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May 9, 2008

Q&A with Scott Steiner

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner has never been one to hold back when he’s asked for his opinion on something or someone. During a telephone interview on Wednesday, Steiner discussed his stints in WWE and WCW, his near-death experience in Puerto Rico last year and what he thinks about Ric Flair, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Steiner will participate in a three-way match against TNA world champion Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in the main event of the Sacrifice pay-per-view Sunday.

You’ve had your share of injuries over the years. How are you feeling physically these days?

For the most part I feel pretty good. I’m starting to get back in pretty good shape, [but] not as great as I was at one time. I think ever since I had the accident in Puerto Rico, there was so much trauma to my body that I haven’t really been able to get as lean as I’d like. But it’s starting to come around. There was just so much swelling that it was hard to come back from. And there’s still a little bit of pain. My muscle back there doesn’t work entirely correctly because my lat was sliced in half. Other than that, I feel pretty good.

You were talking about the serious trachea injury you suffered in Puerto Rico. Can you take us through that whole experience?

I didn’t realize there was a big problem until later on that night. I got kicked pretty hard in the throat, but I finished the match. I felt like there was bleeding back there, but the EMTs at the building said there was nothing wrong. I actually went back to the hotel. My throat was hurting pretty bad, but I just thought it was swelled up, so I tried to eat some ice cream to bring down the swelling back there, but it didn’t help. Then I tried eating, and I couldn’t eat because it was just so painful for the food to go down. Then I went back up to my hotel room and stayed there for about an hour or so, and then I felt my lungs starting to get heavy and I was having cold chills. Then I started spitting up blood. That’s when I called the ambulance, and they rushed me to the hospital, which was an experience.

I’ve been to jail before, and it was like the gates of the jail at the hospital. There were 20-foot high steel gates and there were armed guards outside the hospital. The opened the door, which creaked, and then they slammed it shut. I walked in there, and there was literally people lined up, bleeding, screaming down the corridors. Nobody was speaking English, and it was kind of freaky. I was actually at the same hospital where Bruiser Brody died. So, I was kind of freaked out. I called a couple of my buddies because I wanted to get out of there. I came in and they took some scans, made me drink some stuff to see what the damage was. That was brutal trying to drink that stuff. They finally found that I did have a torn trachea. The bad part about it was that it was torn in my chest. They told me I had five hours to live. The air that was supposed to be going into my lungs was now going into my skin. That turns poisonous and then you die. I still didn’t really want to believe them. My buddy owns a private jet, and he was going to fly it down. They kind of sensed that I wanted to get out of there. Thank God that didn’t happen, because my lung would have collapsed and they couldn’t have saved me because the trachea was torn. They put me on some sedatives and kind of calmed me down. I was still fighting it and trying to get out of there, because I didn’t want to have surgery in Puerto Rico. Finally, a Puerto Rican doctor came in and calmed me a little bit, but he still sensed that I wanted to leave so he put me under.

The next time I woke up – I had been in an induced coma for two days because the pain would have been so bad – I felt like I was choking. It felt like I was going to drown because I couldn’t get any air. They pulled the ventilator out of my throat and I woke up. They told me they cut through my lat, basically split my ribs in half, and then cut through my lung, sewed my trachea up. Then they put a tube in my lung to drain for two weeks. I just swelled up. I looked brutal, like a 300-pound fat guy. It was the most swelling I ever experienced. I still couldn’t fly, so I had to take a cruise ship home. I went to get on the cruise ship – and no cruise ship. A guy jumped off and committed suicide, so the FBI boarded the ship and had to circle for like 17 hours. So I had to wait an extra day in Puerto Rico, got on a cruise ship, and it took me another week to get home. I took my tour bus back up to where I live, and I tried to recover. I still kind of worried, so I went to a doctor to see if they did everything right, and the doctor shook my hand and said, “You’re lucky to be here. Those doctors saved your life.” That will mess with your mind. I was kind of messed up for three or four months, knowing that I could have been dead.

Has a brush with death changed your outlook on life at all?

Yeah, a little bit. The thing that really messed me up was that one of my best friends had died a month earlier. Life isn’t fair. It definitely makes you look at things a little bit differently. I think I’m pretty much over the fact that I could have been dead, and physically I’m almost there.

Does that whole experience make you never want to go back to Puerto Rico?

Oh, no. The Puerto Rican people and the doctors were great. The nurses were fantastic. Other than the language barrier, they were nice. Here’s one funny story. I told you that I swelled up real bad – and my [testicles] swelled up really bad. I literally had to carry them in my hand to go to the bathroom. Some of the nurses weren’t so easy to look at, but one day, one of the most beautiful nurses I have ever seen walked in. I got up from my wheelchair and turned around, and she was beautiful. I dropped my drawers and I said, “Are my [testicles] supposed to be this big?” She ran out of the room and I never saw her again (laughs).

Switching gears a bit, why do you think your WWE run from several years ago wasn’t as successful as it could have been?

