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Who is your favorite Orioles announcer of all time?

The announcement of Jon Miller as the 2010 Ford C. Frick winner for outstanding contributions to baseball broadcasting got me thinking.

Who is my favorite Orioles’ announcer of all time?

This is a tough one for me. First, I have to exclude the guys who were TV-only. Many did great jobs, but it just isn’t the same as radio. That’s a special deal, in my opinion.

Ever since I can remember, my father listened to games on the radio. He’d be grilling in the backyard or fixing something in the basement, and the O’s game would always accompany him.

That became ingrained in me. Nowadays, I must admit, I rarely listen to the Orioles’ radio broadcasts. I am at most home games and a chunk on the road. When I am away from the team, I am usually at my house, and the game is on TV.

But that’s not to say I don’t listen to baseball on the radio anymore. I have a 50-minute ride home from the stadium after every game at Camden Yards, so I invariably listen to a West Coast game or two on my satellite radio.

It’s fantastic to hear other teams’ announcers, especially when I get the treat of Vin Scully with the Los Angeles Dodgers and, of course, Miller with the San Francisco Giants.

Because Baltimore has been blessed with such amazing baseball announcers over the years, the fan base might be a bit spoiled. I have heard a contingent of fans complain about Joe Angel and Fred Manfra, from time to time.

As I said above, I don’t get the opportunity to listen that much to Joe and Fred because of my job. And since I consider both men my friends, I am not fully objective. But I listen to a lot of other teams’ guys, and I really think the tandem here in Baltimore is excellent. I challenge you to listen to New York Yankees radio broadcasts, for instance, and not come away with an appreciation for Joe and Fred. Just my opinion.

Anyway, back to my original thought. Who is my favorite? I am stuck right in the middle of a generational argument. (Sort of like: Cal or Brooks?) To me, the voice of Orioles baseball -- and, really, the voice of summer -- is Chuck Thompson. He taught me the game when I was eager to learn it. And so I’ll forever think of Chuck when I think of summer barbecues and transistor radios hidden under pillows. (Bill O’Donnell should be mentioned here, too, but my memory of him is shaky since he died when I was 12.)

Then there’s Jon Miller. He was the perfect baseball companion for the teen and 20-something, especially when the Orioles stunk. He could make a terrible Orioles game fun – and that’s not easy to do. (Joe Angel is a master of doing that now.)

So, really, I am torn by my own question. It’s like choosing between your kindly grandfather and your crazy uncle. Both were tremendous in their own ways.

I guess I will say my favorite was Thompson, because that’s when I was in awe of baseball. And baseball on the radio was something more than just entertainment.

But it’s close.

I want to know where you stand. Don’t tell me who you think was the best Orioles announcer. I want to know your favorite. And, yes, there is a difference.

You can use TV announcers, too. But I won’t.

Daily Think Special: Who is your all-time favorite Orioles announcer?


I don't even have to think about this at all, there is no doubt that its Chuck Thompson. Bill O'Donnell was great too and as a team together, well thats baseball broadcasting heaven, nothing better.

I posted in the previous topic that my own list of favorite baseball announcers has Chuck at the top followed by Ernie Harwell and then close behind Jon Miller.

I appreciated your comments about Joe Angel and Fred Manfra. The landscape of local baseball broadcasters is really pretty bleak, and Joe and Fred are better than serviceable as a team. Try to get through a game on radio in most major league baseball towns -- the local talent is often horrendous! I can't listen to baseball in Boston or New York, even when I'm there during an Os visit!

Mel Proctor- like Jon Miller did for radio, he and John Lowenstein made horrible Orioles games fun to watch.

Nobody better than the team of Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell. I would rather listen to them on the radio watch the game on television.

Chuck. He was way more than a great Orioles announcer. He was the voice of Baltimore sports and a super nice guy.

Favorite Orioles Announcer not named Jon Miller... Brooks Robinson for sure.

Jon miller. It is a real shame we let him go. He can hold an audience and has a great play by play voice. And he's a real classy guy too. I met him once in Seattle when I was on active duty and he took time to talk with me and give a shout out in that evening's broadcast to my relatives back home.

In his absence, listening to Joe Angel is also very entertaining. He is funny as crap. Fred Manfra is just a nice guy who says nice things. He could make a nuclear holocaust sound like its a picnic on a rainy day. This dialog would not surprise me:

Joe A: "the Orioles are getting their brains beat out by the Athletics tonight. 11-0 and we're still in the third inning..."

Fred: "And lets hope we can get it turned around now as Cesar Izturis comes to the plate to lead it off..."

Chuck Thompson, hands down

Dan, for me it's gotta be Joe Angel, and I'll tell you why.

Living here in Rochester, it's hard to get any O's games, except when they're playing the Yanks. So, I relied heavily on sitting in the driveway with the car stereo on, waiting for it to get late enough to pick up WBAL broadcasts on 1090 AM. The grainy signal was enough for me, and hearing Joe Angel's voice still brings me back to those warm summer nights. You are right, he can make even the most brutal beatings seem engaging.

