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How psyched are you for Maryland-Duke II: The Sequel?

As even the most addled and hungover of Connolly's customers should know, it's March, the high holy season for college basketball. So let the madness begin.

Here in the Free State, it begins with the huge Maryland-Duke game Wednesday night at Comcast Center, with the Terps hoping to avenge that 77-56 drubbing they took in Durham on Feb. 13 and tie the Blue Devils for first place in the ACC.

So today's question is this: how psyched are you to see this rematch between the two best teams in the conference?

And how do you think it's going to play out with the Terps, winners of five in a row and riding the hot hand of National Player of the Year candidate Greivis Vasquez -- yes, I actually wrote that and yes, he has to be considered -- now on their home court?

I wrote in today's Baltimore Sun that the game has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster (you can read that column here). And according to my colleague Jeff Barker in his Tracking the Terps blog, all the hype for the game has sent the price of tickets skyrocketing.

But let's hear what you think. Get up off that bar stool, splash some water on your face and drop us an e-mail.

Daily Think Special: How psyched are you for Maryland-Duke II: The Sequel?


I am up for the game but could be watching Andy Griffith if it gets ugly.

I am about to pee myself - Go TERPS

Not at all really...Love the Terps but the ACC is weak this year and Duke is by far the best. Doesn't bode well for Maryland Wednesday, in the ACC tournament or in the field of 64.

VERY psyched! This team has already exceeded my expectations for them and I am looking forward to them continuing their good play. It would have been enough just being Duke, but it being Senior Night AND with a chance to tie for first place in the conference - wow, what a setup! I am very much looking forward to this one.

National Player of the Year? That will probably go to John Wall or Collins. Let's just shoot for ACC Player of the Year.

Imagine driving down the street and seeing a whale explode! ! That's about the same chance the Terps have of winning. Psyched

I have my tickets to the game, and let's just say it's the only thing that has been on my mind since saturday. Let's Go Terps!

I am driving an hour and a half to watch with my Duke fan best bud!!! Wouldn't have it any other way!!



I am TOTALLY psyched! And how great would it be if Debbie Yow relented and allowed the Pep Band to lead the Comcast Crazies in a chorus of Rock and Roll, Part 2, in honor of the G-Man's fial home game?

A win here would just be another therapy session for the acute pain suffered from Duke's Kenny Dennard "no foul" undercut of Terp's Buck Williams some 29 years ago in the ACC Championship game. Now living in Asheville NC (Roy William's boyhood hometown), I take great pleasure in witnessing Blue Devil & Tarheel loses. Go Terps, I need more therapy!

How psyched?

I may call in sick thursday and friday if we win. Or if we lose.

I bought my dog a Mike Krzyjewski doll to chew to pieces all week.

I pee in a toilet with the face of a certain rat faced coach painted on the bottom.

I poop in the same toilet.

Get my drift here? I'm a little psyched. Any more psyched and I'd need a straight jacket. C'mon on wednesday.

Super psyched!! Living out in Vegas we don't get to see a whole ton of Maryland games on tv and a nice late start time allows me to assemble my small but loyal Terp fans together to watch it!! The resolve and mental toughness of this team gives us a better then average chance to pull the upset! Go Terps!!

It's the only thing on my mind. Anyone have an extra ticket they want to sell me?

PAYBACK time. Nuff said.....

why does MD think of Duke as their rival??


I'm GEEKED for this game!! ESPN 9pm est, Fri 5am my time! good luck Terps.

Sorry turtles...Duke will have an answer for everything you do. Gary's poor recruiting of the last 3 years will cost them.
By the way, Duke fans everywhere would like to know when the Terps became a "Rival"... as in capital R? Generally speaking, after the NC teams, most Duke alums would consider UVA more of a Rival than Md. any day. Wishful thinking I'm sure.
Devils by 6.

More psyched that I have been in a long time. GO TERPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to be in attendance

B.S. Accounting
Class of 2008

Hooray Beer

Duke fans spend more time pretending and telling everyone that will give them any attention that we aren't their rivals than most md fans think about duke

UVA more of a rival than MD? I get the whole North Carolina thing- everyone in the ACC not in NC gets how wired it is for NC teams. But UVA? How many final fours has UVA appeared in with Duke? How many meaningful games have they played against each other in March? Are you kidding?

