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Which position should the Ravens upgrade next?

Interesting piece by Ravens beat writer Jamison Hensley in today's Sun -- you can read it here -- about where the team should turn its attention next, now that Derrick Mason has been signed and the wide receiver position has been shored up.

Hensley says defensive end is probably the Ravens' next priority, and that could involve re-signing Dwan Edwards.

Edwards has been making free-agent visits to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, Hensley reports, but has yet to sign with another team.

Which brings us to today's question, which we ask you to kick around in-between your beer-swilling and postseason college basketball watching: Which position do YOU think the Ravens should concentrate on now?

Do you agree with Hensley that it should be DE?

Or do you think -- as I do -- that the more pressing need is cornerback, with Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington both coming off serious knee injuries.

Or do you think tight end should be the priority, now that Todd Heap has lost a step or two -- or maybe three -- and there's absolutely no one behind him on the depth chart.

Put down that beer and remote and let us know.

Daily Think Special: Which hole should the Ravens try to fill next?


They absolutely need to get Dwan Edwards signed asap. He contributed tremendously last season and deserves another 5 yr deal. Let's go Ravens - let's get it done already!

I think the Ravens seriously need to look at Devin McCourty at CB; watching him at Rutgers Pro Day impressed me significantly (and you know Ray Rice would be happy to have a Rutgers alum on the team). However, if Aurellious Benn or Jermaine Gresham is available with the 25th pick, they must pick one of those players. Gresham particularly!

Free Agent wise...Bring back Dwan Edwards..he filled in pretty well for Pryce..and hopefully Kruger is lifting and eating his he can move to 5 tech. As far as the draft goes... Best availible player.. If Gresham is there at 25...grab him.. if not.. I'd trade down and get more picks... Unless someone unexpected falls that's high on their board..I'd trade down 1st round. This draft is SUPER DEEP.. Especially at D Line and Corner. You might be able to find a starting corner in rounds 2-4...and that's not a stretch.

But in all seriousness...could we cut out drafting players (Kruger, Dan Cody, Jason Phillips, Pearman from VA, Davon Drew) just because they fit some "attitude of a Raven" How about we draft players that, uhm how can I put this... THAT CAN PLAY FOOTBALL WELL!!! And set the "doghouse" on fire..

As far as free agency, CB might be the next thing to address, because the Ravens just need a short-term fill in in case Webb or Washington can't come back from their injuries. I don't think the Ravens would draft someone high, making Foxworth and Washington their third and fourth cb's.

But in the draft, I think DE is the top priority, because I don't think Edwards is good enough to be a full-time starter, so the Ravens need to get a new star at the position, ideally someone who can get to the quarterback, maybe Jared Odrick from Penn State.

Definitly CB. To me Carr, Foxworth, and Washington are all 2nd tier. If Webb can't play, that's a VERY weak group. I'd get the best CB available at 25, then Jimmy Graham for TE development since Heap probably has at least one more year left, and a WR in later rounds along with DE etc.

The Ravens need some better cornerbacks or at least more training on how to play it safe and still be effective. Far too many pass interference calls last year. I now we have good corners, maybe it was just rookie mistakes?

A must focus is on DB. You can draft a prime DE that could come in and start. I think we should look towards a good solid DB.

So soon...I'm still celebrating Ozzie making WR history.

1) Defensive end: Need new blood. Edwards is not the answer. Had no real pass rush last year and with us expected to throw more this year we're gonna need a serious rush! Need to draft a stud, or...

2) Go with a great cover guy. Is there an Ed Reed type corner in the draft? Even with Webb coming back we're weak at coverage...although I believe the best cover is a sack.

3) But, if an offensive lineman is available who is a can't miss I'd look there without hesitation. I'd sacrifice Gaither in the right draft position scenario.

Even if they sign Dwan, that leaves us with T Pryce as backup. We'll need more than those 2 for sure.

I don't see how anyone could suggest any position other than cornerback is more pressing for the Ravens right now. At the close of the season WR would have been a close call but with the moves we've made there our number one priority should be at CB.

You mention the serious injuries to Webb and Washington, which make either of them a risky bet for 2010. Foxworth could probably be a passable #2 CB or nickel in this league, but he is clearly not a #1 by any stretch of the imagination.

