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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Patriots

We have made it to the postseason version of Prediction Friday.

This one is for keeps (cue the ominous piano strains).

I have thought a lot about how the Ravens are going to fare against the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium.

For the most part, I like the match-up from a Ravens’ perspective. They can run the ball and the Patriots’ rush defense is spotty. Plus, potentially bad weather in New England could be conducive to a strong rushing attack.

Having Wes Welker out of the game certainly is a plus. Although Tom Brady is always difficult to contain, it helps when the defense can pressure him. The last time these two teams played, Brady was sacked three times.

In the end, though, I just don’t think I can pick the Ravens to win this. And it’s not because the Patriots have dominated these clashes before or because the Ravens are 1-6 this season against playoff-caliber clubs.

What sticks with me is that I have yet to see the Ravens dominate a really good quarterback. And in these situations, even without Welker, Brady is among the best.

So I apologize, my dear purple patrons. I’d love to side with the hometown team.

But I see the Pats winning this one 24-17. I see Brady as the hero of the game with three TDs, including a game-sealer in the fourth quarter.

Raise your glass and toast to the idiocy of your barkeep. And then give me your score and hero of the game for Sunday afternoon.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Ravens-Patriots.


Had a dream that the Ravens won pretty big, 31-17. Wouldn't be a big deal except that I've never had a dream about any sports game so something feels right. I remember waking up wondering how the secondary played so well and tried to remember the rest so maybe I could make a little more sense of it - no dice though.

Forgot my hero...I'm going with the unlikely, Jalen Parmele. Kid's gonna have some huge returns to set the Ravens up.

Ravens 28 Patriots 24

Hero- Joe Flacco 3 Td passes - He finally takes charge

It's very simple-- Ravens 24-21. I just have a gut feeling our Ravens will put a beat down on the patseys'. Go RAVENS !!!!

I have to agree with you on this.... the Ravens haven't kept a elite QB down all season and i don't see them doing it sunday.. Brady go nutso on the Ravens secondary. i think Ray Rice will have a decent game however.. over 100 yards on the ground and near 150 yards of total offense.. it won't be enough however!
Ravens 24
Patriots 37

Happy New Year everyone!! Enjoyed the snow (sort of), loved visiting the bar and finally tasting a 7&7, but more importantly I made it back safely. Sorry Dan, the only time I can sleep comfortably at night and pick against the Ravens is at Heinz field, so since we're at Gillette Stadium... 23-13 Ravens
Hero: T. Heap

Ravens 23

Patriots 20

Billy Cundiff will hit 3 field goals to advance the Ravens to the divisional round of the AFC playoffs.

absolutely no chance the Ravens win. On the road against an elite QB with the best coaching staff there is. I hope to be wrong. 31-13.

I think the RAVENS are as good, or better, than the Pats, but I just don't see how y'all can have any confidence that they'll do what it takes to win. Especially in a tough place like New England with the refs firmly in the Pats' corner. Patriots, 21-17 with Julian Edelman as the hero in place of Welker.

Ravens 19 Pats 17!!! Barnes, sack, ff, recovery by Ray Lewis for TD!!!

Well,Dan,this means you have'nt much faith in the Raven's D and you sound like the team has no chance to beat NE at home(?).I;m disappointed about that,but,look,let's look at the whole forest.If our offense controls a decent running game and time of poss. leans our way,Bundschin will have to master a lot of things to whip the Pats down the field and I'm "not seeing that" this game;even though the same D starters are'nt playing for the playoffs.I'm curious how Joe Cool will handle this foul weather up there,but,if he can't execute some releases and get something done in the passing dept. then......I think we will suffer the consequences.Yes,Dan,I'm putting most of the pressure on him this Sunday;considering he has'nt looked the same since the toe injury in the Vikings game.Hoping the refs don't micro manage the game and the Ravens secondary can keep their feet under them(I'm serious about this) I would bet a week's pay that we'll be celebrating the Ravens 30,NE 20.I love the starting time of our game,by the way.We play better football in the afternoon,in my opinion.

