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Mark Buehrle thinks Vick hasn't paid his debt

td.jpg By now you probably know that Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle revealed to an writer that he and his wife would root for Michael Vick to get hurt during games.

The story now posted on doesn't include the quotes about Vick any more; it merely references him as a vague, nefarious character in the world-wide quest to save canines upon which the Buehrle family has embarked. 

According to a screen shot posted by The Huffington Post -- that parasite of the news business -- Buehrle's quotes were tweeted out by the the reporter, Scott Merkin, and they are as follows:

This is from Mark Buehrle on Vick: "He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game ....

.... and I know it's bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. ...

More Mark: "Everything you've done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys."

Mark's right. Something bad should happen. Like, say, going to jail. Which actually happened to Vick. For 18 months. He lost his freedom for 18 months. That's bad. 

But apparently not enough. Buehrle, you see, is a dog lover. So much so, the lead to the story tells us, that he considers his dogs to be on the same level as his children.

It's really Jamie, Mark's wife, who leads the charge, though. She has dedicated her life to ensuring the humane treatment of dogs everywhere. This, indeed, is a noble undertaking. We, as a society, are lucky to have someone such as Jamie who has the time and resources to make a difference for pups who need a good home.

Yet her view -- apparently shared by Mark -- is hard to reconcile. Here's Jamie, discussing the importance of dogs having a loving family:

"I don't understand people who say they have kids and don't have time for their dogs anymore," said Jamie, during a recent interview at SoxFest. "I'll do anything for my dogs. The biggest thing is people have a choice where their life ends up. They can make decisions for the most part and better their life.

"Dogs don't have that choice. Animals in general don't have that voice. People abuse them, leave them in animal shelters, drop them on the side of the road and they have no voice to change it."

Let's set aside, for a moment, the second sentence in the second paragraph, which seems to insinuate that, while most animals cannot speak out, there might be exceptions.

Instead, focus on the argument at hand. Dogs need care, whereas humans are able to care for themselves. That's an acceptable worldview, I suppose, given the way dogs have been bred and domesticated through the years.

Yet even Mark and Jamie make the comparison of dogs to children. Kids need care in much the same way puppies do, and even more so than dogs -- which generally stick to learning things like Frisbee chasing and rolling over -- they need strong guidance.

Though I don't know Mike Vick's full biography, I know the outline: born to unwed teenagers, grew up in the projects, parents worked long hours to support him, drug dealers ruled the neighborhoods, drive-by shootings weren't unusual, etc. He's said repeatedly that sports kept him off the street. It didn't do the same for his friends. Drugs, gambling, dog fighting ... it was a part of the culture they knew.

Sure, Vick should have been able to rise above that by the time he was a multi-millionaire NFL star. He'd gone off to Virginia Tech because of football. Dozens of men and women with strong ethics and morals had opened their hearts wide to him as a result. He no doubt had coaches and their wives, tutors and advisers, professors and administrators there offering to help.

He folded, though, and reverted back. It was a stupid, shameful thing to do and it had despicable consequences for too many dogs.

It also cost a man 18 months during the prime of his life.

His debt is paid.

Here's what Mark and Jamie should remember the next time their hearts quicken at the thought of a charging linebacker wrenching Vick's knee into useless mess:

There are thousands upon thousands of kids who dream of some day being on the same level as their dogs.


What's really funny is that the Buehrle's aren't even vegetarian, so it's not like they're saying all life is precious and should be valued equally. What they're saying is basically there is a hierarchy with people and dogs at the top, on the same level. That is insane! I'm not a vegetarian myself, but I can at least understand the logic of someone who is and considers all life to be equal.

I'd like to know their opinions on the rest of the animal kingdom and where they rank. My guess is it is based on cuteness and the level of affection they show to humans.


Vick's debt to our society may be paid, but do not for one moment equivicate that with rehabilitation. Michael Vick is not rehabilitated.

If you bother to accurately analyze Vick's history you will discover that he has a history of run ins with the law. The dog fighting deal is not his first trip to the rodeo.

History documents how people who abuse animals eventually abuse children and spouses as life unfolds. This is an absolute fact.

Vick is a bad person with a bad character. He can play football better than many others - so what. Do not put this man on any type of pedestal.

Everything he does is to rehabilitate his wallet. Saying and doing all the impressionable "right" things has put you in his corner.

Like O.J. Simpson before him, Michael Vick is destined for bigger incidents later in life.

Vick is what he is. And I am convinced we have not heard the last of Michael Vick, the dog killer.

Me personally - I think Vick should have been locked into a steel dog kennel cage - WITH 2 of his PIT BULLS, that he trained to violently murder innocent LITTLE PET dogs stolen and used to "fire up" the brutes, prior to the main events. Be locked in there after they got riled up real good...with 2 of them...and when it was over ..let the winner..or winners... out to go on and lead thier life at last!! THEN and only then..would his debt have been paid. And hey - it's only fair to get what you give..right?? And don't tell me he didn't KNOW ANY BETTER - he knew EXACTLY what he was doing every second he did it!

The article is right on point. People truly love their dogs, but you have parents, boyfriends, ex husbands, mothers, killing their babies, children, in the most inhumane way, but there is no outcry. But lets keep talking about dogs, afterall when these people die they truly think they will come back as dogs, lmao! I love Michael Vick!

