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What was your reaction when the Steelers' playoff chances ended?

I tried to think of a good baseball question for Tuesday. I really did.

I spent most of the day making phone calls attempting to drum up Orioles news and there just isn’t a whole lot going on. Or at least nothing more interesting than the first round of the NFL playoffs.

So I am dropping back into prevent defense (hey, it gives you your best chance to score in a bar).

Before we get going, I wanted to point out that Monday was Michael Stipe’s 50th birthday, so we have old-school R.E.M. jammed on the jukebox all day – though I did put the kibosh on “Shiny, Happy People.”

If you are both shiny and happy, there is probably another dive that suits you better.

Dull, gloomy and sarcastic fits us a whole lot better.

But I am here to brighten your Tuesday (because I know Everybody Hurts). In case you missed it, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t make the playoffs. In fact, the Ravens’ win quashed the Steelers’ chances.

I know that makes a lot of you feeling shiny and happy. But not all of you apparently.

In Monday’s discussion, patron Joe said he was bummed that the Steelers are already out. Here’s his line of thinking: “I wanted the Steelers in too. Not that I'm a Steelers fan, but they could have mowed down their half of the playoff field and met us again for the AFC championship, but in Baltimore this time. Would have been nice.”

Ravens fans hoping the Steelers get to the playoffs? To me, that’s The End Of The World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine).

That kind of thinking runs contrary to the beliefs of my son 10-year-old son, Alex, who goes to school with a host of Steelers’ fans. He actually was happier about the Steelers exit than he was the Ravens’ playoff inclusion.

He just couldn’t handle the Steelers winning it all again. Anything else involving the Ravens is gravy, he figures.

I would assume most people in here were relieved when the Steelers got punted (the majority of us have never moved beyond the fifth-grade mentality). But maybe not. Maybe you wanted the Steelers in so the Ravens could get sweet revenge.

At least that’s what Joe wanted. Is he out Nightswimming on an island?

Daily Think Special: What was your reaction when the Steelers’ season officially ended?



I commented to a few folks, that since the Ravens needed to lose to PIT a week ago in order to give PIT a shot at the playoffs - if I could be guaranteed an AFC Championship game back in Baltimore (PIT 6th seed, BAL 5th seed), I'd have taken the loss right then and there.

I hate and respect PIT a whole bunch - I think our football games are the best out there. I'm a Defensive struggle kind of guy.

Thus, quite honestly, I was really torn. I was relieved that we wouldn't have to play them, as well as upset that we wouldn't get a CHANCE to play them.

Really conflicted, I guess.


I had a full out party with Obama, Osama, and Homer Simpson. and more. We had some Duff, Coors and more. Later in the evening we had Adam Lambert come sing for us, and you woudn't believe what happened that night. As Osama was walking out Tom Baby and the evil Wes Welker sped right by with frowns on their faces. Since they almost ran over Osama, Osama started sprinting after them, he then caught up with them and started tearing Wes's Acl and Mcl, and he then Broke a couple of tom baby's ribs and a finger. When the party ended i saw Homer running out the door and trying to attack someone.........and thats what happened when i learned the ravens were in the playoffs and the Squeelers weren't. :)


In a word: thrilled. Pittsburgh fans -- and I'm not limiting this to football -- have gotten far too obnoxious over the past few years, and I'm including some very dear friends in that statement. Because of those good pals, I used to hope for good things for those teams on my friends' behalf. But then the arrogrance got to be too much. It's particularly bad here in the DC area, where you can't hear the cheers for the local teams over the rabble-rousing of the Pittsburgh fans. (In fact, the last straw for me was at a Georgetown-Pitt basketball game in which those Pitt fans were louder than the drunk college students shouting the ever-classy "Pitt is $&%@!" Those from the 'burgh like to brag that their fans "travel well," but my belief is that no Pittsburgh fans actually live in Pittsburgh anymore. I'm glad to be done with them for another season!