But most of all, he tells us exactly what column those good nights are put into.

theeeee WIIIINNNN column!!

Chuck Thompson is a combination of Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken behind the mic. He is, and always will be for me, the voice of the Baltimore Orioles.

John Miller is more like Luis Aparacio. A great player but a guy who did most of his Hall of Fame work outside of the Orioles organization. (Thanks Angelos)

Well, I grew up with Chuck and the Orioles were highly competitive if not formidable in those days. So the memories are special. But I dare to say that if Jon Miller were around then, I would have the same feeling about him. Can you imagine if Miller was around during those years?

I don't think it's fair to put everybody up against Chuck Thompson, so I'll cast my vote for Joe Angel, who is an unusual blend of humor and insight.

Yes, he makes some awful puns, but even those are sometimes very funny. For the most part he conveys a lot of wit and warmth.

And he's no mere jester. He knows baseball, he's a good explainer, and he's not afraid to apportion blame for bad play or bad managerial decisions.

Because of Joe Angel, when given a choice, I often pick radio coverage over TV. [Although I've really grown to like the combo of Palmer and Thorne.]

Hands down, Chuck Thompson. Orioles and even more memorable, Colts.
" Go to glory St. Agnes", " Moving left to right on your radio dial" and "Knocked him off his pins" Can still hear his voice.Take any other announcer and they would come in second best

Change that saying "Go to Glory St. Agnes to "Go to War St. Agnes"

Barkeep's Reply: Mike, I'll correct ya first, since there will be a line at the bar to do so. Here's a beer for your troubles.
It was, "Go to war, Miss Agnes." Which he stopped during the Vietnam conflict because he didn't want to upset anyone.

tough choice.....Chuck carried me from a little boy thru adolesence. Jon Miller was there when I was a teen. Both great announcers, both HOFers. For what it's worth, my vote is Chuck, by a whisper.

Congrats Jon Miller.

1. Chuck Thompson
2.Bill O'donnell
3.Jon Miller
4.Jim Palmer
5.John Lowenstein
6.Brooks Robinson

I still watch or listen to almost every Oriole game and the announcers of today just are not that good.

Nothing like Fred Manfra saying (Its a deep fly ball ,deep center field ,it is going going ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CAUGHT,

His description of the game is sometimes not accurate,,,,,,,but I love them O's and I still listen.

What a mistake to let John Miller go.
He has uncanny vision and feel for the game.Very acccurate in his calling of the game. He seen the the Jeffrey Maier incident while it was happening from where he was sitting,when the umpire did not.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion,,,,
I have been wanting to do this for a long time

Barkeep's Reply: That's what we are here for Jamey. Welcome to Connolly's. Take a seat.

I'll never forget the summers listening to the radio, when there was no cable back then,Chuck Thompson and Frank Messer, then Bill Odonnell was bringing me the joy of Oriole Baseball thru radio. My favorite has to be AINT THE BEER COLD, CHUCK THOMPSON, GO TO WAR MISS AGNES!!!!

1. Chuck Thompson
2.Bill O'donnell
3.Jon Miller
4.Jim Palmer
5.John Lowenstein
6.Brooks Robinson
agree with this post 100 per cent

Hands down it is Chuck Thompson. If the game was bad, or the pace was slow Chuck would talk baseball. He would tell you about a streak or stat that was significant to the player at the plate or on the mound. Jon Miller would talk about the movie he saw that day of the restaurant he ate at the night before. Chuck kept me into the game at all times he never tried to distract. For me its Chuck Thompson all the way.

I think the only thing that would warp the vote away from a unanimous Chuck Thompson is the age of the fan. He was the Voice of Baltimore and a rabid fan to boot!

Without a doubt my favorite Oriole announcer was John Lowenstein. Then Jon Miller followed by Mel Proctor. And Angelos let them all get away. Please tell Angelos the fans want these guys back.

By the way have you heard who MASN is going to hire to take Buck's place? I sure hope it is not Flannigan. He would be my least favorite. Show him the door, please!

I live in Jersey...on a quiet summer evening I would be able to get O's broadcasts on this old radio I was actually my grandmother's so maybe thats why it got that far...the broadcast would fade in and out...Wesr Coast games were better and so Angel and Manfra I think are really good. Miller is great and deserving of the Hall...he gives it the way it should be. Now that I get the cable TV baseball package, I don't do radio anymore. I did have the privelege of Mel Allen when I was much younger. Its a lost art. I lament.

Either Chuck Thompson or Chuck Thompson for sure. You really didn't need tv ( only televised about 50 games anyway ) because if you listened to Chuck you could see the game. Great voice, honorable, professional, knowledgeable, and most of all an Oriole fan like me.

Chuck and Bill without a doubt. I know we're aging ourselves but when there was no TV, no one could make you feel like you were there like those two. I grew up listening to those two calls the games, me and dad sitting on the porch, hon. go O,s.

