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Prediction Friday: Saints-Colts

We’ve talked about Baltimore’s great announcers -- which was one of the best discussions we’ve had in this place in a while.

And we’ve talked about that horseshoed team in the Midwest, and how most of you -- besides Jack and his island barstool -- want them to lose violently on Sunday.

But now it is time to usher in the final Prediction Friday of the NFL season.

If you are just stopping by for a quick cocktail, this is how it works: Predict the score, the winner/loser and the hero of the game (in this instance, the Super Bowl MVP).

Whoever is closest will receive a free fake cyberdrink tab for the week, and let me tell you, those are coveted.

Here’s my call: I agree with most of you. I can’t bring myself to root for the Colts. It’s just in my Baltimoron DNA (yeah, I said Baltimoron again). So go Saints, I suppose.

That said, I think the Colts are going to win. I think it will be a great game, and likely somewhat of a shootout. But I think the Colts’ defense is just that much better than the Saints. So I say 35-31 Colts.

And my MVP?

Reggie Wayne with three touchdown receptions and 100-plus yards.

Now, take your best shot. We’ll leave this up through the big game.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Colts-Saints


Saints in Shock.....Colts 42-17..... Peyton MVP... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, again.....

Colts 35 - Saints 28: Manning throws the winning TD in the final 2 minutes to clinch the MVP award.

I predict 26.875 inches of snow and I predict the Saints will lose to the Kolts, 37-24. MVP is some guy named Manning and some other guy named Stover nails 3 field goals.

Enjoy the snow everyone.

Barkeep's Reply: I hope you are way off on both accounts.

Saints 26, Colts 24. Stover misses a FG as the clock expires. Everyone rejoices!

hard to bet against the colts , the defense will win it . they shut down good offenses. pitching beats hitting. COLTS 45-10.

Any quarterback that pays as much homage to our great John Unitas as much as Peyton Manning does is worthy of our support and respect.

There is a statue whose foot we all touch and rub for good luck in front of our house isn't there.

Indy 37 - Saints 34.

Go Peyton Manning.

Saints by 100 pts with Bush as the MVP!! Boy, do I wish so!!! I hate the darn Colts, they betrayed us when they moved and I will NEVER forgive them for that. Go Ravens!! That said, if I had to pick a QB to lead my team to a victory in the SB I will blindly pick Johny U over Peyton Manning every single time.

Everyone says the Saints can't do it. They got lucky against the Vikings. All Favre has to do is tuck it under, run for 10 yds, kick the FG, and Vikings win. Ahh .. but he doesn't and the Saints capitalized. Anyone think for maybe a second that the Saints are just meant to win it all? As for defense, the Saints defense was all over Favre in the NFC Championship. Saints win 38-34. Player of the game is Brees.

Looks like Ken and Tom might share a drink with me this weekend, even though we are in the minority. I should make it clear that I am not rooting for Indianapolis, I am rooting for the Colts. Some of you will tell me that there is no distinction but for me there is. So I will root for the Hosses, even though I will also be happy for the Big Easy if the Who Dats win.

My pick is the Colts over the Saints, 38-28. The Colt defense and past playoff experience make the difference. Manning is the guy throwing the TD passes, so even if Wayne catches three of them, he doesn't catch the one to Dallas Clark so as always it's the QB who's going to Disney World, not the WR.

BTW, I skipped town early today to get out ahead of the snowstorm. I'm in NC visiting my son the US Marine who is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. Good luck to all those back home who are going to have to deal with this massive storm. I hope you are all stocked up for the big game, and that Dan doesn't run out of beer this weekend.

If you think the Saints will win, you don't have a brain; if you're rooting for the Colts to win, you don't have a heart.

Colts choke. Mannings dump passes are not gonna cut it. Brews wins MVP. And Manning is still scratching his big head.

My dislike for the Indy Kolts out weights my like for Payton. I'm old and that's just the way it is. It's games like this that I don't know who I will root for til the game is in progress. The truth is I'm rooting for my pool numbers. Even at that if one team gets up quickly I may switch and root for the other team. That said, Saints 38 - Kolts 19. See there you go, I HATE those friggin Kolts. Please Dan, drinks for everyone. It's a long time til September.

The Saints played ok against the Cards (#4 seed) and just above horrible against the Vikes (#2 seed) and still managed to pull out 2 wins......the Colts played decent againsts the Ravens (#6 seed) and shaky at times against the Jets (#5 seed) they of course managed two wins as well......the Colts beat 2 wild card teams and had an easy road to the big dance where the Saints played two, more evenly matched opponents. I think you wont see much of Freeney and you will see a heavy dose of blitzing from Greg Williams.....I am calling a huge lopsided uset with a Saints victory.....look for them to finally play that perfect game (which they have been digging for the entire playoffs) when it counts the most, the D will help keep this game relaxed for the offense.....Saints 38 Colts 20 MVP goes to Reggie Bush (2 Rec TD's and a rushing TD).....possibly a Manning injury early that lingers and hangs with him the whole game

Every team I get behind (Ravens, Jets, Saints) ends up losing so I hope this works.
I'm going reverse jinx here and picking the colts with the hope that the Saints win even though I believe the colts will win. Does that make any sense? I'm going to need lots of drinks for this one!

28-24 Colts

Hero/MVP: Manning = Brees

Yes, it would be great to see the Colts lose by some 90-0 or so. Then another 90-0 in the second half!

But Manning is Manning and that pretty much settles that. He's the best QB in the game these days and will carry the Colts to a 27-14 win or thereabouts.

Peytom knows how to win and then goes out and does so. He only has half a dozen quality receivers. Still, he is human has the occasional lousy game and should that happen Sunday night, Brees can do quite the number himself..

I had predicted Colts 38-24 earlier in the week, but with Freeney in doubt I think it's going to be much closer. I still think the Colts will prevail, but it's going to take a patented Manning fourth quarter drive to pull it out (maybe with Stover nailing a game-clinching field goal in the waning seconds).

FINAL SCORE: Colts 31 Saints 28

This game is going to be a shoot out...

Saints 45

Colts 41

Brees MVP

As much as I like Manning...I just can't root for the colts...I hate them!!!!

my bad colts (snickering)

Do you think a Baltimore restaurant could serve up Mike Preston a big dish of crow?

(Crows--Aren't they like ravens??)

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