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Which No. 3 seed or worse gets the farthest?

I’ve gotten a little wrapped up in baseball as of late, and hadn’t yet made good on my promise to talk NCAA hoops.

Good Irish Catholics keep their promises, so long as they are made in bars.

Every year I fill out several March Madness brackets. Every year I stink, usually jinxing at least one fine educational institution.

This year it was Georgetown. On two brackets I had them in the Elite Eight. On one I had them in the national championship game and in one I had them win it.

Why? In retrospect, I couldn’t tell you.

But I can tell you that those entries are now in the trash. In the one pool, I am leading with 13 correct through the first night, but when your national championship club is out before the second day of the tournament, well, that’s not particularly good.

For the record, I think either Kansas or Kentucky wins the tourney. I know I am not alone there. The only pick I made that was slightly out on a limb – besides Georgetown, a spinning branch in a hurricane – was Pittsburgh, a three seed, to get to the Final Four.

Not a huge surprise, but not a No. 1 or 2 either.

So here is what I want to know? Which deeper seed – a No. 3 or worse – will get the farthest?

I am saying Pittsburgh.

Daily Think Special: Which NCAA hoops No. 3 seed or worse goes the farthest?



...oops :)

I've got Baylor making the final four...

Georgetown was one of four I missed on for the first day. Other than the fact that I had them going to the regional final before losing (to Maryland), I was perfectly happy to see it happen. No particular reason I don't care for Georgetown these days, though I suspect it has something to do with JTII rather than JTIII.

In my bracket I have Maryland (4) beating Texas A&M (5) in the championship game, so that answers your questions. Sure, I'm a homer, since those are the two schools my sons graduated from. But them's my picks. I actually have it printed out from just because nobody would believe me after the fact if I said I had them as my picks in the extremely unlikely event either one of them makes it that far.

Cornell baby, Cornell!!!!

waiting on KANSAS., KANSAS STATE., KENTUCKY to all go down ,. HAVE you heard of the DUKE BLUE DEVILS.

Dan, you're the man.
Pitt is it!
They'll be great,
and make the Elite Eight.
But I'm not so sure,
about the Final Four!
Kentucky will get the final glory.
Here ends my story.

Barkeep's Reply: Impressive Big E. Maybe we should have a poetry contest in this place someday. With no dirty limericks allowed.

Hey Rick Whackeder, go re-read the original question. Which #3 seed or greater makes it to the final 4. And yes, we all know about Duke.....dominates the regular season and flops in the dance. Live by the 3, die by the 3. cinderella final 4 pick...Texas A & M.

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