ring , it's outside the ring that has changed my opinion . I guess he has earned everything he's gotten , but it gets alittle hard to view all the excesses that the family flaunts . There are the haves , and the have nots . I am among the latter . To imagine that the Hogan family would try to profit from this tradgedy is reprehensible . In my opinion, in these tapes mom comes across as being a phoney , dad trying to push his weight around and Nick a complete spoiled brat . Hogan has not looked good in the public eye of late w/ pending divorce ( & circumstances around it ) questionable photos of him and his daughter , and now this .
Getting back to son Nicks "accident" , Graziano may have chose not to wear a seatbelt , but the " accident " may not have occured had Nick not been speeding as he had done arrogantly many times before .
In these taped messages all parties KNEW they could be recorded . Granted the family is going to support their son but the lack of compassion toward the real damaged party is disgusting .
As a post script , after reading several "legit" news articles about this and other stories originating from wrestling sites , one struck me as kind of funny coming from the "Warriors" website . Warrior being very opinionated about Hogan to begin with ( and controversial to boot ) offered up a bit of advice to Nick re: lets just say "shower ettiqutte" while incarcerated.

"What Nick had is called an "accident" - something not intentionally done or planned, what graziano did was intentional and if anything hogan and family should sue graziano!"

Too bad this is not true. Nick had an "accident" while doing something illegal. Whoops - it's illegal here, but I don't know if street racing is illegal in FL. I do know it's stupid wherever you are. And Graziano was taken out solely because Bollea was doing something stupid that should be illegal. How do you get sued for that?

Seat belts or no seat belts, I think Nick is where he belongs. When you drive recklessly, you endanger everyone near you, not just your passengers who may or may not be buckled up.

Train , say your prayers , and eat your vitamins .... and also hire a good lawyer .

Maybe its karma for all the people Terry disrespected when he was with WCW.

To the person who says Hogan should sue Graziano, you are a horrible excuse for a human being.

And Nick Hogan put countless drivers in mortal danger over and over with his reckless driving; eight months hardly even qualifies as a slap on the wrist

Wot this family needs is
Hulk, Get rid of the wife
Linda, stop being a gold digger and trash heap that u are
Brooke, Put some clothes on woman and stop smoothing off yr father, Thank god he found yr pa.
And Nicky boy, U speed pay the price. Take it like a man and spoiled little brat.
Everyday in New Zealand there are car accidents, how many times that message is put across our tvs and Radios, SLOW DOWN!!!!!
I feel for Hulk, After wot he has done over the last 20 years to build for his family they have treated him like CRAP,
Now the wife wants half of ur assets
Get a job.
Its Funny how all the rich and Famous are having massive problems and they cant handle it.
Thank GOD i work a 45 hour a week job, very happy, 3 beautyful kids and a great wife who WORKS 45 HRs aweek as well and we still have our family time in the weekends
Happy just to be average

Oh, that's right. There are a different set of rules for people with money. Silly us thinking Nick was going to get serious time for doing something illegal. SPEEDING. Again. Nick & Brooke had better pray (if they know how) nothing ever happens to ma & pa. They would be up the creek without a paddle 'dumb&%#*$'. Wait a minute. It is not their fault. Linda & Hulk didn't teach them jack. Ya follow by example.

It's ridiculous that he got locked up for a car accident. The guy should've worn his seatbelt. I can recall several times when I was 17 that I was guilty of worse driving offenses than Nick was.

John and Brian G: He *was* wearing his seatbelt while this little SOB's car. They aren't magic seat belts though and the crash was that bad. Without the seat belt he would have ejected dozens of yards.

