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March 18, 2008

A unique edition of Raw

Last night’s Raw definitely wasn’t a run-of-the-mill episode. There were a couple things I had never seen before and a few things that had me scratching my head, but it was entertaining overall.

The main event, which pitted rivals John Cena and Randy Orton against the entire Raw roster – as ordered by Triple H, who was in charge for the night – was pretty clever. Despite being vastly out-numbered, Cena and Orton rose to the occasion and systematically pinned one wrestler after another. Eventually, the remaining wrestlers all ganged up on them, which resulted in a disqualification. So, the line in the “record book” will read: “Cena and Orton defeated entire Raw roster by DQ.”

Sure, it was a mass burial of a good portion of the roster, but most of the guys who were pinned were already buried anyway. What the match succeeded in doing was to strongly put over Cena and Orton, which is exactly what should happen less than two weeks before the triple threat main event between those two and Triple H at WrestleMania XXIV. The angle also played up the cunningness of Triple H. Hey, they don’t call him “The Cerebral Assassin” for nothing. (Of course, they also call him “The Game” and “The King of Kings.” Just how many nicknames does one guy need?)

The only thing that could’ve made the angle better would have been for Triple H to have offered the guys on the roster some incentive for winning. For example, he could have said that if Cena and Orton lost, whoever didn’t get eliminated on the roster was guaranteed to get a title shot some time in the next year (or something along those lines).

In addition to two men taking on a whole roster, there was another unprecedented occurrence. I’ve seen wrestlers steal other wrestlers’ title belts and various props (The Undertaker’s urn, Big Bossman’s nightstick, etc.), but I had never seen a wrestler attack a rival and steal his Subway sub, as Santino Marella did to Jerry Lawler. Now that was funny.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

The street fight between Mr. McMahon and Ric Flair had a great finish, as Flair splashed McMahon through a table for the victory, but the way the match was laid out was a bit strange. McMahon busted Flair wide open and used a variety of weapons to dominate the match, but he just couldn’t put away “The Nature Boy.”

First of all, with Flair being a participant in one of the top matches at WrestleMania, it doesn’t make sense to have him suffer a beating at the hands of McMahon. How can fans seriously believe Flair can beat Shawn Michaels, a superstar almost 20 years his junior, if he gets his butt kicked by the 62-year-old WWE chairman? Secondly, how believable was it that Flair, at 59, could keep kicking out of pin attempts after getting hit in the head with garbage cans and kendo sticks? I think a better way to have booked this match would have been for McMahon to attack Flair from behind on his way to the ring or even backstage and bust him open before the match started. Then Flair could rally and pull out the win. …

Now that Floyd Mayweather is clearly a heel, I’m surprised that WWE isn’t trying to make Big Show into more of a babyface. I don’t expect Big Show to suddenly turn into Ricky Steamboat, but WWE could at least make him a subtle babyface. I think it would get fans more into the Big Show-Mayweather match if they could like Big Show in addition to hating Mayweather. I realize that Big Show needs to be a heel after WrestleMania, but they could always have him be more of a “tweener” now and then have him become a full-fledged bad guy later. …

Big Show and Chris Jericho had a good verbal confrontation to start the show. Big Show has been much improved on the stick since his return. Jericho seems to be showing more subtle heel tendencies every week. His look of indecision when Big Show challenged him to a match was priceless, and he heard some boos when hit Big Show with the Intercontinental title belt and got disqualified. During that match, Big Show potatoed Jericho, who ended up with a nice welt on his head. …

Speaking of being potatoed, JBL was pretty stiff with Colin Delaney. I understand that JBL was supposed to look like a bully, but a couple of his clotheslines appeared as if they could have done serious damage. …

One other JBL thought: When he was talking about hating the Irish, did he forget that his idol, Vince McMahon, is Irish? Oh well, it’s just one more hole in a story line that is filled with them. I’m still waiting to hear how JBL found out that Hornswoggle was Finlay’s son, and why Hornswoggle didn’t know that Finlay was his father. …

When a graphic was shown with Cena and Orton on one side and the entire roster on the other, Jericho, Michaels and Mr. Kennedy were prominent in the roster shot, yet none of them was in the match. …

Candice Michelle suffered an injury to her left shoulder during the tag-team match pitting her and Maria against Jillian Hall and Victoria, reported. She appeared to be slightly favoring her left arm after the match. The story said she potentially re-injured her clavicle, which she broke during a match with Beth Phoenix in October. …

CM Punk and Carlito had a good TV match, with Punk going over. …

In the midst of a handicap squash match pitting Umaga versus Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Kendrick walked out on his partner, perhaps signaling a heel turn and a potential program between the two high fliers. The problem is that London and Kendrick have been buried for so long that fans are probably past the point of caring about them …

I’m still not sure what exactly Kim Kardashian does, but after seeing her for the first time, I’m a big fan.

