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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Colts

Not really sure what to post today.

Is there some big game going on this weekend involving a local team?

And a former local team?

With the winner getting one step away from the Super Bowl?

Yeah, I heard something about that.

Bring in your big, frosty mugs today, people. Natty Boh is flowing, and so are your predictions. I am stoked enough about this game that I’m not charging anyone today – not even Rich or Barry or Waspman or Scooter.

I’ll even give Putin free vodka shots if he materializes here.

So, will your Ravens continue their improbable run playoff run and knock off the AFC’s No. 1 seed, that blue-and-white team in Indianapolis?

Or will Peyton Manning and company be too much for the Ravens’ secondary?

I am going to stay consistent – which is a good thing for Ravens’ fans. Because I have been fairly consistently wrong on Prediction Fridays this year.

I am going with the Colts. I think the Ravens’ running game will make this one a contest, but unless the Ravens can jump out early again, I don’t like the idea of a rested Manning with the game on the line in the fourth quarter.

So I say Colts 24-20. Manning the hero.

Drinks on me if I am right. Drinks on me if I am wrong.

Your turn to predict the score and the hero of the game.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Ravens-Colts


Ray Rice will get his yards but he won't be near enough on offense. Ray Lewis will not be a factor like last week. Ray & Ray show is over. Ravens defense looked good against an average quarterback who was hurt. Now the Colts defense is playing an average offense with a quarterback who is not as good as Brady. I could see Troy Smith playing some of the Wildcat but it won't be enough. Colts win......again, 31-20.

Alright, I'm back again, trying to go two for two in the dream this week though. But regardless, for the first time in a long time I have a really good feeling about this team. Normally, I feel very nervous before the Ravens play the Steelers, Colts, or Pats, but that feeling's not there anymore. Maybe it's just that it's still Thursday, but something about this team, this year, feels right. So I'm gonna do it again, Ravens will win this one 27-21. No clue who's gonna be a game hero, but I'll stick with an unlikely and go with Mark Clayton making some big catches late.

Heart says Ravens, head says Colts. But I think the Ravens can do this! Especially if the Ravens play like they did Sunday against New England.

Ravens 28 Colts 24
LeRon McClain stars

Dan,even if the Ravens spot the Colts the first 7, the team will settle down and play the rest of the game ok/better.I lobby Hardball to please win the coin toss to recieve and determine to keep the rock out of Manning's hands at all times.I believe the Colts will perform a little rusty in the 1st qtr. and it's up to the Ravens to take advantage of the situation;even if we're kicking 3's to get on the board.Barring unforeseen ref interference and cb's falling down I look for our offense to sustain drives and turnovers may be the deciding factor in this close game Sat. night.I don't like our performances on night tv over the years so hear's lifting my mug to "good luck",healthy playing(no injuries) and I predict the Raves 27,Colts 24.

Ravens are up against arguably the best offensive player in the history of NFL; so expect Irsays' to score some points. The trick would be to score points of your own. Ravens should try to double cross Indy by throwing the ball in their first few possesions, when the Colts might be overplaying the run. Indy are an average team defensively, and Ravens are capable of exploiting this weakness. The Ravens have an excellent chance of winning if they hang close in the 4th quarter. There has to be some loss of conditioning since Colts have not played a complete game in three weeks. Also, some of their players might get deflated if their team is trailing in the 4th quarter, and start ruing the opportunity of a perfect season. Ravens 30 Colts 24. Game ball goes to Joe Flacco .

Ravens 24 Colts 20

mcgahee comes up big with over a 100 yards. ravens rush for over 200 for the second straight game. reed gets an int, ngata a sack, fumble.

My Divisional Round Playoff Picks -

Tom D. if you are a ravens fan you are embarrassing. Look at Ray Lewis's stats the past 4 weeks please. Ray Lewis has averaged 10 tackles in the past 4 games. But to your football IQ that isn't up to par. Give me a break you can dislike the ravens and predict that they will lose and I will respect that however I will not tolerate listening to someone who has no knowledge on football talk bad about Ray Lewis. So Tommy D. please do us all a favor and read the statistics before you try to lash out on the ravens.

@Tom D, WTF?!?.. Ray Lewis was no factor last week? Just his 1st sack of his many playoff games, several hits on Brady, plenty of tackles and the all important leadership role he takes on every week, yeah, he wasn't a factor at all...Lol!!!! Must be the same reason he is the only All-Pro from the Ravens team this year.....hmmmmmm, where they do that at???

