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Bow tie madness at the World Series

Hey, it's always great to see Ken Rosenthal, the former Baltimore Sun and Evening Sun baseball writer and columnist, working the World Series as the sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

The guy lends an intelligent voice and the ultimate baseball insider's perspective to every broadcast.

But, Kenny, what's with the bow ties?

It looks like you're trying to channel Gene Shalit out there.

Or George Will.

According to various Internet reports, Rosenthal tweeted the following before Game I of the Giants-Rangers series: "Wardrobe alert! Yours truly as you've never seen him before. And, no, we're not talking about a Janet Jackson malfunction."

In his next tweet on the subject, he sounded positively relieved.

"Thanks for all the positive comments on the bowtie. I expected to take a beating from you guys on that."

 Sorry, Kenny, but the Toy Dept. hereby gives you your beat-down.

 Let's just leave it at this: there's a reason bow ties went out of style years ago.

Don't make us say any more on the subject. 


Obviously this post did not go across the copy editor's desk.

Shalit? Will?

No, if anything, Rosenthal seemed to be channeling this guy!

So, yeah, not such a good look, Ken....

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