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What will you remember most about Melvin Mora's Orioles' career?

We’re going to recycle a little bit today.

Never say this place isn’t good for the environment.

A few months ago we talked about Melvin Mora and his place in history with the Orioles, because we knew he wouldn’t be back.

But now it is official. Mora agreed to terms – a one-year deal worth $1.3 million with the Colorado Rockies – on Sunday.

Mora finishes top 10 in most of the franchise’s offensive categories, including hits, homers, doubles, RBIs, runs scored and at-bats.

He also led the club in speaking his mind; usually good for one or two critical outbursts a season. He’d rip teammates and club personnel if he felt it were necessary. At times, that endeared him to fans while rankling teammates and/or club officials.

Mora was an enigma. He could pout and lose focus and act like the typical privileged athlete of this generation. And he could also show support and compassion for his community that is so rare these days. He chose to live in the Baltimore area year-round, which got him a whole lot of points around here.

I’ll tell you this much: No professional athlete I have covered supplied me with more humorous, head-shaking moments (most of which I couldn’t print) than Melvin, who said some genuinely hilarious things, some of which weren’t even meant to be funny.

Here’s a quick one. Melvin was once up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth of a tied game when an errant pitch headed right for his back. Instinctively, Melvin shot to the ground – even though if the pitch had hit him, it would have won the game.

A few pitches later, Melvin walked and the Orioles won anyway. Afterward, we interviewed Jerry Hairston, one of the more loquacious players I have covered. Hairston joked that the next day the team was going to send Melvin out for early hit-by-pitch practice.

When the quip was relayed to Mora, he half-smiled and simply said, “Jerry Hairston talk too much.”

For the next year, every time Hairston was being interviewed, one of the guys in the press box would say, “Jerry Hairston talk too much.” And then we’d all laugh.

There is so much to remember about Mora’s days here, but I think I will remember most the crazy things he said when we were just shooting the bull.

What will you remember? Will it be good, bad or a little of both?

Daily Think Special: What will you remember most about Melvin Mora’s Orioles’ career?


all of his kids

Besides the head shaking comments, I wil remember his 2004 season where he batted .340 and made the transition to third full time. From 2000-03 he played all over the diamond for us. Not to mention outside of the baseball he is a very friendly guy (a shy guy, but very nice). I wish Melvin the best of luck, I keeps his family in Maryland, he is a great part of the community.

Being the only current member of the O's to be at Elrod's funeral--

Him always complaining about something. Me first player. See ya!

I will remember a once good player with diminishing skills. He had trouble admitting that and became a trouble maker who stayed too long. I am glad he is no longer an Oriole.

orioles should have kept him ,not like they have a lot of inf.,

Melvin has been great for and to the Baltimore community.He has been accessible and has lent himself to help and support others through his support of local charities and fundraisers.

That the team lost every year he played...oh and the quintuplets.

he never played a game that mattered in an Oriole uniform

anonymous, what is this "always" you speak of with regards to his complaining? He complained one time...

I wait tables at the Bonefish Grill in Bel Air, and last season Melvin came in with his wife and just two of their kids, with another couple and their child. He was on the DL and the O's were in Boston. Being the fan that I am, I was the one who took Melvin's table. I talked a little baseball with him, but not much because I knew he was with his family, and my job was to bring him food and drinks, not talk his ear off. Well, Markakis hit a grand slam early in the game, and I went up to Melvin and said, "That's your boy!" And he just looked at me with wide eyes and a big smile, almost childlike, and nodded his head feverishly. Of course, we all know that the O's blew a 7-0 lead in that game and lost, but to me, that was just happy-go-lucky Melvin being Melvin.

The game before the All Star break in, I believe,2008 in Boston. He left, like 12 men on base, and essentially lost the game single handly. After the All Star Break, he returned and tore up the league. Again, I believe he was in the top two in RBI's in the second half, en route to his 2nd 100 RBI season. It seemed as if he took that single game to heart and said, I'll never leave another man on base again. A very classy Oriole, who in most cases, epitomizes the Oriole Way.

