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Orioles need to sign Derek Jeter


As baseball's Winter Meetings approach and the Orioles begin looking to upgrade their roster, they need to do something bold to build on the buzz created by hiring Buck Showalter.

They need to sign Derek Jeter.

The Orioles have many holes -- first base, third base, veteran starting pitching and the bullpen. But they also need a shortstop. More importantly, they need a leader.

They need Derek Jeter.

Sure, he's 36 and will turn 37 during the 2011 season. But he's durable, playing at least 150 games the past seven seasons. His batting average fell from .334 to .270 and his home run total dropped by eight to just 10. But he drove in 67 runs and won a Gold Glove. He's no Cesar Izturis defensively, but he's solid and his hitting numbers crush those of Izturis.

Jeter also would bring five World Series titles, command respect in the locker room and show a young Orioles team how to play the game. The future Hall of Famer is 74 hits from 3,000. If there is one thing the Orioles do well, it's milestone ceremonies.

If the Yankees are willing to let Jeter test the free-agency market, then the Orioles should be there with an offer, somewhere in the four-year, $60 million range. Really, whatever it takes. Ask Cal Ripken Jr. to help recruit him. And then, because you have a shortstop who does more than hit singles, you can maybe re-sign Ty Wigginton to play third or first and still be able to spend decent money for another corner infielder.

It would be a PR disaster for the Yankees, it would hurt them on the field and maybe, just maybe, his signing would send a signal to other free agents that Baltimore is a great place to play.

Imagine Showalter and Ripken holding a No. 2 Orioles jersey with Jeter on the back as they announce the signing. They couldn't print tickets fast enough at Camden Yards.

Yeah, I know he's a Yankee, and Orioles fans hate the Yankees. But they hate losing even more. What better way to end years of futility than signing one of the all-time great leaders and winners in the sport?

Would he consider playing for the Orioles? It's time to find out.

The Orioles need to sign Derek Jeter.


Is it April's Fools Day already? Why would the O's want another old guy on the down side of his career who can't play defense any longer - gold glove award joke aside? There are plenty of bad signings the O's could make, but this would be the worst - and the most expensive.


I absolutely, totally agree. Whetever deficiencies he has on the field are far outweighed by what he bring to us in terms of sportsmanship, leadership, attitude, and professionalism.

I loathe Jeter with a passion and I don't want him on my team, but it would be so funny to see him with a bird cap on, showing how bad he is when he doesn't have a team of All-stars to protect him. Talk about winding down his career- that'd be one way to do it!

I'm all for signing Jeter just to get back at the Yanks. Like a previous article, at minimum it puts more pressure on the Yanks to offer more to Jeter.

Obviously it's fun to talk about, even when we know it would never happen. The holes at first and third are clearly the bigger priorities, but if there's enough money to kick around after we fill those, then yes, make a bold move for a quality player and leader who would give this team, which is eminemtly likable but too laid-back, a little more personality. And if there's even a couple heart-broken Yankees fans, it would be worth it.

They could do much the same thing, and get a better value player by signing Konerko. Let the Yankees 'honor the past' to the tune of 50 mil.

We don't need any Derek Jetes in an O's uniform.

That is a great idea!

We don't need Jeter in an O's uniform.

Do you get paid to write this nonsense?

The only thing attemping to sign Jeter would do was help drive up the price the Yankees have to pay to keep him (not a bad idea actually). He has NO interest in Baltimore and thats a fact. Jeter is a Yankee next year and anyone who doesn't agree is kidding themselves...

This is an absolutely nutty idea. It's also the best, most off-the-wall idea that anyone has floated in Baltimore in a long time. Derek Jeter in an Oriole uniform would attract fans, marquee players and new money to the city. It's well worth a shot.

