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February 5, 2008

It’s official: Lashley gone; Cena-Orton on reported yesterday that it had come to terms with Bobby Lashley on his release. The news that Lashley had asked for his release broke a couple weeks ago, and WWE subsequently removed his bio from its Web site, but the company had not issued a statement until yesterday.

As I’ve said before, I do not think this is a big blow for WWE. Unlike when performers such as John Cena, Edge, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Batista were out for extended periods with injuries, Lashley was hardly missed after suffering a shoulder injury in July.

The problem was that Lashley was pushed too hard, too fast. The fans just weren’t ready to accept him as a main-event star, although Lashley might have gotten there eventually. He had a great look and was getting better in the ring, but his promos were poor. I think his best chance to make it big would have been to turn heel and hook up with someone like Matt Striker to cut his promos for him. …

Some thoughts on last night’s Raw:

There was electricity in the air as Cena and WWE champion Randy Orton signed the contract for their title match at the No Way Out pay-per-view on Feb. 17. Orton got a lot of heel heat and Cena got a huge babyface pop. …

After seeing Cena hoist Mark Henry up on his shoulders and deliver an FU, any doubts about Cena not being physically ready to return have been erased.

It would be fine with me if I never again have to watch Vince McMahon drop his pants and try to force someone to kiss his exposed derriere. Thankfully, McMahon’s backside was not facing the hard camera. As much as I am not a fan of McMahon’s bare butt and the Hornswoggle segments, I couldn’t help but laugh at McMahon’s promo because his delivery was so over-the-top. …

I liked the verbal confrontation between the competitors of the Elimination Chamber match. It really showed how much star power is on Raw. I don’t think it would be a good idea to try to do the same thing on Smackdown, however. Big Daddy V, The Great Khali, Batista and The Undertaker aren’t exactly silver-tongued speakers. …

The six-man match in which Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho defeated JBL, Umaga and Snitsky was entertaining. It was a good sign for Hardy fans that he scored the winning pin and was put over in the commentary by Jim Ross as still being WWE’s hottest competitor. …

The tag-team match in which Mickie James and Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix and Victoria was one of the better women’s matches in WWE as of late. There was a nice sequence with James and Phoenix that ended with James catching her in a Guillotine. The match was well-booked, as James got a much-needed win, but she pinned Victoria, not Phoenix, which continues the story line of James being unable to get a victory over “The Glamazon.” I also have to give Kelly Kelly credit. She is far less experienced and skilled than the other three women in the match, but she was able to keep up. Kelly Kelly still has a long way to go, but she is improving. …

When Mr. Kennedy caught Super Crazy in a submission move, Ross said that Super Crazy was “tapping like a drunk amigo.” Huh? Ross does get points, however, for slipping in a reference to Baron Mike Scicluna from the Isle of Malta. That one takes me back to my childhood. …

Just wondering: Is it ironic for “Fake It” to be the theme song of a pro wrestling pay-per-view?

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It was odd that Triple H wasn't on camera last night. Or maybe he was and I missed it as I FFed through some of the show. I can see why he couldn't be in the six-man tag match, but Snitzky? Really?


Back in the day, Lashley would have made a great tag team wrestler. You pair a powerhouse like him with a smaller faster guy that can do the talking. Thats one of the biggest problems WWE has these days. The tag team titles are a joke. There are no real impact tag teams in the WWE. TNA does an outstanding job of promoting tag teams. The only thing WWE can do is stick a couple of singles wrestlers together and call them a team. What happened to teams of wrestlers? The Road Warriors, Rock 'N Roll Express, Demolition, the Rockers, the Acolytes, British Bulldogs. You can see the dynamic of one guy does most of the talking. Hawk, Ricky Morton, Mr Fuji, HBK, Bradshaw and Davey Boy do the talking and both members get over as a team.

Lets look at what we have for tag teams in today's WWE. Not the current mash...I mean teams. Deuce and Domino, Cade and Murdoch, Jesse and Festus, London and Kendrick. WWE makes these teams a joke. Batista defeated Deuce and Domino handicapped a few months back. Cade and Murdoch lost in a similar fashion in the recent past. You would never have seen any singles wrestler survive a handicap match with LOD, Tully and Arn or any established tag team of the past. Why don't they just take all the tag team titles and throw them in the garbage. They don't mean anything anymore anyway.

I liked last night's episode. You could tell they were toning things down a little, since they had just taped next week's episode of Raw before that.

Do you think Trips really had a family thing, or was it just because it would have been foolish to have a tag match with 4 faces and 2 heels?

I can see Carlito and Santino having a Maria on a pole match at Wrestle Mania.

Also what the heck were Cade and Murdoch wearing?

Baron Mike Scicluna not to be confused with Baron Von Raschke.

totally agree about lashley. the only thing he brought good to the table was the dive through the cage wall on ECW. other than that his promos sounded like a soft prayer in a catholic church.

I don't know if I'm alone on this one, but I foresee a Wrestlemania Hornswoggle heel turn...

It's a crying shame what has happened to SuperCrazy. He is so talented and fun to watch. His only match on Raw in months and he does a 3 minute Leaping Lanny Poffo job...

Lashley would have been best as a heel with a mouthpiece manager like what they did with Lesner and Heyman...

Speaking of not missing Lashley, I did not miss Triple H one bit. His whole bit is getting as stale as kissing McMahon's crusty butt.

I couldn't agree more about the tag team division just now, the titles mean nothing and you can see this by the lack of reaction from the fans for these matches. Does WWE not want to build up wrestlers in a tag team anymore. Are they just gonna keep throwing guys into the main event scene too soon? Surely Bobby Lashley proves wrestlers have too earn fans respect.

I don't know when the date actually was, in the early 90's I think, that I heard through the grapevine that McMahon was getting sick of the tag teams and was going to cut them up and not have "themed" tag teams. It would be as it is now, with a couple of guys teaming up at random. I didn't believe it because I though the tag teams were some of the best matches on Wrestling at the time, but sure enough it happened. This was when Christian and Edge were huge as a tag team and faces.

Is that because the tag teams were getting as much popularity as the main eventers..or maybe even more popularity?

Seems silly to me. If you are going to have tag team belts, you should have a decent tag team division, not some rag tag team ups to get a belt for awhile.

Couldn't agree more about the tag team situation - laughable. Why not pair up some of these guys and give them some screen time? Nah, we'd rather watch Hornswoggle. Woof.

John - I thought the same thing about Cade and Murdoch!!! What were they wearing? Did Sir Bobby Eaton have a garage sale and GM Regal get a few bargains? C'mon now!

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