1. Chuck Thompson
2. Bill O'Donnell
3. Jon Miller

last. Tom Marr (dreadful)

1. Greg Nettles
2. Michael Reghi
3. Frank Messer


Jon Miller and Joe Angel as a team were it for me. It was often hard to tell them apart and as mentioned already, no matter what was going on with the game, they were always entertaining. Also, I agree with the others about proctor and lowenstein, they they were excellent on tv and are missed. Thank goodness Palmer is there to speak the truth, someone needs to say it.

I'm grateful Joe Angel is back though, he's as close to Jon Miller as we will ever get. I'll never forget the day I read in the paper Jon Miller signed with the Giants, I was devastated.

Chuck Thompson, Bill O'Donnell and Frank Messer. They were the first I ever heard. Guess they were the 1st kiss from the girl that I've loved ever since.BASEBALL. I sure picked a beauty w/ Charles L. Thompson. I can see Chuck laughing and agreeing w/ me.
They don't come any better than Chuck, especially as a person.

1. Chuck Thompson
2. Jon Miller
3. Mel Proctor
4. John Lowenstein
5. Brooks Robinson
5. Jim Palmer (because he has a coy way of poking fun at Jim Hunter when he says something stupid)

Chuck Thompson- you never needed a television. The listener saw the game through his briadcat.

all in my life time of listening to oriole baseball . when as a small child the names bunker , robinson , robinson,were more important then school work ,to the heartbreaks,in 69,71,and 79. even on my honeymoon, on 9/30/77 , scores first, play later lol.the thrill of their voices my eyes of the game.
all chuck , bill , jon , joe, brooks, i know i have missed a few, but thanks to all of them for the joy ,of baseball vision and being a major part of my life.

No question. Chuck is the King of the Hill. His voice and straight-forward approach to the game puts him on top of the heap. Jon Miller did a great job and I enjoyed listening to him. But Jon never had a catch-phrase that resonated with the locals the way "Ain't the beer cold cold" or "Go to war Miss Agnes" did.

By the way, It was "Go to war Miss Agnes." I grew up listening to Chuck Thompson with the Colts and Orioles. And, my mother's name was Agnes, so it was a favorite saying around our household.

I also remember Chuck's first side kick Bailey Goss.... who was no slouch either.

I grew up listening to the team of Chuck Thompson and Bill O'donnnell, so I would have to say that they are my favorites of all time.

Chuck Thompson & Bill O'donnell
Jon Miller
Jim Palmer
Brooks Robinson
Gary Thorne & Buck Martinez
Mel Proctor

Jon Miller. And I'm in my 60s. Chuck Thompson was the voice of summer, but Miller is a superb baseball announcer. I felt nearly as upset about his departure as I did Mussina's.

I happen to love Joe Angel. He has a wonderful, resonant voice, he's appropriately emotional, he's funny (in an admittedly corny sort of way), and he's fully engaged in the games he calls.

I get XM radio and listen to all the O's games out here in California. When the Birds are at home, I get Joe and Fred. When they're on the road, I get the road announcers.

Folks, most of you don't realize how good we have it in Baltimore. Now, unlike Dan, I happen to like John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman in New York (even though I hate the Yankees), but most other clubs' radio teams are total dreck. Particularly bad are the broadcast teams in Tampa, Toronto and Seattle. Even much hyped announcers like Bob Uecker in Milwaukee and the Boston guys are disappointing. Joe Angel is as good as anyone this side of Jon Miller, and Fred Manfra is better than a lot of other guys, too.

I also want to mention that we're losing a good one in Buck Martinez, when it comes to the TV side of things. I wish him the best doing play-by-play in Toronto.

Barkeep's Reply: Dylan, I absolutely agree. I think Buck is the best color analyst in the game. I know some people don't like his voice, but I'll take his insight over anyone's.

I'll also echo the theme...nobody did radio better than Chuck Thompson. That marvelous voice and the ability to let you seethrough his words what he was seeing as it happens, not having it explained to you later.

He told you every player involved in a rundown as it saw through his words where that groundball was headed and how hard it was hit...and he was the best at what no other announcer has ever mastered...if a runner tried to steal a base, Chuck would tell you whether the pitch was a ball or a strike before letting you know if the runner was out or safe...and he'd do it before you heard the crowd noise...never heard a baseball play by play man who was as good, much less better.

To be honest, I never appreciated how good Bill O'Donnell was because he was teamed with Chuck.

I'd take either one today though. The comedy is OK but if you are a serious fan, those two were the best.

Anyone other than Chuck Thompson is idiotic.

not even close.....Chuck Thompson

There is only one number one.
"Ain't the beer cold, baby!"
Chuck Thompson had the gift. How many of you remember those nights sitting on the porch listen to Chuck describe the action so clearly that you could see Brooksie creeping in, Frank rounding third, Boog admiring a moonshot. Others were good, but Chuck had descriptive powers that were unmatched.

Ernie Harwell gets a vote from an old guy.

Go to war Miss Agnes. Ain'y the beer cold.
Nuff said!!!

Mr. "ain't the beer cold" and "he's big enough to go bear huntin' with a buggy whip" Thompson is my choice, and his calm, tall drink of water Bill O'Donnel made a great combination . . . additionally.