That's just what the O's need to do ... sign another great player on the down swing to a huge long-term contract. Are you NUTS?!

when i clicked on this i thought it must be a cowherd tongue in cheek joke. but i thought i'd give it a look anyway.

but it seems serious . and absurd. The justification for throwing 60 million at Jeter (which wouldn't get the deal done anyway, btw) is allowing the team to keep Wigginton at third? i think the team E R A just went up at least half a point.

Personally i hope for an upgrade over Izturis, but Jeter is not a 57 million dollar upgrade. If they can throw money at first and third (Beltre, Konerko) do it. And bring back Cesar then, on the cheap.

Youre lucky you get to be high and do your job. And yes, I hate the yankees and jeter more than I hate losing.

I agree with this 100%, in the words of P. Diddys character in Get Him to the Greek, "We need to Mind **** Em". I hate Jeter but I hate the Yankees even more, and this would be a great way to mentally kill them.

lol...child please

Did Madonna move to Randallstown?

You just came from a meeting where they said there weren't enough comments in the blog section, right?

Very humorous. I needed a good laugh. First and foremost ......Bold? Bold and the Orioles is an oxymoron. The Orioles are January bottom feeders. They don't do BOLD. Not with this GM and certainly not with this owner who IS NOT COMMITTED to winning.....period. Should they go out and be aggressive early for the likes of "Jeter", Konerko, Beltre, Gonzalez, Lee? Of course they should. Will they? Hell no......that's just not O's bottom feeding. Problem is....every player in the major leagues knows it too and therefore don't want to be a part of "lackluster" performance and attitude.

You do realize he wants multiple years for 20 mil a year--you have really out done yourself on this one--

Stupidity. Might as well sign Tejada again if we're going to sign Jeter the cheater. Did Mike Preston put you up to this? Sounds like a stupid stunt he would pull to get people to read his BS.


I checked the calendar, and its November 18, not April 1. Why on G-d's green earth would a guy like Derek Jeter come to Loserville? Most people tend to forget it's not really about money with these athletes, it's about winning.

Another factor: should he get married this winter, his wife might well veto living here.As an actress, unless she wants to be in John Waters movies, coming to Baltimore wouldn't be good for Minka Kelly's career.

Short answer: Dream on.

Great point. That lack of leadership is the reason we're 30 games out of first place and 11 games out of FOURTH place. No doubt signing a 37 year old shortstop to a deal that will tie up at least a quarter of our payroll and sacrifice a second round pick in the deepest draft in recent memory is the way to turn this franchise around.

How does crap like this get published?

looks like someone needed hits today.


I lost all respect for Jeter when he admitted faking being hit by a pitched ball that actually only struck the heel of the bat.

That Gold Glove is merely gold plated. Jeter's gold gloves are the biggest joke in the game. Besides, who is gonna want a $15 million 41 year old SS in a few years?

You want to improve your club, for now AND for the future. Not just for the 15 minute press conference. Besides, if the O's signed Jeter for 4 years @ $15m per, they'd be the laughing stock of baseball. All that Yankee anger would be sarcastic.

If you really, really want a winner, Johnny Damon is available for a lot cheaper and might consider being a 4th OF/DH for 1/3 of the cost over 1/4 of the years. Same vet presence at a decent cost.

Ron - I kept waiting for the punch line in this, waiting for a journalistic grin that would let your readers know that you were pulling their leg all along.

When that didn't come, I'm thinking, Wow, he's really serious. In reading what you wrote, I see some good points, such as Jeter as a team leader, the upcoming 3000th hit and sticking it to the Yankees, but this idea just isn't going to fly.

First, Jeter's not interested in playing anywhere but New York. He thrives on the bright lights and the winning, on being a big fish in the biggest pond.

And he thrives on the big salaries he gets from the Steinbrenners. Your proposal of a four-year, $60 million contract wouldn't even get you a response from his agent. Try $60M for three years and you're in the ballpark.

Jeter will finish his career in pinstripes, that's a foregone conclusion. Better that the Orioles focus on something more doable.

If you read or listen to any good analysis of Jeter's defensive play then you'll know that gold glove is a farce.

