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There's a new sheriff on offense: Michael Oher

Say what you will about Michael Oher, the Ravens' massive and still-developing left tackle.

Yes, he picks up too many penalties. Yes, he's had problems with his footwork and been beaten by too many lesser pass rushers this season.

 And, yes, he loses his poise on occasion, which can cost the Ravens in big games like yesterday's 30-7 playoff thumping of the Kansas City Chiefs.

But I love the guy's fire. And his fierce loyalty to his teammates.

Oher is the first player to jump in an opponent's face when one of his Ravens teammates is abused -- and the rest of the Ravens love him for that.

Time and again yesterday, especially late in the game when the Chiefs were losing their composure and cheap-shotting the Ravens, it was Oher who was the first to wade into the melee to protect a teammate.

NFL players love to talk about having each others' backs. Oher makes it clear he has his teammates' backs on every play.

When you play a violent game in an angry, hostile environment, how can you not love a guy like that?


Good for Oher...still can't believe how blatantly that Chiefs player tried to rip Todd Heap's helmet off. WTH? What would provoke him to do something that stupid? Or was he just sore Heap had a career game?

Isn't that the quality that was emphasized in "The Blind Side?"

I want to like this guy, but the bottom line is that he has been the weakest link in the Ravens o-line this season.

I''m tired of people making excuses for his play by saying he's not playing his natural position.

Most of his mistakes are Offensive Line 101 - and he is failing the course.

By my crude calculations, he's responsible for at least 30 of Flacco's 40+ sacks this season.

And run blocking? Don't even get me started.

The Ravens don't need any more "rah rah" guys, they need people that can protect Flacco.

Because he regularly kills offensive momentum with false starts. That's how.

Pittsburgh is next. He better be on his A game, his guns drawn and temper in check (he will be tested) if he wants to survive this shootout!! GO RAVENS!!
BTW, I'm a Jets fan this week. Let's get an AFC Championship game at THE BANK and deposit the Jets in our W account!!

Everybody gets beat from time to time - it is a learning process.

My problem with Oher is once he gets beat he quits the play. Happened Sunday, but Flacco eluded the rush and could have used Oher's help with some 2nd effort.

Last week there was a fumble right next to Oher's feet after his block downfield was done, but he never looked for it.

He needs to keep his head in the game, and expect the unexpected. I'd rather he do that than try and be some sherrif, getting some stupid penalty.

That's the difference between a just being a football player and being a playmaker like a Reed or Lewis.

With all due respect, I thought Oher played a decent game Sunday. He might have been beaten a few times but I also recall one play where he destroyed the end to allow Flacco to pick up an important first down. No question he has work to do but what we are finding out is he is a RT in the NFL. Bring him home and he will flourish, right Sandra???

Cowherd, you are so totally clueless it's embarrassing. Seriously.

Brad your calculations are just what you called them-- Crude. And you have the perfect brain to go with them.

I disagree with Brad. Chris Chester has been the weakest link and Matt Birk has been second.

Oher will be an All-Pro tackle before his career ends, and he will be known as one nasty SOB who plays until the whistle blows. He will be feared.

He's still learning and adjusting to the speed and power of those who he plays against. Give him some time.

He's now taking on the best pass rushers in the NFL.

Oher had a sprained knee, remember? BTW, Birk is the weak link, by far. Love Oher's attitude.

Agree the guy from KC that tried pulling Heap's helmet off from the back of helmet should be heavily fined! Thats BS.


Your fooling yourself if you think Oher is a weaker link that Chester on the Oline.

Brad, by my crude calculations you are a moron

the chiefs were trying to get some hothead to retaliate and possible get ejected, mcclain, heap, flacco, oher. if not for quan oher may have done just that. celebrate the guys who had self control and awareness.kc paper said that the commish was at the game. there should be fines. take up for your team mates but be smart about it.

I agree that Oher showed fire and toughness yesterday, but he still looked bad protecting Flacco's blindside. Meaness and toughness have always been reserved traits for right tackle. ex. Orlando Brown (Zeus). Oher needs to switch back to right tackle next season, and we either sign, draft or if healthy retain Gaither (who was rated in 2009 as a top 5 left tackle). If we can get the Gaither of 2009 back, and Oher playing a position he can handle, our O line will be one of the best in football.

Oher is out of place at left tackle. May have beeen where he played all his life, makes a good story line with the movie and is what people expect of him, but he is a much better right tackle than left. We need to go out in the draft and get a legitimate left tackle of pick one up in free agency. Mike, especially as injured as he is right now, is having a rough time holding down the left side and definitely could shine as a probowler on the other side. In addition, when you grow up as a kid in a rough situation, you learn not to take crap from anyone. Michael Oher epitomizes that.

Ridiculous posting by Coward. It got chippy for sure, but Oher does this every game and is on the verge of a penalty or two every game for his pushing and shoving. Walk away. Get them the next play.

We are all glad Michael is on our team. I believe, no penalties yesterday along with a strong all around game.

Ridiculous posting by joefoss. Can't you go back to screwing up the Oriole's full-time.

I like this article. Kevin C. is spot on.

1. Oher's out of control temper is obviously a bad thing, not something to be lauded by some Sun reporter.

2. While Oher might not be as weak a link as Birk or Chester, the fact that he's at tackle, vs. inside, leads to more blind side sacks, so I agree with Brad to a certain extent. (Although the pressure up the middle has contributed to sacks as well this season.)

Kevin,You Da man!! I look forward to your Inside info!!

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