Graziano was not wearing a seatbelt. Please get your facts straight. He should have been wearing a seatbelt. He failed to wear it. His family should be sued for this harrassment of the hogan family. Its just absurd that graziano is getting this poor innocent boy treatment. He knew what he was getting into
They both are speed demons and hell I will admit. So am I. But difference is when you get in a car you are responsible for your actions. He chose to get in the car. No one made him. He chose to not wear his seatbelt. He isn't a baby that needs to be told buckle up. He failed to do it. That's grazianos fault. Simple as that. No one else but him and him alone accidents happen all the time. Speeding is a fact of life. At that age specially and for all those blood thirsty mongers who think when they were at that age never sped in their life, they are all liars! Yes each and everyone is a hypocrite and a liar.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: Sure, just about everyone speeds, but not everyone speeds excessively. I know that I've never gone anywhere near 100 mph in my life.

For the record , idiotic comment posted 5/28 by "jack" was not me ,"jack in hebron". I make some dumb ones , but don't want to be associated with that one .

The Hogan family is white trash with money. Brooke wears hooker gear to court for Nick's sentence, while Hulk wears his ubiquitous doo-rag (we know you're bald, Terry! Have respect for the court and REMOVE it!), and then Linda, a grown woman, wears more hooker gear (Lucite heels even!) to visit her 17-yr-old son in jail! No wonder the rest of the world hates us!

Hulk still gets that huge paycheck for hosting American Gladiators this summer. NBC hasn't fired him and has no intentions on doing so.

Hulkamania is alive and well, believe it or not.

Figures, this news doesnt come as any surprise. Nick always came off as a cocky know it all on the Hogan TV show.


Jack, you'd be a lot better off if you were as eloquent and articulate, oh yeah, and absolutely correct as Jack in Hebron is with his 5/28 comment. Perhaps we should all try to have better role models and up our personal dignity just a bit.

Ok, I am not happy with what Nick has done. BUT... you have to realize Nick is responsible for his friend's medical expenses for as long as his friend lives. I can understand Nick and Hulk wanting to try and make as much money as possible.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: There are more honorable ways to make money than this.

An accident is only an accident if you did nothing that would cause it. If you have a COLLISION while running a red light or speeding, that's not an accident, that's your fault as a driver for disrespecting the laws of the road

I don't know about the US but in the UK the driver is responsible for passengers. If they're not wearing a seatbelt then you don't drive until they do or you make them get out.You can say that someone not wearing a belt is putting their own life in danger and it's their responsibility but if they're in the back, get thrown forward and smash the person in front from behind then they can kill them - it is the driver's responsibility to ensure they're safe.

What ever happened to "guilty by association" or something along those lines. By no means do I feel the victim deserved to be disfigured for life. But let's put things into another perspective here.

What if Nick and John were in the car together and Nick says, hey, I'm gonna go rob this bank quick. John just sits in the car and does nothing, Nick comes back out and they flee the scene.

John is guilty by association for sure, because he would have been present as an illegal activity was occurring and he did nothing to help prevent it, stop it, or remove himself from the situation.

So they're on a high speed getaway from a bank job, he doesn't wear his seatbelt, same thing happens, he's all paralyzed now - but they just robbed a bank - well, Nick did - but John was there so he is guilty by association.

The only difference here is that no bank was robbed.

John chose to get in the car, knew Nick was going to race, didn't get out of the car, and didn't put on his seatbelt. They should both be found guilty for illegal street racing, forget who was driving, they're both together.

It shouldn't be any different if someone chooses to get in the car with a drunk driver. That's your own stupid fault.

Enter at your own risk.

you were worse than Nick? I doubt that, he was pulled over three times for speeding in a 20 minute span at speeds of 107, 133 and 123 and received 1 ticket, on the last one, that was 9-17-06, he was cited THREE more times for speeding between 9-17-06 and 8-10-07 10 days later graziano almost died

yeah i can see how this is graziano's fault for not wearing his seat belt have you even seen the car, doubt he would have survived at all anyway....

and as for american gladiators, it will be cancelled soon enough, they won't have to fire hogan.....

I never did like this egomanical, steroid using, rat! He's finally showing his true colors, not red, and yellow, just a yellow!

