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January 13, 2008

Looking at Vickie Guerrero as a character

When Vickie Guerrero first became a regular character on Smackdown in 2006 – less than a year after her husband Eddie Guerrero’s death – I thought she seemed very out of place. She just didn’t have the look or the presence of a WWE performer.

Then when she turned on Rey Mysterio and became Chavo Guerrero’s manager, I thought it was a creative misstep for WWE. It just seemed wrong to cast Eddie’s widow as a villain.

After that story line ran its course, she disappeared from television for a few months before returning as a babyface. In Guerrero’s new role as assistant general manager – and later general manager – of Smackdown, she still wasn’t much of a performer.

However, since becoming a heel again in November and participating in a story line in which she is in a romantic relationship with Edge, Guerrero is starting to win me over.

I thought she was especially good at being bad on Friday’s episode of Smackdown. Her facial expressions were tremendous and her delivery has greatly improved. It’s obvious that she is much more comfortable on camera.

The question is: Am I comfortable with a story line in which Eddie Guerrero’s widow is having a love affair with the show’s top heel, and several wrestlers are accusing her of disgracing Eddie’s memory?

Some will say that it’s scripted entertainment and she’s just playing a character. And that’s true. But pro wrestling is unique in that Vickie Guerrero also is a real person who really did lose her husband a little over two years ago.

This certainly isn’t the first time that critics have accused WWE of exploiting Eddie Guerrero’s death. To build up a match in 2006 between Randy Orton and Mysterio, whose close relationship with Eddie is well documented, Orton told Mysterio that “Eddie is in hell.”

That bothered me, although my stance somewhat softened after Orton and Mysterio both said in media interviews that they talked to Vickie about the scripted line and she gave her blessing. I suppose if she condones using her late husband’s name in that story line as well as the current one, then I shouldn’t get too upset about it.

With that being said, however, it would be fine with me if real-life deaths were never again used as plot devices in angles. I realize that not much is sacred in pro wrestling, and I am usually OK with bringing elements of real life – including personal problems – into story lines. It’s often good for business. I just think there are certain lines that don’t need to be crossed.

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Maybe later on, they can have Vickie catch Edge with his pants down, with a Diva backstage or something. I think I saw that the latest Diva contestant winner, Eve, is supposed to go to Smackdown, right? What better way to get her feet wet, than to have her get involved in a storyline like that. :-) Edge definitely needs an upgrade in women over Vickie, and even Lita before that.

Kevin, I'm going to keep it short and simple on much i agree with you accessment of the Vicki character and storyline...I think that the whole thing is wrong and i'm willing to bet that the WWE wouldn't have done anything close to this to the Hart Family to build up a fued with two wrestlers..Can you imagine Stone Cold saying on TV that Owen is in hell and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold say's so..... We don't personally know Vicki,but she appears that she doesn't realize how disrepectful this whole angle is...And besides doesn't she has kids that watch wrestling....

I agree. She doing all his stuff while "in character" with Edge, and meanwhile being the widow of a respected and athlete along with wrestler really, really bothers me.

Yes, we all know wrestling is tawdry, violent and what not, but some lines should never be crossed. The death of someone should never be used in a plot line at all, there's a reason why we say "rest in peace", when someone passes.

The WWE and the Guerrero family needs to let it be, and just stop this nonsense whether it is good for business or not.

Vickie's involvement kind of creeps me out a bit. Whenever I see her locking lips with Edge it's just weird. They could probably run this storyline and not be so graphic.

Sorry, but Vickie Guerrero is a horrible performer. There are so many other people in the company who could do a better job as GM then her. If it wasn't for her last name, she would never be on TV.

the whole angle of her being linked to edge was just alittle too creepy for me as well.

at least wwe is taking care of her and her family that's the only good thing about this but come on stop using eddie's name in every storyline, and besides the only thing that vickie does is reminding me about eddie but i remember eddie used to do anything to make an storyline work (remember the dominick storyline?) so maybe eddie is proud of her who knows! but more respect for eddie please

Wait a second...people watch Smackdown?!

I think Vikki is supporting her family. I'm sure there was a financial vacuum after Eddie died. Strike while the iron is hot. It just stinks that she feels she has to prostitute herself and WWE would expect her to do so.

i honestly love the way Vickie is going!
i love her as a heel and i think she has improved so much since she first came to the WWE.
as for is it wrong at what shes doing? i dont think so at all! think about Eddie's attiude tword the business, he would do ANYTHING for the fans and if it made them happy so was he.
i think thats how Vickie feels, shes trying to see it through Eddie's eyes, what would Eddie do?
i also think if Eddie was alive today he would be very proud of his wife, shes doing what is entertaining. i dont think its dissrespectful and i dont think Eddie would either

The whole angle with Vickie and Edge is tasteless in my opinion. I think it is very disrespectful to the memory of Eddie. Of course, the angles are McMahon's way to make more money. Of course, add to the fact that Vickie is not a good performer and this makes this angle even more senseless.

Sad to say that this is what Vickie needs to do to make money, and the WWE is taking advantage of the situation.

DISRESPECTFUL?? After all that Eddie put Vickie through in their lifetime together. Clearly, you people are a little bit too involved in their personal life than need be. I suggest you all go out and find the video they made on Eddie when he was still alive and see what he did and what he put her through and see what she stuck with.

And not only that but Eddie was in some controversial story lines himself. Nobody sat and were keyboard commandos then talking about how he disrespected his wife.

Here is another thing that maybe people aren't thinking about. Vickie could be finishing up Eddies contract. She has kids she has to feed, people and I don't think she would want to go from the money Eddie was bringing in to having to find a job where she would be getting less than a third.

And moreover I am sure that she got guidance from the Guerrero family before she made a decision to proceed on and followed the venture she is on. And the story line could have been worst, her love interest could have been Chavo. THAT would have been disrespectful. I can bet Vince flirted with that idea too.

I like Vickie as a heel and not the "grieving widow" role. She really developed as Chavos manager. She could use more work as GM but I am sure if they continue to use her then she will get better.

The need to move Teddy Long to Raw GM and let Vickie shine.

I still feel it is wrong that she is even there. Did Eddie not leave her any money? I feel like Eddie's family should have helped with money issues instead of her going on WWE.

vikie is the worst

I've just watched referee charles robinson get dismantled by the great khali, for ejecting chavo gurerro from ring side. I mean a referee doing his jobs gets taken off in a stretcher for WHAT?

Can someone tell me where the hell the WWE board of directors are n if they are still sane. Coz i agree with all of the fans Vicky guerrero must GO

She's an UGLY fat slag, that sits on a wheel chair n puts the WWE into shame. I mean ppl thought William regal was bad. They obviously aint been watching smackdown lately.

N whats with getting rid of the Undertaker? And she tried to do the same to Batista and then MVP. It's totally insane


Hey Trauma, the word "moreover" is for smart people. And clearly the rest of your post could use some serious editting before any sign of intelligence is going to come through.

And it's disrespectful. Period. Nobody knows what he wants, therefore it's best not to chance it. I SERIOUSLY doubt they talked about it before he passed. Not to mention it's just sick and she really needs.... to be shot in the face or something. Plastic surgery anyone?

I agree with Akurit! I know how hard it is to be a single parent... my mum raised me by herself it was no picnic for either of us especially since I have special needs!

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