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Is Derrick Mason keeping you up at night?

By my unofficial count, the Ravens now have, what, 35 wide receivers? Or does it only seem that way?

And now comes word from a league source -- I love that phrase, it smacks of so much intrigue -- that the signing of unrestricted free agent Derrick Mason is no longer a priority for the team.

Oh, sure, the Ravens would still like to have D-Mase back -- as the No. 2 receiver. But now that they signed Pro Bowler Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth, team officials won't hurl themselves off a cliff if they can't come to terms with Mason and he signs with another team.

Which brings us to today's question here at the bar: how do you feel about all this?

How important is it to you that the Ravens re-sign the popular Mason? Is this something that has been keeping you awake at night?

Or do you feel the addition of Boldin and Stallworth -- and any other receiver the Ravens get in the draft next month -- has strengthened the WR position sufficiently so that the Ravens should turn their attention elsewhere, maybe to shoring up cornerback or defensive end?

Free drinks to the first 20 respondents. Yes, that's a lie -- I'm not sure we even have a liquor license anymore.

Daily Think Special: Should the Ravens bring back Derrick Mason?


Let's bring him back. He's been the most productive reciever the Ravens ever had. He does most of his work outside th numbers so he'd be perfect again with Boldin working the middleof the field and Stallworth stretching it. He has a great repoire with Flacco which means more than ever since the other receivers are new to Joe. He coouldn't be tha expensive since he's 36. Sign him to a two year deal fr 10 Million and lets win the Super Bowl

The guy played with one-arm during the AFC championship run and the only big catch I remember him dropping was in pburgh last year. He's made Flacco what his is today and I can't see losing him to someone else over dollars so I say we definitely bring him back. Boldoin has been hurt and stallworth, clayton, washington, harper, heap and williams are all unknowns at this point of their careers. rookies wr, just look at Ozzie's track record. I love the guy but drafting a wide out is not his strong suite.

Yes, they should bring Mason back, and it should be a top priority. Stallworth hasn't played in a year and a half, and after him, who do we have? Mark Clayton? Unless they do something drastic and highly unlikely, like give up Gaither for a 1st round pick and then trade that to the Broncos for Brandon Marshall, they still have holes in in their receiving corps. What good is it to sign Boldin if you don't have a legit number 2 receiver to compliment him? All teams will do is double cover Anquan and hope the safety can contain our lackluster number 2.

I would love to see Derrick back as long as he is okay with being the number two guy. Plus, as Ozzie says, right player right price. Masonry is a very good player, but not on Boldin's level. If Derrick was that good we wouldn't have needed such an overhaul of the receiving corps. But with Anquan drawing the double team, Derrick would have a nice year.

No brainer, find the appropriate 2 year deal and sign Mason. Certainly we have upgraded our receiving corp, (1) Mason is reliable, productive and durable (and he has established rapport with Flacco. (2) Although durable, Boldin plays a style of football that will continue to grind him down and Stallworth struggles to stay healthy. Mason solidifies the corp. All three healthy is icing on the cake. ps. Don't get rid of Gaither. We should enjoy Oher and Gaither for years to come.


Yeah they should bring Mason back. Mason is still better than Stallworth. One top receiver isn't going to make any difference at all. You can't trade for Boldin and not try to have another proven receiver to complement him. Why do you think Chad Johnson is clammoring for TO?

IMO, Anquan Boldin is not an upgrade to the wr core, without Mason. Bringing in Boldin and allowing Mason to walk only switches one consistant option for another. With the same inconsistancy after the #1 reciever. The woes in our passing game wont change at all. The only difference will be that its Boldin that Flacco locks on to not Mason. Stallworth is not an upgrade over Mark Clayton. He has been as inconsistant as Mark and he's also a lot more injury prone. Without Mason, we've only got guys that would be 3rd or 4th recievers on most other teams as the # 2, which again is exactly what has been the case the last 2 or 3 years.

The addition of Boldin is only a significant upgrade if Mason is retained.

Boldin is more physical and is more of a threat to run after the catch, but Mason is more dependable, especially with respect to durability. So in my mind, they pretty much even out.

If the Ravens don't bring back Mason, Boldin just gets the defensive focus just like Mason has in the past, and none of the Ravens other recievers, including Clayton, Stallworth, Williams, and Washington, have proven they can consistently get open on the other side.

We need the wiley veteran, the tough competitor, Derrick Mason, to make opposing defenses pay if they try to put too much focus on Boldin. No one else on the Ravens' roster has proven they can be relied upon in that capacity.

Stick to "right player, right price"...nuff said.