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Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, he was one of the attorneys of OJ Simpson in his murder case, also she is the newest addition of the caught on home video porn stars with ex-boyfriend "hip-hop star" Ray J... She tried to sue the company before it came out but she settled for Five Million... Shes also a B list reality TV Actress from Keeping up with the Kardashians or some crap like that... more or less shes a b list JLO knock off...ha ha she wants to sing, act, model.. but not very good at any of it

I said it before. I'll say it again. Candice didn't deserve a Wrestlemania push. She was rushed back and now they may have to look to the real hero in the women's locker room, Mickie James, to save the day for the division again while the heiress, Candice, sits on the shelf again.


Google Kim and you'll find out her special talents in a tape she and rapper Ray J have out there! WWE is really skimming the bottom of the barrell on this one.

It's not a question of what Kim Kardashian does, but who.

She's famous for being Reggie Bush's girlfriend, and having a sex tape out with a rapper.

C.'mon Kevin , if two name wrestlers had to face the entire roster in lets say... TNA , you'd say it was too unbelievable and poor writing . But this was your boy John Cena wrestling for your "dads" WWE. Re: Kim Kardashian , just another Paris Hilton type skank living off parents name. The clock was ticking on her 15 min. of fame only to be reset by the bottom feeding McMahon . Can't wait for Friday mornings drubbing of TNA .

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I thought the way it was done on Raw was believable. look who they beat: Santino, Val Venis, Trevor Murdoch, Robbie of the Highlanders, DH Smith, etc. It was more like the Heat roster, not the Raw roster. Enhancement talent is called that for a reason -- to enhance the stars.

I really didn't enjoy this show.

For one, I can't agree with burying the entire third tier of the Raw roster. Nothing like jobbing out. And why were Orton and Cena working together?

The show is just doesn't have the necessary synergy coming into Mania. Too many outstanding plot holes and matches I just don't care about.

When the Raw 20th Anniversary show airs, I sure hope they remember to include last night's segment where Santino stole The King's sandwich. That was absolutely hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard in months. It was a classic 'bully' moment from WWE's top verbal heel. Now if WWE can just find a way to work in a segment where Santino steals Jerry's milk money...

I hated how WWE advertised for Cena and Orton to be taking on the entire Raw roster, but it turned out to just be Umaga, JBL, and the cast of Heat.

JBL has always worked stiff. I'm glad he treated Delaney that way, that shrimp has no business being in the WWE.

I agree with you that most of the guys that Cena and Orton buried were buried anyway, but what was the deal with Santino Marella? Bad enough he had to try to set off a feud with a TV announcer by stealing his sub sandwich (and yes, it was amusing), but he gets beat with a simple roll-up after missing a fist off the ropes. At least the other guys getting pinned got hit with finishers before jobbing.
It also bugs me how stupid triple H's Gm night made the other two guys look. you don't have to be a "cerebral assassin" to know that pitting HHH against kane isn't the most devious use of the GM power. Couldn't Cena and Orton have been a little more creative when they had control?

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I have made the point in the past that Santino should be more of a threat in the ring, but I have given up hope and I just accept him as a jobber -- an entertaining one, but a jobber nonetheless. I do agree with you that Triple H came off looking like a genius, while Orton and Cena came off like dim bulbs.

Kevin - Re : your response to me and calling WWE match "talent enhancement " , I still don't think you would have same reaction if it were TNA . ...but thats just my opinion . Look forward to your blog entries , thanks again Kev .

The McMahon/Flair match was booked fine.

McMahon got destroyed in the early going, then got the advantage because of the "street fight" nature of the bout. His offense was primarily weapons-oriented, which Flair wont have to deal with against Michaels.

It got Flair over as a man that wins under any circumstance, and the crowd popped for the ending.

There was a wrestling website years ago that had three guys who took on the personas of The Big Boss Man, Undertaker, and another wrestler to do recaps. At one point they decided to start a feud between The BBM and another big guy persona by claiming one stole the other's sandwhich. It became an ongoing storyline that they pushed hoping it would eventually be used for real by the WWE (actually, at the time it was still the WWF).

I figured it would never happen, but also that if it was done right it would be awesome and believable - don't mess with a man's wife, house, or his food. Imagine my surprise...

Santino deserves a push. He's comedic gold and the best character the WWE has had in years. I loved when he stole the sandwich and then Victoria took a bite of it as they were on the ramp.

I think they should add Santino and Lawler to the divas match and make it a 6-person tag match.

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