I put this on a Schmuck blog, but it's more appropriate here. I'm not a Steelers-hater like some, but Ravens fans who are might want to know that, on the day after we made the playoffs and they didn't, the honorable Luke RAVENSthal was sworn in for his 2nd term as Pittsburgh's mayor!

What do I care about the Steelers? Our focus is New England, and then the game after them. Next September I'll start thinking about those poor basterds who are sitting home and watching us still playing, and probably winning.

If you ever had the kid you hated most in school get the crap beaten out of him, then you know how I felt.

It was a Carnival Of Sorts when I found out the Sqeelers had lost!

About the same as when my dentist finished with my last root canal.

First off, next time you throw a party like that T.O, please send an invite my way. To quote the great John Winger from Stripes..."I want to party with you".

I echo what mamalemma said. Pitt fans, like most fans who have teams win multiple championships over a short period of time, have gotten too fat for their suspenders lately. Seriously, would Bill Simmons have a career if not for the Red Sox & Pats success?

I celebrated quietly...didn't gloat, no yelling, no nasty posts on my facebook account, no harassing calls to my (few) Steeler fans. But in tribute to the steel city not making it to the dance, I squeezed out my first big deuce of 2010 and promptly cleaned up with none other than a terrible towel.

THE RAVENS should not have made the post season.lets us all hope new england hits 60 or more points .

Sweet vin-da-cay-she-own!!

enjoy the multiple REM references

Awesome...I wish i could be sitting on a couch with the Steeler players and fans, watching our Ravens play in the playoff show.

I agree with joe. I wanted the steelers in. I hate them with every bone in my body as i do the yankees, flyers, tarholes and bluedevils. However i believe in the saying to be the best you must beat the best and I wanted another shot at them after the game on the 27th. They are still the superbowl chumps and Rothlisberger has won 5 straight against us. I felt good after we beat them this year at home home on sunday night but it didn't feel the same with dennis dixon at qb. Wether I like it or not they are the team in which we as a franchise have to measure our success. The steelers and ravens should be mainstays in the afc playoff picture every year for about the next 10 or so years.Doesn't it always hurt a little more when they beat us?. A win against the patriots on sunday will feel real good but wouldn't it feel just a little bit better if it were against the steelers?.

Hey Morons?---Baltimore alone didn't end the Steelers playoff hopes. The Jets and Texans wins quashed them regardless of the Baltimore win in the Raider game. Get over yourself--the NFL is not out to get you. No one outside of Baltimore cares about Baltimore.

I don't know why the B'more fans whine about the Steelers so much.Hell take a close look your mgmt has modeled tham after the black-n-gold right down to the 6'7" QB.....And as far as a class orginization you don't get any better than Steeler Nation

Hey Aaron - your post sounds like you might care just a smidge. Go cry in your towel.

Hey Aaron since no cares about Baltimore outside of Baltimore, why are you on a Baltimore newspaper blog site?

Now...back to your question Dan C......

I am more disapointed that I choose the Steelers and the Bears in the Super Bowl.

To misplaced Steeler fans, if Pittsburgh is so awesome, then MOVE BACK THERE.

All Pittsburgh had to do was beat Chicago .. OR .. Kansas City .. OR .. Cleveland .. OR .. Oakland, and they'd be in the playoffs. You have to beat the beatable teams.

The Ravens beat all of these teams, and we're in and they're setting tee times. Enjoy the links boys.

I had to explain to my wife why we were rooting for Miami in the early game. It sure sounded like a home game for the Steelers, though. Those guys are everywhere, just like Yankee and Red Sox fans.

Since their only chance to get in required three other teams to lose, they did not have much chance. Worst would have been if the Ravens, Broncos, and Jets all DID lose and the Steelers got in. That would have made for a TERRIBLE season. As it is, if Houston and NYJ had lost so that the Steelers had made it, well, so be it. I'd probably root for an AFC Championship Game rematch in Baltimore like alan and Dave have touched on.