The way I view it Boldin is a moderate upgrade over Mason and Stallworth is a gamble that you shouldn't bank on being productive.

I disagree with people who say Bodlin and Mason are too similar to have on the same team. Yes they are both possession receivers, however Mason made his living as a Raven by working the outside, and Boldin is a great over the middle threat. To me it seems like they would be a great fit together.

I say we bring back Mason and still draft a young wide receiver who splits time with Stallworth as the 3rd. If we don't bring back Mason we are risking only having a slight upgrade at the WR position.

I hope the Ravens keep Mason. I think he's played his heart out for us while he's been here as a consistent contributor/warrior. He's been one of the few bright spots on the offense. There needs to be some mutual respect and loyalty between teams and players. Kelley Washington deserves to come back as well.

Without question

If by 35 WRs you mean 4, then ya... We've got a surplus of wideouts.

Seriously though, I absolutely want Mason back.

Let's be honest, Boldin/Stalworth/Clayton is indeed better than Mason/Clayton/Washington

But how much better? Personally, I think it's only marginal.

For the Boldin trade to truly have that huge impact we're hoping for, we need Derrick back in purple next year.

Just because the Ravens have Bolden and Stallworth I think getting Mason signed is critical. For one, he is Joe Flacco's security blanket. Also, by having Mason, and Bolden and Ray Rice, it will take pressure off of Stallwoworth and teams cannot cover anybody. Also, what happens if one of these players has a bad injury, who not have some proven depth.

Hmmm...pretty slow for the first 20 poeple. LOL

If you are determined not to sign a true number 1, like Marshall, then sign Mason. Otherwise, Boldin gets Mason's double team and we are where we left off last year. Stallworh is at the very best, a minimal upgrade or no upgrade at all. Who was afraid of Stallworth
over the last 2 years?

Absolutely. I understand that Boldin/Stallworth decrease the importance of needing Mason on the recieving corps, but the Boldin/Mason/Stallworth w/ Clayton mixed in will make Flacco and fellow fans salivate. Who gets double covered? It only opens up more opportunites, and Flacco has his trusted reciever Mason to keep the group's communication in check.

Bring back Mason if possible. But CB, TE, and DL are much more important right now. Boldin and Mason starting and Stallworth as number 3 would be very good. Either way, get rid of Williams and Clayton. Both are useless. Ravens have already improved their WR's with the 2 additions. It would be good to have Mason back. Very clutch performer.

Re-signing Mason should be on our terms and it should make sense financially for The Ravens. He and Flacco have developed a good chemistry over the past 2 years. If we want to make sure the pieces are there for Joe to succeed, why stunt his growth by not giving him back his only reliable option. Although we have picked up both Boldin and Stallworth, signing Mason shouldn't be out of the question.

The Ravens still need at least one if not two more sure handed receiving vets, and Mason certainly would again, fit that bill. His familiarity w the offense and Flacco has to be factored as key vs signing someone new to the system. Getting Boldin was golden, Stallworth is a flyer (could pan out but certainly not a given) so there is still a need for a bonafide number 2 which Mason would fulfill quite nicely of course, another vet will be needed too, maybe Kelly Washington or the like, after the draft dust settles. If Mason signs somewhere signs somewhere else, then essentially we're still at square one as Boldin's numbers will only offset the loss. Oz knows this, Mason knows this, so now its time to see who will blink first. If Mason really wants a ring, and I think he does, I think he will try to see what the market is for him and then return, knowing he now, w Boldon on board, he will see single coverage, and the Ravens offense will be quite potent. So the "right place" part of the equation is anaswered, all that's left is "right price."

We need to bring him back. Donte stalworth is not a proven wide out and mark Clayton is aweful.

Of course, bring him back. Aren't the Ravens a better team with Boldin and Mason starting, compared to Clayton and Mason? Mason can still separate from defenders. Let the rest of the bunch compete for the 3rd receiver spot. Hoping that Stallworth proves out as a starter is risky. And add some additional depth in the draft.

Well, it's nice for the Ravens to have some of the leverage now. Love Mason, but all his drama about coming back - not coming back & him loving all of the attention - grew tiresome. At least now the Ravens can take him or leave him.. I hope they come to terms, but we won't feel like we are desperate...

Derrick who? 36 year olds landing big contracts with tons of guranteed money ... sounds like the MLB not the NFL. We should focus on FA Bargains at CB, OT, and DE. BTW, I have slept like baby since we signed Boldin!!!

