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Were you encouraged or discouraged by the Ravens' performance Sunday?

Sighs of relief and shots of Purple Jesus all around.

Your Ravens are in the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

Boy, that John Harbaugh is one heck of a coach (if you were here last week, you’ve gotta be chuckling about that).

Anyway, it wasn’t pretty. But the Ravens beat the Raiders in Oakland, 21-13. And now the Ravens are back in the postseason.

Kevin is our winner of the free bar tab for the week with a 24-13 prediction. This might be No. 2 for Kevin this year, though it might have been Kevin in Iraq who won in the past. The mind is slipping now that I am 40 (and the work ethic really has slipped, because I am not looking it up. We‘ll use the honor system).

Cali Chris (20-16) and Bob M (20-17) get a chip tossed their way. And I just had a field goal going the wrong way in my 24-10 prediction. So the barkeep is backed up one on the barkeep.

No one, by the way, had Willis McGahee running for 167 yards and three scores or Dannell Ellerbee with a pick and a fumble recovery. And you guys call yourselves educated fans?

OK, we’ll get into the playoff match-up later this week. Right now, I just want to know if what you saw Sunday in Oakland encouraged or discouraged you about the Ravens’ playoff chances.

On one hand, the resurgence of McGahee sure was refreshing. But there’s also concern that Raiders QB Charlie Frye, who had to leave due to injury, looked pretty good against the Ravens’ secondary (18 for 25 for 180 yards and a TD).

And my guess is the next few QBs the Ravens might have to face are a tad better than Frye, starting with some cagey vet up in the Boston area. But they did win on the road when they had to -- and that says something.

So making the playoffs was the goal, but the Ravens’ performance against the Raiders didn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence for the second season in my opinion. But I could be wrong here.

Daily Think Special: Did the Ravens' performance in Oakland encourage or discourage you for the postseason?


I'm encouraged to watch the team even enter the playoffs and observe the D secondary hold their own lately.Though we might not know which Ravens team appears on our tv next week I hope the coaching staff has some aces up their sleeves to slip in against the Pats on the road.Congrats to the whole team,thanks for minimal penalties this time,as well.

First of all let me tell you how happy I am that Steelers didnt make the playoffs. Now Ravens ...... all I can say is a win is a win. Flacco looked completely lost today not sure why. He needs to stop patting on ball and throw it away as soon as he can otherwise it won't be pretty. Congrats to McGahee for a great game. If he plays like this the next week too then with him and Rice who needs a QB? I say we beat Pats as Welker is out and Brady is hurting. Next stop San Diego.

My whole family is discouraged. What direction are we going? Harbaugh National Championship??? Uh.... this is the NFL. Mattison, if ray Lewis and JJ were not on the team you would be fired! 3rd in the NFL because of these 2, otherwise, in the 20's. Your defensive backfield is pathetic. Walker...enough said, Chris (fair catch) Carr, tackles like a pee-wee football player, and Suggs, what are you even doing? Thanks for nothing.

As for the offense. I have to congratulate Washington on his one and done performance again tonight. Hey buddy can you do more than one thing a game. (aka Travis Taylor) And a special thank you to Cam Cameron on starting Clayton. Have you ever thought of maybe letting some of the other players play after our starting terrible receivers lay yet another egg. (Williams, Tyree, Anyone) This coaching staff has a lot to learn before they bring another "National Championship" to Baltimore. Players, play hard for yourselves, hopefully you can overcome your real handicap... $$ over ability.

I like that they "got it done" and made it to the playoffs, but overall, I'm a little discouraged. The secondary reverted to being swiss cheese and if Charlie Frye hadn't left with an injury, this outcome would've been different. He was pickin' 'em apart!!! Flacco looked bad today. Holding the ball too long and missing WIDE OPEN receivers. This performance will NOT win a playoff game!!! That being said, I love my RAVENS and I couldn't be happier that they're in the playoffs!!!!

I was discouraged.

The difference between the Jets and the Ravens are their corners are much better than ours.