But no - Aaron, it seems that the Steelers couldn't beat the Raiders, Bears, or Chiefs so those teams all had a say also in keeping Pittsburgh out of the playoffs - not to mention losing to the BROWNS!! Face it, the Steelers did not deserve to be in the playoffs this year. The Ravens haven't shown a lot to have confidence about an extended run through the playoffs but they did what they had to do to get there.

When Pittsburgh was out, I went straight to Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s web site to see the reaction. They only mentioned Baltimore once in their lead article and said nothing else about the Ravens. Quiet Steelers fans. Excellent.

I texted a good friend - huge Squealer's Fan - and asked him this question: "Great victory against the Dolphins! Ravens game is Sunday in NE at 1. When is the Pittsburgh game?"

Teach your kid to hate early. Great job, Connolly. Why teach a child to strive for his own successes when he can enjoy the misery of others.

P.S. Flacco seems to pushing the deer-in-headlights look more often than Eli Manning these days. Good luck with that in the playoffs.

Yeah Aaron your kind of a hypocrite for saying no one cares about Baltimore yet you post on a Baltimore blog. Don't you see that or are you too dumb to see it?

Anyway, I was happy when they were kicked out but I could care less now, I want them to beat New England!! We should've beaten them the last two meetings and it's time to get that done now!

i would describe the sensation as being similar to when you first remove a Q-tip from your ear, ridding yourself of all that yellow foulness. wait a second. terrible towels = yellow. ear wax = yellow. hmmm...

i too have mucho respect for the organization, but it is the FANS who have me feeling ecstatic over the Squeelers unceremonious exit. Pittsburg fans who are actually FROM Pittsburg are usually kind-hearted, humble people who typically respect the history and tradition of the game. Pittsburg "fans" who have never even *been to* Pittsburg are loud, obnoxious inbreds who, in many cases, can't even name a NON hall-of-fame player from the team who pre-dates their 2001 Super Bowl win.

bandwagon, much?

Aaron....once the Texans won the only way Pitt could get in is if Baltimore, Jets, AND Broncos lost....and since we won before the Jets did WE took them out....get your facts straight before you run your childish mouth....moron

Why are Steeler fans so bountiful and seemingly everywhere ..... because of the mass exodus of just about everyone in Western Pennsylvania during the 60's and 70's to places with real economies.

They packed their Steeler allegiance on the way out but everything else could only be seen in the rear view mirror in route to better lives.

Seeing Pittsburgh eliminated assured us quiet times from the mouthiest fans in the NFL. aaaaahhhh!

Gotta love these idiotic Steeler fans. You get to chose from:

RICK WAECHTER...gotta love the guy who types his full name, I mean seriously, Waechter is not some sort of fake name, am I right? Love the run-on in your sentence too Ricky baby. Sit down and let me buy you a bottle of that crappy iron city sh&^ you've been drinking since you were 6.

Then we have Todd (Todd Gack perhaps?). The Barkeep isn't teaching his kid to just comes naturally to us simple folk Todd. Since your the non-violent type, I'll buy you a recycled can of equally crappy beer but I'll make sure we recycle the can again you tree hugger.

Then 'ole Boodog says the Ravens try to emulate "Steeler Nation". Like you copying off of "Red Sox Nation"? Of course, we will always owe you a debt of gratitude for handing us Unitas.

And last, certainly not least, Aaron. Any man(?) with a two vowel first name should not refer to anyone as "Hey Morons". Was the "no one outside Baltimore line...." the best you could come up with? one outside Detroit cares about Detroit. No one outside Allentown cares about Allentown. No one outside of Lebanon cares about Lebanon. No one outside of Waxahachee cares about Waxahachee. Get my drift moron?

It's hockey season fellas. Time to switch the channel over to Versus and watch your beloved Penguins and start praying that Roethlisberger doesn't plan any trips to Tahoe this winter!

Cheers boys.