If you look at the passing defense stats the Ravens look merely average, but that hides a few things. First, Baltimore led the league in pass interference penalties- their 5 PI penalties against the Packers were the most in the NFL since 2001, and anyone remember the key interference penalties in the playoff loss to the Colts. Add these yards in and the Ravens passing defense was easily among the worst 5 in the NFL. Second, the Ravens blitzed far less than in prior years in order to cover for their weaknesses in the secondary.

I would agree that after picking up a solid starter-caliber CB, I would love to have a solid pass-rushing DE to play opposite Suggs and complement Ngata and Gregg, But no way is this the Ravens' top priority. As I wrote on this blog in the weeks before the trade deadline last year- the Ravens were one solid cornerback away from being a Super Bowl caliber team. I thought that if they traded for a CB from a bottom-feeding team it could have been the difference between a team barely making the playoffs and one that was a realistic threat to make a run once there. Unfortunately, events revealed that this was correct.

#3 I'd probably put safety or LB- Reed and Lewis aren't getting any younger and strong play from those positions have been key to the Ravens success for more than a decade

What about LB? Ray is no spring chicken - no one likes to talk about it, but he has definitely lost a step or two over the last couple of seasons. We need someone to backfill what is going to be a very large hole when he steps down.

If you look across the board, the Ravens are pretty set at most positions. However, our pass rush was def. lacking last year and that hurt us against the good teams like the Vikings & Colts. That being said, most of our remaining holes can be filled in the draft.

Prioright #1: Young pass rusher through the draft
Priority #2: Veteran corner as an insurance policy for Washington & Webb
Priority #3: Young receiving tight-end
Priority #4: Young speedy wide-receiver
Priority #5: Veteran blocking tight-end

We need a DE that can pressure the QB that can make the DB's better, dwan Edwards is only a back-up he's been in the N.F.L for 6 years and only has about 100 Tackels&trevor price to old need's to go

I don't see any of those veteran ends signing here to back up Pryce. Corner and receiver seems more likely for the early draft picks. Later draft rounds can provide a big blocking tight end, to complement Heap. I'd like to see them get a primo kick return man this year.

Anybody that watched a Ravens game last year can certaintly understand that DE is the biggest hole.

I think TE is our biggest hole. I'd love to see a full time TE who can catch and block well. I'm no defensive coordinator, but it's not rocket science to predict an offense when teams have the blocking/receiving TE duo.

They should fill the slot that has the most talent available; and as far as Free Agency is concerned; the only decent talent is at TE. So sign Crumpler and draft D-end/Tackle and CB during the Draft.

Defensive End....a good one.

We need both a pass rusher and a tight end. That said if Jermaine Gresham or Sergio Kindle fall to us at 25 take one. I really like both but Gresham has the slight edge for me. We can get a veteran DE like Jason Taylor or maybe Javon Kerse.

didnt you all publish that Edwards signed with the Broncos last week ????? Why was this published today ?

The Ravens should try to get a cornerback now as that would allow them to draft the best player available at position # 25 or even trade down to get another pick.

#1 DE, a pure pass rusher, maybe even 2. ( 1 if we resign Edwards).

#2 CB, No question to add good depth especially considering both Webb and Washington went down with serious injurys.

#3 Depth at tackle. Cousins should be the 3rd option.

#4 TE depth. Todd Heap still has juice left in the tank, but we need more quality TE's without doubt. Too bad LJ Smith cant stay healthy.

#5 A young WR for Boldin and Mason to groom, and for Flacco to grow old with.

These are my opinions of need in order, not about which postion to draft that specific postion.

#1 DE, a pure pass rusher, maybe even 2. ( 1 if we resign Edwards).

#2 CB, No question to add good depth especially considering both Webb and Washington went down with serious injurys.

#3 Depth at tackle. Cousins should be the 3rd option.

#4 TE depth. Todd Heap still has juice left in the tank, but we need more quality TE's without doubt. Too bad LJ Smith cant stay healthy.

#5 A young WR for Boldin and Mason to groom, and for Flacco to grow old with.

These are my opinions of need in order, not about which postion to draft that specific postion.

DE for sure should be their next sign. I feel confident that Webb & Washington will bounce back and I'm sure we are gonna draft a young CB in the later rounds of the draft.

I also wouldn't be suspired if the Ravens draft a DT if all the good WR, TE, CB, are off the board at 25.

I also hope the Ravens wouldn't trade Gaither unless it was a top part of the draft.

Definitely a DE. If we have a good pass rush then a CB isn't as important (unless you're playing against Peyton Manning).