His numbers are on the decline. What makes you think they will get any better in a line up that pales in comparsion to that of the Yankees? They'll be worse this season and end up being a slight step above Izturis or whomever they throw in there.

You really think the Yankees are going to cry when they have so many other leaders on the team? Geez, they'll trade, sign, or bring someone up from the minors who will probably have a better glove and bat over the long haul.

This is just ridiculous. All signs point to more of a need at 1st and 3rd then some ridiculous notion that Jeter's leadership is going to get a few more wins.

Get them back for signing Mussina

Damn glad you're not the GM of the O's, Ron!

That is a bad idea and they are trying to build a team to win for years. Signing him then him retiring a year or two later is a bad move.

Do you post these types of blogs just to get a rise out of your readers? Pathetic!

Silly season has begun. You couldnt pry Jeter from the Yankees with a crow bar. They need a leader yes....Jeter?...Child please.....

Ron is having fun with us. This is not a serious recommendation. A, the fans would hate him, B, he would hate Baltimore, espcially the losing and the night life.

Are you serious? That's like the Ravens acquiring Heinz Ward. No way man!

I can't imagine why such a story would be written...must need something to write about.

Yeah, the Toy Department is TOTAL bull crap. How did you even get a job in this business? If the Orioles want to make a splash AND get better, they'll resign Izturis and get Dunn and Cliff Lee. Not that either of those guys will sign in Baltimore, but thats the REAL splash that's needed. Derek Jeter... Come on Ron.

Absolutely. The point isn't to sign a good baseball player, it's to sign a leader. The O's should also sign Roger Clemens. And Brett Favre.


I guess they let just about anyone call themselves a writer and post a blog these days. Sure is one way to reduce payroll costs at the Sun!

You, sir, are an idiot.

Did you really try and cite his gold glove???

Have you watched him play, what an article.

this might be the dumbest idea i've heard in all my years of following the O's. Looks like a post for some attention...hey, it worked.

I hate the Skankees! This would be worth it just to piss them off. A better bat at short would be nice. And I am sure it wouldn't hurt when it came to luring other free agents. Do it, why not? Imagine the first time he played in that new bandbox in NYC?

My verification words so that I can post this are Man you think that is a sign?

WAIT! the Orioles are gonna make a move! WOW! and here all i thought was they do nothing until the market perculates!

If they're going to spend that kinf of money, shouldn't they try to get someone who is actually good?

As much as I would love it I don't see it happening.

Jeter didn't have a typical Jeter year we all know that. He is getting older and he still expects to be paid for his career numbers not his current production. That’s a problem anyone would have to consider. But he batted .270 and committed 7 errors for his standards that's bad. In reality that isn't bad coming from SS. He has Cesar beat in both of those categories and I am sure a bunch of other ones. There are better long term options out there, bad part is they would have to be traded for.

I really wouldn't care if they spent money on Jeter. Its not my money. If that meant they couldn't do anything else than its not worth it. But what amazes me there are Orioles "fans" are getting all bent out of shape at the idea simply because he is a Yankee. How idiotic is that? Who cares? Oh yeah a bunch of close minded fans apparently do.

In closing, I just don't get why the person that wrote this story is getting beat up? It's the guy's opinion! More typical closed minded shallow garbage.

Aside from the fact that he's a terrible defensive SS and a declining hitter, the money and years the Orioles would have to pay him to get him to even think about coming here would be crippling to this organization. Why would Derek Jeter want to give up being a lifelong Yankee to play for the Orioles? There might not be enough money in the world to make that happen.

This Ron Fritz fellow must have just moved here from England or something cus he clearly knows nothing about baseball

Let's see; his offensive worth is down markedly. He's definately in the twilight of his career. His UZR rating is a good year he costs the Skankees about 4.5 runs a a bad about 17. Jeter has the range of a snail herder, but does manage to not get charged with too many New York anyway.

