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If you could replay one game in Baltimore sports history, which would it be?

This is the last day I will be at the bar for about three weeks, so treasure the witty banter today and this weekend as if it were a free keg.

Although you should get plenty of that (the banter, not free beer) in the next few weeks as Sun sports columnist Kevin Cowherd takes over here and blogs a couple times a week in the traditional Connolly’s format (hey, this dive is almost two years old. That’s a fledgling tradition in my opinion).

Kevin will be serving up drinks, jokes and Maryland basketball talk, among other things. I’m not sure whether I want to give him the key to the wine cellar, though. I am not sure I can trust him with the good stuff. I’ll be back mid-March, but I may check back once or twice to make sure the authorities haven’t closed Cowherd down.

To send me on my temporary way, I figure we’ll go hypothetical today, as we do here on occasion. Gatorade has been sponsoring a “Replay” campaign in which they recreate a great game of yesteryear starring the former participants, such as a high school football game played by 30-somethings.

I’m going to steal this concept, and put on my own twist.

I want you to pick out one game in Baltimore sports history to have replayed. It can be college, pros, whatever.

Here’s the catch, since we are working with fantasy here: The replay will be played now but with the athletes in their primes – they’ll jump on the dusty Connolly time machine. So if you want to recreate Game 7 of the 1971 World Series, you get Frank and Brooks in their glory but also Roberto Clemente at his clutch best.

Now, here’s the other wrinkle: The game you replay may not end up the way you want it to. You won’t know until it unfolds. For instance, let’s assume you pick the 1958 NFL Championship between the Colts and the New York Giants because you want to experience first-hand the Greatest Game Ever Played.

Would be a great choice, but perhaps this time Ameche gets stopped at the goal line. Or maybe Frank Gifford gets that first down and the Giants limp to victory. It would be awesome to witness that game with your own eyes, but it will come with a risk. The Colts might end up as bridesmaids if you mess with history.

The flip side is that maybe a game that crushed the Baltimore fan base – Game 7s versus the Pirates, anyone? – gets reversed in your favor.

One more rule: It has to be one single game. It can’t be a circumstance – in other words you can’t give the Mayflower vans a flat tire or help the Orioles’ previous owners avoid bankruptcy court.

It has to be a game. Understand? (I am typing slow and making things simple in case some of Cowherd’s loyal readers got here early).

Here’s my choice: Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS in Yankee Stadium. Maybe, just maybe, Richie Garcia gets a little bit better look at Jeter’s fly ball a second time around. Maybe the Orioles win that one, get to the World Series and delay – maybe completely halt – the Yankees’ dynasty of the late 90s before it starts.

Probably not, but we’re talking fantasy here. So play along. And have a good late February.

Daily Think Special: If you could replay one game in Baltimore sports history, which would it be?


This is a no-brainer. Colts vs. Jets in Super Bowl III.

Colts-Jets Super Bowl, would love to get another crack at Namath and the Jets and hopefully, the better team will win.

Tough call. First reaction was Super Bowl III, but I have to go with the Colts-Raiders playoff in 1977. I am old enough to remember that one, and it still hurts. I'll suggest just a replay of a single play: the Bert Jones to Raymond Chester that was barely out of reach.

Second place: the Eddie Murray bases loaded at bat in game 7 in 1979. Just replay that one Tekulve pitch...

Super Bowl III. Except this time, the game is not fixed.

1996 ALCS Game 1.... I hope Richie would get a better look but I just really hope Davey just doesnt call Armando out of the pen. Change the outcome change the series change history possibly.

Game 2 of the 1979 World Series. O's already up one game to none. Weaver pulls Palmer in Game 2 and Palmer is disgusted at Weaver's decision. We go on to lose Game 2. We win games 3 & 4. We then lose the next 3 games and the Pirates are the Champs. If Weaver leaves Palmer in game 2, we would have won and swept the Pirates 4 games straight!

Fun one DC.

I was at the Colts/Raiders game...ugh.

My pick---Os/Brewers last game of '82 and Earl's first farewell. Os win and go on to win the first half of back to back championships.

Barkeep's Reply: I was there, too. As a kid. Great call, Cush.