A few years ago, he cuaght a pigeon on the infield grass and carried it off the field.

Also, a few years back at Latina Day when he was introduced with the many other Latin players, instead of saying a few words like the others he took the mike and began singing a song. He nevr spoke, just sang.

I think Melvin epitomized the collective disgust and angst of his teamates and this fanbase, with his clenched brow, fumigating remarks, and untrenchable spirt; All belying his true passion for the game. Its not his fault no more than ours that he played for a lousy owner who let its only true, homegrown, top line starter walk away to the Yankees with nothing in return. Not his vault the rest of the rotation was a revolving door of retreads, never had beens, never would be's, and broken down batting practice fodder. Yeh, he eventually succumbed to pouting and making public remarks that should have been saved for the clubhouse, but is that any different from any of you on this forum. I'm willing to bet we've all said or done worse. I hope he hits for high average in Colorado. One thing for sure, in that location, and with that team, a solid, young playoff caliber team, no matter what, he'll be breathing fresh air!

1) Back in '04/'05 or so at the Yard, Melvin was racing down the third base line after a foul pop-up. The ball landed way back in the seats, but Melvin reached out and hugged this little boy who was standing in the front row. Both were grinning as Melvin jogged back to position. It was very cute.

2) The site of his kids in the crowds. On the last day of the season last year, they were all up in a skybox behind home plate with signs that read "We Love Papi!"

People can say whatever they want, but Melvin played hard here, was good to the fans, made Baltimore his home and wanted to be here when most others didn't. This fan loves him and wishes him the best.

The only active player to attend Elrod Hendricks funeral, and being a great humanitarian.

His play on the field, must not be judged by last season performance. His play stready the position for ten years, in the likes of (2) Doug Decinces and (1) Brooks Robinson. Any complaints about the comparision? If so, who would be #3 ont he O's all-time lsit of 3rd Basemen?

His baserunning instincts or lack of. Seemed like a bipolar kind of guy who never played a game that mattered. He and Flanigan should ride off in the sunset together after robbing the Orioles blind with that ridiculous five year deal.

Batting cages in Forest Hill last winter. Melvin took a break from his workout to take a picture with my son and another with my overexuberant wife. He was a good sport.

Melvin was a good player on some bad Oriole teams. Hope he stays in the community when it's all said and done

I will remember that he was the only Oriole to attend the funeral of Elrod Hendricks. Just proves he was a good guy.

I will always remember Melvin as one of the most underated and underappreciated Orioles of all time. Good luck Melvin! You deserve better.

Wasn't Melvin the only player in baseball history to have been ejected from a game during a rain delay? As I recall it, the story was that it was raining cats and dogs and the Os were in the field holding on to a slim lead. The field rapidly became unplayable and visibility worsened to the point that the outfielders couldn't see the ball coming off the bat. The opposing team was able to score a couple of runs to take the lead, and as the go-ahead run crossed the plate, the umps called for the tarp. Melvin blew his stack at the third base umpire and got himself thrown out after play had been called.

Nice guy but when ever I think of him I'll just be reminded of the worst period in Orioles history.

I will remember his great value to the team early in his tenure, and I hope it will end up carrying more weight in my memory than the way things ended up. That 2004 season was one of the great individual performances in Oriole history even if it was in a losing cause.

A good man and a good ball player who was never accused of steroid use. He was one of the best players on the team every year until last year. Thanks for the memories Mel-Mo!

How he gave Oriole latino fans a player we could identify with and be proud of for the past 10 years.

We will miss his glove at 3B and his Celia Cruz introduction music.

Here's one O's fan that will be making the trek down to DC and proudly wearing a Mora #6 jersey when Colorado comes to town to whoop up on the Nats!

Melvin was a consistant hitter for average, with occasional pop. very steady glove at the corner. overall good rounded player. gonna miss the fella.

Early in his Orioles career, he was on a 20-game hitting streak. He was 0-for heading into his last at-bat, and slammed a HR.