And your conclusion is that the O's should sign him. I'll respond to that as soon as I stop laughing.

how or where this concoction got dreamed up wow! it ain't gonna happen. i am like a few other posters we don't need another over the hill player let alone offer him 60 million dollars. someone is completlely out in left field on this one. will never see jeter out of a yankme uniform..........

This was clearly an attempt to be controversial. He's taking the "plss people off like Preston" approach. It's "shock jock" writing.

Yes, by responding I'm doing exactly what he wants, but I had to point out this shameless style of journalism.

I think signing Jeter is an Excellent Idea! The Orioles could definently use his bat even though it's slowly declining but it's alot beter than what they had from a SS this yr. They should pursue Dunn also and keep Wigginton to play 3rd.

I'd like there lineup to look like this,

1. Roberts, 2B
2. Jeter, SS
3. Markakis, RF
4. Dunn, 1B
5. Scott, DH
6. Wigginton, 3B
7. Wieters, C
8. Jones, CF
9. Pie, LF

Wow, I cant belive the idiodic words I see sprayed aimlessly across this message board. I 100% agree that if there was an opportunity to sign Derek Jeter, we should. You give him a 3 year deal with a 4th year option that can balloon. That way, when Hanley Ramirez becomes a free agent(in 3 years), you sign him too.

Are you kidding me? who wouldnt sign one of the best in baseball? He is far and away better than any other free agent ss...and Izturis blows.
Sign him and Konerko and some relief pitching. Done!

Good grief, some poeple are idiots. I dont care how much you think his success is related to the all-star cast that surrounds him. He IS part of the all-star cast. He maintains the standard of play we expect from a shortstop until one day we have a young thriving prospect that can fill his shoes. Being in Baltimore, we should always, ALWAYS, have a good shortstop. Time to pony up.

not in my lifetime......

Another washed-up, overpriced veteran? Sure--hey, maybe Albert Belle is available, too!

Stop with the horse crap. Go out EARLY and sign Jon Garland .... like ..... next week.

Yes, the O's need to make a bold move or two this winter. However, this is not one of them. Jeter will finish his career as a Yankee and if not, then he's not coming here. I hate Jeter and the entire Yankee organization and I cannot see myself cheering for him. Although, I hate Albert Belle but I stood up for the team when he hit a homerun.

Yes the O's need a clubhouse leader, but he will be a bad influence on the young players (like how to cheat 101).

Big mistake!

Sure he'll be 39 by the time this team could possibly contend. Sure he can't play shortstop anymore. Sure he wants three times what he's worth. Sure they just drafted a shortstop with the third overall pick...

But obviously the Orioles need to sign Derek Jeter.

Good Lord, you get paid to do this.

Like Sundance once said to Butch Cassidy: "You keep thinking RON, its what you do best."

You must not be closely following the Yankees-Jeter discussions. It's been reported by a number of media sources including MLB TV that the Yankees have offered 3 years/ $63MM, but that Jeter's camp wants another year added.

I know there isn't much Os news or rumors, but really... Nothing better to write about than this? Would never happen and we should never want it to.


You didn't just try to justify signing the worst fielding SS in MLB by claiming he just won a Gold Glove, did you?

Captain Intangibles just turned down $21M a year & he's not even the best SS on his own team.

Pass. Pass! A thousand times pass!

meaningless drivel and idle chat

@NT- Why start now?

I agree with onceawarrior - you must have some really great dope in your office. I would hate the O's and personally boycott them if they hired Derek CHjETER.

4 years and $60mil for a 36 year old middle infielder with declining skills for a rebuilding

Will your next post be about legalizing marijuana?

Robin, it's Okay to say GOD in a blog!

Ron, I think the Delaware News Journal is looking to sign you back up for another 12 years.

Fritz you have GOT to be DRUNK!

As bad a move as the Redskins signing Donovan McNabb.

I have a better idea! Lets go out and get Sammy Sosa in 2005 since he's a leader and will put butts in seats....

