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Heaven can wait, says Weaver

The New York Times said he was dead. But Earl Weaver, the Orioles’ former manager, says it will take more than a story in the newspaper to see him off.

Weaver, 80, is alive and kicking – though with less animation than he did around umpires – despite a Times’ piece on Saturday that put him six feet under.

The story, a political column by Ross Ramsey, began:

“Texas Democrats have become the Baltimore Orioles of politics. Somewhere in heaven, Earl Weaver and (former Texas governor) Ann Richards are comparing notes on what went wrong with the teams they left behind.”

Reached today at his home in Florida, Weaver denied the allegations.

“I’ll be damned,” said the Hall of Famer, who managed the Orioles to four American League pennants and a World Series title. “All I can do is say, that’s false.

“I’m still here, although my knees have given out, so I don’t play golf anymore. I’ve always said that there were two places that I wouldn’t mind dying. One was Memorial Stadium; the other, the golf course.

“Now I’ve got to wait forever [to go], because both of those places are gone.”

As for the Times’ error, the paper printed a correction on Sunday.

Baltimore Sun photo of Earl Weaver by Lloyd Fox / June 26, 2010


Whew! I thought Jesus was the only human ever to be ressurrected. Welcome back from the dead, Earl.

"What scares the hell out of me is waking up dead some morning in the Hyatt Hotel in Oakland."


The NY Times article is a perfect example of how far journalism has fallen. Fact checking simply isn't considered important any longer. I regularly email staff writers of my local paper correcting errors of all types--including spelling and grammar.

You forgot Lazarus, CNC, but Jesus will forgive you.

Earl can borrow Mark Twain's line: "The report of my death was exaggerated."

If I were the VP of Bsaeball Ops for the Orioles or it's owner, I'd be angry and embarrassed to have my team and consumer product used in such a manner. Especially by enemies. I'd show them, by going out and getting 2 starters (Webb & Sheets), two relievers, and the best 1B available, at all cost !! But that's just me. Everybody knows that REAL ORIOLES don't allow any thing/one from NY to disrespect our culture.....Oh, I forgot, we're not REAL ORIOLES anymore. We're wimps now. Profit for shareholders 1st, then the fans 2nd.

What a joke. Of course it was from some lame New York reporter, too lazy to actually check his facts. That's inexcusable.

We can at least hope the author was right about Weaver's final destination, cause the Orioles have been dead for years and watching them hasn't been heaven.

jacka** reporters how dare they even use earls name, long live earl

Easy people., I'm pretty sure the journalist had a "brain fart" and got the recently departed Sparky Anderson confused with Earl Weaver. It can happen to anyone.

Who's Ross Ramsey?

I hope to hell the O's are not like the Texas Democratic party. I hope the O's come back and the libs there are dead. The Republicans have revived Texas. Besides , Weaver made the Orioles, Richards was a lousy old bat Governor who only knew how to drink whiskey and berate people. About what I'd expect from a Luke Scott basher!

Taking some liberty with a Dixie Chicks' song, Earl doesn't have to die!

Mike -- Have you or anyone else at the Sun talked to Earl to get his views on Buck Showalter, who reminds so many fans of Weaver?

Those would be comments well worth reading.

I hope Earl outlives print journalism. There's a chance ...

The scribe responsible for Earl's early demise is not a New Yorker. He's a Texan working at the Texas Tribune. The NY Times just picked up his piece.

Great line, Earl:

“I’m still here, although my knees have given out, so I don’t play golf anymore. I’ve always said that there were two places that I wouldn’t mind dying. One was Memorial Stadium; the other, the golf course. ... Now I’ve got to wait forever, because both of those places are gone.”

Seriously, how does this happen? … My theory is that the writer is a casual baseball fan and can recognize the names of hall of famers. He probably remembered Sparky Anderson’s recent passing, and attributed it to Wever since Earl and Sparky were of the same era — and continued writing without giving it a second thought.

Pitching, Defense, and 3 run homers!!! As an Oriole fan, how can you think of Earl Weaver without smiling!?!?!!!!! Glad to see you are still kicking Earl!

The conservatives have, indeed, dragged Texas into an abyss.

The conservatives have turned Texas into a truly amazing state! We're the only ones to reject federal money for quite a few things (not to say that we haven't taken some, we've just taken very little) We're ahead of all of the other states in the union! We have a balanced budget!

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