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O's fans reaching for the panic button

Orioles Village is in a state of despair. Panic is in the air. The talk shows are filled with angry calls to bench this player, move that player down in the batting order, take this player out behind Camden Yards and beat him with sticks.

 Looking at the Orioles lineup, it's tempting to say never have so many looked so lost at the plate. Except we've seen this act before -- many, many times over the past 13 seasons.

First baseman Derrek Lee is hitting just .233 with four homers and nine RBI. Right fielder Nick Markakis is batting .227. Third baseman Mark Reynolds is batting .187.

Pitchers are struggling, too. On the mound, right-hander Brad Bergesen is 0-4 with a 5.57 ERA, and the Orioles have lost nine straight games in which he started. Starter Chris Tillman is 1-3 with a 7.16 ERA. The bullpen is up one day, down the next.

And now we're starting to see some bad body language from the O's during games and comments from the post-game clubhouse that reflect how puzzled and irritated the players are that this team is not playing better.

And yet . . . it could be much worse for the Orioles in the standings. Sure, they're in last place in the AL East and 5 1/2 games out. But no one's tearing up the division yet. If the Orioles start hitting and get a couple of their pitchers straightened out, they'd be competitive -- and entertaining -- again, which is basically all their fans were hoping to see this season.

The Buck-Showalter-as-savior vibe sure died down in a hurry. But to his credit, the Orioles manager continues to exude confidence -- at least outwardly -- that his team will start turning things around any day now.

Nevertheless, my colleague Jeff Zrebiec speculates in the Orioles Insider blog -- you can read it here -- that Showalter, with the team having a day off today, may be on the verge of shaking up the lineup and possibly making a couple of roster moves, too.

That could only be a good thing at this point. Something has to be done to shake this team out of its doldrums.

And those moves can't come soon enough for Orioles Village, which has seen this act for too many springs now and is sick and tired of it.


Panic? How can you panic when you are apathetic?

I'm sick and tired of it, Kevin. I wanted to leave as early as the 4th inning yesterday (Sunday) but I stuck around to see Bergie give up more runs. I used to have such high hopes for Bergesen, but I don't see him as anything more than long-reliever.

I hit the panic button in KC. Everyone saw Tampa sweeping the O's at home to even their matchup thus far. But there are ZERO signs that this current club can turn things around. I called 88 wins for this team in March. Now, .500 is a dream...

Kevin it's truly time to start putting the blame where it deserves to be. We can blame the players, the batting coach, and even the manager if we want,but the real blame for this continuous slide is none other then ANDY M. I understand and get what he was trying to do but in the 4 years that he has been here the grow the arms and buy the bats has been a complete failure.His record bringing in free agent hitters has to go down as the worst of all time. Sure we can give him a slight reprieve because we understand that no top free agents will ever come here,but in the end he is responsible for putting this 25 man roster together.

Aging players like Lee and Vlad might have something left if they were on a contending club, but to put them on a team with no hope is asking way to much. Our core players like Roberts, Jones, Nick and Brian are all going backwards with there performances and after getting atkins off the scrap heap last year you would have thought andy would have learned his lesson in bringing in reynolds.Jeff we have only played 33 games so far and the team seems life less out there.For my money the real blame falls squarely on the shoulders of our GM.He is completely outdated in his methods.

I've never seen so many players slump for such an extended period on one team in my life.

That being said, no one should be surprised by Reynolds hitting .187.

That is what he is going to hit. I hated that trade. Sure could use Dave Hernandez in that pen right now, couldn't we? Trades should only be made if they upgrade a position. That flat out didn't happen. Atkins could hit .187.

Somebody has to tell Reynolds & Lee that no pitcher in the Eastern Division of the AL will throw them a fast ball on a 3 & 2 count and what they are going to get WILL NOT be in the strike zone. And then tell Jones that he will see a slider down and away when he has two strikes.

Actually, all the O's keep looking for that Fast Ball. Bruce Chen makes them look foolish. His 89 MPH is never in the Strike zone.

Not panic, so much as resignation, here.
I certainly didn't expect the new additions to all have career years, but I thought it was justifiable to assume they'd be at least a little bit better at scoring runs. After the great finish to last season I think we were all justified in expecting the starters to be a little better this year. Instead, despite all the changes, it still seems like the same tired old team that's been out there for the last decade. Every year we get new faces and the same old results. No matter what a player did elsewhere, when they come here they can't work counts, can't hit with runners on, can't bunt or run, etc.
When you see such a promising start squandered so completely, you don't panic as an O's fan, you just sigh and think "here we go again."