Trust me I've been up all night! The bottle of Crown is empty! As I stated in a previous post we tried this experiment once last yr by letting a proven vet like Stover go... remember how that ended! Although Mason is not the burner we need, he would be an excellent #2 and a great fill in if Boldin misses a few games. We can always draft a speedster! If nothing else, please land Galloway if you opt not to do Mason, but we need one of the 2. Go with the guy who knows the system and groom a rookie behind him!!!

Yes they should, and it oughtn't cost them much to do it.
They should bring him back because of the "loyalty thing" and because of his proven warrior mentality. Right now Anquan Boldin is, what, 31? That's the same age Mason was when we got him. To let him go when Boldin arrives just feels slimy to me. These guys aren't disposable, really, right?
The signing of Boldin should drive down the price for Mason, not rule out his return. And if he is smart and realistic about where he is in his career, he'll be happy to come back knowing that he won't have to carry the passing game on his 1 good shoulder anymore.

"Is Derrick Mason keeping you up at night?" and "Should the Ravens bring back Derrick Mason?" are two entirely different questions. To the first, the answer is: nope. While I would have liked to have him back with the team, especially before the two recent additions, it wasn't going to occupy any of my (admittedly limited) mental efforts between now and the start of training camp at least. I've got the Terps and Orioles to worry about now.

As to the second question, it comes back to the standard Ozzie mantra: right player, right price. If they can work out a deal satisfactory to both sides I'd love to have him back. I believe he can add value to the team, and the team would be better with him than without him. But if they can't agree to terms having these other guys takes some of the sting out of losing him.

Now, the QB situation in Pittsburgh - THAT'S an interesting story that I am keeping closer tabs on....

A resounding yes. I loved the trade for Boldin and he's a nice upgrade over Mason, but if we don't improve the rest of the WR corps it only translates to a moderate improvement. Stallworth has explosive potential and will hopefully stretch defenses, but given his less -than-exciting track record on the field and the fact that he didn't play at all last season suggest to me he can't be trusted to take the pressure off Boldin any more than Clayton could. Also, since it typically takes a couple years for a rookie wideout to fully develop, I wouldn't trust a draft pick to fill the No. 2 hole either. Even though they have similar styles, Boldin and Mason are both excellent receivers, and I would love to see D-Mase matched up against No.2 corners for once in his career; I think he would be open A LOT. We could still use Stallworth as a deep threat and gradually phase in a guy like Benn from Illinois. Boldin and Mason with a healthy dose of Stallworth and a promising rookie would give Flacco all kinds of options.

How can you NOT bring back Mason? We have to bring him back. The only thing that should stop them from bringing back Mason is the signing of Terrell Owens.
THE WR POSITION NEEDS DEPTH...they have to be ready when injuries come.

Well obviously you can never have too much of a good thing...but with Clayton getting tendered, I really don't think they will. That'd be 3 (Boldin, DMase, Clayton) possession type receivers on the roster.

Being an older vet, I don't think he'll take the contract that the Ravens would be willing to offer come early summer if he's not signed yet.

As far as the free drink is concerned, i'll take ginger ale. As far as Mason is concerned, I would bring the man back.

D-Mase is a proven commodity that would give opposing Ds more to worry about (not to mention freeing Q of the double team he'll get). If we can bring in a quality 'sho-nuff' speedster from the draft - do it and wish Mason well. But if we're not sure on our ability to do this..then still with the proven commodity.

Without a doubt bring back Mason. His game is still there. He has to be covered by a quality DB or he will beat you. Todd Heap will love having Stallworth, Boldin, and Mason open up the middle of the field for him. So will Ray Rice.

yes we need to resign Mason. He makes the offense better with his return. If he doesnt im not sure we are much better then we were last year. Boldin notwithstanding. Mason can work in the slot and on the outside and give Flacco options on boths sides of the field. Not zeroing in again on one WR.


I'd still like Mason back, as the #2.

Let Clayton, Williams and even Washington go. Loved Kelly last year, but, I think it's time to move forward.

I'd like to see our WR Corps look like this heading into September...

WR1 Boldin
WR2 Mason
WR3 Stallworth
WR4 Eron Riley/Justin Harper
WR5 (Rookie)

If I post twice, do I get two freebies? Just gimme a Dos Equis.

Life is tough. Football is a business. Tell Derrick I said thanks for the hard work but if he wants to play in thi city next year, here are our contract terms (slight increase), take 'em or leave 'em.

Would love to have his toughness and leadership back but probably won't as he seems to have overvalued his worth to a team.

