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How will you remember the Terps' 2009-10 season?

I have been keeping it quiet in here since Monday.

Low piano on the jukebox, maybe Billie Holliday’s smoky voice soothing your nerves.

I was covering the Orioles in Clearwater on Sunday so I only saw the final two minutes of the Maryland-Michigan State game. Didn’t really have to watch much more.

That had to be one of the most exhausting losses in recent Baltimore/Maryland history. I won’t even attempt to stir those up.

We’ll make this one simple -- and hushed.

Now that the initial sting has gone, I want to know how you’ll remember this University of Maryland men’s basketball season. Good, bad or just plain painful?

Daily Think Special: How will you remember this Terps’ season?


Gimme a double shot of Rebel Yell, Dan. Now that the initial sting has subsided I am left with a punch to the gut. It still hurts. That frantic close, to not only come back like they did against GT, but to actually take the lead - twice - and then have Michigan State throw in that hurried three-pointer because the Terp defenders got caught on a switch - a devastating end to what was well on the way to being a great season. As it is, it was good but unfulfilling. Unfortunately, MSU is so banged up they won't be able to capitalize, but with Kansas out of the way it was a straight shot to the Final Four.

A good season, with just enough low points to leave a sense of incompletion. Which is a shame, because in some respects the team overachieved the expectations for them. Eventually, I'll remember that they tied for the regular season championship. For now, it's a big sense of loss for what they left unfinished.

I personally always remember the worst parts of a season :( I now go to WVU so I have been a little distracted from the Terps action this year, but I will remember the terrible loss to duke, beating them like we should later, and of course the loss to MSU.

Sports is entertainment. Mens Terp basketball has my favorite team since Lefty came to College Park. Each year every Div. I basketball team except one ends its season with a loss. The Terps were not embarrassed in their last game, and it was surely entertaining. The Terps had a great run in the ACC this year, winning some blow-outs but better, winning quite a few thrilling games. Greivis matured as a player and is really a unique and fearless player. It was fun and I can't wait for next season to start. Sure i wish they had beaten Michigan State, but you can't win em all. I really enjoyed the Terps this season. Good job Gary! Best of luck in the future Greivis, Eric and Landon. GO TERPS!

How will i remember this season? . . .I won't! In 5 years, the only player i will remember with certainty is Grevis. We didn't win the ACC tourney, and bowed out too early in the NCAAs. A share of the ACC regular season was really nice, but not very meaningful. People remember who won the ACC tourney, not the regular season title. unless Jordan steps up big or one of the freshmsn is special, i don't see anything happening next year. Maybe the NIT if we are lucky. Sorry if I sound a bit like Eyore today.

a very enjoyable season. once again a gary williams team isn't expected to do a lot and they over-achieve. the team never gave up, always showed heart and played as a team.

It was a wild and wonderful ride! Obviously, I didn't like the ending, but still a year of very special memories. This team will always be one of my favorites because of their heart. I am really going to miss Greivis, Eric, and Landon. And Gary is still the man!

I won't remember this season at all. Just like i dont remember anything about the past four.

Gimme one of those Rebel Yell thingys Jack is swirling.

This season is what we expect from Garyland. A winning season, a competitive/overachieving team without a deep bench. We lose in round 1 (or 2) of the ACC tourney and we get abetween a 4-6 seed in the dance where we either go to the sweet 16 or bow out after wining only game 1.

Take away Gary's best and worst years and this was a typical Maryland season.

Barkeep - It was an excellent season up to the last 6.6 seconds, when the Terps inexplicably didn't contest the inbounds pass--decent pressure at that point and they'd almost assuredly still be playing.

That said, I'm astonished and disappointed at some of your patrons for bad-mouthing this team as somehow forgettable. You should have cut them off a while ago. (csquare - Terps will be lucky to make it to the NIT next year? I hope you're kidding, because that's not reality. J-Dub is an emerging star, and with his decent supporting cast of Tucker, Bowie, Mosley, Gregory, Padgett and the freshmen, they'll easily get to the first round of the NCAA again.)

How can anyone dismiss a season that saw the Terps finished tied with Duke for the regular season ACC title and garner coach and player (and nearly rookie) of the year conference honors? Yeah, I know the "down year in the conference" mantra, but in truth the only thing really down about it was North Carolina.

And how can anyone "diss" a season where the Terps had so many memorable combacks and close games. Not to mention a great senior year from Vasquez and solid efforts from Hayes and Milbourne.

So let's raise a glass to the Terps and say, Thanks for the memories!

I haven't been able to watch Md. basketball since around Len Bias. To many ups and downs every game, every half. God bless the poor soul who happens to be with me during a game. I am impossible, unless we're up by 20 and hitting 3's I'm not happy, all I see is doom ahead. As for this season, good for Gary and the team. We has several very good moments and away to the big dance we went. It takes 2 great teams to play a great game and Maryland played a great game but that other team made the shot. Great season! If not for that shot we very well would be heading to the final four. Ah, it's tough to do better than that.

A wildly entertaining season. Several great wins (Ga. Tech, @ Va. Tech, @ FSU, Duke, comeback vs NC State, comeback vs Clemson). Undefeated vs. ACC at home. Greivis Vasquez's improvement, culminating in ACC Player of the Year award. Gary doing another fantastic job, culminating in ACC Coach of the Year. Share of ACC regular season title.

Others may remember the Michigan State dagger as the play of the year. But that play pales in comparison to the two last-second shots against Ga. Tech -- we'll see many other NCAA buzzer beaters in our life, but we'll probably never again see that.

You might say, "yeah, but the Ga. Tech game was just a regular season game, while the Mich. State game ended the season." True, but without the Ga. Tech win, we wouldn't have been in position to share the ACC title.

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