Well, if you look back, everyone from WCW got treated like [garbage], from Goldberg, to Kevin Nash, to Scott Hall. You have to remember – you were there – we beat WWE for 82 weeks straight, and Vince [McMahon] obviously took that personally, so he wanted to bring everyone in that was on top in WCW and bury them. Kevin Nash is supposed to be the best friend of Triple H, but he got the same thing. He won the first title match [against Triple H] by DQ and then lost the second one. I can’t really take it that personally because [Tripe H] treated supposedly his best friend the same way. I’ll tell you right now: People up there are miserable. Both times that I went up there, it was the most screwed-up place I’ve ever been.

Worse than WCW was screwed up?

Oh, my God, it’s not even close. You got Triple H, who’s [sleeping with] the boss’ daughter. She thinks she’s the greatest and he’s the greatest. He’s in the production meetings and the booking meetings. You mark my words: He will break Ric Flair’s record for world championships, because they’re both cut from the same mold – they’re both marks for the belt. It will happen. And it’s bull. I think [The Wrestling Observer’s Dave] Meltzer wrote that every time [Triple H] is the champion, ratings go down, pay-per-view buys go down – it’s a fact. But that’s what happens when you’re [sleeping with] the boss’ daughter. That’s the one thing that was worse going up there the second time – she was involved. And the only reason she’s involved is because she was part of the lucky sperm club. That’s her only qualification.

Scott, please stop sugarcoating it and tell me how you really feel.

(Laughs). There are other people that felt the same way.

Was a run as world champion ever discussed when you went to WWE?

Oh, no. I was there for the same [expletive] that Goldberg and Kevin Nash were.

So did you know that going in?

No, actually I did not expect that. I really didn’t think Vince was that stupid to buy out the competition and then bury it. How stupid is that? That’s his ego. He wanted to own the wrestling world. Well, now he has it and look how it’s done. Ratings are worse than they’ve ever been. They’ll never come back because there’s no competition. I hope TNA becomes a viable contender. If things work out the way it happened with WCW, where finally we went head-to-head live, there’s a possibility it can happen. Trust me, people want to jump. I’m not the only one that sees that Triple H is a [jerk]. If they can jump to a better situation, they will.

You mentioned WCW, and you and I were both there when the doors closed. How did the company go from being so successful to going out of business in such a short time, and who should take the most blame for it?

The people that are the most to blame are the higher-ups in TBS. They despised professional wrestling even though we outdrew basketball, baseball – even when the Braves were in the World Series. And then to sell it for $2.5 million? That’s ridiculous. That right there shows you it was a [screwed] up situation. Everybody wants to blame Eric Bischoff, and they don’t know what they’re talking about. Eric Bischoff was one of the best things to happen to WCW because he brought the pay scale up and he wanted to get rid of the old [expletive] that was going on in WCW. Unfortunately, he didn’t want anything to do with the booking. I had a number of talks with Eric where he said, “Man, I need to find some different bookers. Where do I go?” It was hard to find.

You’ve been very critical of Ric Flair in the past. What are your thoughts on his retirement, his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and his career overall?

I thought it was a joke how many times he cried. Remember the nWo skit when X-Pac was supposed to be Ric Flair, and every time they asked him a question tears would come down his face because he had a pump of water under his arm pit? Now that comes into play as far as what Ric Flair was like behind closed doors backstage. He was a crybaby. He was a little [wuss], man. And for him to do it during the match and then at the induction ceremony, come on, man. Are you kidding me? That’s the way Ric Flair was.

OK, I’m going to play devil’s advocate. Didn’t I see you cry on TV once?

Yeah, but that was for an angle that I did later on that night, and everybody knew I was faking.

I know. I’m just kidding.

He was doing it because he’s a mark, man. It was unbelievable. That’s how he was in real life. Here’s another story: Ric Flair thought his big Four Horsemen were going to come back again. So, [Curt] Hennig was going to join them, and we were going to wrestle them at a pay-per-view in a cage and it was going to be the Four Horsemen’s triumphant return. But Hennig was going to turn and join the nWo. When they told Ric Flair the finish, his eyes started welling up, and we had to leave the room because we started laughing. We were like, “Look at that little piece of [garbage]. He’s [freaking] crying. I’m not the only one who has that view on Flair. If you talk to Bret Hart, he’ll say the same thing about Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. They're all pieces of [garbage], man.

My first two months in the business was my first indication that Ric Flair was a piece of [garbage]. I broke in with Dick The Bruiser, and I was going to go down to the NWA for a tryout. I told Dick, and he said, “As soon as you get there, you drop your bags in front of Ric Flair and you tell him to carry your bags and you tell him I said so.” I said, “OK, I’ll do it.” I didn’t know anything about ribs back then. On the way home I was riding with “Bulldog” Don Kent, and he said, “No, you can’t do that.” But Dick The Bruiser had no respect for him. He said that’s how he got in the business – carrying guys’ bags. Look at Bruno Sammartino – he has zero respect for Flair. Ole Anderson once slapped David Flair and said, “I’ve got more for your dad if he wants some.” Flair had so much heat with the guys he wrestled with – he had zero respect.

I don’t know if you saw Flair’s farewell address on Raw, but everyone on the roster came out and it sure seemed like they all had a lot of respect for him.