Is Barry Bonds still "not retired"? Lets get him too

not even worth talking about. the yankees will give him whatever he needs to stay there.

First: This is the most ridiculous posting I have ever seen on this site. To even think that we should get Jeter, a declining shortstop at a price tag exceeding $60 million is ridiculous. I could buy the entire Marlins team with what Jeter will command in the market. He is a player that is unbelievable, no argument there, but he is a player that is far too expensive and on the major downturn of his career. A player we are trying to avoid at all costs.

Second: To even post something like that is unbelievable and I am shocked that The Sun allowed that to run on the Internet. Not only will it never happen, but it is utterly ridiculous that we will offer him a contract and he will even look at it. He is never going to play for a team that is not going to contend year to year.

You are a horrendous sports writer and I feel sorry that you had to post something this ludicrous so people would read an article of yours. This is probably the worst idea in the sports world ever and you should be fired for even thinking this. I am so upset that you posted this article. It is shear insanity!!!!

All Yankee comments aside, I might be with you from a baseball standpoint... he could be worth taking a risk on. BUT he is going to want at least $22M a year, that is his stated position. The Orioles know he isn't worth $22M a year. Few players are, especially ones coming off the worst year of their careers. Half that and we might be talking, but no. I admire your passion, but that is not happening and it wouldn't be worth the money if it did.

Keep dreaming. Jeter would NEVER sign with the Baltimore Orioles. He's a Yankee for life!

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.
Here's mine:
Let Jeter finish his career quietly with the Yankees. They will overspend to keep him just as they have done with several of their other players.
He would be of no greater value to the Orioles than Izturis would be.
Let's not forget how many of those losing Oriole seasons over the past 25 years were spent with Cal Ripken Jr. in the lineup. Unfortunately, having a great, steady HOF'er like Cal did not bring them a World Series appearance.
Jeter was born a Yankee.
Let him die one.

Yet another reason the Orioles couldn't get Jeter...they don't have THIS!

Dear Ron. I think you're a wonderful writer. Your perspective on baseball is the most trusted I know. I cannot imagine a single Orioles fan, player, or anyone in the Orioles administration who could read your work and not find at least a nugget of worthwhile wisdom.

On the Jeter question, your brilliance has been proven once again, as it's clear to anyone who knows baseball that Jeter deserved that gold glove, every one that came before it, and is a better shortstop than Brooks was a third baseman. I'll take a 37-year-old Derek Jeter on my growing team, so he can flash his world series rings in front of our kids' bright eyes. The inspiration of simply being in the room with such a baseball deity, as you noted, could be enough to turn the O's around. And plus, it will really upset Yankees' fans, the importance of which we don't consider often enough.

After all, the Orioles real problem over the last 13 seasons has been the front office's refusal to sign aging former stars of hated teams. That really is the ticket to greatness.

In short, thank you, Ron. I truly appreciate reading your work, as a writer of your caliber is so difficult to find outside of teenage chat rooms. THE SUN is so very lucky to have you. My best.

How does Damon "the bulldog" Yaffe feel about this? He is a coach ya know.

Mr. Fritz, where's your pic? We want to see how dumb you look!

I can see making a run at him just to drive the price up for the Yankees, but then again they may be cold enought to let him go.

The orioles need Derek Jeter like we need another Angelos. Jeter would never come to Baltimore. It's nice to dream a little about what might be but save it for one that has a chance and would be a solid gain like a Cliff Lee signing.

you are kidding . waste 20 mil they do not have on an over the hill ss who can no longer hit would rival franchise destroying moves like glenn davis deal and albert bell move

If we did sign him, it would be just like when Mussina bailed on the O's in 2001...what sweet payback that would be! And oh by the way, Mussina (who left in search of a World Series ring) never got one.

Why are you wasting the space by discussing such rubbish. The O's have serious holes that need fixing. We would all be better served by honest and sensible ideas that are possible and meaningful, not sensational junk.