I'm pretty psyched but I'm holding back a little because Duke has owned us the last three seasons, but I'm hopeful the Terps will pull it off. GO TERPS!!!!

I can speak for Duke fans in saying we are up for this game. UNC is the rivalry but respect to MD as the #2 rivalry. UVA? Give me a break! Any ACC team having a good season is important for that season but we get up for UNC and MD every year.

I think that Maryland can definitely beat Duke. NC State did. It's like any other Duke game. If we handle their defensive pressure and take it right to them (aka punch them in the mouth), we can beat them by 15. Or we could get scared like we did in Durham and let them chase us all over the court and get blown out. Here's to the first option! A raucous crowd will surely help. Yes, I'm excited.

jack....what is UVA's record in Cameron the past decade? Overall head-to-head? I don't even know who the coach is at UVA but my guess is he will be unemployed in one month.

Dukies hate to look eye-to-eye with us common folk who went to public skool. Some us us didn't have mommy and daddy writing checks to widdle Jackie,Jr. every month. You deny we're your rival but oh how you hate it when we come into Cameron and kick your #$%. It ain't no fun losing to the subordinates now is it?

BTW...who is your rival in mens football? Galludet?

I am a Duke alum and fan and I would say that Maryland clearly is the next biggest rival in the ACC after UNC. It is a very different deal and the capital R is reserved for UNC, but it is impossible to discount the significant games these two teams have played against each other and the passion of the fans. The four games in the year we met in the final 4 was enough to give this game special meaning for years.

That having been said, go Duke.

And besides if I could choose to beat any team, including UNC, it would be UCONN!!

player of the year will be Evan Turner, almost certainly. averages of about 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists. nobody does more to help his team win and all this after breaking his back this year. GV is a heck of a player and he will likely with ACC POY, depending somewhat on the outcome of wednesdays game. I think that's actually a story line that hasn't been mentioned yet...if Jon outplays Greivis then he will likely win ACC POY.

I used to hate Greivis as much as I hated Hansblow, but now I kinda respect him. He deserves to be ACC player of the year.

That said, Maryland couldn't handle Zoubek in the first game and last time I checked they didn't get any taller. I'm predicting more of the same--tons of offensive rebounds and baskets down low and another Duke victory.

Rob, what I was referring to was each year Admissions puts out an overview of "other" schools the incoming freshman class at Duke considered. Maryland ranks right at the bottom with Fla. St. & Clemson as far as considerations within the ACC. Of course each & every game is monumental within the conference, it's just that more kids at Duke considered UVA more than Terpville by a huge amount. As for "our" football team, we are going in the right direction while the Terps are actually moving closer & closer to a DIII schedule. How many games did you win anyway? Did you even beat closed.

Jack...who gives a s^%$ what your admissions office puts out. Duke and Maryland are NOT peer academic institutions? No sh^% sherlock. One is a private school, one of priviledge, the other the flagship academic institution in its state. You think I had a chance to go to Duke in 1985 on my parents combined blue collar income? Hell no. Didn't want to be around people of that ilk anyhow. You guys are really good at one sport and act like your Stanford or something. You've had decent success in mens lax and womens bball the last decade but the only sport with any history is mens b-ball. Every now and then, the hired help wins.

I live in Charleston, South Carolina and it snowed 5 inches this year. Anything is possible. GO TERPS!!!

One other thing, if anyone is going to the make, know that there are thousands of people out there who would kill for your seat so you make some noise for us!!!

pretty psyched, think i will
paint my rear end red and
put on a lefty driesell
bald headed fake head.....

duke will not beat maryland
at comcast wednesday eve...

md. has not lost all year and
mike k. can head back
to tobacco road with his tail
between his legs.

GO TERPS!!!!!!!!


Maryland always rises to the occasion against Duke. Duke always wins in the regular season and flop in the tournament. When was the last time they a won a national championship. The early 90's?
GO TERPS!!!!!!!

is your tail long enough

the comcast crazies were
loud all night...

when the terps needed the
final push, they pushed the
terps on to victory......

fear the turtle!!! yes
once again duke, fear
the turtle!!!!!

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