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March 14, 2008

Karen Angle’s bombshell is a dud

At last Sunday’s pay-per-view, it was announced that Karen Angle would make a huge announcement on last night’s episode of TNA Impact.

Besides the fact that TNA books backwards – the TV show should tease something that makes you want to see the pay-per-view, not the other way around – Karen’s “bombshell” was nothing we haven’t seen before, as she told Kurt Angle that she wants a separation.

That’s it? I was hoping she was going to reveal one of wrestling’s great mysteries, like how Kevin Nash keeps getting booked in pay-per-view main events.

Karen first told Kurt she was leaving him back in August – on her very first appearance with the company. Of course, it was all a big swerve to make Samoa Joe look like a fool. So is the separation for real this time? Honestly, I don’t really care at this point. Hopefully, Joe won’t invite her to sit ringside during his title match with Kurt at the Lockdown pay-per-view and get double-crossed again.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

For the second week in a row there was more emphasis on wrestling and less on bad sketch comedy. …

It was nice to see Team 3-D – who helped Tomko and A.J. Styles lay out Christian Cage and Nash at the end of the show – back in a serious angle after being used as comic relief recently. …

Brother Ray cut a great promo on Jim Cornette earlier. One of the things he said was that if he saw Shark Boy on the show, he was going to kill him. For once, I was really hoping to see Shark Boy. …

Brother Ray also got over with me when he attacked some big guy from Survivor named Joel. I know TNA is looking for mainstream publicity by using this guy, but I can’t stand most reality shows and I don’t want to see these D-list “celebrities” involved in wrestling. …

Samoa Joe cut what might have been the best promo I have ever seen him do, as he talked about his upcoming match with Angle. And he was even dressed like a main-eventer. …

The “Rough Cut” segment with B.G. James and Kip James was good again this week. It’s nice that they were being honest when they said this, but I thought it was odd that B.G. talked about being fired by WWE and Kip admitted that he was released by WWE. Why would TNA want to broadcast the fact that the only reason these guys are in TNA is because the major league company no longer had any use for them? …

Angle and Kaz had another real good match. I find Kaz much more interesting when he’s wrestling guys like Angle and Cage rather than Rellik and Black Reign. …

Speaking of Rellik and Black Reign, it’s a joke to have them beat The Motor City Machine Guns. I know TMCMG are in the doghouse, but come on. …

Super Eric is just a much-less-entertaining version of The Hurricane. Maybe he appeals to the 5-and-under demographic. …

One second Velvet Sky and Angelina Love were helping Roxxi Laveaux with her makeup, and the next second they were beating her up. Did I miss something?

Posted by Kevin Eck at 4:15 AM | | Comments (7)


"Speaking of Rellik and Black Reign, it’s a joke to have them beat The Motor City Machine Guns. I know TMCMG are in the doghouse, but come on. …"
Why are they in the doghouse? Have you addressed this previously? I love the blog.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: It's been reported on wrestling Web sites that the Guns were asked to blade (bleed) in their match against Team 3-D and they refused.

I agree Kevin I don't really care for Karen Angle to begin with. With enough said on that let's move on. Team 3-D is back where they belong in main event status. If Rayu wanted to kill Shark Boy that bad , I was hoping he would have been at Impact instead of being home in his shark tank. The TNA knockouts are good lookijng girls but they like the WWE divas don't do a thing for me other than being eye candy. As for Kaz, yeah another good point Kevin, he seems to do a better job when he is in the ring with Kurt Angle, Christian Cage , or some other upper tier talent. I was hoping they could have used Rhino a lot better than just making a cameo appearance in the backstage segment with Christian and JB. But TNA have shown me thus far that they aren't ready to compete with WWE Smackdown just yet even though that is their goal to beat them in the ratings. They put out a good show and are closing the gp with Smackdown but they have to do a better job creating better gimmicks and story lines. The Eric Young super hero is a joke , I'd drop that right away.

Hey Kevin , another interesting blog . Is anyone else tired of watching Petey Williams pose ? Any schmuck in my gym looks better than him . The "courtship of Jay & Val " reminds me of the old Rick Steiner / Robin Green bit . Is it me or is Angle getting smaller by the week ? I guess the " wellness program" is working (unless your name is Scott Steiner who appears to be getting bigger ). By the way Karen Angle ... I'm available.

Having Rock and Rave beat LAX was another horrible tag team booking decision.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I agree. Total waste of LAX's talent.

"One second Velvet Sky and Angelina Love were helping Roxxi Laveaux with her makeup, and the next second they were beating her up. Did I miss something?"
For the same reason PPVs in Russo's World are used to buil up momentum for weeklies shows. Because Russo is insane. Crazy. Mad.

By the way, when you say someone is "in the dog house", what does exactly mean? Because I'm from Argentina I don't know how to translate this term.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: In the dog house = in trouble with management

How can we solve the mystery of Nash's participation in pay-per-view main events? I don't speak for TNA, but if I were to guess, I would say that Nash is still getting mileage out of the excellent ppv main events that he made with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels back in 1995. For most other people, wrestling is a what-have-you-done-this-decade business, but not, apparently, if your name is Kevin Nash.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: Nash did have some good ones back then. I was at Survivor Series 1995 and he and Bret Hart had put on a great main event (Hart ended Diesel's one-year WWE title reign).

I personally don't mind Petey Williams posing but what was up with stuttering Steiner? Sucker could spit his promo out for anything.

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