I also remember the second half of the 2008 season -- there was no better hitter in the game for about a two-month period.

I agree with some of the other comments: he was one of the most underappreciated Orioles, and I wish him all the best!

What I would remember...besides that he ws afraid of the ball? All joking aside I will remember one personal interaction I had with Melvin. A fried of mine was a producer for a Citgo gas commercial featuring Melvin a few years ago. We were asked to be extras in the commercial and spent about 6 hours one night down at Camden Yards where they filmed the commercial. We finished up about 2am and we were just about to leave when Melvins manager, with Melvin next to him, announced to everybody that Melvin would like us all to write down our addresses and that because we stayed so late Melvin would like to send each of us a check for $300. Well we did and guess what the check was never sent. I shouldnt be surprised, he was a no help and not a team guy to his teammates last year so why should I expect him to be fair and honest with a complete stranger. At the time I was young and broke so an extra $300 would have been great for the monthly budget but what still gets me is that everyone always has great things to say about the guy but he personally broke his word to me, as well as 30 other people at the stadium that night. Enjoy Colorado Melvin and never come back to Baltimore.

GOOD LUCK MELVIN, THANKS FOR THE GOOD YEARS! Hopefully when he retires, there will be a place for him in the O's organization somewhere.

No doubt a great Oriole. For all the people that love Mark Teixeria because he grew up around here, Melvin CHOSE to live here when he could have lived anywhere. Does Texiera still live aound here?

The lone attendee at Elrod's funeral.

The way we got a 2-time all-star from the Mets for a 2 month rental for Bordick. And Bordick came back. That was a steal.

His first few years playing all over the place, shortstop, outfield, dh, and playing all of the positions well - he was a solid outfielder and became a better 3rd baseman.

Glad when they extended his contract years ago and sad to see him leave but it was probably best for both parties at this point in his career.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. O's will hit into less double plays, get thrown out less, and will have more rallies result in runs. I am so glad that Mora is gone. He had no range, was a bad sport and was one of the reasons for their losing so many games every year. I have nothing good to say about the guy. I am so glad he is no longer an Oriole!!

trying to bunt in the 9th inning, with runners on first and second, down by a run. After the game he claimed he was a winner because he played in the playoffs once with the Mets.

What I remember most? The fact that Melvin Mora was the only current Oriole to attend Elrod's funeral. That either says a lot for Melvin, or very little for the others...some of which are still here.

Class Act THE ONLY O player to attend Elrod Hendreck s Funeral

It has been said a couple of times, but that he was the only player on the current roster (at the time) to attend Elrod Hendricks' funeral. It was a sad point for othe current players that they couldn't make the time for a respected coach and mentor, but it also showed a little of the who Mora really was. That day I gained alot of respect for him.

I'll remember Melvin as a guy who always gave his all, year after year, despite the regular struggles of the organization. He put in work and made this city proud. Good luck in Colorado Melvin.

Since I am from Venezuela (the same state as Melvin, Yaracuy) and Melvin was by far my local favorite player and played for my local team, Magallanes, I wont forget when Melvin wast traded from the Mets, he would be an Oriol and would play with Cal.

Now he is no longer with neither Magallanes nor the Orioles, but he will remain as my MLB favorite player.


He complained many times throughout the years about his spot in the batting order, contract, playing time. Have you followed closely throughout his tenure here?

That after he signed a 3 year 3 million per year deal, he hit and played defense that was worth so much more in these over-paid days, I never heard him complaining that he wanted to renegotiate his contract. I respected that.

I agree with George Osing. Mostly underrated and underappreciated. He played 5 positions until he settled into 3rd. Wherever the coach asked. He called out players when they didn't perform.

Also, while playing a very bad team, he won one Silver Slugger as a 3rd baseman. He represented the Os twice at all-star game. He made the most of his skills and opportunity in Baltimore.

I wish him well.