Great topic. Wouldn't we all have moments in our lives, sports or otherwise, that we'd like a chance to replay? Jet-Colts seems a no brainer, but since I'm a much bigger baseball fan than football fan (even in the current Ravens/Orioles world), I'd have to pick either Game 5, 6 or 7 of the '79 Series, or either Games 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the '69 Mets series. Obviously in '79, if any of those turns the other way, the O's are Champs. In '69, I'm totally convinced, if the O's win any of those losses, they go on to win.

So, I'm going for Game 2 of the Mets series. O's win that series, the next one in '70, and also win in 71, becoming the greatest three year dynasty ever in the sport.

MD-Duke final 4 2001- up 22 before 22 foul calls got Duke back in it. 2 straight Natl Championships, perhaps?

Super Bowl III was before my time, so I'll have to go with the Orioles vs. Yankees in Game 1 of the '96 ALCS. I remember watching that punk interfere with fly ball and wanting to reach through the TV and punch everyone in Yankee Stadium. Appearing on Letterman and a key to the city from Giuliani, are you kidding me? I hate the Yankees.

Cal's last game. It still doesn't sit right that Brady struck out on a pitch well out of the strike zone and left Cal on deck to end his career.

No doubt about it: Super Bowl III. This time the Colts come to play, and it's not even close.

October 9, 1996 - Jeffrey Maier falls over the fence onto the field and is trampled by Tarasco. Security tackles & pepper sprays Maier then arrests him for trespassing on private property. BTW, Umps CORRECTLY call fan interference on the play. And Maier isn't a guest on Letterman.

Colts-Jets would be the obvious choice for many.
Jeffrey Maier game- that punk and a blind umpire changed the O's fortunes from good to bad.
Colts Raiders in 77 is another good one.
But for me personally it is Game 7 of the 1979 World Series. I was in attendance- aj unior in high school and remember the horrible feeling of walking out of that stadium that evening.

Somebody already picked my first and second choices:

#1 Super Bowl III

#2 1979 WS Game 7

The last game of the 1982 Orioles' season.

I'm choosing games that I remember, which for me leaves out Super Bowl III and any games of the '69 and '71 World Series.
1) '79 WS game 7, Eddie's drive to the warning track.
2) Playoff game against Raiders '77, specifically the 4th quarter. Throw the ball!
3) ACC Final 1980: I still see Albert King's final shot spinning out with Buck Williams ready for the rebound and his being undercut by a Duke player. Ref call the damn foul!

The last game of the Orioles 82 season. I'd have loved a win for earl.And a win for Palmer.

I would go with the 1996 ALCS game 1 - maybe the ump actually makes the right call or even better that ball never gets out of the infield - tough game to remember seeing how things have gone since then

Hey John Linatud,

O's-Pirates, Eddie hit a blast down the right field line with the bases jammed. Ball landed in the upper deck, just foul! Seemed like 2 feet at the time, more likely 15-20. Would have been the greatest grand slam in baseball history.

This is fantasy, right?

How about Moose pitching shutout ball against Indians in playoffs, only to lose by a Tony Fernandez....Tony Fernandez HR in the 11th, ouch! We would have been WS bound that year.

Oh, can't forget winning the first three games of the '82 series finale against Brewers, we won the first three...we got smoked by Robin Yount in the last game....lost division by a game. OUCH!

Poochy inbounding the ball to GT's, (and Bawlner's own Duane Ferrell), going in for the gane winning, I could go on and on.....

Super Bowl III.

The 2006 AFC divisional round playoff loss to Indy left a feeling in my gut that still won't go away.

MD-Duke Final Four game when we blew a 20 point lead

the 1982 brewer orioles game4 of 4 the retirerment of weaver and all most sweeping the brewers to win the division but we lose it was a great hall of fame day palmer vs sutton plus cal jr first year it was the begining of the end of the orioles best era.

1997 ALCS vs. Indians. The Orioles are a team of destiny going wire to wire, and reaches the ALCS. Mussina pitches a fantastic game vs. Herschiser. He strikes out 15 but the game goes 12 innings. It gets decided in a botched suicide squeeze by the Indians. Omar Viquel attempts to bunt but misses the ball entirely. Lenny Webster loses the flight of the ball and assumed that Omar tipped it, so he doesn't even field the ball. Unfortunately for him, the ball was in play, and Grissom already bounding toward home, cruises in credited with stealing home plate.