Kevin, it’s written in the show. They have to show up. It’s just like if they tell you to go out there and do a match. They had to go out there and pretend like they respect the guy. The only guys that do are Triple H and Shawn Michaels. They’re three peas in a pod – three guys who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. They’re three of the biggest [wusses] that have ever been in the sport. And they’re all friends – imagine that. They all come from the same mold. They were never athletes and the way they got things done was behind closed doors and backstabbing people.

You’re really going to love it when I tell you this: I’m a big Shawn Michaels fan.

Well, I guess if you like to look at gay magazines that he’s posed in and watch him dance around in chaps like one of the Village People or a Chippendale, if you’re a fan, more power to you, baby. Personally, I think he’s a [freaking homosexual].

Well, all right then. Let’s move on. After some bad experiences in WWE and WCW, is wrestling fun again for you now that you’re in TNA?

Yeah. When I left I WWE, I had surgery on my foot. I had drop foot, where my foot was totally paralyzed. I had a tendon transfer and got nine screws in my foot. They broke my foot, took a bone graph from my hip and put it in my foot and put a plate in there. So, now my foot is not 100 percent, but it works, so I can wrestle a lot better than I did.

People were quick to criticize you when you were in WWE and say that you had lost it, but you were in constant pain your whole time there, right?

That’s why I really didn’t care a whole lot up there. When your mind is concentrating on pain 24 hours a day, which I was – I’d like anybody to try and wrestle with one foot. If I moved my foot it would just flop uncontrollably. I had total paralysis down there. And it causes pain up your legs and in your hips. It was hard. I was actually going to retire; I did not want to go up [to WWE]. But they offered me more money than I was asking for, so I took it, thinking that they would want to do business. Shoot, they paid Bill Goldberg more than they paid me just to bury him, too. It made zero sense whatsoever.

Speaking of Goldberg in WWE, there was an infamous segment in which they put a blonde wig on his head. If they had come to you with that blonde wig, what would you have done?

Yeah, I’d have told then to [expletive]. That was one of the first things that Bill did up there. I said, “Bill, that’s brutal. Why’d you do it?” He said, “Oh, they want to expand my character.” But that’s the way that politics work up there. They aren’t trying to expand his character; they’re burying him. But when you first get up there, you don’t think it’s going to happen because you figure they want to do business.

What was it like to team with your brother Rick again last year in TNA?

Oh, it was great. The fans wanted it. The only reason that we went into singles competition was because, as a tag team, we had defeated everybody, we had wrestled everybody. When went up to WWE, we beat everybody. There were no more mountains to climb. That’s when my career took off in a different direction – that’s when I became “Big Poppa Pump.” I’m glad it happened, but when we got back together, people loved to see it. It was good.

You mentioned that you considered retirement several years ago. How many more years do you see yourself wrestling, and what will you do after your career is over?

It’s hard to say. I’ve prepared from Day 1 to get out of the business, and now that it’s so close for me retiring, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But as long as they want to pay you and keep you around, I hope I can go on long enough to where we start challenging WWE for ratings, one-one-one live. Yeah, [retirement] is close, and I have no idea what I’ll do to fulfill that void. When you do something as long as I have, you obviously love the sport – although not everything about the sport. It will be tough to replace that high that you get because you like to perform and give the fans what they want, or in my case, make the fans hate you. I’ve got a couple options, but I don’t think anything is going to replace wrestling.

You’re wrestling in the main event of the Sacrifice pay-per-view Sunday against Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. What can fans expect from that match?

A lot of brutality. Everybody knows Kurt Angle. Everybody knows me. Everybody’s getting to know Joe. He’s one of those guys that fans are behind. He has some interesting aspects to his game that Kurt and I don’t have. I think it’s going to be a great match. We’re going to try to put on the best show possible.

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Whew Kevin,

You wore out the bracket buttons on that one, huh? It was fun figuring out what was actually said ... sort of like a poor-man's version of Mad Libs.

Scott — bitter much?

BEST...INTERVIEW...EVER. Now that's what I call 'testicular fortitude'. Holla if you hear me!

Kevin , that was absolutey that was the definitive Scott Steiner interview . It was great how he held nothing back . Funny how my thoughts towards WWE , McMahon , Flair , mirror his . When he answered the question about your boy Michaels , I had to walk away from my computer I was laughing so hard . I bet the look on YOUR face was priceless !
One question Kev , did he have to "dumb it down" for us like when he speaks to Christian Cage ? You know , him coming from a "highly educated university" and all .
I've followed him for years going back to his early WCW days and I don't think enough people realize just how good a technical wrestler and somtimes high flyer he used to be before age and injuries took their toll . He and brother Rick were arguably one of the best tag teams ever .
Another question to you Big Kev , you being an insider , - how does he pass the drug tests ?? I'm no stranger to the weightlifting game having formerly competed myself ( my first contest many years ago was run by Bill Stevens held up there at Unity Hall in Dundalk or was it Glen Burnie ? Anybody know if Bill is still around? ) . Getting back to my point , I'm not proud to say I know more than just alittle about "enhancment " . So how does he do it Kev ?
From what I hear Kevin , you and he share some things in common one being having the same philosophy in life of caring about only two things - " your freaks and your peaks " . Holla' if you hear me !
(thanks Kev )

.... three peas in a pod ...... Village People .... this stuff is great , you can't make it up .