"Kids, say your prayers, and take vitamins"

In other words, i'll take steroids, and testify against other steroid users! Give me a break!

For all who say that Graziano is a "victim" .... You're the reason why the US is so sue happy and why it costs so much for things like Dr. visits and medical care in general.

I'm not saying that Nick wasn't at fault here because according to the law, he is since he was the driver but don't even think for one second that John Graziano wasn't sitting, unbuckled, in that seat telling Nick "Slow down!! You're going too fast! We may get hurt or kill other people in the process!"

This guy was A LOT older than Nick and should've had the sense to either buckle up or tell Nick to slow down. I would bet that Nick was just trying to impress his older buddy to show him how "cool" he was. Sore lack of judgement? Abolutely! But stop being so self righteous saying the Hogans are getting what they deserve and that Graziano is so innocent.

Nick broke the law and is paying the consequences for his actions. Leave it at that. If you don't like it then you need to start lobbying your legislature and congress to get the laws changed and stop whining about it on a message board.

And for all those that are going to get pissy mad at my words.... I again would bet that you're the ones that are jealous that something like this didn't happen to you so you could go out and sue some richie rich and get butt loads of money so you wouldn't have to get off your lazy butt and go and work for a living.

But I'm just sayin... =)

I think you can raise your child with the best intentions but once he/she is old enough to make their own decisions, it may not have anything to do with what you've taught them. Adolescents are young and make bad decisions daily, some just happen to not be famous or even caught.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: You're right. But when you look at the comments from Hulk and Linda, it doesn't seem as if they had the best intentions.

Wait he killed somebody and all he got was 8 months? I have heard of several involuntary manslaughter cases where the person got 5 years and the were NOT STREET RACING

I don't see how anyone can say its the kids fault because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt but he would still have gotten messed up as hell because hogans dumbass son was racing in a turbocharged supra. There is a difference between somekids racing with 3-400 hp but 5-6 is way to much for open roads

Nicks friend got into the car on his own and you know he knew they were racing. I'm not saying its not tragic but they were all in it together. I feel sorry for the guys family, but he knew what he was doing it just didn't go the way they wanted.

Why can't you just let these people live how they want to live??? Everyone sounds jealous of the fact that the Hogans have the capability to pull strings in order to bypass the legal system. Also, everyone keeps forgetting that Graziano chose to not wear his seatbelt. And I can guaranDAMNtee that he was right next to Nick egging him on to race the hotties in the other car. If they want to make money off of all of it, so what? I would too. I think hes learned his lesson considering the fact that his friend is paralyzed for the rest of his life. Our legal system is so messed up, how do you all know for a fact that he is even supposed to be in jail in the first place?

I love how everyone claims this is because Nick grew up spoiled.

You've never heard of a normal middle class kid going 100 miles an hour and dying (or killing someone) in a car crash?

Give me a break 'brother'. The only difference is this kid was on a reality show, and he grew up with money, but plenty of people his age make stupid decisions like he did.

So the kid wants out of jail. who wouldn't? So he asked his old man to pull some strings, and Hulk tried. Who wouldn't do that for their son?

Granted the phone tape made them both sound like jerks, but you guys act like this never happens with 'real' people.

From what I have heard I am truely dishearten about the accident. I grew up looking up to hulk hogan as a role model. I started watching him when I was just 5 years old. Now being 30 years old with 2 children of my own and in college. I can say as a father im truely sad to ever look at hulk hogan as once I have when I was young. For all you idiots who say its the passagner's fault for not wearing his seatbelt are truly sick and I recommend for all of the fathers like me who care for your children and others to not let them drive with these idiots. Bottom line is Nick Hogan is a spoiled brat and will be back to street racing again and all i can hope this time he doesn't take another person's life. The hogans should be deported to a far island with no living creatures at all so if they want to act like 16 year olds including hulk hogan which is sad. Don't mean to say such harsh words but this is all coming from being a father and if that happened to my son were he died, I wouldn't care if his dad is hulk hogan or not a true father who cares would makes things right.

