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Rex and Broadway Joe: the best show in the Big Apple

Poor Rex Ryan. Has this guy had a tough week already or what?

First his New York Jets get clobbered 34-17 by the Ravens in a game in which his young quarterback, Mark Sanchez, turned into a human pinata for the Ravens' Rottweiler defense.

Then Ryan has to figure out a way to repair the Jets' psyche for another road game this weekend against a tough divisional rival, the New England Patriots.

And now Joe Namath is yapping again.

One week after the Jets' icon took Ryan to task for praising his players too much and giving them a false sense of complacency, Broadway Joe criticized Jets wideout Santonio Holmes for going off on the offensive line after the drubbing by the Ravens.

Namath also chided the Jets offensive line coach, Bill Callahan, for throwing shaky lineman Vladimir Ducasse in against the Ravens, who basically pounded him like ground chuck.

Somehow, for the second week in a row, Ryan managed not to explode and rip Namath. And this, of course, demonstrated tremendous good sense, since no one can look good lashing out at a 68-year-old Hall of Famer who's been a sports icon in New York for over 40 years.

Instead, Ryan merely replied that any quarterback would have had a rough day going up against the pressure the Ravens put on Sanchez.

 Well, any quarterback but one. And that one wasn't named Joe Willie Namath.

"That's why I was saying, Joe Montana can be the quarterback -- maybe not Joe Namath, but Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, whoever, would have had a rough day," Ryan said, taking a gentle jab at his tormentor.

But you know Ryan wanted to go all Mount Vesuvius on Namath and tell him to stick it. And maybe it'll come to that if Namath keeps showing up on New York radio stations yapping like your crazy aunt's chihuahua about the Jets' supposed deficiencies.

For now, though, it's fun watching Namath play the loose cannon know-it-all on what ails the Jets. And it's even more fun to watch Ryan, with his blood pressure red-lining and steam slowly hissing out of his ears, react without getting in his car, tracking down Namath and strangling him.

You talk about a reality TV series. If the Jets lose to the Patriots Sunday and Namath takes to the airwaves again to rip Gang Green, this could be the best entertainment New Yorkers have had in years.


Joe Namath. In the HOF because he won a super bowl, and he played in NY.

Check out his statistics for wins and losses. See how many good teams he beat in his career.

I think they should mud-wrestle and let the best loser lose.

Rex respects his elders. Buddy is his dad. Imagine Buddy jumping down his throat, that takes great restraint. Everyone has a limit. Joe better have his head on a swivel if he keeps it up!!

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