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April 10, 2008

Q&A with Kevin Nash

This is the fourth of five interviews I conducted with TNA talent backstage at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., before the Impact taping on March 28:

You’ve had more of an in-ring role in TNA in recent months. Is that something that TNA initiated or is it something that you pitched to them?

I think it was mutual. I think that my contract was up and they were hoping that I’d be more of an in-ring personality than out-of-ring. So, I said I’d give it a shot and see how my body felt, and it’s worked out – knock on wood – so far (laughs). And I’m actually having fun, which is the key.

How much longer do you see yourself still doing this?

I don’t know. When you’re a wrestler, I think they have to drive a stake in your heart.

No one ever really retires, right?

No, they don’t. I think they just either slow down or get so many parts replaced that you just can’t do it anymore. But, actually right now I feel good. The schedule is light enough where, even though after three days I feel like hell, I’ve usually got like 13 or 14 days to get my body back. If I was working house shows I couldn’t do it.

How disappointing was it for you on a personal level when Scott Hall came back toward the end of last year and ended up no-showing the Turning Point pay-per-view?

My relationship with Scott – wrestling is probably like one percent of what our relationship is. I knew that if Scott no-showed that he was in trouble. While everybody else was running around concerned that they couldn’t put the match together, I was concerned about my buddy’s well-being. I was very upset about it, but Scott’s Scott. He’s dealing with those issues now and he’s doing better.

You were instrumental in getting both he and Sean Waltman some help, correct?

Yeah. I mean, we’re like brothers, all of us. I think it’s just that we’ve spent so much time together that when one of us shows up at the door, it’s kind of like, “Oh God, my big brother’s here.” And I’m not going to come do it unless you’re screwing up. And if you’re screwing up, it’s like, “OK, you’ve got to take care of this.” The three of us have a really good relationship, as I do with Shawn [Michaels] and Paul [Levesque, aka Triple H]. [Hall and Waltman] have just had a bad year (laughs). But I think in the long run this will probably be the most productive year both have had in a long time.

You mentioned Shawn Michaels, and on his DVD he talked about how you confronted him as well several years ago and told him he needed to straighten up, especially being a husband and a father now. It seems like you’ve always been the steady one who was there for everyone when they were struggling.

I don’t know. I mean, when we all went out, I drove. I was kind of the dad. I drove most of the miles. They used to say, even when we were pretty screwed up, “You’re the heaviest – you drive! You’ve got more body weight.” For three years, we spent 300 days a year together, in an environment that wasn’t really advantageous to proper living. I look back and I just say, “Of all the guys who have passed, it’s a miracle that the four of us made it through that.” But I think it’s because we did watch out for each other, and we always pulled back the reins and kept an eye on each other, and would say, “Dude, you’re out of control.” I think that’s why we’re all still here.

The next TNA Q&A will be with Rhino.

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Very nice read. One of my most favorite Nash moments was when the nWo was still just starting up and WCW was doing a lot of shows in Orlando, at Disney World I think. And Nash just threw Ray Mysterio Jr. right into the side of one of those FEMA trailers. Oh that was sweet.

Aww, Kevin.

You forgot to ask the most important question...

What made you decide to start growing back your lovely locks? LOL

Where is all the stuff about your mutual experiences at WCW?

I've always respected Nash for being a straight shooter.

I know he gets beef for backstage stuff, but this segment sort of confirms that age and reality change even the craziest of men.

I think we are also seeing that with HHH and Michaels, too.

he is one of the most stand up guys in a shady business. great interview as always guys! its a shame some of these readers thinks its funny to insult nash with such ignorant comments like these here.

I have been watching, Kevin Nash wrestle for years. This goes, all the way back to, his "OZ" gimmick days, and then some. I agree with the other posters on this site, that he is one of the ONLY "str8-shooters" left in the business. I applaud his candidness, not really caring, what others in "the business" think about him. I think, this is what has, kept him going all these years. I also agree, that nobody ever "offical retires" and yes, this bodes true for "Nature Boy" Ric Flair as well. He will return, at somepoint to TV in the forseeable future, thats a given. In regards, to his current role in TNA, i think his experience, and overall presence is only helping, mold that company into a powerful player and competitor to WWE which is MUCH needed at this point. Overall, one of the best "bigmen" left, in Pro Wrestling. I'm glad, we are all able, to still see him on weekly TV and hope he remains a stable fixture within TNA.....Can't wait for LOCKDOWN BIGMAN!!!

the 1st time i saw the hbk dvd and he talked about nash i thought that's really cool.i can see tna panicking but it seems they were only thinking of themselves.not that they're the only promotion to do that.

That's just another tail of woe we don't need to hear! Great article Eckster!

what is going on with Hall and Waltman, there was mention of Waltman being in rehap. what is up with that what type of rehap.

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