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What's your take on Sunday's Ravens' win in New England?

Not only do I admit when I am wrong, but there are times when I like it.

Sunday was one of those times. I just didn’t think the Ravens could handle the Patriots and Tom Brady in New England.

I was wrong. Incredibly wrong. Nineteen points wrong.

The Ravens throttled the Patriots 33-14 and are now headed to Indianapolis to play Peyton Manning and the … well, that team’s nickname escapes me right now.

There was a whole lot of optimism about this game on the other side of the bar this weekend. And I give you loyal fans credit. I especially give credit to Mike, who said he had a dream that the Ravens beat the Pats 31-17.

And that was his prognostication on Prediction Friday. He came closest to nailing it head on, and so he’ll get the free open drink tab this week.

Congrats Mike, live the dream.

Many of you Ravens fans are in dreamland, too. This club that made you shake your heads and fists much of the season are now in Round 2 of the playoffs.

And you have to be impressed with how they did it – absolutely punching the Patriots in the mouth in the first quarter to go up 24-0. The defense stepped up and the rushing attack was phenomenal.

I’ll leave the analysis for you guys today, since I proved this weekend I don’t exactly have my fingers on the pulse of this Ravens team.

We’ll get to Saturday’s clash in Indy later this week. Today, I’ll let you focus on the good that was Sunday in Massachusetts.

Do you think it was the start of something big? Or do you think the Patriots were just highly overrated? Was it a little bit of both?

Were you exhilarated by the rush-heavy game plan or did it make you concerned about how Joe Flacco and the receivers will respond after a veritable week off?

This is your turn. Use it.

Daily Think Special: What’s your take on Sunday’s Ravens’ win in New England?


Do you even watch the games, Dan?

Didn't these two teams already play in N.E. and wasn't it only with incredible luck and Welker that N.E. won?

Why should it be a surprise?

Barkeep's Reply: Because I genuinely thought Brady would pick apart the Ravens' secondary, the way he normally picks apart secondaries in the postseason. But glad I was wrong. And, yeah, I absolutely watch them.

This was a very good win for the Ravens. They played with an intensity that I haven't seen in a while, but it was "smart" intensity (only 3 5-yard penalties), and if they can keep playing this well throughout the playoffs,I think they have a good shot of going all the way. I also think it says something that when Joe Flacco doesn't have a good game, they can still beat one of the premier teams in the NFL. If the Ravens can put as much pressure on Manning as they did on Brady today, the Colts could be in deep caca.

This could be the start of something big, but we won't know for sure until Saturday night in Indy. If we beat the Colts then get the bandwagon gassed up for a trip to Miami because we'll crush the winner of the Jets/Chargers game.

I believe we can win with the same formula as today, but Indy has done a better job against our run so I don't think 52 carries 14 passes will cut it. Just like this week, I have no feel for this game (yet) but I believe we will continue to pound the ball until they stop us.

I had a feeling they would win this time, pretty happy about it.

Also glad it probably ruined most of the Sun writers days since none of them happen to have any faith in this team EVER. (I think the vast majority are closet Steelers fans.)

As far as the fans are concerned it make the season a total success. So many ups and downs this year. Early ups, midseason down, all leading to sneeking into the play-offs. So now we can show what kind of team we are. Well we are a play-off team for sure, and the Ravens again have made Baltimore proud. On to Indy were we can complete the 1-2 punch this team deserves and has worked so hard for. The refs tried to sway the game, but being up 24-0 with a very good defense was just to much for the Pat and refs to overcome. We smashed em and smashed em good.

Same game at Indy. Control the ball. Need to keep Peytons feet moving. Can't let him have his "spot." Run, Run, Run and then play action passing. Get D. Williams on the field for more than a few plays. Play hard, but smart. Keep the penalties to a minimum. If the Ravens win the time of possession and keep our turnovers to a minimum, then we will win the game.