This is Chuck Thompson for Bill ODonnell and Charlie Eckman, saying "Ain't the Beer Cold!"

John Miller + Joe Angel. Case closed.

Ain't the beer cold! Is this a trick question or something?

For the youngsters who don't remember Chuck Thompson some words from Jon Miller:

For nearly 30 years, he announced almost every Orioles game, on radio or television, except on days when he did play-by-play for NBC's Game of the Week. After retiring in 1987, he returned to his seat high above home plate in 1990 and continued to announce a few games a year until 2000.

Beloved by fans throughout Maryland and Washington, Mr. Thompson was honored at a ceremony before a game in 1991.

"When I introduced Chuck," Miller recalled, "54,000 people gave an ovation that wouldn't quit. It went on for six, seven, eight minutes. To this day, I've never seen anything like that, except for a great ballplayer."

That says it all about how B'more felt about Mr. Thompson.

Of course it's Chuck, for longevity, beauty of delivery, tone, sense of the game and the franchise, and just for being part of Balmer.

Jon Miller followed beautifully is his footsteps.

And good to see mention of Jim Palmer. He gets – hands down – Most Improved in the category. Think about those old ABC days, I guess it was, when he struggled to talk about anything but himself. Versus these days – humble, relaxed, gentle, throughly enjoyable.

My favorite is Jon Miller and primarily for one moment. During their season opening losing streak in 1998, there was a rain delay. They decided to go ballpark to ballpark for game updates. Jon Miller did impressions of the boradcasters at each ballpark. It was hiliraious.

There's no question in my mind that Chuck Thompson is the best of all time. I grew up as a Baltimore Orioles fan living in Southwest VA and much of that had to do with Chuck and Bill O'Donnell. I can remember having my name announced during a broadcast and that was a huge thrill. The highlight was when my brother, father and I got to sit in the booth with Chuck and Bill for an inning or two of a game against the Indians and received stat sheets that they use when calling a game. While there have been some good ones like Jon Miller since then, Chuck was the best.

Chuck Thompson no doubt about it. Baseball and Football.

Chuck Thompson, I agree that the O's have had a string of superior play by play guys in the booth but when Chuck and Bill O'Donnell came on the radio it was on no matter what I was doing. As a team they were seemless and I have never heard anyone else with Chuck Thompson's ability to make you feel that he was talking to YOU and that you were sitting next to him in the booth.

Chuck Thompson and Bil O'Donnell were on everybody's radio when we drove around Baltimore, with our windows down (no ac was needed said Dad) and you could have your radio off and stil hear those two announcing games from all the cars next to you.
I would come back to Baltimore every summer, and if not at the games as a teenager, we wuld listen to the games, as if we were there watching. Jon MIller and the rest are stil good --- they are Orioles, yes), but those Birds were alive with those two front runners above.

The above comments are so true to Baltimore fans re: Chuck Thompson. The very sound of his voice was perfect, his descriptions brought the game to life, and you could just tell there was no finer gentleman in the business (I always put Rex Barney in the same group, though he's not primarily known as a radio announcer).

But my personal favorite will be always be Jon Miller. He brought an extra dimension of entertainment to the game with his quick wit, his imitations, his awesome vocabulary and his grasp of the game. I think I used to enjoy him during rain delays even more than during the game.

Baltimore has really been blessed to have many great radio announcers, and choosing a favorite is hard (but fun).

1. Chuck & Bill
2. Jon & Joe
3.Jim Palmer
4. Brooks

does anyone know of a pill that can make me forget Reghi, Proctor & Hunter.

Mr."Aint the beer cold" Chuck Thompson WINS BY A LAND SLIDE.
John Miller for second place for sure with Lowenstien and Brooksy tied for third.
Thompson had the ability to draw the picture vivdly in your head. I do miss him and also miss hearing Rex Barney echoing
Thank YOUUUUUU! Been a while since I was at a O's game though as they stink up the place, sick of Peter"typical lawyer" Angelos

Yes, Dan. We have certainly been very blessed here w/such great broadcasters.

When I started following the O's in '83 at the age of 7, it was Jon Miller who was there for all those early years. He was my broadcasting hero. During my early teenage years, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster one day and if not for all the inevitable traveling and family challenges, I would have pursued it as a career. It was Jon Miller who initially inspired me to want this career. I even met him after an O's game as a teen and talked to him about wanting to pursue broadcasting and he had some very insightful, inspiring input. I would often listen to games on the radio- even while TV was on- just so I could hear Miller b/c he has such a God-given gift of really bringing the game to life, not only w/his tremendous "radio voice", but knowledge, passion, humor, etc. I still say that one of the greatest mistakes Angelos has ever made, was not retaining Miller.

No doubt Chuck Thompson is the most "renowned" O's broadcaster of All-time, and I love Chuck! But it really is Jon Miller who is the "best" O's broadcaster of all-time and in my opinion, one of the very best EVER!