I'll be honest....I haven't really been a fan of Scott Steiner since the old days of the Steiner brothers. I thought the "Big Poppa Pump" schtick was ridiculous and his physique so fake that it was hard to take him seriously. And then there's his skills on the microphone.

But this interview is absolutely spectacular. It started out respectable with Scott discussing his injury in Puerto Rico and that got insane. I laughed at the "nurse" story and how you quickly changed the subject, Kevin. I thought that was going to be the comedic moment of the interview. And then it got better.

The way he slammed HHH, HBK, and Flair was hilarious. I have no problem with any of the trio because I don't really know any of them personally. But clearly Steiner has a distaste for them and it's rare to see somebody as blunt as he is.

After you said that you're a Michaels fan his response was golden. I could read this interview over and over again.

Thanks Scott Steiner. I still want Samoa Joe to retain, but you're definitely way cooler than Nash in my book, now.

Kevin, this is the most terrifying piece ever posted to Ring Posts. Steiner is clearly completely unstable and needs a serious reality check. The world of business -- and life in general -- is not a wrestling angle.

I've been a Scott Steiner fan since the day he made his debut in the NWA, but I can't help but think that his opinions on certain people and situations are a bit biased.

Nice read. I was actually flipping around on tv last night and saw some of the TNA show. Boy does Kevin Nash look old.

That was a heck of an interview.

I feel sorry for the person who had to transcribe a whole Scott Steiner conversation.

He just hates Hunter, HBK, and Flair because they are better then him.


Nice transition from his testicles story to his WWE career. I can just imagine your face when he was telling it.

As we know there are three sides to every story...My side, your side and the truth.

Best. Wrestling. Interview. Ever.

What a jerk. Doesn't have1% of the talent of the guys he ripped. Real mature too - he comes across like a whiny drama-queen child.

So, Scott Steiner, the same guy whose been a horrendous promo for almost his whole career, a stark contrast to the Nature Boy; and Michaels, unarguably one of the best workers in North America, RIGHT NOW! Obviously Shawn's wife is extremely voluptuous, which he certainly would've taken advantage of. Homosexual and unable to fight their ways out of a paper bag, conclusively isn't the case. Continue to waste away in the insanity of TNA, you fully deserve it Scott.

KEVIN : ... "I'm a big Shawn Michaels fan . SCOTT : ...." if you"re a fan , more power to you baby" . KEVIN : "Well alright then , lets move on" . This is gold !

I also think scott steiner is very jealous of the wwe.The wwe did not bury goldberg, he won the world heavyweight title in 2003 (if scott remembers). Triple h and shawn michaels are 2 of the greatest wrestlers in wwe history and obviously scott is very jealous. So what if ric flair is a crybaby, real men cry.

Those answers seem surprisingly lucid. How is Steiner to talk with? Similar to his in-ring style or approachable or what?

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: A lot of office workers in WCW were terrified of Scott, but he was always cool to me. When he does press interviews, he stays somewhat in character even when he's "shooting." He's a little toned down when the tape recorder is turned off.

I might value his opinion more if Scott Steiner weren't a huge turd in the ring... and on the mic.

Seriously, Kevin... no steroid question? I guess why bother, since we already all know the answer. The human body is not supposed to have that tiny bicep on top of the bicep like freakin Popeye.

Kinda funny how Steiner says everyone was faking it at the Flair retirement ceremony... Considering even Big Show was crying like a baby. Steiner just shows his ignorance time and time again.. and the fact that he's a bigot.

Like so many other wrestlers, I respect what they've done in their careers; I respect their athleticism, etc. But as people, a lot of them need to re-examine themselves.

Scott Steiner is such a cry baby! He couldn't lace the boots of Flair, Michaels, or Triple H. He just flat couldn't cut it and blames everyone else for it. PATHETIC! Him and Brett Hart are cut from the same cloth. Think they are something and don't realize that most wrestling fans have already forgotten them. Get a life Steiner you have never been any good and never will be. When WCW was beating WWE you had nothing to do with it, get over yourself.

I Love Steiner! Never a dull interview with the man.

common!! its obvious this guys just salty that he didnt get the push in wwe he wanted. why would he? hes a horrible wrestler with very little moves and horrible mic. skills. hes got the monster muscles because of steroids and surgery. i think its petty to diss a company like wwe and say that there's so much wrong over there. they must be doing something right over there to produce the revenue they do. hes not even a has been. hes a never was!!

Notice how Steiner was most successful in a tag team???? He became a singles "star" as WCW was fading. If you read Flair's book, it looks like Steiner is looked upon by his peers the same way he looks at HHH, HBK and Flair. Just another bitter guy who is upset that he couldn't be a star on his own.

I've always been a Steiner fan, But i now have a whole new respect for him, he really tells it like it is

Its hilarious how as soon as anyone disses the "E" that the marks appear claiming him to be "insane" "jealous" "lying" etc.