I don't think that the NFL has it in for the Ravens, but I do think they want Peyton in the SB. Tell me why the Jets play on Saturday and then get to play on Sunday and the Ravens play on Sunday and then turn around with the short week. Can't give us the full 7 days rest to face Manning and the Colts. And if you are going to say that Ravens vs Colts is the best prime time game, I would counter that the bigger football audience is on Sunday's at 1pm than on Saturday night.

This one will be forever known as "The Boston Massacre"

w/o a better mix of QB play (less 90/10 run/pass more 60/40 run/pass) Ravens won't be able to get past the Indy football team. A healthy Flacco could definitely do it, but what happens if he isn't at all healthy. 10 attempts, let alone 4 completions, WILL not a Divisional Game Win.

To all those idiots who thought that Harbaugh was in over his head, could the Ravens have been any better prepared than they were for NE?

I'm sure everyone will be saying this today (Except for the media, b/c you guys have to go on record), but I had a feeling about this game too. They only lost to winning teams by small margins all year because they hurt themselves. They have the talent to match up with any team in the league. They just needed to be focused and disciplined. The playoffs tend to bring out their best and they often beat teams they aren't supposed to. Even on the road (perhaps especially on the road).

My take is that it is about time this team really gave us something to cheer about. It is sad when you watch a game like yesterday and for most of the game you are wondering when and how the Ravens were going to implode in order to find another way to lose like thay have di=one sooo many times. Thank God they did not do it this time, the fans deserveed it for sticking with them through all the crap they have given the fans at times.


I'm in general agreement with you. I thought the Brady Bunch would find ways of moving the ball against the Ravens, but since they couldn't and with the big early lead I liked Cameron's revised game plan to just run the football until they were stopped...and they never were.

The Ravens showed intensity on defense that I haven't seen all year and they buffered it with playing smart.

Hats off to Frank Walker and Dominque Foxworth for their best games as Ravens.

Winning in the playoffs is all about controlling the tempo and creating turnovers.

Gimme a cup of coffee and some home fries. I'm not even going to think about Indy til tomorrow.

I think yesterday's win was a combo of NE being a bit overrated and you can't deny that Harbaugh has us ready in the post-season. The man is 3-1 in the postseason.

You can say Welker's absence hurt them but Edelman looked like Welker yesterday. I really liked the way we've been playing defense for about a month now. Sure it started vs Detroit & Chicago but perhaps, just perhaps, Mattison finally found the right formula. I think Ellerbe has stepped his game up and I think Dwan Edwards should be starting in place of Pryce.

We can run the ball vs anyone but we need Joe to pass better. The throw to Heap was terrible and the ball to Clayton looked like a volleyball serve. But still, we flat out whipped them yesterday.

Another happy week in cards all around....I mean, drinks all around.

ravens beat another 8-8 team,. buffalo had them beat twice,.

The Raven had the patriots number all year and yes i said all year. They should have won like this back in week 4. The combination of stupid penalties...mental mistakes and a few bad calls cost us. Well this time clayton held on to a critical 3rd down pass..we werent called for roughing the passer even though ray lewis clearly drove tom brady into the turf (paybacks a bitch isn't it redsox nation) and we converted points off of every turnover. this also speaks volumes for our coaching staff who got these issues corrected and clearly had all 3 phases of the game ready to play. If we can correct the issues that cost us the game in week 11 we will beat indy and by my calculations that means punching the ball in the endzone from the 1. the ravens were the far better team yesterday and possibly even in week 4. we will see if the same is true this saturday night.

What was decisive was that the Ravens took the game away from the Refs' ability to win it for New England. Although the Refs did botch the call on the punt recovery which resulted in giving the Pats 7 points. And the spot on Flacco's scramble for a first down.

One thing I will pass along to Keith Mills & Co. - I was watching the video highlights of the Ravens-Patriots game
on with "Down on the Corner" from Creedence Clearwater Revival playing in the background for audio from 100.7 FM and it was a pretty good match in terms of tempo and mood. Note to NFL Films for future reference.