None of the fans, including myself, think the team is as bad as it is playing right now. Was it too much to ask that they get off to a good start, meaning at least .500 baseball? All of us knew that just about everything would have to go right from the gitgo for this team t compete, and it hasn't. Thus the "here we go again" feelings in Birdland

The Orioles really need to win the series against the Mariners. After that they go on the road for seven games against the Rays, the Red Sox and the Yankees.

After that road trip there could be a one hour wait at the window on the 25th floor at the World Trade Center.

First of all, Oriole Village is on the verge of becoming 'Oriole Block".
As far as the hitters are concerned...people used to get on Crow's case but never like this. I'm not sure what our "new" hitting coach is doing but it's obvious that:
1. Markakis is totally messed up by the new approach they want him to take by going after first pitch sequences.
2. I'm not seeing any improvement or power from Reynolds that warrent him still being on a Major League roster. Right now he's the front runner to win the Andy McFail/Garret Atkins Award for Biggest Waste of Space on a Major League Team.
3. Give Pie some Love. For crying out loud Buck, the guy sits 10 games & comes in & hits like you've been playing him all along. Give him at bats!
4. The crowds are gone already...a nice weekend against a team we want to be like & that has stockpiled their minor league system with multiple pro talent kids & we don't break 20,000 on any game.
5. It may be early & things could be alot worse but...stick a fork in em'...these birds are done!
And, are what fans are left to Oriole Block.
Bye Andy, please turn the lights off when you leave.

Reynolds is where we thought he would be. He actually is played better than Lee,Markakis and Scott.
Lets dump Lee cause he is a bum,worthless baseball player who does not deserve to wear the Oriole uniform. He is a bum who is backing up the Brinks truck to be a bum.
There is not one player other than Weiters thast is not tradeable. There is no GG in the field, No Cy Young on the mound and no ROTY candidate.(Brittonwill collapse) Its Destiny. The Orioles are LOSERS!!!

It's become obvious now that the hiring of Showalter was the metaphoric equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig. This team cannot beat any team that is playing well. If you look at their record so far they are 12-5 against crippled and slumping teams and only 2-14 against healthy teams that are playing good baseball. Since it's not likely that the schedule will afford them a continuous supply of patsies they're most likely on their way to their 14th. losing season and another year of being the league doormat.

Shake it up!

I'd rather see Ryan Adams trying to hit .300 in Baltimore than Roberts phone it in. Lee and Reynolds are solid defensively but they're not getting it done at their respective spots in the order. I swear if I hear "Track Record" one more time, I'll probably flip out.

Here's the real track record, Lee is waaaaaaaaaay past his prime and Reynolds strikes out 200 times a season.

You specifically mention 3 hitters - Lee, Markakis, and Reynolds.

Lee is obviously washed up and just plain selfish (see: 9th inning AB yesterday hacking at the first pitch instead of working the ocunt against a wild pitcher and then he GIDP).

Markakis ALWAYS starts slow in April and May. He'll pick it up and hit his usual .290+.

Reynolds hit under .200 last year, so I don't know why .187 is such cause for alarm. The cause for alarm with him is the lack of power. I can handle .200 or lower if he hits 40 HR, but he's currently on pace for less than 20 dingers.

Sorry to my fellow O's fans, but I think this is a sad case of same (stuff), different day.

It is a major wonder that ANY READERS of the Baltilmore Sun and their associated rag-a-muffin Baltimore Sun 2 grey cell Sports Staff. There is NO INTELLIGENT or KNOLEDGEABLE human being that makes up those YAHOO'S! Not one of those yahoo's could relate anything knowledgeable to BASEBALL ability.

if you were adams and mahony what would you be doing ,right now?

AM..... Going on consecutive year #21 as the exec (GM or higher) who has lost more games than anyone in the game.

I'm tired of this. I never thought I would say this but I am getting sick of this franchise. Different year, same crap. I take my Dad to an O's game every year for his birthday. Watching the Rays hand it to the O's 9-2 is not a good birthday present.

No comment yet.

I really don't know if this is a "panic button" I keep pushing.

The button's letters wore off long ago.

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