Why is it that some wrestling fans are that dumb that they consider the WWE to be heaven and nothing bad ever said about it is true ?

Flair, Hunter and Michaels are all very hated individuals by a number of the guys in the industry and the WCW guys were definately buried in WWE. It was a pathetic display by McMahon buying the rights to a company just to bury them, but thats Vince McMahon for you

Its also funny how there is a fallacy from WWE marks that WCW was all about backstage politics yet all of those ex WCW guys refuse to go back to WWE because it has the worst backstage politics they have ever witnessed.


Loved his comments about Flair.

Scott Steiner = Legend =]

Steiner was a loudmouthed steroided out jerk that was universally reviled for his lack of professionalism and talent in any co. he worked for- plus, he is a bitter, jealous old FRAGILE man that has never suceeded like the likes of fllair,hbk, or hhh- so of course he is going to bad-mouth them to death.

Steiner is a punk- whether he'll ever admit to it or not, he wishes that he was all the above wrestlers, AND NOT A BROKEN DOWN OLD BITTER WASHED UP LOSER THAT PRETTY MUCH AMOUNTED TO NOTHING MORE than a loudmouthed bully that no one is going to remember except for HIS STEROIDED OUT BODY.

Steiner can kiss hbk/flair and hh's butts....they earned their spots, Steiner has earned....NOTHING.

To all the cry babies out there getting steamed over Freakzilla's comments about their chap wearing , crooked tooth , backstabbing "idols" , grow up .
It comes across in some of the posts that you yourself are crying while typing . You would think he just desacrated the flag . He tells it like it is and those of you living in your little fantasy world thinking these guys are spotless and untouchable , think again. I'm not saying he's not without his faults of which are many . But it's not a sugar-coated cotton candy business. Let the venom now fly .

Flair is a legend, one word out of flairs mouth in a interview is worth more then what steiner has done in all of his singles match put together!

Did Vince bury WCW? Not Really. WCW had lost the respect of many fans. I had stopped watching it 6 months prior to it folding. Did Vince sign the best of the WCW? No, he did not get Sting. The best star he signed was Booker T and he had a decent career. Goldberg was overrated in WCW and an embarrassment in WWE. Steiner is a broken shell of his former self. He cannot move anymore and his promos suck. He is jealous of HHH, Ric Flair and Shawn Micheals. He wished he had their careers.

I'm not the hugest Triple H fan, but he's *way* better than Scott Steiner. And Steiner isn't even in the same *league* as Flair or Shawn Michaels.

Hell, I've seen 8 year-olds put on more convincing matches than Scott Steiner.

Its funny how someone who pretty much failed as a wrestler and actor on WWE. See as i see it hes juss jealous becuse like one person said he didnt get his push. Bendito for him. Flair, HBK, and HHH have been in the buisness longer and well deserve what they have. If people dont like them its because they are jealous of the fame they have compared to these people. And just out of curiosity who are these other wrestlers dont approve of Flair, HHH, and HBK. Why didnt he name names. Well considering hes with TNA which is a rip off of WWE Abyss- Kane/ undertaker cahrcater and so on. Also considering htis is a man whose not even washed up hes never made a claim to fame.

I don't know if it would be interpreted differently if this were audio/video comapred to text, but it sounds like Steiner is just jealous/complaining about everyone who got a push over him. After reading it, it seems hard to take any of what he says seriously, it just seems very out there and a lot of spite involved. Also sounds like he is making up excuses (such as being injured while in WWE, which is why he performed poorly), but that could be perfectly legitimate.

Good interview, though Steiner comes off insane and it's hard to take all of what he said seriously.

Scott Steiner = Steroids

Scott Steiner = Jealous

Scott Steiner Sucks

People who leave WWE for TNA Suck

HHH, HBK, Flair are gods and Steiner is a drug abusing trashbag


Steiner has his opinions like everyone else,,Although I don't condone one performer bashing another,,saying they are this or that,,If you ask more Wrestlers & not fans,,most seem to agree with him,,I am a Huge Steiner fan and wish he wasn't so bitter But after I saw how WWE handled him in his last run there,,I say ,Who could blame him,,He should always be held as a main eventer ,,Roids or not ,he has earned his place in Wresling lore.

Great interview and Steiner's the man. He said it like it is, Flair's a mark and everyone is on his b@lls. The wwe by buying wcw killed its own product. Triple H having the title every other day, come on! All these lil wwe fans make me sick. Not to mention they are here reading scott's interview shows how much of a bigot wwe fans are, just like the jack A$$ owner of the wwe who sells its crap product and killed the careers of those he gave contracts to. Scott's right and Goldberg and the rest of the guys from wcw would vouch for him, including Triple craps friend Kevin Nash, who all were made to look like garbage in the wwe towards the end of their runs.

