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Dear Roger, don't reduce Big Ben's suspension

ESPN is reporting that Ben Roethlisberger will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday to discuss reducing the length of the Steelers QB's six-game suspension. 

Goodell said if Roethlisberger takes steps to clean up his act, he could see the original six-game suspension reduced to five or even four games. The NFL has previously said Roethlisberger will miss a minimum of four games. So he won't play against the Ravens' on Oct. 3 even if he does see a reduction.

Goodell met with Roethlisberger earlier this month and, according to ESPN, said he was impressed with how he has re-shaped his life after being accused of sexually assaulting a college student in Georgia. Roethlisberger was not charged with a crime but was suspended six games by the NFL for violating its personal conduct policy.

It's unfortunate that Goodell is likely to reduce the penalty. After reading allegations in police documents made available when it was determined Roethlisberger would not be charged, he doesn't deserve having his penalty reduced. If anything, it should be lengthened.

Has Roethlisberger really learned his lesson? C'mon. He saw his NFL career and everything that goes with it (endorsements, huge salary, the entourage) flash before his eyes.

But he's suddenly a changed man? While Goodell might be impressed with Roethlisberger's progress, we're not. It takes a lot more than a few months to prove that you've turned your life around. The clock is still ticking on Big Ben.



Sounds like you don't want Ben in the game because you are afraid of the competition. You should be... he will be back with a huge chip on his shoulder after throwing for over 4300 yards with 26 TDs and not making the playoffs.

Goodell pretty much has to reduce Ben's suspension since he came out and said that Ben is doing more than he expected him to do.

U read allegations and assume them to be facts? Moron!

Nah it's not about being afraid of competition. It's about keeping scmucks like this clown out of the league. He shouldn't be in the league period.

And this has nothing to do with you being a Ravens fan I'm sure. Did you even make an argument here? You gave 0 reason why you weren't impressed with his argument that he is a changed (or changing) man.

Scott: Go blo urself!

I say bring'em on...we'll take the Squeelers this year with or without Big (fat@$$) Ben!

In fact, he can be suspended for week's 1-3 & then again for week 6, since week 5 is your beloved Squeeler's bye-week.

...just so you can't use the excuse when the Ravens kick some squeeler butt!!

Not going to lie and say I am a Steeler fan but being objective how can you possibly reduce Ben's suspension for good behaviour before he even misses one game of the current suspension. just saying it doesnt look right...

what facts do you need? 2 girls accused him of sexually assaulting them? That's great that he is a "changing" man. Be sure to tell those girl's fathers that. I have gain a lot of respect for a lot of Pitt fans that said hit the road but losers like you should go back to Pitt.

"Nah it's not about being afraid of competition. It's about keeping scmucks like this clown out of the league. He shouldn't be in the league period."

First of all, it's spelled "schmucks" and second of all, if that was the case, Ray Lewis (as well as a number of other Ravens players) wouldn't still be in the league either.

People who live in glass houses....

#7 is just a bad guy plain and simple. He won't change...yes he'll say and appear to do the right things but it won't change who he really is. He feels wronged and that alone tells you Ben is all about Ben and nothing else. At least he's not our problem.

I'm laughing at the Steelers fans rushing in before any Ravens fans have a chance to post. Scott, your point is invalid, because you'll see the Ravens in week 4, without Ben, even if his suspension is reduced. 1 or 2 more games would just be icing on the cake.

I think Ben should get the same amount of games Ray Lewis got after he plead guilty to a lesser crime after being charged with MURDER, and then later on paid the DEAD PEOPLE'S family off to avoid a civil suit years later.

Or that's right, Ray the Knife got zero games off, didn't he?

To me this has nothing to do with football...Ben shouldn't get his suspension reduced because just like anybody that gets into trouble, they are always on their best behavior afterwards, not beforehand. He shouldn't get time off for good behavior. He didn't act good when he was in that club. Regardless of the accusations, Roethisberger put himself in a situation that was asking for trouble and I imagine that he felt that because of his status as a celebrity/athlete it is alright to do it and that he could weasel his way out of it (sounds like Paris Hilton right now). These people need to realize that whatever choices they make (and I am not saying he is or is not guilty because I wasn't there) there are consequences and they have to accept the consequences good or bad. I agree that Roethisberger is guilty of bad judgment but you shouldn't reward bad judgment by reducing his sentence simply because he has been laying low for awhile. His sentence was fair and he should serve the whole thing.

Dennis Dixon took the Ravens to overtime in Baltimore last year on prime time and came close to beating them in Rays house, so dont get to pumped up just yet as this game is at Pitt and they will come to play no matter who is at QB.

You must not have read the legal documents very good at all because her and her friends changed their story everytime they talked...comparing all the contradictions was gut busting laugh

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