This poll is very revealing about the age of Orioles fans! But while we've had some great announcers over the 50-plus years, Chuck Thompson is in a class by himself!!!

Since Chuck let us know the beer is cold I'll have a Yuengling, please. Favorite is Chuck, hands down. Jon Miller might have been able to nudge him aside as the memory starts to wane had he been allowed to stay in Baltimore these past, what, fourteen years? But it's hard to replace the voice of your youth. And in those days the radio is how I got 98% of my baseball, maybe even more than that if you don't count the World Series and All-Star games.

I have come to appreciate Joe Angel more over time. Brother Lo was not real great at analysis from a technical perspective but he was entertaining as the dickens. Buck and Jim both give good insight, though you can tell they find the level of performance often unacceptable from too many of today's players. I was too young to remember Harwell as an Oriole announcer but I always liked it when he would come over and do an inning when the Tigers were in town.

Good memories today - thanks, Dan. Now if we could only be done with the snow and get on with spring training!

Ain't the beer cold.


Look. I've had it! Jon Miller is/was/always will be the best baseball play-by-play man on the planet.
While Chuck was just as good as Jon on calling a play as it happens, he couldn't hold a candle to Miller between pitches, which is most of the time involved in a baseball game.
I don't care if you're pissed or not. Don't quibble with me. Facts are facts.
Chuck was a boring, cliche machine. That's just the truth. Live with it. Don't let nostalgia cloud your judgement.

Chuck Thompson & Bill O'Donnell, "The best there ever was."

Chuck Thompson (nobody better)
Bill O'Donnell
Jon Miller
Jim Palmer

The only great Chuck Thompson

Chuck Thompson & Bill O'Donnell, "The best there ever was; and, the best there ever will be."

Great question Dan. I really liked your comment that Chuck Thompson was the voice of baseball- and really the voice of summer. You're absolutely right. You think of summertime, backyard BBQs, sitting on the deck or doing yardwork, and Chuck's voice completes the picture as much as the sound of birds chirping or kids playing. His voice is synonymous with O's baseball.

Now, that said, during my last 2 years of high school and throughout college I sort of lost interest in baseball (gasp- can I be thrown out of the bar for saying that?). In my defense, I was way too involved in other manly pursuits at that time (i.e. girls). Anyway, during the eighties, Jon Miller was a big factor in bringing back my love of baseball. He definitely made listening to the games fun again. You are correct, we've been spoiled in the Baltimore market. Chuck Thompson, Miller, and now Joe and Fred. All are at the top of the list in terms of announcers. For historical and sentimental reasons, I guess I would have to put Chuck as number one. For entertainment value, it's Jon Miller, followed closely by Joe Angel and Fred Mantra.

Chuck Thompson will always be #1.

Mel Procter & "Brother Lo" were the most entertaining, especially Brother Lo.

There's probably nothing more difficult than describing what someone is witnessing in a detailed, logical and entertaining way to others who cannot see what is transpiring. Couple that with fast-paced action like the hit and run or a based loaded hit and one must truly appreciate the talent that a Chuck Thompson brought to Baltimore sports fans. There will never be anyone who equals Chuck's ability to describe the game so instantaneously to the listener. He immediately let you know if the ball was fair or foul, ball or strike, hit to the fielder's glove side or in the hole, etc. I find it very difficult listening to today's O's announcers. I'm sure that is largely due to my being spoiled by listening to Chuck for so many years. Jon Miller was the best entertainer, but no one could paint the picture and keep up with the action of the game like Chuck

Without question my favorite is Chuck Thompson. I grew up listening to Chuck and Bill O'Donnell and they were awesome! I can still remember Chuck shouting "Go to war, Miss Agnes!" after Boog Powell hit his third home run of the game one evening, I think it was against the Red Sox. Thinking about those days brings a tear to the eyes of this life-long O's fan. I surely miss hearing, "Ain't beer cold" after an O's win.
Jon Miller was great, too, especially with Joe Angel, and it would be great to have them paired up again on O's broadcasts just in time for the O's to win another World Series. Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

1. Jim Palmer - he actually says some facts that are a bit negative about some players. If all you do is repeat how great everyone is, the value of the comments are zero. I love him!
2. Ernie Harwell - my goodness! I even remember in 1952 when he was a broadcaster for the NY Giants.

Some of the present commentators are so bad I mute my sound to avoid them and just watch the video.

Chuck Thompson was great and very deserving of the Hall of Fame. Also very fond of Jon Miller. Former players that have done an excellent job include John Lowenstein (really miss him), Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson.

I spent too many summer evenings listening to Chuck not to name him number 1. Having said that, Jon Miller was very, very close in terms of helping the listner see and enjoy the game.

Chuck Thompson and Brooks doing TV. A great team that I'll always remember. Bill O'Donnell was great as well with Chuck. Man, do I miss them...

John Miller hands down, followed by the tandem of Brooks & Palmer. I've also gotten to like the combo of Palmer & Gary Thorne.

