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What should be the Ravens' top offseason priority?

We had our first “Finish the sentence” day at the bar on Tuesday, our literary version of a sobriety test.

By my account it was a success, and we’ll be doing it again at another time. We may even do it with an Orioles theme (remember them?).

It’s nice when it is someone besides my wife finishing my sentences (that’s what happens when you are married for nearly 15 years).

Seems like most of you think the Ravens were both exciting and frustrating in 2009-10. Some excellent moments and some arrgh-inspiring ones.

Well, now I want you to fix your favorite football team. Obviously, the Ravens could upgrade in several phases in 2010: pass rush, pass defense, receiving corps and kicking game come to mind.

But if you were in charge and you could guarantee one spot that you absolutely, positively would transform next season, which would it be?

It’s down to two spots for me: Wide receivers and secondary. And the most glaring need could come down to whether Derrick Mason, Ed Reed or both retire.

I have absolutely no inside information here (as I’ve said before, I never do with the Ravens. I leave that to our experts on the football beat), but my guess is Reed returns. In my experience, guys as competitive as Reed don’t walk away when they can still play at a high level.

Mason, however, has sung this tune before and is 36, so he’s a better bet to leave. Even if he doesn’t, the Ravens need a consistent deep threat, one that can keep opposing defenses honest when they stack the box to contain the run.

But I am still going with the secondary – even assuming Reed stays. I want a shutdown corner or someone with that potential anyway. And I hope to get someone close to that in the draft. But I wouldn’t argue with a solid wide receiver addition or more beef on either side of the line.

And then there is a consistent kicker, so, yeah, plenty of options. What’s your first choice?

Daily Think Special: What should be the Ravens’ top priority this offseason?


Got to be a deep theat, two if possible. The Ravens finally have a quarterback who can make plays. They simply can't afford to waste Flacco's talent throwing to lesser receivers. A good pass rushing end will make the secondary look much better - look at what happened in the games over the weekend.

the ravens will need to get rid of Trevor price and maybe Kelly Gregg doto age and declining play ability also need to see if there is an ability to replace Ed Reed if he retires and along with Te Tood heap and Derrick Mason and obtain A brandon marshall and Boldin and try to get Peppers to help the line backer and D line and A corner then a inside linebacker to help ray anothr young RB and a kicker and Return man and blockers

Dan, maybe you can confirm this. Sue to the "final 8" rule, it's highly unlikely the Ravens sign any big name free agents since we don't have any big name free agents that will sign elsewhere. We can only explore trades

Besides a tall & speedy wide receiver, they could use a new offensive coordinator. Cam Cameron's play calling was too predictable against the Colts, and placed waaaay too much reliance on Ray Rice, failing to work in McGahee to mix up the attack.

"I want a shutdown corner or someone with that potential anyway. And I hope to get someone close to that in the draft." -Webb doesn't have the potential to be a shutdown corner? I think he does.

We need a big strong tough pass catching tight end who can block, a possession receiver, and a 6'3" wide receiver with very good hands who can get open and catch the ball. As good as Flacco is and as much as we like him, he is average as a long psss Q-B. He's still young so there is plenty of time for improvement in that area.

Seems to me wide receiver and improve the pass rush. With the secondary getting some history playing together, and Webb possibly back, they should be fine if we can muster any sort of pass rush. With these changes (and decreasing our deadly penalties) we should really be in the hunt....

In the order of need. I put corner back 3rd because without a pass rush, what is the point. Contrary to popular opinion, our DBs did a decent job but got burned when we gave quality QBs time. It is so surprising (sic) that a quality QB has a quality line and we could not generate a pass rush and got burned (think first Pittsburgh game with 3rd string QB untouched until overtime. Overtime with a third stringer! That is a good O line and a D line in need of a quality rusher). And so surprising a mediocre and inexperienced QB had an average line and we pushed them around. So for offense a wide receiver and defense an end. The rest are to improve and backup what we have, which is quite good. 1. Wide receiver
2. Defensive end ( unless Paul Kruger gets smart)
3. Cornerback
4. Back upO Lineman ( also to groom as center)
5. Middle Linebacker ( got to find a replacement for Ray Lewis, When I say replacement, just like with Reed, we are not going to get so lucky to replace all-worlds and may find those positions drift down to the level of the rest of the NFL but they will need to be replaced soon. With Zibby and Nakamura we maybe okay at safety).

We should be able to handle this through the draft. And i am opposed to the suggestions to trade our number 1 for Brandon Marshall. Here is a nut job one stupid moment away from a suspension. Not what you want with a number 1 pick. And put Antoine Bolden in the same group. Find your receiver deep in the draft ( Jerry Rice-6th round).

1.) Wide receivers.

2.) Wide receivers.

3.) Wide receivers.

1st - We need a big play making wide receiver. That would go a long way in helping Flacco develop into a great quarterback and it would help the running game by forcing opposing defences to not stack the box .

2nd - We need a serious pass rusher that will get 10+ sacks each season. That kind of pressure will help our secondary tremendously. I don't know what is wrong with Kruger. Really a 2nd round pick that hardly played!! I don't know what happened to Suggs either - 4.5 sacks for $60M - what a joke. Suggs has to pick it up!!

3rd - bring back Stover - he is still productive. Kundiff hardly ever kicked off into the end zone anyway so let Stover kick off too. How many games did we lose because we missed a fieldgoal?

4th - a tall fast cornerback. Reed will be back, no worries there and we have two good back upsafeties to replace Reed when he does retire. Fabian, Webb, and Carr should stay. Walker needs to go.

5th - A tight end for Heap to tutor. What happened to Quinn Stepnewski? Will he be back next year?