Dan, thanks for the 2 bar tabs this season. Sorry about the huge bill on the first one. Its a long ride from Virginia, ya know.

To the game. New England is vulnerable. All this talk about what they've done in the past .. is in the past. We've won a Super Bowl too, and last I checked, we went pretty deep in the playoffs last season, while the Patriots were watching the entire playoffs on TV.

Ravens get it done. Nail biter though. Final score Ravens 27, Patriots 21.

Willis McGahee pounds the end zone multiple times.

Ravens: 297
Pats: 3

Ditka: scales Mt. Everest by halftime.

Mcgahee MVP. Runs off tackle all day and is fresh from not playing much this year, as Harbaugh has saved him for the stretch, goes for 150 yards. Rice goes for 130 all purpose yards. Ravens control the ground game and the clock. Brady will make it close, but the Ravens pull it out, and put it away late in the 4th. Ravens 27-Pats 17.

ravens 24
pats 17

flacco shines. the refs stay out of it this time.


Ravens whip patriots soundly,patriots was lucky that first game.LADY LUCK WON'T STRIKE TWICE.Rice and Mcgahee will run circles around the patriots sunday and the defense will sack brady about 5or6 times.And the ravens will come away about 6 turnovers against new england.NO contest Ravens35 Patriots 17.Ravens whip colts this year to,and go to the super bowl and get there second vince lombardi trophy,they whip the cowboys in the super bowl 45 to 30.

Ravens 27

Pats 24

My best friend Andy passed away last night around 11 pm. He was trully the greatest furry 4 legged guy who enjoyed a wonderful life. My wife Barbara and myself were blessed to have had the 11 years of joy he brought into our life. So please join me in a toast to Andy. Rest in peace my good friend while we will have all the wonderful memories of you forever. By the way Andy said Ravens win in a crushing victory over the Pats by a score of 31-23. Oh yeah, Andy was also very smart.

Barkeep's Reply: To Andy.

Unfortunately, I think my Ravens' season will be over around 4pm on Sunday afternoon. I'll take the Pats 28-17. I just don't think the Ravens will get good enough WR play or secondary play. Plus, the Patriots don't lose in Foxboro during the month of January. I'd love for that streak to end this week, but I just don't think it will happen.

Hero pick: Julian Edelman with 9 rec, 98 yds, TD in the 4th quarter

I think it will all come down to penalties. We can beat any team in this league but penalties have killed us (legit or not). Take away the penalties and we'd easily be 13-3. Negate a few suspect penalties in the last match-up between Ravens and Pats and I believe we would have won that game. So if we can keep the penalties to a minimum we will win 27-21.

I'm going to plead ignorance and apathy on this one. I don't know what the score will be and I don't care who the star of the game is - as long as the Ravens win! That won't be easy to do but if they can limit the mistakes and get pressure on Brady it can happen.

My Heart says Ravens CAN win! However, Brady/Belichick in NE? As ususal in the NFL, the best QB wins, so the Ravens lose: 27 - 14 with "who else" Brady as the hero! :(

Go Pats! :O)

Ravens hang on and win 30-24. Joe Cool is the hero!

I really, really want the Ravens to win and I will be rooting for them as always. However, there's too high of a probability that Brady will eat up the Ravens secondary. Edelman is in for a big game. :o( Ben Watson will contribute as well. So I say Pats win 27-17.

Ravens by 11 over Patriots

Common sense says Brady at home vs. young Flacco in a live or die game will be a mismatch. Further, even without Welker, the Pats receivers are much better than the Ravens.

Having said that the Ravens will pressure Brady all day and the Pats sorry defense will be the deciding factor. Ravens 27-24.

Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas show up late due to traffic and and Adalius gets sent home.Randy is upset over it and decides his leg injury is too much to play with. Coach B says it is not an issue and anyone else who doesn't want to play can go home too. The whole team is ticked off by kickoff and really don't care. Tom Brady gets mad over a non call and grabs an official .He is ejected. Ravens win on a 4th quarter pass from Flacco to Clayton at the goalline. DBs did not cover him because they were not expecting him to make the catch. Hero of the game is Ray Lewis who gave his all on every play. He also hit Brady on the questionable call coming on a delay blitz. Final score Ravens 27 pats 24. Thier kicker missed a field goal and the fans lamented the loss of Vinitari.

man im a big pats fan and b-more is my hometown but the pats are way better than b-more and i dont care if dats my home even w/ bradys injury and welkers absence we still have a good secondary replacement and randy moss can even out run the ravens over rated defense

well pour me a cold cold
draft, and here goes:

i parked my c a keys in
harvard yard, for all you
red sox lovers, vermont highlanders, connecticut womens'
basketball lovers:

the ravens end your season,
randy moss goes in the tank
puts a ski mask on and calls it
a day.....

tom brady gets hit and hobbles
around looking like an old
joe montana, his passes wobble
out of replacements hands and
he blows a gasket....

bill belechick finally puts
on a coat and tie instead
of his normal hoodie as an
omen of bad karma....

ravens 17-13 take the under,
its cold up there in new england......

First off, open my tab with a round of 7 & 7's for Kevin in Iraq and Rich. Kevin, stay alert my man. Rich, nothing like the comfort of a dog.

OK, my heart tells me purple and my wallet says blue/red. Heart always wins.....that's why I'm broke (that and buying all these clowns drinks all the time).

Balto - 30
NE - 27

Hero? The O-line for pushing NE around to 200+ rushing yards.

Pats - 37
Ravens - 13

Flacco has 3 picks along with one fumble, Harbaugh uses all time outs before the 4th quarter, Suggs disappears once again, and Rice the best player on the field for the Ravens. But he's not enough. The yellow flags fly once again against the Ravens. And of course the Ravens (Lewis & Co.) complain once again that they were robbed.

The Ravens can't win a close game against the the Pats and the Refs. If they aren't up by two scores, then they will lose a close game. I know that sounds stupid, but think about it.

The Ravens have got to get on top, and stay on top. They have got to play a game without so many stupid penalties.

Cam has to remember that he has Willis, LeRon, Kelly, Heap, and Clayton (OK, maybe not Clayton, just kidding)

They should run the ball down there throats, and hit them with the play-action.

Also, the Pat's are the team that made "The Wildcat" famouse when Miami ran the same play six times for five TD's. If we don't try some wildcat plays against them, well then shame on us.


New England--27

David Tyree makes a big play on special teams, jarring loose a fumble that Jameel McClain picks up and rumbles in for a touchdown.

Ray Rice is the player of the game.

Dawan Landry picks off two Tom Brady passes.

In the other games, my picks: Bengals, Eagles, and Packers.

Poor Barry, it's not even Sunday yet and he's 0 for 2. Bartender, drinks for Barry please and my high hopes he has a better day tomorrow.

Thanks Rob K, That's the first 7&7 I've had since Sweeneys had them for 17 cents on St. Patricks Day. It was very good.

While I respect the Raven's running game, the Patriots run defense is a lot better than it appears on paper with Wilfork, Warren, and Mayo healthy. While Warren and Wilfork were out Wright and Pryor got a lot of practice. Belichick tries to take away a team's strength and that will be the run. Flacco will have to have a good day and that's certainly possible.

The Ravens defense is still very good and could pose some problems for the Patriots without Welker. I think the Patriots will mix up a lot of run and pass and perhaps go back to the screens that made their hodge-podge receivers from the Super Bowls successful.

I think the home field will be a big advantage for the Patriots and expect it be something around 24-14 Patriots.

well, guess it sucks to be so smart, doesn't it? I have rooted for the Patriots one time in my entire life. guess I picked the wrong day. go colts


I guess maybe Mayo is not a young Ray Lewis. As a matter of fact, today it looked like Ray Lewis is a better version of a young Ray Lewis then Mayo is.

ugh, of all the 'predictions' your prediction rate is always a fail. I think you got 20% of the prediction right this season, and most of it by stating ravens will lose in bad conclusion. Someone fire this guy, and bring in a better commentator. We need a commentator that actually has HEART and smarts to look forward to what Ravens will face in each upcoming week

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