It comes down to Flacco and Manning. There is no comparision. That's why the Kolts are 6 1/2 point favorite. I hope through our last few meetings we have learned the Kolts have a very good defense. Our defense has beat them the last 2 meetings, but because of our lack of offense, and I mean total lack of offense, we've lost 2 very close and crushing games. That said, I believe not going for a undefeated season along with being off last week will work against the Kolts. Whats there been, 44 Super bowls but only one undefeated season? Of course you go for the inmortality of the undefeated season. The Kolts already blew it big time and they already know it. Ravens win big, on part of what I've just said, but Saturday night because we will be tougher and better. Ravens 27 - Kolts 20. Flacco rises and has a good game with a couple T-D's and our defense does what it does best. It rises to the top.

We didn't have Suggs last time to draw 2 blockers, and we still held them to 17 points without much pressure. This time we get over our red-zone problems, run the ball to keep Peyton off the field, and Flacco completes a normal amount of passes. Washington makes some key catches. If nothing else, statistically, we're due to win.
Ravens 24, Colts 14

Indy is up by 4, Stover misses a 40 something FG to make it a 7 point game, Ravens come back and score a TD and win by the 3 Stover missed.
27-24 Ravens

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravens: 217
Colts: 3

Ditka: Goes back in time and defeats Ghengis Khan with one arm tied behind his back.

Ravens win 27-24. Matt Stover misses at least one important field goal, possibly game tying, thereby cementing his status as the greatest kicker in Ravens history in perpetuity! After the game it is revealed by Coach Harbaugh that Stover was a spy, double-agent, and saboteur. Ozzie and Matt had it planned the whole time. The Indianapolis franchise, embarrassed by being tricked by the Ravens, reflects and then apologizes for robbing me of professional football in my adolescent years.

Barkeep's Reply: Now THAT is a prediction. Drinks on the house Mr. Snrub

The football Gods shine down on the Ravens this week. Ravens beating Indy, finally puts to rest all the people still mad they moved. Town goes crazy, and we go to San Diego and get crushed 34-10. Oh well - at least I have us beating Indy.

Ravens 27-20

Free vodka shots for Putin? Free Dos Equis for Rob K? Free drinks for everyone? I will not be volunteering to help clean up after the weekend. But I'll bring my 32 oz mugs and you can keep one chilling and the other filled with Natty Boh, thanks.

Dan, you keep picking against the Ravens and I'll keep with my pledge of never picking against them. Ravens win 30-28 on a last minute FG by Cundiff, his third of the game. Also a big kick return to set up the winning kick after Peyton puts his team ahead with a late TD, but leaves too much time on the clock.

Not that you asked, but in the other AFC game, if my pick in the Ravens game is right I want SD to win on Sunday so the Ravens can go back out west and see what they can do against a Charger team that is fully clicking on all cylinders instead of the banged up version they beat early in the season. If I'm wrong and the Ravens are eliminated, then I want the Jets to win so Indy can do what they should have done the first time, which would have kept Rex's team from even making the playoffs in the first place.

Free drinks? I gotta cancel that littleparty I was planning for tomorrow night.

Baltimore 27
Indy 24

I've seen this movie before, thisis just the sequel. The Ravens are made for the post season wild card role. Did it in Tennessee (twice), will do it in Indy. Hero's? Billy Cundiff (game winner with 7 seconds)and Joe Flacco who leads us on game tying and winning drives. Reed with a key pick.

Baltimore wins, NY Jets win. We storm the swamp next week and close it down the weay we did Texas stadium last year, in style.

Dan, you should wear a Peyton manning jersey to cement the "reverse curse".

Fill up my mug....

I think Flacco gets the passing game going and the Ravens win 28-14. It is going to be a blast to be there in person seeing it.

D. Foxworth has an INT for a TD late in the 3rd quarter. 3 Cundiff FG's plus a Ray Rice 36 yard TD run = 23.

Petyon tosses 3 TD's, but it's not enough.

Birds 23, Horses 21.


Jarret Johnson jars the ball loose from Peyton Manning and Terrell Suggs scoops it up and runs it in from 33 yards away.

Matt Stover misses a 38-yard attempt, clanking it off the right upright. He is given a block party by his neighbors when he returns home to Maryland.

David Tyree makes his mark on special teams.

The Ravens' stars are the RAYvens: Ray Lewis and Ray Rice.

Dan--Thanks for the brews. Please set me up in the side room with 19 steamed jumbo crabs, in honor of Unitas. Hey, keep more of those crabs and beer coming for you and all my friends here at Connolly's Corner Sports Bar.

Well as much as it pains me, I'm predicting this is the last prediction Fri this season for my Ravens, but of course I "will" not pick against them so disregard what I just said. Blind faith = 24-17 Ravens! Hero: D. Mason

And my smack talk continues on facebook for another week!

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