Hey MK/ Todd/Jeff O and all the other Baltimore donks--I read these blogs because it's almost as enjoyable as watching the next Oliver Stone film. Listening to Ravens fans conspiracy theories are priceless. I wonder how many water cooler discussions this week have been about the refs protecting Tom Brady? I also assume that there were no bad calls in the games that Baltimore won this year. In fact to my Baltimore fans--did any team actually beat you--or was it just the league out to get you? Pittsburg didn't make the playoffs this year because they were a terrible team with a terrible record. The same terrible record of your hometown football team. Pittsburg was one of several mediocre teams trying to make the playoffs this year--2 wildcard spots were open and because of conference and tie breakers Pittsburg was out---NOT because of Baltimore that's my point. This paper has an entire article about how it feels to knock the Steelers out---check the Jets fansites---anyone think they have a blog about keeping the Steelers, my guess is that they care about winning the next playoff game---something the Ravens better be more concerned with that what the Steelers are doing in the post season. And John Boy here are the facts: the Colts and Bengals knocked out Pittsburg by allowing the freaking Jets to waltz into the Playoffs. And yes, I'm not from Pittsburg--but I have rooted for the Steelers for 30+ years. By the way shouldn't all you guys be rooting for Peyton Manning and the Colts---isn't that the team from Baltimore?. Why have so many of you guys migrated from Cleveland?

As a Steeler fan I consider it the highest form of flattery that Baltimore's psyche and self image is measured by how the Steelers are doing. Obviously there is a bit of big brother envy from the Ravens fans. But no matter how you dice it, the Steeler fan-base is the most devoted and rewarded fan-base in the entire NFL and the Steelers are without a doubt one of the most exciting franchises in the NFL.

As for the Ravens, I wish you well in your playoff bid, now lets see what you can do with it.

Dan,I bought the guy to my right a cold one and everybody payed it forward eventually down the bar for the next 15 mins.Next,I faked wiping tears away from my eyes with somebody's Terrible Rag and I consoled the person who let me use it.Lastly,that hour,I proudly told any Steeler fan who listened that the NE game would probably be played this Sunday but I did'nt have a time for broadcast,yet.I played it cool,man;I acted like we've won something before.

I made Snow Angels in the carpet.

I for one could care less about the pittspunk squealers i was only worried about the ravens.Who cares about those blowhards like lamarr woodley who nobody wants to play them in the playoffs, to Quote Jim Mora Playoffs Playoffs. To the steeler fans for which there are many in harford county if didnt gag away games to the raiders , chiefs and the browns dont wine you guys had the refs in your backpockets last year. So enjoy the rest of your holiday season.

My wife is from Pittsburgh and I am from Baltimore, we live in Tampa! I got her to hug me! Told her better luck next year, hey the Colts screwed me as a kid and now they've screwed you honey! Then all the phone calls from back home came in! She got to go to the Super Bowl here last year. I got to see them in 2000. Its a love and hate relationship during football season. Our friends love the chatter between us, but, hate the Steelers more! They love to see them lose to the Ravens, why not its always contreversey surrounding the game! Just like our marriage! Just kidding! LOL.

I really think it's hilarious that Steelers fans take the time to check on Bmore's news. I also don't get that I also have about 10 friends that are Steelers fans and don't have family there.. have never been there. And well.. have absolutely no reason to like them besides them winning 6 super bowls in how many years? We do get our share of bad calls.. I'm not saying we would have gone undefeated if not for them. Everyone gets bad breaks.. ( Except the Patriots and Steelers ). I would be fine with us playing them in the postseason. I'm also just as good with them not making it so everyone can keep their mouthes shut for the offseason.

Yeah, we know you guys are obsessed with all things Steelers. The fact that this headline even exists just cracks me up, along with the rest of Steeler Nation. You would never see anything like it on a Pittsburgh site.

We'll be back - count on it! Until then, enjoy your short-lived visit to the playoffs.

Not to be as classless as Baltimore fans and writers, buuuuuuut ha! What's Flaco's td to pick ratio in the playoffs? Something like 1 to 7? Impressive...

It was party time. The only time that can compare is when Brown was declared the victor and BO lost his 60th vote. Both were far better than sex.

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