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How worried are you about Brian Roberts?

OK, we kind of all saw this coming, didn't we?

 All-Star second baseman reports to spring training camp, mentions he has a bad back, a general fan freak-out ensues and the club hastens to put out the word that it's no big deal, the player should be 100 per cent in no time.

 Except in Brian Roberts case, it hasn't worked out that way, has it? Now the herniated disk in Robert's back has him shut down until at least Thursday. And GM Andy MacPhail is admitting the coub is concerned Roberts might not be healthy to start the season.

 So that's today's question, Orioles fans and bar-flies: how concerned are YOU about Brian Roberts' back problem?

He hasn't played a game all spring. And he's gotten sick from the medication he took to control the swelling in the disk. Is it time to panic about this guy, or what?

And is is time for the Orioles to enact Plan B and start looking around for -- gulp -- a replacement at second base?

Or are we here at Connolly's Corner hole-in-the-wall over-reacting to the whole thing?

Sure, we'll occasionally plead guilty to that.

Daily Think Special: How worried are you about Brian Roberts health?


Remember back on 2/26/10 when you asked what was freaking us out about the Orioles so far in spring training? My answer then was Roberts and his back. The longer it goes without him swinging a bat the more concerning it becomes. If he isn't able to start swinging - playing in games, not soft toss - by the end of next week I'd say the Orioles need to make plans based on the assumption that he is NOT going to be available to start the season, perhaps even longer. Since they weren't figured to make the playoffs anyway it's not like what the BoSox would need to do if Pedroia was in the same situation. But it certainly accelerates the need to evaluate what is currently in the system to determine if they need to go outside to get another option.

I'm worried but hopeful. Initially it appeared to be a minimal issue. I hope it remains that. I'm worried that, even if he begins the year on schedule, this will be an ongoing problem throughout the season.

Kevin , you can bet that brian roberts will continue to be bothered all year unless he has surgery. The orioles continue to put positive spins on things but you can bet that andy is starting to worry big time. He hurt his back one monthe before spring training, he reported on feb 20th and he isn't one inch closer to playing.

Worried the same now as the moment when the back ailment was announced.

From this point on he is damaged goods. Lucky to play 100 games this year. Another BIG contract and wham.

Not Roberts' fault, but does the name Albert Bell come to mind?

Nope, not worried yet.

Dont care at all. The O's will loose 90+ with or without him! Spring time is filled with hope. Fall brings reality. Sorry O's fans. You are still in the AL EAST!!

I'm not jaded, these baby birds have a real "payback time" look in many of thier eyes, they are going to fight for 4th place like never before, but BRob is the linchpin from losses to wins. GOTTA HAVE HIM HEALTHY for at least 3/4 th of the season to even have a chance at sniffing the Rays heals.

Start looking for our new 2nd baseman now. BRoberts is out untill the ALL Star break or the year if surgery is required. Maybe even career threatening, remember Albert Bells's hip. I only hope we don't have to pay BRob's salary for the duration of his contract like we had to do for Albert Bell when we find out his playing days are over soon.

Why should I be worried. Roberts, along with Izturis, committed enough mental mistakes last season to cost the Orioles way too many ballgames. Robert Andino, Justin Turner or Miguel Abreu are actually upgrades.

Robert Andino did a remarkable job at shortstop when Izturs had his bought with appendasitis last year. Why give up talent?

Roberts problem is going to be very serious and he is probably going to miss most of...if not the ENTIRE year..mark my words...another year in the cellar for the much as that kills me to say it

If I worried about such things (I worry about world peace, the economy, etc., baseball is a distraction from our real worries) I'd be extremely worried about Brain Roberts.

A disc problem, even when described as minor, is serious. Ever have one? It's excruciating! And I get the feeling this problem is far from minor, if the truth be told, or he'd be playing already.

The Orioles don't have another legitimate lead off hitter on the roster, unless one of the young guys grows up real fast -- and you don't want to rush them.

Once again, just when the Os might have a shot a .500 (and how sad is it that's something to get excited about!), anothe big piece of the puzzle goes MIA.

I have a disc issue so I'm pretty concerned with B-rob's back right now. Then again, I ve got a few more years on him.

CSB Jack, stop behaving like the Connolly's version of Cliff Clavin with all the I told you so on 2/16/10. If you've tapped into some secret vault source of predictions, I'll turn my ncaa office pool over to you.

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