Wow, you are seriously suggesting this?
If the O's had as much money to play with as the Yankees do and could afford to take care of their problems at 1st and 3rd and get an ace starter, yet still had 80 million or so laying around (and that's the minimum it would take to get him here for 4 years) that they could afford to throw at him, then sure, take a shot at him. But we all know that the O's don't have that kind of money, that the other holes that need filling are much more critical, and even 80mill might not be enough to get him here anyway. People always forget to consider just how much it's worth to these major celebrity players to play in NY. The extra endorsement income is worth millions. Jeter probably already makes more money doing commercials in NY then most of the O's roster does in straight pay. Eskay adds don't pay that much.
Take it to the bank, Jeter will be in pinstripes until he retires.

You, sir, are an idiot.AMEN

I've been thinking this for weeks. I just don't know if the Yankees are stupid enough not to resign him. Yeah, I know his better years are behind him. So what? That's the same thing they said about Frank and he won a world series his first year here.

Enough with the Derek Cheater nonsense. He is a winner. Having said that, this post is ridiculous and so far off the mark as to be beyond laughable. If the Orioles made a run at Jeter, I would be done with the Orioles.

And enough with the "spite the Yankees" arguments already. Focus on winning as a franchise and the rest takes care of itself.

Focus on signing Beltre or Martinez.

Am I going to have to start using my maiden name again? I can't believe you'd put something like that in print with your name on it...

I think I just had a stroke. The Sun has sunk to a new low...and that's saying something...
I think I am going to start reading the Post...

Considering the Sun employs Edward Lee, you have try very hard to put together a dumber idea for a column/blog. Congratulations, you did it!

Jeter is not coming to Baltimore and he's not worth near the money he's going to get. He's one of the worse defensive shortstops in the game and although he's a good leader, what makes you think they need one now that Showalter is here?

@michaelt: It is a Jewish custom to not write out the full name of the Almighty. If you write it out, the custom goes, you could accidentally erase it, and He is The Ineffable One.

At least you read my post, so thanks for that, I guess.

Back to DJ: I'm glad to see folks with common sense agreeing that this would be a poor idea, assuming he would even agree to it. It would accomplish nothing, except maybe putting Yankee fan butts in the seats when the Yankees aren't in town. Anyway, it's not gonna happen, so I'm not losing sleep over it.

I want Jose Reyes the SS for the Mets. He is 27, better infielder and has 25 hr a yr potential. He is the next anchor/captain Oriole if Baltimore is smart.Dude can play some baseball as good as Man Ram.
Why Jeter? He is aging and will never play here. Dude, just get off the glass pipe and come back down to earth.

The only legit argument to give Jeter anything near the insane amount of money he wants is because of marketing. If you can make back the money you spend in marketing, his declining onfield numbers and non-existent defensive skills are worthwile...BUT, that's not going to happen anywhere but New York.

To most people outside of New York, Jeter is the enemy. He is the Yankees and represents all that we hate about them. While the big name will draw people to Camden Yards, I fear that the same number will be driven away from supporting the Orioles. He is as polarizing in the baseball world as the Yankees.

Overall, the only team that Jeter makes sense for is the Yankees, that's it.

Well we all know it's not going to happen, but that would be cool. Obviously, Ron doesn't believe it's going to happen either. But it's a good way to get people to post crap like the majority of people on this page.

I'm going to furious all day that anyone in the greater Baltimore area would even consider stupid jeter as an Oriole. You can't recruit Darth Vader to join the resistance. You just can't.

Ummm- Albert Belle is not available?

Bartender, I'll have whatever Fritz is drinking.

Jeter turned down 3/$63M from NY and we'd be able to sign him for 4/$60M????

Does having a blog entry excuse someone from doing research before posting?

Brilliant idea. Sign a declining, overpriced old man wo your dwindling fan base has loathed for years.

Wow really?! Blow our payroll on an old declining jeter? Let's not say fill a need for first third and short but blow it all on jeter. Yea that makes zero sense. Horrible article and the sun should be ashamed to publish it.