I guess you all forgot Bailey Goss.he was the 1 that taught (chuck) how to broadcast, and he was very good.

so I rate them chuck,Baily,Jim Palmer and Miller

Chuck Thompson....nuf said!

Anyone remember Bill Dyer?

Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell. I feel like I grew up sitting on their laps. They were kind enough to sign my program at the 73 playoffs. Lowenstein was great, I loved John Miller. Wish Angelos hadn't let him get away. Palmer has great insight. We've been blessed over the years as Oriole fans to have so many good game callers.

Chuck Thompson without a doubt. Miller is also great but sometimes he is more entertainer than announcer, which can get in the way of the game.

Chuck never got in the way of the game.

Nobody was better than Chuck Thompson and Brooks Robinson. It was such a joy to hear Brooks still be a part of the club. Palmer is good too, great stories. That guy has a memory like no other...

Worst has got to be Buck Martinez...his voice is like fingernails on a chalk board. He is only out done by the whiny guy with the nasal Buffalo accent that does Caps TV games. How do these guys get jobs broadcasting? I wouldn't hire them to work the Drive thru at McDonalds!

Chuck, Chuck,Chuck. I miss him. Miller is amazingly talented, the most talented play by play man I have ever heard, but Chuck was the true voice of the Orioles.

This is way off the subject (so sue me!) so I'll be brief. I grew up near Huntington, WV, and my early nights sneaking a radio into my bed belonged to Waite Hoyt. Look him up if you have a couple of minutes to relish baseball's past. votes for Jim Hunter...! As a young lad in the 60s and 70s it's Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell all the way! Happy to say I have an autographed baseball from Chuck with HOF inscribed. Also got to see his World Series ring up close and personal! The voice of Baltimore Sports...and a great person to have had the opportunity to meet

Chuck and there's no second.

Their time together was limited, but Jon Miller and Joe Angel are my all time favorites.

Chuck and Bill

and Ernie Harwell, back in the day.

Chuck Thompspon...hands down and end of discussion!

Go to war Ms. Agnes....Ain't the beer cold!!!

Why is this even a topic for debate?

Chuck and Bill hnads down!

Anyone have that album "Year of the Birds" with them calling the highlights of the 1970 season. That would convince anyone...

Barkeep's Reply: Really, Pauil? Really, why is this up for debate? Well, for one, it's asking about someone's favorite, so there is no wrong answer. And, secondly, it's basically comparing two Hall of Famers with completely different styles. In my opinion, it's the perfect bar discussion. The wonderful apples and oranges of Orioles' broadcasting. See what happens when intelligent folk go up to New England (just kidding Pauil, grab a beer on me).

For radio, Chuck Thompson. Period.

For TV, Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein. Remember HTS? They had to fill a lot of time because few commercials too. Tom Davis should be included here too.

"Go to war Miss Agnes" "Ain't the beer cold"
Chuck by a landslide

I will never forget the night that "Morganna' ran out on the field to kiss Cal Ripken and Mel Procter said "book em Danno" in which John Lowenstein replied " I'de like to book her Danno" Still makes me laugh to this day... But I would rank them like this:Chuck Thompson,Bill O'Donnell,Jon Miller,John Lowenstein,Mel Proctor,Brooks Robinson.

For unvarnished, expert opinion ... Jim Palmer.

I'm too young to remember much of Chuck Thompson. I remember him filling in for John Miller when he was doing Sunday Night Baseball.

I grew up with Miller, I too have memories of my Dad working around the house with the O's game on. I would turn the game on the radio and fall asleep at night, especially on West Coast trips. I can still hear his voice "he would be next" comes to mind.

Today I carry on the tradition of listening to O's games and doing other things. I love tuning it on when I'm driving somewhere, or in the garage. Especially Sunday Afternoon games.

Chuck Thompson. Ain't the beer cold!

I'll take Chuck, but I'll also give lots of props to the guy we've got right now--Gary Thorne. I'll put him ahead of Jon Miller--and Id put others ahead of Jon, too--because I always thought Jon carried his attempts at humor too far and too long. Example, starting in inning three and still at the same gag line in inning five.

Chuck Thompson, hands down. No contest. He was absolutely the greatest announcer ever. No one comes close.

very neck and neck Chuck Thompson and Jon Miller.

Without a doubt, for me it was Chuck Thompson. I had a chance to meet him once at a Ironbirds game and he was charming, cordial, and jus an all around approachable nice guy. Besides that he could paint a great picture with his words.

Jon Miller is one of the greatest, off all-time. Head and shoulders about the other current announcers.

that said, it's a shame he did not share the Orioles' mic with Chuck Thompson for many years. Talk about a Bal'mer Dream Team!

Chuck Thompson, with Bill O'Donnell or with Brooks Robinson (Man, I miss hearing their voices, especially Brooks!) They're connected to so many good memories for me, baseball-wise and personally, I wouldn't know where to begin in describing them.

I miss Mel and Brother Lo, too. Always liked Jon Miller, though I never grew as attached to him as many have. And as others have said, try listening to most of the other team's announcers - you'll quickly realize how very fortunate the O's are to have Angel and Manfra. I happen to like them myself and watch a lot of TV games with the sound off and the radio on.