We have Troy Aikman. We have Emmitt Smith. Now we need Michael Irvin to complete the trifecta on offense. We need a vertical threat, tall & physical wide receiver. I'd prefer a free agent over a draft pick.

T.O. need not apply but anyone else please have your agent contact O. Newsome @ The Castle.

Three priorities :

1) True #1 Wide Receiver with size
2) Shutdown Corner
3) Tight end

ray lewis will have to go ,money wise and if they plan on winning it has been ten years and he got all the credit ,. gee, how about the other 10, plus its a team sport ,you win or lose as a team ,. he is a joke he is not that great ,.

Oh boy,do we need to reinvent the recieving corps next year! It's terrible how unreliable some of our players are to run open and then actually catching the ball in clutch situations.We also should consider grooming somebody for Ray Lewis' exit in the future.

1) Fast, big deep threat receiver...he would open up a lot of things in the passing game.

2)Big cover corner...that was also an obvious need

3) Inside pass rusher...a tckle to send in on obvious passing downs to allpy pressure up the middle

4) Reserve offensive tackle with some talent...Cousins is not the guy.

5) Punt returner with a pedigree--Carr isn't the guy.

6)Back-up tight end who can block and catch--Alias Smith & Jones aren't the guys

7) Fleet-footed BIG safety type to cover TE's across the field--Landry isn't the guy

8) Place kicker--Cundiff might be the guy but I'd rather see a little competition for the job...not that that worked out this year. Bring Stover back to compete..keep Cundiff to KO and use LJ Smith's overwise wasted roster spot.

Our #1 need is a tall wide receiver with good hands. Derek Mason is a great receiver, but a lot of defensive players tower over him which doesn't always guarantee he'll make the catch.
Our #2 priority would be a pass rushing linebacker. Get that, and the issues of the secondary won't be so bad.

After those two things, have a discussion with Cameron and tell him to not have Flacco only focus on one player the whole game- last year it was Mason, this year it was Rice. There are other options, such as Heap.

To answer Bill's question about Quinn Sip.... I think I saw that he had retired or was cut last year after 2 knee surgeries that he wasn't recovering from fast enough or he would never be same player again. Either way, I'm pretty sure he's not with the Ravens anymore.

Barkeep- how was the new Buffett album?

A big fast wide receiver and a pass rusher---our secondary is fine when not given all day to throw the ball.

In order of priority: wide receiver, wide receiver and....wide receiver! Once that's accomplished, then tight end, cornerback, pass rusher and "O" line depth!

Wide reciever -s
defensive line
O -line
Second string Quarterback for whenTroy leaves.
Last option linebacker conversion player.

A look man we should do whatever it takes to get brandon marshall people forget we got pass rushers barnes suggs kruger hopefully I want marshall end of story

(1) Same as it should have been this year...all pro type FAST wide receiver to go with Mason, another shut down corner (Webb got a twin brother out there?) and a pass rusher who can accumulate 14-16 sacks.

(2) Don't let anyone retire - no cap out there for next year at this point.

Then talk about a super bowl.

One order each of Larry Fitzgerald, Darrele Revis, Troy Polamalu and Heath
Miller please. In that order, if you don't mind. I'll take Cundiff, as a kicker with those guys on my team.

Priority 1 should be a WR with some size that can stretch the field. Priority 2 should be another WR or TE that can stretch the field. Priority 3, upgrade the pass rush and secondary. Priority 4, get Ngata signed to a long term deal.

After winning the superbowl in 2000 the Ravens front office player moves have just fell off the map. From Qb's, kick returners, receivers, cb's etc...Our rec' problem go way back to Steve McNair time here. Last years AFC Championship game when our little, average speed rec' couldn't get open and our pencil neck cb's were getting man handled, They knew.So give up our 1st round pick for a Brandon Marshall, he's developed. It's on the front office!!!

Here is a summary of team to me :

Offense: Solid line, will need new center in a year or two, not now. Great running backs - if we can keep all three, great. if we lose McGahee, then draft one in middle rounds. Flacco developing well. He was hurt late in year, but he ie Qb for next 10 years. Receivers - absolutely need to upgrade - Mason is a perfect #2 (if he doesn't retire); all the rest can fight it out for #3: we need a stud #1 - somebody that can go up in traffic and bring it down. Tight End - Heap has had a great career, but some new blood here would be great.

Defense - front seven is good enough for next year, but is showing some age in the middle. If we can upgradr in middle/late rounds - OK - but this is not the priority now. We need a shtdown corner NOW. If Reed retires (I think unlikely) then some help at safety too.

Special Teams - Field Goal Kicker upgrade would be a nice to have.


Must Haves - #1 Wide Receiver
Shutdown Corner

Everything else would be gravy.

I would trade for Lion's receiver Calvin Johnson...outstanding size..good speed..he's just like Braylon Ewards that the Jets traded for from the Browns..he just needed a new home to bring out the best in his skills...get a Def. tackle...we have more than our share of very good linebackers on the team just have to give them a chance..

Cousins used to be a def.lineman..maybe try him back on def. and see if he can do the job.

please some of these comments , youre lucky if you can add two statres every year excpt if you go free agency , speed rusher and gamebreaker reciver get those two and if webb makes it back maybe another corner but the foundation is there thanx to consitant drafting , lok at other bad teams who keep pissing away number#1 picks and when ray retires hire him asap as linebacker coach .

Trade up in the draft for dez bryant or sit back for jermaine gresham/aaron hernandez. Tons of DEs in the draft so we can pick one up in the second round. Corners played fairly well against manning and with webb and washington coming back that group should only improve. If Foxworth, webb, and fabian can step up the ravens will be deadly.

Top priority,

Get rid of Cameron.

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