Let's see -

1 - 37 years old
2 - On the down side of his career hitting
3 - Never was good fielding despite the Gold Gloves Awards

Despite the whole he's a Yankee thing... so sign him to a 4 year contract!

Are you joking? Jeter isn't going anywhere. Both the Yankees and Jeter need each too much. Besides, the Yankees are hands down going to offer the best deal (regardless of how many years). Now granted, Jeter isn't hurting for money and it probably doesn't matter whether he makes $11 million/year for his next contract or $21 million/year, but he does have pride and he would feel that he is worth a certain amount of money and no other team is going to come close to paying his value.

He will be a Yankee next season.

Who is Ron Fritz and why does he have a job?

Well played, Ron Fritz.

To date, your "Orioles need to sign Derek Jeter" entry has generated 110 comments. Cogratulations.

Here's a suggested title for your next entry: "Peter Angelos should be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame".

Just think of all the comments that entry will generate!

You must be smoking crack if you think anybody other than the Spankees has a chance of signing Jeter! The O's need to sign somebody like Konerko, Beltre or Martinez. Put that in your crack pipe!!

How about trading for zach greinke

1: Roberts
2: Markakis
3: Jones
4: Konerko
5: Scott
6: Jeter
7: Wigginton
8: Pie
9: Wieters

Ill take that for the next two or three years, until Hanley Ramirez becomes available. Until then, anyone is better than Izturis. Bartlett is not a good stopgap. JJ Hardy is not either because I wouldnt give up prospects for him, unless they are all garbage.

And since when did everyone in this blog start worrying about how much money the Orioles spent on their roster?

yea sign a over the hill shortstop. to 15 mil a year. I cant believe you have a job jackass

stupid writting done for no other reason than to get a responce. If you have nothing to say better to keep silent and let people assume your stupid then to write and remove all doubt.

Way to sell out just to get some hits. I still check The Sun in spite of gratuitous articles like this,
ANDY, SIGN KONERKO AND (OR) BELTRE! Anything could happen with the young pitching that we have. Don't trade Hernandez unless it's Adrian G. or Fielder. Cesar is huge if we sign a legit bat on the corners.

You and anyone who agrees with this article is an absolute idiot.

Schowalter should get ripken and randolph on the amtrak and get this done. Jeter is So much better than tejada or belle or any of the other idiotic signings. The culture of the os needs to be changed. Schowalter is just a start. Hate arod? I get it. Hate jeter? Absurd. Plus he has 5x as many rings as Cal and is a much better leader than cal ever was.

No way we don't need Jeter besides he is cocky and it would upset the equilibrium of the team. I agree we need to sign some veterans but not anyone associated with the Yankees who are Orioles sworn enemies that's like the U.S. wanting Osama Bin Laden on our team. Forget the notion altogether we can find a better vet out there.

This is the most idiotic piece of drivel ever to grace this website. How the hell does someone get paid to write about sports for a living and think it's a good idea for the rebuilding O's to sign a washed up 37 year old shortstop for outlandish money. Honestly Fritz you should be embarrassed

Who are you and how does someone pay you to write this sh*t?

SIGN DEREK JETER Pros:Can still play, natural leader, more fans, free agents follow, team improves. Cons: NONE

JETERS A FREE AGENT!!! orioles need to go out and try to get him. he a good team leader that can tech up our young team and help showalter to instill a new attitude in the orioles franchise. Buck can’t do it alone and no one is stepping up as a leader. Bring Jeter and watch how quickly he becomes a team leader. I will be highly upset if we don’t even take a shot at signing him

Judging from the response here signing Jeter would accomplish one thing real quick...sell tickets.

It would be fun to steal Jeter from the Yankees but it wouldn't help the Orioles win (except winning money when they celebrate his 3000th hit). While Jeter hits better than Izturis, he ain't worth $15 million per year. Offer that (after the trade) to Prince Fielder, sure, but not Jeter. I suspect even Beltre would consider an annual payday in that ballpark.