This game changes the momentum of the series and the Indians go on to win. It was the last time the Orioles were in real contention, after which they go on a run of a decade long of losing.

Barkeep's Reply: Yep, that and Armando to Tony F were killers.

Game 6 of the '97 ALCS. I was at that game and watching Armando give up that home run to Tony Fernandez. In a word, devastated. I didn't read the sports section or watch ESPN for weeks after that. Would love to have that one back.

Barkeep's Reply: Andy, totally understand the deflation. But not read the sports page for a week? That's inhumane, fella.

I wasn't even born yet, but there's no doubt it's got to be Super Bowl III. It's the biggest blight on Baltimore's sports history.

Second choice would be Game 7 in 1979. That one I remember vividly. We were so sure we were going to win after Dauer (of all people) homered.

And my 3rd choice would be the Friday night game against the Blue Jays in 1989's final weekend in Toronto. If we could get that one back and be tied with them heading into the final 2 games, maybe we end up winning the division in that Why Not year. Olson's wild pitch still haunts me.

the last second missed packer field goal in the championship game that the officals called was in the early 60' a result of that muffed call the nfl raised the uprights another 10-15 feet

Super Bowl III, for one huge reason: if the Colts of that era win that game, they go down in the books as one of the best teams ever--13-1 during the regular season, 11-1-2 the year before. What a run!

A close second would be Game 7 of the '71 Series, for the same reason. That O's dynasty would get even more respect if they had won 2 out of the 3 WS during that great stretch.

Game 5 of the 1979 World Series. I remember a conversation with a friend that played for that team, and he said they wanted to win it all in front of the home crowd.........well the rest was history!

Super Bowl III, hands down. I watched the 1958 game on TV, so give some Joe Willy Namath eating humble pie.

I agree with john...I was 12 years old when the Colts lost in OT. If Bert Jones makes that throw to Raymond Chester, there is no doubt the Colts go to the Super Bowl. Remember, the Colts were 11-3, had the league MVP with Bert Jones and had a very good defense. I can still see the play.

Super Bowl III, let Unitas start, and the final game of the 1982 Orioles' season against the Brewers.

Game 6 of the '79 World Series. Just out of high school, I sat in a box seat on the 1st base side, my first and only WS game in person, sure I was going to see the O's win another Championship. And I was going to be there to experience it first hand. Palmer on the mound, and some young upstart kid on the other side (Candelaria). It was no contest. I still say that game played 9 out of 10 times is won by the O's. I just happened to be there for the 1 that got away.

Ravens vs. Giants in the 2000 Super Bowl game. Ravens would kick their butts again.

That 7th game in 1971 is a good choice, but like the man said, SuperBowl III is a no brainer!

Super Bowl III. Unitas sees Orr open in the end zone this time.

md-nc st. overtime acc championship game with the terps winning.

The Jeff Maier game and the 2006 Colts playoff game spring to mind. 1 touchdown or a better call by Garcia may have led to a championship for both teams.

However, I'd like to see Game 3 of the 97 ALCS replayed. Great game between Mussina and Hershiser ends on a bad call by the plate umpire in extra innings. If the Orioles are able to score 1 run to support Mussina's incredible game, they win that game and probably go to the Series against the Marlins. Wire to wire champions, and a reversal of fortunes for the franchise.

I know it doesn't count, but I'd love to include the practice in 2001 where Gregg's tackle tore up Jamal's knee and kept the Ravens from going back to back.

don chandler MISSING a 35 yard field goal ,everyone in the stadium knew irt ,chandler shook his head ,he knew it was NO GOOD wide ,and the REFS called it good ALL for GREEN BAY .LOU MICHAEL,MIKE CURTIS,. billyRAY smith, fred miller etc,. the COLTS SHOULD HAVE WON> end of story,. the colts -jet super bowl , NAMETH check your records worst compl. more int than tds, aver, fumbles 12-13 a year won -lost record was a JOKE on EVERYONE.but life unfortu,goes on., ORIOLES in 2010 will surprize everyone inc, theorselves. let the ravens keep bringing the KILLERS of comm ,. if I did half of what ray lewis or stallwort less did Ibe in prison or dead this zagnuts are making millions for playing a sport .,ravens will be 6-10 next season.,/

Getting a late start today....most of mine were picked. Cabterp called it, watching Albert's shot rimming out and then Buck Williams getting undercut killed me. I think that may have been the first time I uttered the F-word and the first time I got a taste of pepper in my mouth.