Underrated and underappreciated says it all. You can say all you want about how he wasn't perfect, but he was everything you'd want in a ballplayer. He was a hell of a good defensive third baseman and, at times, a dangerous hitter. Most of all, though, he was great for the community. What else do you want from your players when, collectively, they can't break .500. Best of luck, Mel-Mo.

When he got hit in the face with a wild pitch and had that huge swollen lump on his face. Miss a few games and came back and played outstanding baseball as usual.

All the comments about him being selfish and subpar are from fair weather fans. "he never played a game that meant anything" And I'm sure that was his fault. Won a silver slugger with the likes of A-Rod at third....really get a clue.

I wish him luck and I hope he plays well with the Rockies.


Melvin was a nice and compassionate professional which is rare in MLB. Everything I will remember about him will be good. I wish we could've found a way to keep him.


Melvin was one of the real "good guys" not only on the orioles but also in all of baseball. He loves playing the game and was fortunate to see him on almost all home games in ways others do not. He always has a smile on his face on gameday no matter what and is joking around. He also always signs autographs for fans. I will also remember the highlight reel plays he could make at the hot corner. He was not always consistent but would give you "gold glove" caliber plays on occasion he will be missed but it was time for him and the team to part ways

I remember @ the Orioles Fuji on field picture day. All fans were asked to stay on the warning track and the players were asked to not approach, Melvin was the first player to walk over towards my family and take pictures with my young son. This action by Mora sealed my son's love for the Orioles. Thanks, Melvin

> A fabulous leaping catch by the fence years ago made me a Melvin Mora fan.
> His support for local causes
>Clutch hitting
> Helping convince Tejada to stay - Odd to me that he is back and Mora's gone but that's the way it goes...
>The fact that he would sign a ball for my son when nobody else would.
> The autographed Jersey that's on my office wall which I bought from his charity

gimme 8 mil a year and i will live in Baltimore.....oh wait I already do. Nevermind. I love B'more

GOD Bless Melvin and his family. I wish him success in Colorado.

Melvin was a good player on bad teams. And an underated defensive player in my opinion. The Orioles have had many problems over the last 12 seasons, but Melvin Mora was not one of them.

I live about 45 min north of NYC but have been an Oriole fan for 35 years. I've managed to brainwash my kids to be O's fans as well....even though we're surrounded by Yankee fans.

This past July we finally took a trip to Camden Yards and Melivin Mora hit a walk-off 12th inning homer to beat the Blue Jays 4-3! It was a special night and a game we will never forget. THANK YOU MELVIN!!!

I know he had his ups and downs here, but overall was a good Oriole, especially considering that he lived here and was active in the community. The thing I remember is that were times, and years that he carried this team. It's not easy to keep your head up when you're the best player on a lousy team.

although it's not a single memory, my lasting impression of Melvin will be his dedication to the team. the bulk of his his so called "complaining" was actually his attempt to hold the team (from PGA down to the players)accountable to the fans. occasionally, there were complaints about perceived, personal slights from management. but his countless contributions (on and off the field) more than make up for those.

An underrated player, Orioles 2nd base thirdbaseman. Even era-adjusted, I think he was better than DeCinces. However, he made, by far, the most baserunning blunders I ever saw ...

You post questions like that and you get idiotic answers. I wouldn't expect less in a town like Baltimore...with a sad depressed fan base. He's not responsible for the team being fact he was an all-star twice for us. He also played hard and rarely missed games... only really complaining when he was out of the lineup. He was a good Oriole..and he held the team accountable for having shabby players around him.

And why DOES EVERYONE in Baltimore feel like you have to spend your whole life and career here anyway. Thats not how modern sports work. Good luck in Colorado Mel-Mo... Keep doing your thing..

It's worth saying again: he was the only player on the current roster to attend Elrod's funeral. That speaks to his character. Can't say I've followed the Oh-nO's daily over the last 10 yrs, but I would have heard more if he were the whiner some posters claim. On field: perhaps the worst situational base-runner I've ever seen. In any uniform. Good guy. Time for him and the team to move on.

