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March 8, 2008

Edge, Flair show what could have been

Last night’s Smackdown started on a high note, as Ric Flair was the guest of world heavyweight champion Edge in a “Cutting Edge” segment. While Flair and Edge engaged in a spirited verbal confrontation, which included Flair slapping Edge across the face, I couldn’t help but think about how great a Flair-Edge match for the title at WrestleMania – with Flair’s career on the line – would have been. As they showed last night, Flair and Edge play off each other very well.

I do think that the Flair-Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania will be special, but I really wish that Flair’s final run was about his pursuit of the gold belt that he is synonymous with. There’s certainly nothing wrong with an Edge-Undertaker match-up at WrestleMania, but, honestly, is there anyone who thinks that Edge has any chance to win?

Edge would be in the opposite position against Flair. The cocky and talented champion in his prime would be the favorite, and the 59-year-old Flair would play the role of the revered legend who overcomes the odds and rises to the occasion on the big stage one last time. Talk about a WrestleMania moment.

There were rumors a while back that Flair’s retirement story line was indeed going to involve “The Nature Boy” trying to win his 17th world title. However, some members of the WWE creative team supposedly were against the idea, and they apparently convinced Vince McMahon to go in another direction.

It’s unfortunate, because I think the buildup for Flair-Edge would have been awesome. WWE could have put together some great video packages of Flair’s career highlights and included new comments from friends and foes from Flair’s past such as Dusty Rhodes, Rick Steamboat, Harley Race, Roddy Piper, Arn Anderson, etc.

Even without all that, I think if Flair was given the mic time, he alone could talk the fans into buying the pay-per-view. Plus, Edge is a tremendous heel, and if he were to brutally attack Flair in the weeks leading up to the match, and just show complete disrespect for Flair’s legacy in his promos, I’m betting that fans would be dying to see him get what’s coming to him.

The more I think about it, the more I think WWE missed a great opportunity.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

The Big Show, who brutalized Jamie Noble, is doing a great job of coming across as a huge, nasty bully. It’s too bad he isn’t facing a popular babyface at WrestleMania. Judging by Big Show’s promo, it appears as if WWE has realized that Floyd Mayweather just isn’t going to get over as a babyface. It will be interesting to see if WWE tries to turn Big Show into a babyface, or at least a “tweener.” …

I thought Batista and MVP had a decent match, but I’m not sure where this is heading, as it was announced that they would be wrestling again next week in a no holds barred match. Batista is set to face Umaga at WrestleMania, but MVP still doesn’t have a match with just three weeks to go before the show. I’m guessing that MVP will be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. The other possibility is that he would face Matt Hardy, but I would think that Hardy would have already made his return to television if that was happening. …

You know how sometimes you’ll hear a song that isn’t really your style, but it’s kind of catchy and you end up liking it even though you won’t admit it? Well, I’m admitting it. I can’t get Jesse and Festus’ entrance music, “Biscuits and Gravy,” or whatever it’s called, out of my head. …

As far as the divas competition that began with a swimsuit contest last night, if anyone other than Maryse wins, it will erase whatever doubt remains that wrestling is fixed. We know Victoria has no shot, but I thought it was kind of ridiculous that she suddenly became an uncoordinated klutz and fell off the middle rope. Cherry showed some personality and made the polka dot bikini and white socks combination work for her, while Michelle McCool pandered to the crowd in Cleveland by wearing a LeBron James jersey. McCool is getting the biggest push among these women, but I must be missing something because I just don’t think she has “it.” …

It was announced that Kim Kardashian is going to be a guest hostess at WrestleMania. Should I know who she is? …

Best audience sign of the night: “Batista, will you be my baby daddy?”

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I have to agree Kev. Edge and Flair would have been awesome. But HBK Flair will still be a great match. Just a thought, you rarely comment on Smackdown since i have been reading your blogs. Will you be commenting more often?

I feel WWE have made a big mistake in providing matches that really don't cut the mustard for Wrestlemania - seriously who gives a darn about Show and Mayweather? Batista and Umaga? Even Edge vs Taker? An ECW title match if there is going to be one, or even tag teams? They are a joke.

What is going on with Intercontinental Title? It is a joke too. Hardy deserves to be in upper echelons, but there is no credibility in a champion who doesn't defend his belt.

That said, I will still purchase it - mainly because I have promised my nephew he can come over and watch it. What WWE have done is build up the triple threat match well and with Orton looking strong, him dropping the belt to Triple H(presumably) will mean something.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I am making more of an effort to comment on Smackdown, but probably won't do it every week. It's mainly just a matter of trying to find the time to do it with work and family commitments.


Kim Kardashian is Bruce Jenner's step daughter. She is also dating Reggie Bush. Think of her as Paris Hilton with "assets".

doesn't matter anyway. smackdown stinks worse than ecw and tna.

I have to agree with Wayne, this years Wresrtlemania dose not excite me one bit. Here are the matches I would have put on the card...
100% I would have had Undertaker against Ric Flair...have the streak vs. retirement...Flair/Michaels does absolutely nothing for shoud mean something for both participants...I would have had Jeff Hardy vs. HHH for the belt...HHH should have won the belt at the last PPV, and this match would have been awesome. Cena vs. Orton, w/ no belt on the line just because they hate each other, and JBL vs. Jericho in some sort of gimmick match. What happened w/ that fued? It sort of just ended, with no big payoff match. With Edge causing CM Punk to loose on ECW, have CM Punk vs. Edge for the Smackdown title, I think that would be an awesome match. MVP should go against Matt Hardy, but if he is still injured, then put him w/ Batista...but MVP should get the victory. Chavo and the ECW title should be nowhere on the card, cause Chavo may be the most boring wrestler around...but if you need to have it defended, maybe Kane? He may have a new carrer in ECW...Have the 2 tag-team champs wrestle for unification of the belts, since there are no decent teams anymore (who even are the champs now???). Money in the bank should have HBK, Shelton Benjaman, Carlito, Finaly, and whoever else dose not have a match...but only 6 people...last years 8 or so was too many. The only "star: I am leaving out is Umaga I think, I gues you can put him in the MIB. But in my opinion, that is a card I may wanna see!!! Not the garbage that is being offered this year. What do you think???

Edge vs. Ric would be a great match! They had a great ladder match last year on Raw, as long as they could recapture that magic, they'd be golden!

I also like the "farewell tour" Ric is getting by being on every single WWE show until Wrestlemania.

Kim Kardasian is famous for having a big butt and a sex tape...

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