A few others (some repeats):

MD vs Duke in the Final Four when we blew the lead.

'79 NCAA loss to G-Town
'79 series - game 7.
'82 regular season finale vs BrewCrew
and 1986....Len Bias never hooks up with Brian Tribble when he gets back from Boston.

Top 5:
1. 162nd game of 1982, Brewers crush Palmer to advance to playoffs.
2. Game 7, 1979 World Series
3. Game 7, 1971 World Series
4. Game 5, 1973 playoffs vs Oakland
5. Game 2, 3, 4 or 5 of 1969 World Series

Len Bias was tragic, I should have had that on my list. So young.

Interesting thought, if the Jets don't win Super Bowl III, does the NFL/AFL merger even happen? Some speculate that that victory was what showed that the AFL talent was on the same level as the NFL. Without that outcome who knows what the NFL would look like today.

+1 on many.

how about the 1964 Colts-Browns championship? we lose 27-0 to an inferior team. stilll can't figure that one.

Sunday, November 5, 1967 - Colts-Packers:

I have never been that cold in my life. It was the 4th quarter, Colts down 10-0 with less than 5 minutes to go and the Colts' offense has only managed 20 yards all afternoon. People were leaving in droves not so much because of the poor performance, but more because of the bone-chilling temperatures. But then in just 51 seconds...

Unitas tosses to Alex Hawkins for the TD (kick failed). The Colts try an onside kick AND THEY RECOVER! Then, Unitas lofts one to Willie Richardson for the second TD! Colts win 13-10!

The only thing I'd change is that I'd try to convince my dad to stay in our seats until the end. Richardson threw the ball he caught for the winning TD into the stands -- into the empty section where we had been sitting -- into MY SEAT! My cousin, sitting one section over almost got to that ball, but he was beaten by another guy.

No question, the worst loss in Baltimore history, Super Bowl III. Don't wait so long to let Johnny U in the game this time!

Before this last Super Bowl, I would have said Super Bowl III, but after seeing the CBS graphic "Indianapolis - 4th Super Bowl", I figure the national media has now transferred all Colt history to Hoosierville.

So, I'm picking game 7 of the 1979 World Series. The Orioles had three chances to crown a season for the ages but couldn't close the deal. I would love to erase Wille Stargel's homer and replace it with a three-run Eddie Murray dinger.

Oh yeah, i forgot about the rebound that Buck Williams had until Kenwood Dennard totally undercut him.

And of course the 2001 final four was just abysmal officiating again; it was so bad and on the national stage that the Terps have yet to be jobbed in a Duke game since. It happened twice that year, but not the next.

Game 1 of the 1969 ALCS (the first ALCS
game ever) and the best baseball game
I've ever seen. O's won 109 games in 1969
but need to win 3 of 5 to make the World Series. Down 3 to 2 in the ninth at Memorial Stadium, Boog Powell ties it with a home run and then the Birds win it on a
squeeze bunt in the bottom of the tweleth
inning. It was the first of 9 consecutive ALCS wins for the Orioles

Tops on my list is Super Bowl III. The article that was in the Sun a few weeks ago said that if the Colts had won that one, then maybe Don Shula stays in town and then maybe the Colts win a few more SB's and then just maybe the Colts never get sold to Irsay and then maybe they never leave town.....Sounded like a good theory to me.

The rest of my Top 5:

2.) Game 7, 1971 WS
3.) Game 7, 1979 WS
4.) 2001 NCAA Final Four Terps vs. Duke where we blew the 20 pt. lead at the half. If we had won that, I have a feeling the Terps would've won the championship that year and then gone on to win the following year, which in turn gives the program and Gary Williams way more respect in the media then he (they) ever get.
5.) 1997 ALCS Game 6- Mussina pitched a gem that night and the O's should've won, setting up a crucial Game 7. I'm sure the O's would've won that one and then gone on to lose to the upstart Marlins that year.

A few good choices, especially Super Bowl III and Game 7.

I'd go with the AFC championship against the Steelers.

I think that's a game we could have won, and then I think we'd have won the Super Bowl after.