I also enjoy Palmer and Dempsey on TV and look forward to Flanagan coming back. Complain all you want about how Palmer's full of himself, Dempsey's a goofball and Flanagan's got a nasally voice; they know what they're talking about and keep things interesting. Can you imagine trying to listen to Thorne or Hunter without an ex-Oriole color guy with them? I'd rather not...

Jon MIller is the best sportscaster. I also like Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson very much.

I only dimly remember the radio broadcasts of Thompson and Harwell when I was a boy. Thompson was too much of a homer for me to enjoy listening to on a regular basis. I guess listening to just about anybody year round for almost a half-century is too much, unless the sportsaster sounds like Grace Kelly on a good day.

chuck thompson, he was
like a cold beer on a hot
summer night...

met chuck in oakland in
the coast guard and he would
let me in the broadcast booth
for a few minutes!!!

he and bill loved baseball
and the orioles, and in that
time the orioles were simply
the best and thompson
and o'donnell were right
with them....

chuck was down to earth,
working class and baltimore
through and through.....

Boy, this is a tough question. I guess it would be comparable to back in the late '60's and early '70's. Brooks Robinson was almost everyone's favorite player because he was a lifelong Oriole, but Frank Robinson was probably a better all around player (especially offensively). Chuck was a lifelong Oriole, while I'd have to say that MAYBE Jon was a litte bit better. Maybe my memory is clouded because Jon is more recent, and we still get to hear him, but I'd have to go with Jon simply because I remember him better. Chuck painted a great vision in the mind's eye of describing the situation or play, while Jon is better at entertaining. Their parters, Bill O'Donnell and and Joe Angel were also excellent. We've been blessed to have all four.

Second to none, it's Charlie (as Brooksie used to call him). When you heard that familiar baritone voice in the summertime, there was no doubt who it was. Ain't the beer cold!

Generationally, I am more aligned with Jon Miller, but how could it not be Chuck? All of those old Oriole memories come flooding back anytime you hear a replay of his voice. I can recall my grandfather still saying, "Go to war Miss Agnes". Such great times, back when there was such a great baseball tradition in town...






It's gotta be Chuck Thompson.

Ain't the beer cold??!!

And when he called the play by play, I could actually see that "bounding ball to Aparicio".

Fond memories. Maybe fonder because the Orioles were winning then.

For me, it comes down to two great announcers in different markets: Chuck Thompson and Harry Kalas. I grew up listening to Chuck and got to meet him through his late Dad, Tommy, who I know while living in PA. Having lived more than 20 years in eastern PA, I had the opportunity to listen Phillies announcer Harry the K. A bonus came when Harry interviewed Chuck following an O's-Phils spring training game. Two tremendous guys and announcers! Both are dearly missed.

Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell were the best with Jon Miller close behind.

Ain't the Beer Cold Chuck was the absolute best with a real close second to Bailey Goss who left us far too soon.

Chuck Thompson was number one since he was more than an announcer. Miller is very good but Thompson has his own cool. It was go to war miss agnes. i do not know how an oriole fan could botch that line.

How come nobody mentioned Tom Marr!!!!!!!!!

Best is Chuck Thompson
But my favorite was Lowenstein - especially after about mid game when he sounded like he had a few beers

The great Chuck Thompson. Listening to him on the radio, calling the O's games. His slogans were priceless. Brings back great childhood memories.

I don't see how Ernie Harwell gets left out of the conversation. I was too young to hear him as a kid, but I heard him do Tigers games, and he must have been something special when he was here.

Based on what I have personally heard, my favorite has to be Thompson, follwed closely by Miller.

This is too easy. Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell were better than all these other announcers combined. Jim Palmer is good and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. The rest of these announcers are just spokesmen for Peter Angelos and are afraid to say how horrible this team is and will be this coming year.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Jack Weirs or Ken Levine?

I like Miller, and Palmer, but Chuck Thompson was in a league of his own.

Chuck and Bill. I must admit all of the other guys were really good, too. The men who brought us baseball in Baltimore. There needs to be a book about them. One voice that hasn't been mentioned, Jim Karvellas. He used to do the old Locker Room pregame show and then filled in when guys needed a day off. He was good. OK, who is going to write this book?

ChuckThompson was the best, "Ain't the beer cold" was priceless. Teamed with Bill O'Donnell they were the best. When Bill O'Donnell of cancer I felt like I lost a family member. The same with Chuck when he died. Chuck was the voice of the Birds and the Colts. He spoke with such authority; he could announce any type of an event. I have fond memories listing to Orioles during that era. John Miller is very good I hated to see him go, so are Joe and Fred. They make Orioles baseball very enjoyable to listen to. It's time for baseball. GO ORIOLES!

Visiting my aunt and uncle every summer in Baltimore,I too grew listening to Chuck an Bill.Reading all the posts seem to relay the same thoughts.People found the time to stop or slow down to listen to a game. Now we have too many choices for our time.