Just a headsup guys....has anyone seem the pictures of Graziano in the hospital?? If you look at them..those who have seen them...what do you see?

Those who haven't...I will tell you what you see. You see the indentation of the gear stick embedded in the kids forehead! There's a dent of the gear shift in his skull.

What does that tell you??

I will tell you what it says. It says had he been not stupid and wore his seatbelt...he wouldn't be in the position he is in now. He just wouldn't be. The trauma from that has left him in the situation he is in because of that impact on his skull.

Therefore Graziano should be cited for failure to wear a seatbelt and should be held liable for his actions!

I think, those who are quick to character assasinate Hogan aren't exactly considering both sides. If the family wants to sue Hogan, why are they then not suing the other kid involved in the racing? Because he isn't famous and has no money that's why. I'd be talkin' smack about the Graaziano's too. The kid obviously wasn't wearing his seatbelt, yet people want to say Nick caused his injuries. No, John's lack of better judgement contributed to his injuries just as much as Nick's accident did. You can't hold Nick completely liable for somebody else choosing not to where thier seatbelt. How he got convicted when video evidence proved to contradict witness statements is beyond me. Obviously the legal system there is a smudgen tainted and he was made to be an example, NOT convicted by the letter of the law. He was convicted by a sympathetic sobbing judge or jury who obviously didn't understand the law. If Hulkamania is indeed dead then it is so because the hypocritical media wants it to be so. I find it humourous that the media as morally bankrupt as it is would try to paint anyone else on this earth as the same. Anyone remember the media chasing Princess Di causing her death? Finding a kid criminally negligent in an accidental death and charging him with the operation of a vehicle in the commision of a felony is just absolutely rediculous in itself as it insinuates, he was purposefully was commiting a felonious crime with the intent to do so while driving which isn't the case. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT therefore is twasn't premeditated or ineded.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: As I have said before, Nick might not have intended to crash his car, but this was no accident. He repeatedly drove at very high speeds -- which is dangerous and illegal. If you keep doing that long enough, you're going to crash sooner or later. That's not an accident; it's tempting fate.

Um... for everyone saying that Graziano isn't a victim and deserves to be put to justice if Nick is, well.. what are you gonna do? The man is a vegetable now, what more can be done?

The kid might not have been innocent, but his life, and the lives of his familes, are wrecked beyond repair and are a whole lot worse off than Nick or his family for spending a few months in a cushy jail cell that no one without a celebrity family would "enjoy" without it.

It's encouraging this celebrity worship and money over ethics attitude that leads to the rest of the world to hate us.

Nick can't drive, hell, Graziano should have known that from watching Nick drifting. Any sane person would stay away from any car Nick drove unless he was behind a barricade. Now look at what he got, poor judgment, and he'll have to live with it for the rest of his live.

As if this family doesn't have enough going on. Hulks wife is divorcing him, oh yeah, he found out via a reporter. His son is in jail for this terrible accident.

NOW his wife wants to put Hulk in JAIL because he hasn't paid for some ridiculous condo in Vegas (4.2 mil).

Mark my words, Hulk is going to do something to himself or someone else. SHAME on his wife for doing this to her family right now. She should recognize the immense strain on all her family right now, and if she is unhappy with Hulk, move out and separate. BUT my god, why do this like THIS now! She should be ashamed of herself, and I hope her kids resent her for all this. Shame on her!!!

nick deserves everything he gets. he doesn't seem the least bit remorseful for his actions, and that is the worst thing about the whole incident.

This is just disgusting. How can people even justify Nick's "innocence" by saying Graziano "got what he deserved" because he didn't wear a seatbelt? Did you see the car after the crash? I'll say it again. Did you see the car after the crash? It's a damn miracle Nick walked away from that mess himself. No seatbelt is gonna save you from a palm tree slamming into you at 60+ mph or whatever the hell Nick wants to say it was. That's almost equivalent to saying a cardboard box can shelter you from a nuclear fallout.

