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The long-suffering wife -- no, not Elin Nordegren

The magical season of the New York Jets and their voluble coach, Rex Ryan, came to an end in a 30-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game yesterday, and this corner of the Toy Dept. is bummed.


Ryan, the great big bear of a coach, was fun to watch as he stalked the sideline, alternately smiling and cursing at officials and exhorting his team. He showed more passion and life than any other 20 NFL coaches combined. The frowning, corporate headset-wearer, able to cooly remain above the bloody and bruising dock brawl on the field -- that was never Rex Ryan's way. And more power to him.

As to what has this corner of the Toy Dept. irritated this morning, well, that would be the incessant camera shots of a concerned Deanna Favre and her family in the stands during the New Orleans Saints' 31-28 OT win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Sure, she SHOULD have been concerned, since her old man was getting pounded like a veal cutlet in the second half by the Saints' pass rush.

But did the FOX network really have to milk the drama with all those cutaways of Deanna with her hands over her mouth, agonizing as Brett was pummeled to the turf time and again?

She's an NFL quarterback's wife. Quarterbacks take a beating in this league, even 40-year-old Wrangler-shilling sure-bet Hall of Famers. It's a fact of life. She's been watching Brett take beat-downs for years.

One of the Favres' older daughters, I noticed, seemed much more relaxed about the whole thing. You could almost see her thinking: Oh, well, dad's getting smacked around again. Hope we can still go out for Chinese food when this is over.

It was a great game. And Favre showed the same heart and guts he's always shown. There was enough drama taking place on the field -- FOX didn't need to go looking for more in the stands.


I agree. I felt like it was the Brett Favre show and oh by the way, they are playing a football game. The announcers would not shut up about Favre. I agree he is a great QB and should be acknowledged but the constant going on about Brett Favre made it tough to not put on the mute button and watch a good game.

Are you kidding??? I'd rather see her all day then the old gray guy she's married to. She's gorgeous!

That is exactly why I was rooting for the Saints with everything I had. If the Vikings had won, it would have been two weeks of annoying, non stop Brett Favre hype like the crap displayed on Fox yesterday. I used to be a fan of his, now I just want him to go away.

I concur wholeheartedly, but I must admit that I am not the least bit of a fan of Mr., Brett Favre. Just pronouncing his name gives me the urge to vomit.

Is it me...I really don't care if it is...but do all of his press conferences sound like a eulogy? He is pathetic and over staying is welcome in the NFL.

As far as camera shots of his wife, they have done the same thing with Kurt Warner and his significant other over the years. Yeah, let me guess, some profligate networks believe these two particular women are attractive and believe the rest of the perverted world want some eye candy to look at in between moving the chains?

Nothing more corny in my humble opinion, than looking at women with their hands over their mouths looking concerned at their big tough over protected girly-boy husbands being tackled like the rest of the offensive players getting paid handsomely to do.

I am so glad Rex Ryan and Brett Favre won't be the recipient of a world championship. Good riddance!

Now let's all stay tuned for the 24/7 lusty coverage of whether Favre will retire or not-who cares!


Agreed - And are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman the best Fox has to offer?

I agree with Paul's assessment. I would've been fine with a healthy balance of both.

wife's a bit tired; daughter's pretty hot -

its waayyy too much drama for my viewing tastes. The media always overhypes these days and the "stars" that bask in the attention grow annoying. See Tiger, Lebron.

I like Kobe because he's more low key. JMO

Just playing it up because its over this time.
Wont everybody be taken back when he never does show up last minute this year enven after saying he wont again. This headline just in : Favre retires for real (figure about the 4th week of the season or so)

I agree that Favre's wife is hot and my 13 year old son wanted to see more of her and their daughter.

However, as it is so custom today, football coverage has significantly slipped in its ability to cover "FOOTBALL". I don't want an anylst telling me what the coach is thinking. This schmuck has no idea what the coach is thinking. Stick to the facts in front of you. You do not get paid to tell fortunes.

The best that Fox has is Kenny Albert. Here is a guy who does his research. He knows who is on the field and their backgrounds. He is far better than his more famous dad, Marv will ever be.

If you think Favre was mentioned too much during the game, just be thankful that John Madden isn't still working the booth!

Does Drew Brees have a wife or did he have family in the stands? Who would know? Completely Favre'd out here!

They had to make it look like Favre wasn't throwing the game(sic).

I agree with everyone that says they liked seeing Favre's wife, she is hot. How come the Sun always has to put the columnist pictures every where? I know what Mike Preston looks like and its one face I'd really really rather forget....

My son and I said the same thing- his wife was being overplayed for drama we were'nt even interested in.I wonder what some people in the sports bars were thinking after 15 camera shots of her?She was'nt even showing any enjoyment of the game;it should of been a personal,family moment and kept more private,especially not to embarass them.

It all started with the "we are family" in the Oriole/Pirate world series. ABC was constantly cutting to the Pirate wives . . . made me ill. They've been doing it ever since, though I will agree with the posters that pointed out the young lady on the right was really easy to focus upon.

Was that her daughter or her twin sister?
Strong genes...

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