I can't believe I'd say this, but I'm going with Jim Palmer because of his knowledge and courage to speak his mind.

I was just thinking the other day about the stable of announcers the O's had during the Why Not season of 1989, my favorite season of all time. I think such a quality team has never be duplicated:

-Jon Miller and Joe Angell on radio with Chuck Thompson as a part-timer.
-Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein on HTS (the most underrated announcer team of all time).
-Jim Palmer and Brooks on Channel 2 (say no more).

"It's about 75 degrees on a sunny day in Baltimore. There is a slight breeze blowing through the ballpark. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a GLORIOUS day for BASE-ball!"


Joe and Fred are much better than the TV broadcast, and I think, the best radio announcers I've ever heard. If it wasn't for the signal delay I would shut the TV volume off and listen to the radio. Thanks to XM radio I can listen to them when I'm away from Baltimore.

Chuck Thompson. They've all have been great. But I grew up with Chuck.

I cast my vote with all the posters who voted for Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell. I grew up an Orioles fan listening to both with the transistor radio under my pillow.

It is a joy to listen to both on the audio CD 1970: The Year of the Birds.

I got Chuck's autograph at the 2005 Fan fest weeks before he passed away.

When Chuck and Bill both passed, the Orioles lost 2 of their great announcers, along with Rex Barney too.

Dan, your column made pull out my CD 1970: Year of the Birds to listen to Chuck and Bill all over again.

And I'd want to include Rex Barney too, although he wasn't an actual radio broadcaster.

So Dan, Thank Youuuuu for reviving memories of my Orioles youth.

Barkeep's Reply: Glad I could help you think pleasant thoughts about the Orioles.

Josh Lewin...1995-96, young fellow came up from Rochester to majors, now he is the NFL Fox announcer


Michael Reghi

hahahhahahaha, u thought i was serious?

I'm 30, and a bit too young to understand what was so special about the talent of Chuck Thompson. I don't mean to be disparaging, but I really don't understand. Who was Miss Agnes, and why was she going off to war? What is so remarkable about beer being cold?

I count my blessings for being able to grow up listening to Jon Miller and Joe Angel. They brought out the best in each other, and helped me to understand and enjoy the game.

I also share most everyone's view that losing Jon Miller was the worst thing that Angelos did to the city of Baltimore. It was worse even than losing for 12+ seasons in a row, and on a par with Irsay's moving the Colts to Indianapolis.

Chuck Thompson, without a doubt, certainly Not Jim Palmer

being an older fan,I grew up listening to the Orioles and the Colts on the radio. there just weren't as many games televised back then. To this day, I'll listen to the O's--when you have things to do, it's impossible to watch every baseball game--the radio allows you to get stuff done out in the garage while picturing the action on the field. Which brings me to my favorite announcer--Chuck Thompson. The man not only possessed a golden baritone, but his ability to tell you exactly what was happening as it happened was truly a gift. As the play developed, his transition from that easy, tranquilizing tone, to an excited, stacatto, precise, description of the action was amazing. His voice fairly crackled. I used to attend a LOT of Oriole games throughout the 70's--and more often than not, I'd bring my transistor radio (that's us old guys' I-Pod, youngsters), just to check out Chuck's call-- and very little time passed between Chuck's call and the play on the field. Anybody who listened to him regularly will never forget it. Not only that, but the man could paint a beautiful picture of the entire scene at Memorial stadium--fans relaxing, vendors barking, the wind, sun, shadows across the field...truly a master. Summer will always remind me of him. I had a chance to meet him some years ago, and he was a true gentleman--and also had an irreverent side---he MAY have tilted a Natty Boh or two in his time as well--all in all just a regular guy--like a lot of our players on both teams from that era. Jon Miller is very good, but even he will acknowledge who the "man" is in Baltimore broadcasting.

It's amazing how blessed we are as Oriole fans to have had so many great broadcasters call Oriole games. Jon Miller is the absolute the best, and losing him to the Giants will always be a sore spot for me. My family and I tune into Sunday night baseball just to listen to Jon. Chuck Thompson was obviously an all time great, and I was lucky to have been able to hear him broadcast for a few years when I was young. Fred Manfra and Joe Angel really do tremendous job now for the Orioles. Gary Thorne is widely considered one of the best in the business, and he and Jim Palmer make a very good tandem on the TV side. The wildly entertaining pair of Mel Proctor and "Brother Low," John Lowenstein, could make even split squad Spring Training games interesting. I would tune in to their broadcasts just to see what they would do next. Oriole fans have been treated to some of the games best in the booth, and if we can get the O's on field play to resemble the excellence that we have in the Radio and TV booths respectively, Oriole fans will be in for a fun ride in 2010.

If your talking about who's the best in a traditional sense then you gotta go Chuck followed closely by Jon Miller. But, by far, the MOST ENTERTAINING announcers were Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein. Listening to them in the mid to late 80's was so much fun. They would crack me up all the time. Some of those Orioles teams were terrible but it didnt matter because Mel and Brother Lo made it enjoyable.

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