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Mike and Michelle In The Morning?

Who is Michelle Beadle and why should I care?

If you're a fan of "Mike and Mike In The Morning" on ESPN Radio which is simulcast on ESPN2, you received a pleasant surprise this morning when she was on with Mike Greenberg as a fill-in for Mike Golic. The chemistry really seemed to work between Greenberg and Beadle.

When one or both of the Mikes are off, ESPN generally has, among others, Erik Kuselias fill-in with Buster Olney, Mark Schlereth, Marcellus Wiley, Adam Schefter, etc., in the other chair. Of anyone who has sat with Mike or Mike, I liked her the best. She brought the right tone for a morning show and also had strong insight and opinion.

She usually appears on ESPN2's SportsNation with Colin Cowherd, who, if he went away tomorrow, would anyone miss?

Beadle, 34 and a graduate of the University of Texas-San Antonio, has been a sports reporter or anchor for eight years for YES Network, Fox Sports Net and College Sports Televsion Network (CSTV). So she has experience.

It was just a refreshing show this morning without a lot of bombast. Some of these guys (not mentioning any names, Kuselias), can be blowhards. If ESPN is looking to boost Beadle's profile, putting her on "Mike and Mike In The Morning" is a good way to do it.

If one of the Mikes doesn't watch out, it could be "Mike and Michelle In The Morning."

Who's the best guest host on "Mike and Mike"? Vote here in our poll.

Handout photo of Michelle Beadle courtesy of ESPN


She's got a good attitude and a great sense of humor. Makes her even hotter.

I listened for two minutes around 7:30, and it sounds more like the dating game than a sports-talk show. Jeeeesh.....turned it right off. Put on the news instead.

The boy girl thing just doesn't work on sports radio - unless you de-emphasize the girly factor, and they didn't. She's just too hot for radio. Seriously, why put her - of all women - on radio?

Whats wrong with Colin? He's pretty good IMO

Colin Cowherd may have strong opinions that you don't agree with... but more often than not, he is correct. He is one of the best (if not the best) sports talk hosts in the country.

Right, she's hot

Colin Cowherd is the best radio personality on ESPN or any other sports talk show. Mike and Mike has become a shtick and is usually uninformative. I agree Beadle is great.

I didn't hear the show this morning, but I imagine those two would go well together.

I completly disagree with your assessments of both Kuselias and Cowherd. Both consistently make insightful, often hilarious observations that you don't hear anywhere else, and they both ALWAYS explain their reasoning in a way that makes it seem almost unassailable.

I for one certainly would not miss Colin Cowturd if he was gone. I agree that she was pretty good and could probably carry the SportsNation show on her own and I would probably watch it if she was alone or on the show with someone else.

Sturmy......I did the same thing....

Huge Michelle Beadle fan here. She's a natural. And her strong opinions of certain sports personalities mirror my own. With certain exceptions, i. e.brett favre .

She and Cowherd a great team, just don't ever bring Jay the dukie Williams back. ever


I order to dislike a radio personality, you have to listen to his/her show, so that leads me to believe that you listen to Colin more than you care to admit. I just love hypocrites in the media.

I have to agree. I enjoy listening to Beadle as well. I'd watch Sportsnation more often because of her, but I can't stand Colin Cowherd.

Now that all of Colin Cowherd's family has posted here... he may be the most unlistenable sports talk show host in America.

I've been listening to that show since it was Mike Golic & Tony Bruno in the morning. Sometimes I think now the show becomes too much about them (or their book). The fill- ins were getting old, particularly Kuselias. She was a definite shot in the arm for a show that's getting a little stale.

Wow! She is gorgeous! Colin Cowherd's bombast get old after 30 seconds. Agree. Please go away.

The show is best when Greenberg isn't there regardless of who sits in for him.

I agree, Kuselias just doesn't seem to have it, whether he is filling in for one of the Mike's or even on First Take. Plus, his voice can be grating at times.

She is the BEST gal on right now. Colin is great . Thet bounce off each other. Plus thye get along great.Think it's easy to pull off what they do? NOT!! When Colin does "the chair" I don't move.

I think Golic is excellent. Anyone could replace Greenberg! Most of us don't like the Jets! And he knows nothing, he thinks Schmidt is the best third baseman of all time. Anyone that has ever heard of baseball knows that distinction belongs to Brooks Robinson.

At least our area has shut Colin Cowherd out. I wish they could do the same with Mike+Mike. Like most of ESPN they are athlete apologists. They kiss the butts of guests that offer no insight. Greenberg will present "the GREAT Dickie V" and we'll have to listen to an unprovoked rambling on how great of a guy Rick Pitino is. Two a days offer zero insight, and they have even made me dislike Adam Schefter by just calling him "Schefty." I used to hold hope that ESPN would one day realize that being a member of sports media requires skill rather then sticking a famous athlete or personality in front of a mic.

And she is NOT AS BRIGHT AS a 45 watt Light Bulb but 200% better than Greenberg and 150% better than most of the one grey cellel replacements ESPN will generally use!

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