Connolly you're not the only one to notice the surprising number of WR the Ravens seem to now have on the roster or pipeline. Boldin, Stallworth, Clayton, Williams, Mason (if he comes back), and a Draft Pick (since everyone thinks the Ravens should go that route). And this doesn't count all the developmental guys like Harper Riley, & Smith. Are the Ravens about to move to a spread offense? Given that the Ravens have so many WRs, I think it will be either Mason or a draft pick, but doing both would put 6 WRs on a team that could figure out how to use 4 last season. But I don't see why everyone is saying go CB in the 1st round because we paid out in FA last year for CB and it is unlikely that that money will go to the 3rd corner on the team. Looks like it is going to be DL in the 1st round.

Yes, you don't take away Flacco's security blanket before he takes flight. Boldin, Mason, Stallworth, Clayton and whoever else is much better than Boldin, Stallworth, Clayton and 2 others - who knows what Stallworht can give us after a year off.

It's HIGHLY important, I love that we got Boldin and I'm still in disbelief that he's a Raven, but we need a solid #2 receiver. Clayton proved he was not the guy (maybe he could be a #3?) and who knows what Stallworth will do, he hasn't played in over a year. Mason is that guy, still productive even at 35 he will make the receiving corps complete.

They could go with a rookie WR in the 2nd round but that's a little too risky, especially since Ozzie STINKS at drafting WR's. Bring Back Mason!!!!

They still need Mason. Its crazy to think otherwise. Stallworth didn't play at all last season. Mark Clayton is terrible. They don't have anyone else.

We are idiots if we don't bring Mason back. Boldin may be younger and faster, but part of the problem last year was that Mason was always getting double covered (and some at the Sun called it "bracketed") because none of the other 3 knew how to get open. So know we will let him walk and then Boldin can be double covered? That's plain stupid. There is no cap this year and Mason won't take that much because of his age. But if we play chicken, then another team will take him as the #2 and we will be left with no receivers again except Ray Rice!!!

Sign Mason! Boldin isn't Fitzgerald and he won't even be Boldin if there isn't a decent #2!

Absolutely bring Mason back. Boldin instead of Mason is a slight upgrade. Boldin AND Mason together is a bigtime upgrade.

Imagine if we had two WR that could get open?? Amazing!

Yes, bring Mason back.

Everything about Mason enhances the team: accomplishments, attitude and personality. Definitiely bring him back.

signing boldin isn't an upgrade unless MASON is still on the team. clayton... ? nahhh.

--and is kelley washington big enough to play tight end? hhhhmmmmmm.... we do need him too. hope you read this washington. STAY!

sorry have to disagree with
the majority here... no
he is too old and he is
getting very injury prone
as he is getting more wear
and tear... sounds like a tire...

seriously, retire his number
and give him a coaching job
as a wr coach... a great ball
;layer with a great heart..

sorry derrick hope you feel
the love, but everyone
has to retire sooner or later..

I don't think Mason really wants to be in Balto. He has held the Ravens hostage for a couple of years and seems to enjoy doing that. Let him go now and if we do not let him go , please do not break the back and over pay him to play this year. People who are Ravens fans need tolearn how to move on, do you really think these palyers give a crap about the fans, no, they give a crap only about themselves. They are just self-serving overpaid pampered , usually low i.q. egotists.

The addition of Boldin was great - as long as we bring back Mason, too. If Mason bolts, we're back to what we had last year - 1 go-to receiver that draws double coverage all of the time. If we have Boldin and Mason both on the field it puts a lot more pressure on the D and gives young Mr. Flacco a lot more to work with!

My 2 cents (as a Steelers fan that lives in Baltimore) is that you should absoultely bring Mason back. I agree with many of the posters that adding Boldin and losing Mason would not be a huge upgrade. However, if you put them both on the field, that offense becomes really balanced. I'm not a fan of Stallworth and don't think you want to put your eggs in his fragile basket as your #2.


"Even after signing Donte Stallworth and trading for Anquan Boldin, the Ravens still are attempting to re-sign free-agent WR Derrick Mason. " - Schefter's twitter

Boldin gives the Ravens a legit #1 WR. They need to get Marshall or T.O. as their #2. Then let Mason and Stallworth duel it out for a #3 / slot / Wes Welker type of role.

Mason & Boidin on the field at the same time make each other better by the coverage the other draws. Neither is that deep, fast, vertical threat. They're posessio, route-runner YAC receivers. Boldin adds some toughness over the middle and in the red zone. The combo of depth, experience, and rivalry of a Boldin #1/ Mason #2 would be potent. Let Mason hear it from the market [like Ray had to] and then make a 2 year offer you can live w/, Ozzie. Don't take away Flacco's blankie just yet, he's only 3.

Yes. He plays hard and he plays hurt. He has earned his job. If there had been any other receiving threat he would have done better this year.

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