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Michael Vick a no-show at local football camp

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Michael Vick, who was expected to make an appearance today at former NFL player Keion Carpenter's football camp at Woodlawn High School, will not be attending.

A Virginia Beach prosecutor said this week that Vick was involved in a nightclub confrontation before a shooting after his 30th birthday party in late June, but he was not in the area at the time of the shooting. A representative of Carpenter's camp said Vick could not travel to Baltimore today because of the incident.

Vick played with Carpenter, a Baltimore native, on the Atlanta Falcons. Carpenter, whose camp ends Saturday, brings in former teammates and current NFL players to speak and help at his camp. He created "The Carpenter House" in 2005 to help low-income and single-parent households deal with housing and other issues facing them.

Vick, an NFL superstar before serving 18 months in a federal prison for animal cruelty, appeared in Baltimore in May to speak out against animal cruelty. He spoke to a group of 35 young people at the city's downtown Juvenile Justice Center.

Last season, his first since 2006, Vick appeared in 12 games for the Eagles but played sparingly. He is expected to be the primary backup this season to starter Kevin Kolb after the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins. 



Classy football camp there. It was slated to bring in a felon who pled guilty to sadistic brutality to animals for their campers. Great guy, perfect choice to mentor children. The world is truly in its last days.

They were going to bring him in because he got in trouble, recovered and (unless he has something to do with the shooting) is doing wonderful and turned it all around into something positive. A lesson learned. The reason the world ends will not be because of people like Vick who get in trouble, pay the price, learn a lesson, and try to make the best out of their situation; but more because of people like you. Who are so strung up on the one thing he did and pretend like you have never done anything wrong. Im sure there are hundreds of people who have been caught doing the exact same thing but because they were not international superstars, no one knows, or cares. However, because he was successful he is branded forever? Even though he is now spending time speaking with children about how to not go down that road and actually has personal experience that he can use to try and break ground with them? Come on man.

I totally agree with you Tom in Bel Air. Josh, I think you a re flaming moron! He didn't learn his lesson. His actions of the past weeks have shown that. He is still a lying thug who only wants his street cred! When his babysitters aren't around to feed him his phony words for his phony little student pep talks, he acts like the ghetto hood he is and always will be!

"The world is truly in its final days" says Tom in Bel Air, my wife and I loved that view.

Wow....amazing how many people live in glass houses....well said Josh

Tom and Monica. You guys won't be happy until he's dead. I pity you in not being able to comprehend the fact he is only going to help kids see what not to do.

Second: He was never a thug wanting street cred. He's a good person who grew up in a bad place doing things he shouldn't have. His only mistake is not realizing how stupid dogfighting is... To say these mean things about him and wish him the worst makes u no better then any sinner.

Good to know you live in Bel Air you arrogant narcissistic MORON!!! I live in Laguna Beach and I'm a white male who loves Vick and thinks positive for him in helping the situation. Not being a self righteous punk. Get over yourself dogs suck anyways...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! What an excellent role model for kids. "Don't get in trouble, now let me go get in trouble myself AGAIN." You want to cut him slack for that? I got a bridge to sell you, cheap!

So glad we got this POS out of Atlanta. It's like selling a crappy used car even after you tell the buyer it broke down every week. Enjoy!

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