Ravens offense was ok but not good enough to win a good defensive struggle. Fortunately NE's defense didn't show up in the 1st qtr. Interesting that NE was able to move the ball, but made mistakes. I suspect Lewis' hit on Brady in the 1st qtr freaked him out and may have been the game changer. Need the same thing next week or Indy will pick apart the secondary, and it won't be pretty.

There hasn't been a team all year that have straight out-classed the Ravens. they're too talented. I think this win boiled down to this: The Ravens played under control. 3 penalties for 15 yards. The games they've lost they shot themselves in the foot, (penalties, poor special teams, inopportune turnovers); and it's appeared to me that when they played upper-eschelon teams, they've tried too hard to make plays and intimidate, and as a result end up making dumb plays. When they jumped out in front, something clicked with them and they played within themselves.

My question to you is that it seems every couple of years, a team with a glaring weakness seems to find a miracle fix and makes a playoff run (Colts championship team figuring out how to stop the run, Cardinals last year figuring out how to run the ball). If the ravens continue to defend well against the pass, do you see them as a legitimate contender?


Playing on Saturday has nothing to do with the Ravens and everything to do with the Colts. The Colts are the 1-seed, so they get the bye in week 1 and 8 days to prepare for week 3 (if they win). The Ravens get 6 days to prepare for Week 2 because they're the 6-seed. NY gets 7 days to prepare because they're the 5-seed.

No conspiracy. The higher the seed, the more favorable the playoff schedule.

the ravens' own sportswriters
except kevin cowherd can't
see the forest from the trees.

with welker out and brady
hurt, the randy moss malcontent
was taken out of the game..where
was the pats offense coming from???
the running game, not with ray
lewis and ngata....

also overlooked was the
ravens ability to win road
playoff games 6 now...most
in the decade.... i picked
the ravens to upset and i
was right on....

ravens stick to the run
and play defense, that is what
wins playoff games rodgers throws for 400 yards and
goes home... flacco completes
4 passes,,, it's all about the
d baby.........

I have to say what I took away from this game is that less than five years from now we're going to be gnashing our teeth about the early troubles of yet another new Defensive Coordinator, because Greg Mattison will be off taking a Head Coach job somewhere. The guy somehow turned Chris Carr and Dominique Foxworth into solid cover guys over the course of a half of a season. Wow.

No sayin' you knew "something about this game." The only think "you" knew was that the Ravens were going to get thrashed. I thought it was a lost cause. Now, I'm not so sure they can't win on Saturday.

Oh - and if I'm the Ravens -- I don't think they were beat up too much yesterday. Saturday Prime Time is COOOOOL.

Dan,the O took the fight to NE right away(thank you,Ray Rice and line) and we used all 3 backs to our advantage.The secondary on our defense is playing the ball(moving heads on a swivel) and reciever simultaneously which brings out the best results on coverage.I'll give some props on corner tackling,too.Maybe NE was overrated but the team came to play and was ready from the first kickoff(a little coaching,perhaps?).Great day to enjoy being a Ravens fan and boy,did the gallery need a stunning victory like this for our caps.We've been hard on the boys sometimes this year,but maybe the criticism has been heard and it's starting to pay off in the long run(?).To Mr. Flacco: we may need you some more this Sat. night,so,let's get ready to throw indoors this week!

It was a good win. Any way you slice it, the Ravens came out ready and stunned the Patriots in the first quarter with big plays. The Pats never truly recovered, but even after they settled down a bit, the Ravens never really let them get back into it. The Ravens did not self-destruct but instead executed brilliantly. Solid play in all phases of the game - offense, defense, special teams. Not flawless, mind you - absence of passing game, the turnover on the punt (that should have come back to the Ravens). But still outperformed the Pats in all three phases.

Way to go, Purple! Now let's keep it going in Indy.

Great game

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