The Raiders exploited the corners and the lack of speed from the Ravens inside linebackers to pass all other the field with mediocre QB's and receivers. Its been that way all year. To think they will correct that for next week is the ultimate pipe-dream. They cannot pressure the QB even when they do blitz.

Even with Welker out, Brady will pass for 350+ yards next week, so unless the Ravens O-Line decides to kick NE'e defense off the field next week, we are one and done.

The lack of a pass russ really worries me--Even when we blitz we seldom get near the quarterback--When other teams blitz they get to our QB quickly--

George did you and I watch the same game?? Carr a pee-wee player. I saw him make some solo tackles today. Pee-wee he is not. NFL, he is.

Discouraged. Only a blind optimist would think otherwise. The weaknesses of this team are so glaring that expecting this team to win a game in the playoffs is plain homerism. Flacco has regressed and it all can't be blamed on the receivers. He missed wide open receivers, choked in the pocket, was afraid to run for what was a sure touchdown, doesn't pick up blitzes... The running game is the only shining star, and that won't get it done because our defense has too many weakness: no pass rush, the middle is wide open on hot routes, and when the QB goes down field, we regularly get torched. And when we have some how stayed in games, we make dumb mental mistakes (penalties), or choke physically(dropped passes, missed field goals). This team is going nowhere and needs a serious re-engineering in the off season.

I discouraged because the NFL regular season over. Yeah I know the best football is just ahead, but it's a long time til September.

As far as the Ravens making the play-offs; hell yes I'm encouraged. Why not? It's been a tough season and we are still dancing. Cool, bring on or rather we will go to and knock down the Pat's. We owe them a big one for eailier in the season. Maybe this time the refs will throw the flags at proper times, and not listen to that baby Brady. Go Ravens!

The Ravens took 2 trips to the west coast this year and won them both. That's saying something. Going to New England is like taking a ride to Towson for this team. Hur-Ruh!

I guess Frye injured himself. The hits we gave that man it was amazing he made past the first quarter.

We made the playoffs even with after all those bs lost games the refs took from us.

what that harbough giving the riot act to one of the players that got a penalty???? or did my eyes deceive me.


I'm glad the Ravens are in the playoffs BUT the win today was underwhelming. There were some encouraging and discouraging things.

First of all, seeing McGahee have that big of a game is great for us, hopefully he gets a decent share of carries next week so the Pats just don't focus on Rice.

Flacco's performance was discouraging, he looked completely lost and it says ALOT when Charlie Frye outplayed him, a performance like that will not get it done next weekend. Our secondary and pass rush looked quite bad as well after looking a lot better the last few weeks.

That being said, with Welker out next week I think the Ravens have a good shot.

Encouraged by McGahee's great effort, getting him involved next week would be huge. We ran the ball real well on New England last time, we can do it again with McGahee AND Rice!!

Then again, Flacco had a terrible game, no pocket presence and he missed on some easy throws. Charlie Frye, who I thought would like his usual inept self, was having a helluva game against our D. That really discouraged me. I thought we'd beat down the Raiders but the win ended up being a little underwhelming.

Still, with Welker out I think our chances got a lot better against the Pats. Foxworth had one of his better games against Moss, if he can repeat that and stop whoever runs the ball then I think the Ravens can win. I'm not making an official prediciton yet but I do like the Ravens chances.

I'm worried about Joe Flacco. He isn't looking like Joe Cool. Maybe he is putting too much pressure on himself. It's a team win and a team game. You play the game to win and it works. You play the game to not lose, not make any mistakes, and it will overwhelm you.

Dan, actually I am encouraged. Anyone that thought we didn't put any pressure on the Raiders quarterbacks must have had their eyes closed. Those two were getting hit and going down most of the game.
Flacco did look lost out there and I thought he had progressed enough that he would recognize the blitz. Can't someone on the sideline warn him when they see the defense line up for an obvious blitz.
I hate to predict a score, since I have been wrong on almost every game this year, but I do think we can win.