You critics are fools. Yes, he is on the down side, but the upside to signing Jeter cannot be measured purly by on the field performance. He would bring leadership, command respect on & off the field, it would Mind F the Yankees, if would draw fans and premium free agents. Where's the down side, Cesar? Cesar is a bum. Will this happen, unfortunately not, but if I were the GM i'd give it a shot.

It's possible that if they did sign Jeter that big names such as Konerko or Dunn would be more likely to give us the time of day. We need to start throwing money into the air and hope that someone stops by to try and catch it. We need that one big name that will start having other free agents pay attention to us. As much as I hate to say it, Jeter is that guy. He is 1,000 times better than what we have right now at SS and will only help, not hurt.

AGREED! It would be a slap at the Evil Empire and a taste of their own medicine.
Plus Jeter could maybe help the Oriole youngsters learn a winning attitude and attract other FA's to Baltimore.
It would also show that the O's are ready to play with the big boys of the AL East.


The Yankees Stole Mussina, payback would be awesome!!!

I would LOVE IT!

Never got over the loss of Moose to the spankees

Don't be ridiculous. Jeter wouuld retire before he'd play one game with the Orioles and anybody with a half of a brain knows that !!!! That idea is just ridiculous!! Get realistic. Izturis will be re-signed for 1 year, unless any other team other than Pittsburgh offers him a contract, in which case, he'll bolt.


The guys 37 on the decline WE WOULD BE THROWING OUR MONEY AWAY! Let the Bankees overspend on him THEY CREATED THESE OVERPAID MONSTERS LET THEM RESIGN him!

I can’t tell you how very happy I am to read this article!!! It’s one of the few times I’ve ever read an opinion piece in which I agree with every word! I think anyone who follows baseball in the offseason should be at least 95% sure Jeter will remain a Yankee, though this high profile contract negotiation has lasted far longer than anyone would have thought. Putting forward this 4-year $60 million offer would sent shockwaves through baseball. Baltimore is in the AL East and wants to act like an AL East worthy team. Baltimore won’t blindly accept watching New York and Boston get the best players. Angelos is willing to spend money to get talent. Baltimore wants to improve. Even if it doesn’t work it will speak volumes.
If it does work, getting back at the Yankees would be priceless! Merchandising would skyrocket, it would certainly help offset his extreme cost. Jeter ending his career with Showalter, the same manager he began his career with. Watching the Yankees dynasty end and a second Baltimore dynasty begin the same way the New York dynasty started, Showalter and Jeter. That seems so wonderful so many levels! He’d fit in a short easy enough; he’s played here plenty and played with Brian Roberts at second during the World Baseball Classic.
Not to mention Baltimore returns to glory with a play everyday shortstop that other players look up to and respect and who is destined for the Hall of Fame.
Jeter is a top shelf fielder! Could we do better in the field? Sure, but at what cost? Even if Jeter hits .270, Markakis hit .290-.300 last year and lead the team. For so many reasons, I’d love to see this happen! MacPhail should just call up his agent, find out what he wants and tell him to expect an offer within 24 hours. What it costs the checkbook will be made up in the heart and on the field.

I don't think that they should sign Jeter. He wouldn't be hungry here and it would be another waste of money.He would just be playing for money and he probably would get hurt.

Haha Ron, jokes on you. DJ signing with the Orioles is like Mickey Mantle signing with the Redsox or to make my comment more up to date; Cal Ripken signing with the Yankees. Get real Ron, what drugs are you on?

Why not sign Jeter. We can't get any worse then we have been for so many years. If anything he would bring some leadership to the team and for the young players he would show them how to play the game the right way. Plus it would sell more tickets and fill The Yard like it should be. It breaks my heart to see a empty Camden Yards. A great park filled with empty seats, What a waste.

This is like getting back at your ex-wife by selling your kids to slave traders.

Downright silly...

Put that crack pipe down.

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