Steiner's hate for HHH, HBK, and Flair was well backed with the evidence he stated, but I still disagree with it any way because I grew up a PRO wrestling fan( dont watc it now bc most wwe stuff is just too stupid) Flair might have been a big "wuss" behind the scenes, but he was probably the best pro wrestling heel to ever step foot in the ring....I might be wrong, but(b/c i dont know either of you personally) I'd bet that Flair appreciates the business and his fans 1000 times more then Steiner does...They can't fight, and they weren't college or ex- pro athletes" came from the same mold" get over yourself..What does that have to do with being a great PRO wrestler.....Unlike Steiner, HBK puts on a great show in the ring...I agree his outfits suck, but hes a better PRO wrestler then steiner..Steiner's past ahletic accmplishments are just memories, and big deal if he can fight!!...I'm guessing that the years and years of steroid abuse have built his ego up to this stupid level..(yes i know i just wasted 10 min. of mylife) Steiner- u made a lot of money off of pro wrestling......
u should just retire now u egomaniac..
good luck making it past 55

Screw the brainwashed IWF's!! Why do they hate on anyone that doesn't drink Vince or his son-in-law's kool aid?? I'm tired of all the butt kissers saying all nice things about the WWE, just in case they're looking for work. This interview ruled, and I'm sure Kurt Angle, Booker T, and the New Age Voodoo Kins would all say the same thing and more about the corruption up north!!

Screw Steiner
he tried to cheat his way to the top with steriods and got zip. he should just be a ring hand set the ring up for the real workers HBK slick ric and HHH.

In what realm of nonexistent reality does Scotty Steiner live?
Rick Steiner was way over by the end of the 80's, they brought in his brother Scott and they became a good tag team in the 90's and Scott was regarded as a good wrestler. Scott then got enhanced, and while I won't make claims that I don't know are true, let's at least all agree that when he got them muscles his mobility and ability became almost nothing.
Scott becomes tight with the brass at WCW, and he's pushed to the moon. I can tell you for a personal fact that I would change the channel whenever Scotty came on, because he bored me to death. Same thing when he came to WWE.
Scott Steiner is not an idiot though. He sees the reaction HBK, HHH and Ric Flair get from the fans, he sees there merch move, he knows how over they are and how many ratings and people they draw and he knows that he is no where near there stature in the business. So he chooses to try to cut them down on the internet so that some "Internet marks" may believe what he's saying to be true. He says they get everything done behind closed doors, and that's just ignorant, the one and ONLY reason Scott Steiner ever had a career after he and his brother stopped teaming up is because of the pull he must have had in WCW. Then for NO REASON whatsoever, Scott was given the same opportunity that guys like Ric Flair,Booker T, Gregory Helms, and for that matter even Eric Bischoff were given: a chance to get over in WWE. The difference between Steiner and Flair is that when Flair was given the opportunity he realised his short coming and worked to improve them (read his book) and Scott was just too stupid or lazy to try to improve himself, and therefor can only blame himself for never getting over in WWE....or TNA for that matter.

FYI Playgirl magazine is a Women's magazine !! DUH!

and when did dancing became being gay?? you moron!!

thats only mean that Shawn can dance and you cant!

your just jealous big time!!!and your just bitter cause your a "closet queen" ..

and i hope Shawn kills you!!!!! and i will not hesitate to burry you alive!!

please post, thanks ^_^

In Scott Steiner's defense (and he clearly needs one), he is not the first person to slam HHH, HBK and the Naitch for the things he slammed them for. HHH is indeed sleeping with the bosses daughter, who has huge sway in creative. He is known for putting himself over, although that probably will change now that he is virtually guaranteed a job for life. And Scotty is right when he says that HHH will eventually topple Flair's record. HBK is a snake, just ask Bret Hart. As far as Flair goes, well it's hard for me to condone anything that goes against the Nature Boy, but even Mick Foley will tell you some rather unpleasant things about Flair. Is Steiner bitter? Probably. Is he a sub-par worker with poor speakings kills? Maybe. Is he hilarious intentionally or otherwise? Absolutely.

Also, if you are not 11 and follow Smackdown or "ECW", I would find it hard to believe you know what you are talking about.

Wow, this reminds me of this promo that Scott did on Nitro:

He's always made me uncomfortable with his comments towards Flair. He may be right about HHH, but HBK (gay or not) has put on some of the greatest matches of all time.

Name a classic Scott Steiner singles match. Name it. Maybe, maybe you can come up with a random Nitro match, but that's about it.

That being said, I think he makes a great singles heel because he gives off a vibe of a racist, sexist, hateful person. How he was booked in the WWE as face mystifies me.

I agree with Steiner about and HBK. In pro wrestling though, as none of it is fair dinkum, what does it really matter how tough or otherwise anyone is.
Steiner may the the toughest of all - or the weakest.
People want to watch (simulated) real matches. Steiner from my recollection was as stiff as a "you know what" at a brothel, so his appeal to the audience was little, albeit playing out the writer's script.
A good insight into wrestling though.

Wow. I go from feeling bad for him because of that horrible injury, to agreeing with him on WWE seemingly going out of their way to lose money just so they can make certain people look bad, to being left in disbelief and disgusted over pretty much everything else he said. That's Scott Steiner for you!

I'm not sure what was more entertaining: the interview itself, or the comments...

Wah, wah , wah, Steiner's jealous and he sucks, Flair is the greatest thing ever to happen to professional wrestleng, I love Vince McMahon.