I'm cheating with more than 1 also -- a few come to mind........2006 playoff game Ravens vs. actually "feels" like January that day instead of April and the freezing weather stifles the Colts and the Ravens come out on the other end of the grind out game and beat tired NE the following 2 of the 1997 ALCS where if Benitez doesn't serve one up late we probably win the ALCS and the 7 of the 79 series.....the Bert Jones overthrow of Raymond Chester in 77 and....a recent one: last year's AFC Championship Game- this time the young DB (Darren Stone?) doesn't commit the personal foul on the punt return with about 8 minutes left and the Ravens only trailing by 2 and with all the momentum........that one kills me.....if we don't have that penalty it might have been us hoisting that trophy in Tampa February 09 instead of the Steelers

I have to go with Super Bowl III. I was a heartbroken 14-year old and then to have the O's lose to the Mets later that year was just too, too much. A lot of other great choices have been mentioned and I remember every last one of them. I had forgotten that as a sports fan growing up rooting for the Colts, O's, and Terps that there have been so many of those "oh so close" heartbreakers. The mention of that Colts-Raiders playoff game brought back memories of the coldest damn football game I've ever attended - but what a great game it was - except for the ending. Dan, thanks for the great topic!

Game 7 of the 1979 World Series.

Watching the O's lose to the Pirates after being ahead 3 games to 1 was the biggest and most bitter disappointment of my life. I attended 49 games that year, including playoffs, the most I've ever attended and to see it end like that really hurt plus it was a home game.

My second choice would be the Colts losing to the Jets in the Super Bowl.

All the games suggested are outstanding. Good calls.

Mine would have to be the 2006 AFC divisional round game. The Ravens held Peyton Manning to less than 50% passing, no TDS, and 2 INTS, one by Reed they say he stepped out on what could have been a TD return. A gimpy McNair throwing an INT intended to Heap, which could of been PI against the Colts.

The reason I picked this game is that the Colts played NE the following week, and were down 24-3 before coming back. I think the Ravens could of slowed down the Patriots.

AND then, the final bit of heartache: A Superbowl played in Miami, where Ray and Ed went to school, the pouring rain, and Prince singing "Purple Rain" at halftime.

It seemed like our destiny.

I'd like to see the Os v. Rangers August 22, 2007 game replayed. Maybe we'd only lose 29-3 instead of 30-3...

1996 ALCS, Game 3. Mussina was left in the game too long by Manager Davy Johnson, who had a tired bullpen. Zeile throws the ball into the game when he faked a throw home. It was a long drive home after leaving that park that day.

Rob - good call on Bias. Not a game to replay but a moment nevertheless. Another one in that category - Moses Malone decides to stay at Maryland for his freshman year before going to the ABA. That would have gotten Lefty his National Championship.

Top three games I'd like to have over:
Super Bowl III
MD-NCSU in ACC title game
1979 WS game 7

RICK - dude, slow down! Good call on Chandler's FG, but way off base on Ray Lewis. Ray never killed anyone, and he pleaded guilty to what he did - which was to not rat on his lowlife posse. It took me a while to come around but the facts are the facts - Ray is not OJ or Rae. If he can never earn forgiveness in your book, that's your prerogative, but at least be hating him for the real facts not something that just ain't so.

Here’s my choice: Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS in Yankee Stadium. Maybe, just maybe, Richie Garcia gets a little bit better look at Jeter’s fly ball a second time around. Maybe the Orioles win that one, get to the World Series and delay – maybe completely halt – the Yankees’ dynasty of the late 90s before it starts.


First thought that popped into my head.

super bowl III....colts-raiders(I was there with my nephew)....maryland-duke

I've seen them all. What memories! I'm 63 years old and the ones that still hurt are Super Bowl III and losing to the Mets in the 1969 WS. What a horrible year!

Md- Dook..........Jayson Williams leads a comeback. We are up 10 points with just about a minute left on the clock. I was so depressed I cancelled an important date with the most intelligent and attractive girl I have ever known, then and since. We stopped seeing each other that month. I developed the most extreme case of schadenfreude toward him ever since. I lost my girl and he lost his NBA career. I was the bigger loser by far.

Game 6 of the 1997 ALCS Orioles and Indians. Instead of a called strike three Roberto Alomar gets a double in extra innings to tie the game scoring Brady who goes from first to home. Alomar takes third but is stranded. Ripkin has a walk off homer in the twelth to win and the O's win game 7 of the ALCS.

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