What's that saying - survive and advance? That's about what happened. At least when you make it to the playoffs you don't have to worry about effort or focus, right? So if they get up quick on the Patriots nobody will be mentally relaxing and thinking they have the game in hand, right?

I dunno, there were some positives but plenty of reasons to be concerned as well. Best case scenario they can take advantage of Welker being out to survive against the Patriots, then catch a rusty Colts squad off guard to return the favor from the 2006 season when the Colts came into Baltimore and beat the rested Ravens the second week of the playoffs. Unfortunately I don't see that happening.

At least not until I see good things from a win in Foxboro.

I would have been just as fine with a close win or a blow-out win given that it looked like the Raiders came to play.

The details are what worried me: 1) Flacco cannot seem to recognize a blitz and adjust, there were several times the Raiders just flooded the backfield leaving underneath routes open and Flacco could not find anyone to dump it to. 2) Our pass rush is anemic. When we blitz we get burned. Outside of Barnes, nobody seems to be making a difference. A lot of late hits on the QB yesterday, if it was Brady, that game would be over.

Encouraged, but I wanted the Steelers in too. Not that I'm a Steelers fan, but they could have mowed down their half of the playoff field and met us again for the AFC championship, but in Baltimore this time. Would have been nice... but I'll take a long playoff run by just us in a pinch.

The Ravens gave the Pats all they could handle earlier in the year and can do so again and prevail--if they eliminate the stupid momentum killing penalties.

A week 17 trip to the westcoast against a team that has embarrassed a few pretty good teams this year and we come out with a win.....You must be encouraged by that. The Raiders threw the kitchen sink at the ravens yesterday and it just wasn't enough. We played good hard physical football reverting to a formula that won us a lot of games and a champonship once. Bend but don't break and keep everything in front of you. 3's wont beat you (unless its the 2007 playoffs and the colts are here) package that with a solid triple threat running game where you dont know which star will shine and you more than likely will win most of the time. it's a formula for successful playoff football. the differance in this raven team compared to some of the ones in the past. I think we have a qb who can make a play when we need one. Remember the titans last year. The ravens will not embarrass themselves next week and have a shot to win. i actually think they will.17-13.....

All the fans that are on here saying they are discouraged are probably the same ones that will be back on the Bandwagon when we make a serious run in the playoffs. If you have something negative to say about making the playoffs, please do it elsewhere.

It's the NFL and only 12 teams make the playoffs and we were good enough to be one of them. Be happy or go home.

Glad we won in spite of one of the worst coaching staffs in the AFL. Harbaugh is a joke ( not even gonna say anything about getting rid of Matt Stover). How many games did this staff cost us this year, I count 4 any comments fans?

If I had to pick something out to complain about I would say the pass rush.. BUT I am actually happy that the Ravens are in the playoffs. Unlike some in this town. It's amazing how fareweather some of these so called fans are. Being realistic is one thing but being a fareweather is another. Those who said they don't deserve to go need to find a new team. They are in because they earned it. LETS GO RAVENS!!!!!!!! in closing I am happy they are in lol.

The Raiders shut down Tom Brady, Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer and several others good qb's and teams this year. I am encouraged by the fact that even though these other teams did not win, at least we could fall back on our running backs and win the game. If you look at that list of losers, NE and Cincy, teams we may face, were beaten by the Raiders, though we were able to pull out a victory. Our CBs are getting better every game and so are our young LBs. I am looking forward to revenge against the Patriots on Sunday and then we are only 2 games from the big one.

Gimme my regular and also a shot of bourbon to warm my cold feet.

I'm encouraged. Lots of things to be concerned with but we won and we're in. Anything can happen now. Losing Welker will be big but they will just plug the guy who looks like Welker, Jr. (Edelman) in and be fine. Don't know why everyone thinks Brady will go for 300+. We managed a pretty good game vs him before. If we can control the clock, keep Tom-Tom off the field and win the battle on the line of scrimmage, we'll be fine.

Terrible to see Welker go down but why isn't the national press (and Harbaugh haters in here) ripping Genius Belicheck for even playing Welker? He's been getting a free pass for 2-3 years now.

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