For those of you who don't know, Flair hasn't always had the best rep, either. Buddy Rogers used to hate Flair because he thought Flair was so full of himself, and because Flair made a habit of forming groups of wrestlers that would use their pull backstage to step over other guys. He made more than a few enemies during his time as booker in WCW.

This is a habit that continued with his admirers in WWE. Michaels and Triple H started forming their circle very early on, and people who were in with them often got Title shots of some sort.

As for comparing Steiner to Michaels, Michaels only has 2 years on him. I could spend all day comparing workrate, but Steiner is not the slouch many of you would have everyone else believe he is. I just wonder if you would all be calling Michaels the greatest wrestler in the world if he had been working for WCW at the time it closed, signed with WWE, gotten buried, and left wrestling until he could find a fed that could both pay him enough money and push him.

WCW WAS buried, That's the stone cold truth. The only people from WCW to achieve success were Rey Mysterio and Booker T. Mysterio got over right away, and was given a main event push to bring in the Latino demographic. Booker was buried for years. He spent the majority of the Invasion and post Invasion period putting other wrestlers over and making himself look ridiculous. The shampoo commercial fued, getting beat up for minutes on end in a grocery store, being the whipping boy of the NWO. He didn't start getting pushed until he started tagging with Goldust, and he was at teh very top of WCW when it folded.

Let's look at some other WCW stars. Perry Saturn romanced a mop, Nash and Steiner jobbed to Triple H, and those of you saying Goldberg didn't have to job, think again. Yeah, he had a Title reign, but how much time did he spend jobbing to Triple H? Who was over during theor fued? Many people behind the scenes assert that they only gave Goldberg the Title so Triple H could go over on him while winning it back.

Steiner should be reminded that he isn't the only one who wrestled on one foot. Didn't Kerry von Erich also do that at the end of his carreer?


Interesting comments.

To those that think Triple Heitch is (one of) the best wrestlers in the world, I would like to know where you get your drugs from. That must be some strong psychotropic stuff. I've never enjoyed his working/wrestling style. He has three uninteresting moves; Arn Anderson style Spine Buster, leaping knee, and flying choke. He gases out early and often, ruins the pacing of his matches, and generally elicits yaws. He can work a mike, but not much else.

Scott was a fantastic wrestle, even though he mangles the English language. He can still tell a story in the ring. Is he one of the best? Most would say no, and I would concur. Steiner is still entertaining to watch and that's more then I can say for Hunter who's seelping with the bosses daughter.

Just remember - Nothing's finer than Scott Steiner.

Steiner really needs to get off the juice, man. It's distoring his thinking and reasoning. He's so bitter with WWE, Vince, Flair, HBK, HHH becoz he really doesnt have the push he wanted back in WWE. Why, because he has no talent and all he is is just a Big Poppa Juice Pumpin Freakazoid.

And He's got the nerve to say Flair, Michaels and Helmsley were never athletes! C'mon, I dont remember any great, great Steiner matches, what I remember was all about him botching all the moves. He cant wrestle for that matter. And his mic skills are horrible. You say Flair, HHH & HBK and I can say all of thier classic matches, but Steiner? ZERO.

He's such a bitter jerk, he needs to move on and accept the fact that he's nothing but a HAS BEEN. He's not a friggin legend, he's just one of them WWE REJECTS so I can accept if he's really this bitter that he had to make himself look like a loser. By badmouthing them.

You can debate the merits of his comments about Flair, HBK, and HHH, but there's no denying that WCW was buried by Vince. The Invasion angle could have carried business for years, but didn't even last 6 months. Vince viewed WCW and its wrestlers as inferior and made sure they were booked as such. Week after week you saw 20 WCW wrestlers getting stomped by 3 or 4 WWE wrestlers. They didn't get a real push until ECW (which Vince felt like he partially made) became a part of the angle, and even then, the former ECW guys were put over more than the WCW guys. WCW was killed for good by the ill-advised and ill-conceived comedy heel turn by Austin. What they did to guys like Booker T and DDP was criminal. But that is what happens when ego gets in the way of good business judgment, and the WWE and industry in general has been in a downturn ever since.

Goldberg was the most overhyped, untalented wrestler to come to the WWE since Lex Luger. Just read Chris Jericho's book. You can say what you want about HHH, HBK and Flair, but think about it: How many great matches were performed over the years by those three vs how many great matches were put on by Nash, Goldberg and Steiner? There is no comparison. Yes most of the WCW 'stars' were buried by the WWE, but when you compare who WWE had: Stone Cold, HHH, HBK, Angle to who came in from WCW: Nash, Goldberg, Hall, Steiner, Booker T... look at that list and tell me who could wrestle their way out of a paper bag. Also, the WWE had already gotten the best guys out of WCW in Guerrero, Malenko, Benoit, Jericho...

Going through that injury in Puerto Rico had to have been a nightmare. I have to give him credit for going on TV and thanking the Puerto Rican men and women who saved his life. For a couple of minutes he transformed into a down to earth person who was thankful to be alive. The crowd responded with their true feelings and I thought that was a great moment. By the way, I think I saw his former WCW "freak" on the Chuck Norris Total Gym infomercial

As a huge TNA fan, I hope Scott's dreams about TNA taking on WWE come true.
But his statements about Flair and Michaels are just sad. Michaels isn't an athlete? Hilarious. As for Flair, I believe he played college football - kind of hard to fake that.
Great interview with Steiner - you got more out of him than they did in a 2-hours RF Video shoot I mistakenly paid for.