The Orioles never had a winning team the whole time he was here so what is with all of the idol stuff, You might think he was Brooks Robinson or something. He made brillant plays at 3B occasionally and boot some too and he was not much of a clutch hitter and when he did hit, it did not matter a lot of the time. He did do things for the community and is a good family man which he gets credit for. Will I miss him? No, the last two years here were two years too long, he is not part of the rebuilding of this team anyway.

I remember his .340 year - one of the best in O's history. Truly amazing.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer man!

He was a good guy who played 3rd base and never blinked his eye. 2nd only to Brooks with his glove. Colorado will love him. The fans there are excited about having him there.

Melvin Mora was a fine baseball player and should be long remembered. It may be that he should have retired, however, if he does play well in the future, it will mean that he just did not have his head in the game last year.

As an Orioles fan living in Kansas City...I remember Mora always appreciating me being in "uniform"...he'd look out of the dugout a few times to smile and nod.
He liked O's fans on the road showing their colors. He had a great run at 3B. A good person and talented player.

I will always remember the homerun he it off the top of the left field foul pole in the 2008 season. Even Palmer said he had never seen a homerun like that before. It was awesome. Mora was a bright spot in these recently dark times.
Big ups!

The night Bal. and Ny played and Bal down by 3 runs in the ninth. They came back and tied the game. Melvin was up with 2 outs bases loaded and two outs.. The bunt was perfect and A-Rod had to put it in his pocket. Orioles win.

I loved Melvin -- he wore his heart on his sleeve. I think I was in Bonefish same night as Paul recounted -- Melvin knew he was the "star" but he handled it well. Last summer one day he was parked outside a restaurant on Main St. in Bel Air and the meter ran out -- the meter maid was writing a ticket when another one came up and said, "you can't give that car a ticket -- that's Melvin Mora's car!" The ticket was given nonetheless, and Melvin paid it! How many other Orioles live in the area? Do any? One of the greatest batting moments I've ever personally witnessed involved Melvin hitting the game-winning 2-run double with 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th (last season? or 08?) after first getting behind 0-2 and then working the count to 3-2 and hitting about 5 fouls -- off the other team's #1 closer. I turned to my kids and said, "remember this at-bat"! It ranks up there with that Grand Slam that Eric Davis hit in 1997, just back from cancer treatment, that towered higher than any I've ever seen before or after at Camden Yards. Godspeed, Melvin ... you'll be missed.

i remember melvin as a guy who always had time for the fans, even during a game! there were a few times i sat behind the dugout and called out to him as he ran off the field. sometimes about his family, sometimes about the game, either way, he acknowledged me either with a thumbs up or a comment.
always excited to come to the ballpark and play, melvin realized that he was lucky to be a millionaire for a playing a game and he played the game in true oriole fashion.
in terms of on the field, remember when he first switched to third base? he made over 20 errors the first season... then never made more than 10. a patient and clutch hitter, melvin always made a play at the plate, in the field or on the bases. also, the best slider i've ever seen. i remember at least a dozen plays where the ball beat him to the base and he was able to avoid the tag.
thanks for the memories melvin and i hope to see you back in baltimore.

No they never won when he was here. But he was a player that did whatever was asked of him and gave it his best. When the Orioles needed a third baseman, he stepped up and solidified that position. I hope to see his name on the the list of players in the Orioles HOF sometime in the future. For the few negatives that came with his tenure here, there were many more positives....and children. Good luck Melvin!


Average 3rd baseman with no talent in waiting to challenge him for the position. If he was that great of a ball player why just one team making an offer.

I remember all those super plays at third.

Surprised by some of the negative comments. I recall a player who answered every call for whatever position, and played them all well. When asked to play third base, he not only did it, but he did it very well. In my book, Melvin was and is a class act. Clearly the decision to move on this year was right both for him and the Orioles. He has a chance to play for contender, and the Orioles begin the process of phasing in the next generation at third base, while making themselves a bit more competitive with the addition of Tejada.

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