Are you crazy? "Dawn" Edwards is a easy to replace as a knee pad. We need a Raven style DE not a injury prone sissy on the field!!

This one is easy. All of them are important. But corners are worthless if you have no pass rush. We need a good pass rushing defensive end. End of the story... Think about it!!

They need to get more pressure on the quarterback and I feel that means getting a pass rushing Defensive End. I do agree we need to address the cornerback situation as well but lets try and stop the pass before it starts!

The Ravens have done all they needed to do. The receivers were the HOT TICKET. They got the hot ticket. Now...the players who were injured last season are the factor. Add depth in those positions. Draft a big physical lineman to protect Joe. WOW. The Ravens are awesome.

they need DE, CB, TE, and possibly another safety since Reed is iffy. They can address all of these needs in the draft, where they have a good record at drafting defensive players. Ozzie can now follow his "best player available" mantra since WR is taken care of. They don't need any free agents, just a really good draft.

The Ravens should resign Edwards and draft one also. The cornerback situation should be there next priority, along with another outside linebacker, and why not resign Daniel Wilcox ?

Kevin, you are absolutely correct. I was disappointed that we didn't go after Leigh Bodden or Cromartie. Ravens defense starts with physical, cover corners which enables a creative pass rush. Say what you want, the heart of the Ravens "D" (Ray Lewis) is still here, but the Soul (Rex Ryan, et al) are in New York. I am still a psl carrying Raven Lunatic, but with the Rex factory up north, I am not afraid to "Go Green". Our defense isn't organized chaos. It's just organized. The Jets play more like the Ravens than the Ravens.

The Ravens have set themselves up to be able to select the best available players in the draft regardless of position. That's their routine. As far as CB is concerned, if Webb's rehab delays his return, expect a guy like Samari to fill in. Depth until Webb returns would be Foxworth, Washington, Carr, Rolle. Not too bad but then by game five expect Webb, Washington, Foxworth, Carr, Rolle. The only sure draft choice will be a TE at some point between rounds two and four and a DE or two in the fifth or sixth rounds.


Corner, D line and tight end.

WE shoud upgrade at DE next in the draft.I belive we will trade out the 1st round thoe for extra drath picks but if we can get our hands on a guy like (EVERSON GRIFFEN) from usc that will be great for our 1st pick our WR core is set but it will be good if we can get a youg vertical threat reciver like (demayius thomas) to learn from our two best reciver mason and bolden in bout 2 yrs we can make him into a beast at wr when mason leaves as for CB & TE i belive ozzie will work his magic and find them guys for us later in the drath

I firmly believe if the ravens choose to fill two holes with one player they need to get TE Gresham in 1st or 2nd. He is a top tight end who is also a very good reciever and the list behind Todd Heap is non-existent. DE and a fast WR, OL, then all DB's we can stockplie.. GO OZZIE

Let's not jump to the conclusion that Kruger is a bust already. I do think he should have contributed mre last year than he did, especially where he was drafted, but we also didn't give James Harrison an opportunity to progress and he ended up the Defensive player of the year 2 years back.
It's the same thing the Ravens have done with WR's; they will draft them or sign a rookie FA and then constantly go out trying to upgrade instead of developing who they thought could be productive.
That sais, the Ravens should draft either DL or TE. Or they might want to try and sign someone like an Adewale Ogunleye from the Bears for 2 or three years while a rookie is learning the ropes. If Gresham is available at 25, take him.

Ravens need to get the dline younger. i still think a first round wr or te is possible. i like the boy from GTECH( broken leg) hes a big guy and fast. he can learn the route tree for a year and 2nd year. him and boldin would make a nice tandem. safety could be a need. with reed wanting to wrap it up soon.

I believe that the Ravens should draft the best player available regarding what is needed most. If the best corner is available at the 25th pick then grab him. If the best wr is available grab him. This draft is deep so we can easily get some quality in the later rounds as well.

we need to drafft Brandon Graham in the first round to replace Pryce. Then move Pryce to DT and Jarett Johnson to DT as well and Start Darnell Ellerbe at LOLB. Brandon Graham, Pryce, Ngata, and Johnson on the line would be beast. Then Suggs, Lewis, and Ellerbe at Linebackers. Then Foxworth, Washington, reed, and landry at DBs. Would be amazing. We do need to draft another CB in like the 3rd round for some depth incase WEBB doesn't return

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