Well, we could go around on this forever. Some people will always assume that Triple H's success is entirely due to his being married to Steph - personally I don't. As for he and Flair being marks for the belt - if Steiner isn't a mark, why does he care how many times Triple H becomes champion?
This whole business of burying stars - it really depends on the individual. Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero all got over much better in WWE than they ever did in WCW. In Nash's case, given his age and physical condition it was never likely that he would become champion in his second WWE run. They gave him a nice period at the top of the card because he and Triple H both wanted that, and they were waiting for Goldberg to become established as a WWE name. As for Goldberg, truth is he only got over by being booked to go over all his opponents in 4 minute squashes. Take that away from him and you're left with a horribly limited wrestler who had no commitment to the business and a massive sense of entitlement. Even so, he was actually booked very strong against Triple H, despite what the detractors say. Triple H only got two pinfalls over him, one with the use of a sledgehammer and the other in a triple threat match after Kane had done the damage. As for Steiner himself, I think he was a little unlucky to be carrying injuries when he feuded with Triple H, but the plain fact is that his matches were well short of what main-events should be, and actually well short of his performances for TNA over the last couple of years. It shows how desperate WWE were for ratings at the time that they put so much hype into a guy whose fitness was dubious at best, and who had never drawn a dime as a singles wrestler. Still, he's never dull, you have to give him that.

If we "fans" only knew the inner-workings of these promotions, we would NEVER be as intrigued by the shows. Why would we want to watch our own lives for crying out loud? (Oh, yeah. We loved to see Stone Cold beat the crap out of his boss!)

WWE "Superstars" are not necessarily athletic, but most fans aren't looking for a sporting contest. Why do you think they market it as "sports entertainment"?

Scott Steiner was an awesome ATHLETE, and he deserves credit for that..

Kudos to Steiner for a candid interview while knowing his answers may not be popular! There is truth in both sides of every story.

I thought this a good interview. Many of Steiner's points have been told by other people and in better ways, but never with BPP's style.

It seems a lot of people are confused on the Vince buried WCW comments. He didn't mean WCW ratings going down, but more stuff like how the invasion angle didn't promote WCW/ECW, that Vince usually only pushes WWE made guys. Like at Wrestlemania 19 where HHH took like 10 seconds to cover Booker T. As well as about Goldberg, sure he won the belt, but not in his first try, like the book World Wrestling Insanity said, that's like Ken Jennings (jeopardy record holder) going on Wheel of Fortune and spelling everything wrong.

Another thing is that Steiner's in ring work, popularity, mic skills, whether you like him or not, etc are really unrelated to his analysis of these the business and the people he mentioned. It's like we should only believe what the "top" guys tell us, because everyone is just jealous or bitter and don't know what they're talking about...

Obviously many of the comments (about the three peas in a pod, WWE crazier than WCW) seem biased and bitter, however they are similar to what other people have said, but who used more intelligent descriptions, logic and facts, so he's not totally off his rocker. Not totally on either though. :-)


Please explain something if possible.

When a wrestler (Steiner/TNA) trashes other wrestlers (HHH, HBK, RF/WWE) using their RING names rather than their real names, how can we know if this is for real or just the person building some heat that might be leveraged somewhere down the road?

One problem with pro wrestling is that it is hard to determine when something is real or not. For example, when the gang gets together and salutes RF on RAW's main event slot, how can anybody believe without doubt that this is a real tribute and not just part of the show, as Steiner asserts?

I love pro wrestling but its hard for me to take anything wrestlers say seriously when they refer to individuals using their stage names. I guess if they didn't use the stage names, we might not know who their talking about, though one would figure it out.

Just curious what is really going through the mind of a guy like Steiner when they do provocative interviews like this. Isn't it just part of what good wrestlers/performers do?

I have been watching wrestling for about 27 years and honestly never cared for WCW. Vince burying that crap saved a few hours of tv a week. Scott Steiner has always been an idiot, Ric Flair and Goldberg are two of the most overrated wrestlers in history. WWE is not what it used to be. Idiots like John Cena and Batista ruin the shows. I do not watch as often as I used to because the most popular wrestlers continue getting buried (Matt Hardy).

So the only reason the 3 ever got to the top was stabbing people in the back? steiners just jealous coz he injected streroids into his muscles and wasnt half as popular as HBK or flair

You have got to be kidding me right Scott steiner of the early 90's was by far a superior wrestler to those guys shawn michaels only good matches are with hall and brett hart and flair is such a boring guy he was so jealous of hogan and savage for them being popular its a joke and how about savage not being inducted into the hall of fame yet HHH what classic matches has he ever been in? those boring matches with the rocks? Austin? who was a better wrestler when he was in WCW but became more entertaining in wwf steiner is telling the truth and alot of ppl hate flair guts just ask Brett Hart


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