Nick's a (jerk) plain and simple. He thinks he's such a badass, but not even a week into his sentence, he's already crying to Mom about his trials and tribulations in county jail. Are you kidding me. I guess he thinks his buddy's having a much better time lying in bed for the rest of his life. The kid obviously had no remorse. No regard for human life at all. Not even his friend's. Throw him into the state penitentiary and maybe he'll learn something. He's no Hitler, but definitely one of the worst people to ever walk the face of the earth.

i dont think hulkamania can end like this
he is my all time fav =) although there were some controversies but still.....

Hulk is a real american, fight for the right of every man, Hulk is a real american, fight for whats right, fight for your life.....

This is a response to the brainless wonder "John" who, in his idiocy, is siding with the Hogans and joining them in blaming Graziano. Graziano may not have been wearing his seatbelt... but what happened was not simply an "accident" . Nick Hogan was street racing and was under the influence of alcohol (his blood alcohol level was .055 two hours after the accident)! Therefore, it wasn't an just an "accident"! Both street racing and drinking and driving are ILLEGAL... and when a jackass combines them together, they are a toxic mix. Nick didn't need to street race, nor did he have to drink and then drive... he choose to do both, and the results of his stupidity and hedonistic lifestyle lead directly to the accident and caused the terrible injuries to Graziano. Therefore, Nick needs to shut-up and accept his punishment... and needs to do a lot of introspection and soul-searching. He should have received a much harsher sentence than the one he received... not the slap on the wrist he received!

No one to talk to? No window? Only being able to walk around in a tiny cell? Boo hoo, Nick! You're nothing but spoiled, arrogant, rotten white trash who happened to be born into a wealthy family.

And Hulk Hogan talking about God punishing Graziano for the things he's into is like "the pot calling the kettle black"... this is a man who committed adultery with one of his daughter's friends and lives hedonistically in the lap of luxury and extravagance! "Don't point out the speck in your brother's eye and not see the boulder in yours."

This is truly a terrible and awful situation that will leave Nick Hogan scarred for life, OR WILL IT? I was feeling for both Nick and John, but when I heard Nick calling John a "negative person", i became disgusted. EVEN IF John Graziano was the biggest scum on the planet(which we actually do not know) NOBODY deserves to have what happened to that poor marine. Maybe Nick hasn't gotten to see the video of John with the HUGE hole in his skull that I had NO IDEA about, but still, Nick is obviously a messed up spoiled brat. I do think some people need to cut the Hogan's a little slack in all of this, but what was said on the tapes is terrible.

I see some people bashing the reality show idea and that they aren't looking at Hulk the same anymore b/c hes looking to "cash in" on this whole story. I DO NOT agree with that and you are all wrong. This is just looking to the future and looking to move forward and to have something for Nick TO DO when he gets out of prison, hopefully a changed human being. I personally don't feel at all that its like cashing in.

Linda, who seemed like a very nice lady and good mother on the show, seems to come off as a phony in the tapes, whing along with her son about how he has to do time in the small room. Sure parents who have a 17 year old in jail should feel for there son, solitary is way harsh, but look at what Nick did, he was a fool behind the wheel and now he'll have to live with it for the rest of his life.

As for the tapes, Hulk and Nick must also be pretty damn stupid if they were to go on saying what they said, even if they never thought the tapes could leak. How they did leak is really the craziest part of this whole story in my opinion, and if I was Hulk I probably would have had a heart attack by now. I do feel for the guy, as he's always been a fav of mine, but some of those comments are just insane. God put some "heavy s***" on the kid for the things he was "into"? Well, maybe we dont know the truth about this John Graziano after all, but still, big mistake to ever say that on a recorded phone!

I pray for everyone involved in this situation. John wasn't wearing the seat belt sure, but Nick driving like a moron with beer in his system is FAR worse.

Hukamania is Dead!!!!! Long live Sting.

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