Bravo Mark Buehrle for saying things a lot of people feel. Vick is far from having paid his debt. It is NEVER acceptable to kill, maim and torture innocent creatures. He had a rough childhood? That's NO excuse. He should NEVER have been allowed back in the NFL. He deserves more of the same pain he inflicted on his dogs, drowning, electrocution, smashing them to the ground until they were dead. Actions like that are ones of a low life scum!

What wonderful sentiment. I hope that you will take at least one of those "thousands upon thousands of kids" in as a foster child.

So he wishes harm came to Vick since he harmed an animal? What is wrong with this picture? If I was equally uncaring about a human being I would wish one of Buehrle's fastball would come back and hit him in his ignorant pie-hole, but I won't.

Vick's debt isn't paid. He has to answer in the end.

I agree with Mark and his wife and I applaud them for their efforts. My dogs are my family and deserve the treatment as a family member. I told my wife when I pass away I want to come back to life as one of my dogs!
God Bless you Jamie and Mark!

I am not a crazy dog person but, Vick is not a good person. His spending time in jail didn't change that. People tend to refer back to what they are when no one is looking. People are under no obligation to feel warm an fuzzy about him.

Anyybody including Mark that think dogs are on the same level as children are SICK. As a new father, that statements disgust. These dog owners are the same people that will watch a person starve or need help and won't do nothing. But will give a kidney for a mutt. DISGUSTING

how ironic such
sardonic vitriol all
in the name of love

Excellent post and I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Korman.

It seems that there are quite a few people in here who are incredibly knowledgeable regarding Vick's actual perspective on what he did and know the kind of person that he is. Vick HAS paid his debt to society (it's the debt our society has created for such acts) and if you don't like it, petition to increase them.

But don't forget to increase prison time for rapists as some of them get released sooner than Vick did ... or else I'll know you're a joke. No dog's life is more valuable than any human's life. Period.

As a Sox fan, I say Buehrle should stick to pitching. One of the problems with society today has been the elevation of pets to a status equal to children. Besides, humans won the evolutionary battle (for now).

No one loves dogs more than I. I have two wonderful dogs for which I would stand in front of a car. But it's insensitive and extreme to wish someone an injury. You people need to join the Taliban if that's what you want.

Reading a lot of these comments makes me wonder what kind of world I live in. There is apparently no faith whatsoever in our system of justice, even though his sentence was longer than some folks get for killing people (i.e., vehicular manslaughter and similar crimes). In addition to losing almost two years of the prime of his life, Vick also lost somewhere arond $20 - $30 million, his endorsements, future earning potential, clearly his reputation, and still that's not enough for you folks. apparently you are all saints that us sinners can only dream of living up to some day. As one of you so aptly put it, you will have to answer to that one day.

You people are a trip. Americans discard their dogs on an almost daily basis(go to any animal shelter and see for yourselves). I bet Tom Brady would have been forgiven, or Manning, or Drew Brees. Your dislike for Vick goes beyond what he had done and it fools no one!

What Vick did was wrong. Everyone knows that. Whether you think he deserved more than 18 months in prison - people can judge for themselves. With that said, Mark Buerhle and his wife need to recognize that humans also get mistreated in this world. Some people have no one protecting them, too. Take the million+ babies that are aborted each year. Or the babies that are left in a toilet or a trash can because they aren't wanted by a teenage mother. How about girls that are sold as teenage prostitutes or slaves in third world nations? Whose standing up for these innocent victims? I love dogs and own one, but it's not as valuable as my four children. For Buerhle to root for someone to get hurt says something about his character if you ask me.

who the hell is Chris Korman?

To be consistent in his thinking, MB would need to be a vegetarian. Apparently he thinks it's just fine to rip out the teeth of pigs and shock them so that he can have his bacon, but it's abhorrent to kill a dog because he runs around in the park with his. This is garbage thinking. Pigs are smarter than dogs anyway. Let's just admit that it's an aesthetic argument and not an ethical one per se. And on top of that, wishing harm to a human who killed dogs seems rather unethical itself. What if some PETA celebrity said he wished MB would get injured because he implicitly supports a meat industry that tortures animals??? What a crock! Personally, I am not a veg, but they have a more consistent argument than this clown, who should either shut his mouth or be consistent in this thinking.

Vick delighted in torture -like slamming dogs to the ground repeatedly or electrocuting them.

Hunting involves a "fair chase" -not torture.

Dogfighting is also a foul perversion. It takes intense selective breeding to produce dogs that will fight each other to the death. That's why Vick * had * to kill so many dogs who were underperformers. He made it worse by killing them in a sadistic fashion.

Vick is a sadist and we can expect more bad stuff from him in the future.

How is hunting a "fair chase"? Are you kidding me? Arming yourself with high powered rifles and automatic weapons to gratuitously kill animals for sport? Again, I am not against hunting, but people like MB who say that Vick is such a horrible human should look at themselves in the mirror if they love animals so damn much but yet support hunting and the meat industry. Are people who get a high out of shooting deer sadists? Dog fighting is cruel, no doubt, but so is nature and that's the world we live in. It happens to be illegal, which is why Vick had to pay a legal price. MB is a self-righteous buffoon, who is clearly not very smart. He's overrated as well. Stick to pitching, jerk. Or should I say, "I hope you blow out your arm?"

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