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A Ravens celebration captured for the ages

As if we needed more proof that a picture's worth a thousand words: check out the great Ravens photo by The Baltimore Sun's Ken Lam that ran on page two of Monday's print edition and in a photo gallery on the paper's web site.


A jubilant Cam Cameron and a grinning Joe Flacco are shown ready to high-five Torrey Smith as he comes to the sidelines after his third touchdown reception in the Ravens' 37-7 blowout of the St. Louis Rams Sunday.

As Flacco says in that cheesy (pun intended) Pizza Hut commercial of is: "That's powerful stuff, man!"

Lam's photo is powerful, and it works on so many levels.

It shows a classic scene of NFL exhulatation as an offensive coordinator, a quarterback and a wide receiver bask in the glow -- however momentary -- of a job well done.

But it also captures a subtle sense of redemption for all three men pictured.

 All three were being savaged by radio talk-show callers and Internet critics after the Ravens' listless 26-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans one week earlier.

Cameron, as usual, was getting beat up for his alleged conservative play-calling. Flacco was ripped for having a bad game, missing receivers and seeming confused at times at the line of scrimmage. And Smith, the rookie out of Maryland taken in the second round of this year's NFL draft, was already being accused of being a bust who couldn't get open, couldn't hold onto the ball and couldn't grasp the offense, among other things.

But against St. Louis, Cameron drew up a game plan that helped the Ravens rack up 553 yards of total offense. Flacco passed for a career-high 389 yards. And three of those passes were caught for touchdowns by the fleet Smith, who became the first rookie in NFL history to catch three touchdowns passes in a quarter.

It's all there in Lam's photo. The old cliche is right: every picture tells a story. With his camera, Lam told it better than anyone.


Great picture, I hope all of the Smith haters will finally learn some sense that maybe conclusions on players shouldn't be made after Week 2 of that player's rookie season. Exactly how much have our first 2 picks the last 2 years contributed yet? Pipe down...

It's a nice picture, but "captured for the ages"??? It wasn't the Super Bowl we won yesterday...

No wonder he is so fast, Smith has 4 legs!

Nice, pic, but for the "Ages", Dan?? When I think of "Ages" I think of Ameche plowing into the end zone in OT against the Giants, not this.

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