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How good is Tom Brady right now?

We are out of Iron City again. Rob K poured most of it on the heads of some of our visitors from the west on Tuesday.

I am a sucker for the Ravens-Steelers debate. It’s like Seinfeld episodes and Rocky movies. I know how they end, but I still enjoy them. Can’t help myself.

Let’s head north but stay with the NFL.

(I’d like to switch up and do baseball, but the three big baseball subjects of the day, Matt Holliday, Robbie Alomar and Randy Johnson, have all been dissected here at the bar in the past few months. We are so ahead of the curve.)

Let’s talk about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He apparently is playing with a few broken ribs. And, on Sunday against the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs, he’ll be without his most trusted weapon, injured receiver Wes Welker.

No question, Welker and his Pats’ record-setting number of receptions and yards will be sorely missed. Brady’s completion percentage is 11 points higher with Welker in the lineup.

Still, I believe Brady, even at 32 and one year removed from a lost season, can single-handedly beat a team, especially one with a secondary as suspect as the Ravens’. So Ravens’ fans should be sufficiently concerned.

In their earlier matchup this season, Brady was 21 of 32 for 258 yards and one touchdown against the Ravens. Nothing special.

Perhaps most important, he was sacked three times. And the Ravens know they need to keep pressuring Brady if they have a chance of winning in New England.

The thing about Brady is that he was pretty much under the radar this season while guys such as Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and others excelled. But Brady was pretty darn good, too.

He threw for 28 TDs (just 13 interceptions) and 4,398 yards. Take away his phenomenal 2007 (50 TDs, 8 INTs, 4,806 yards) and this season was his best, statistically speaking. So he may be older, and he may be hurt, but he is still Tom Brady. He is still extremely dangerous.

That’s my thought anyway. What say you?

Daily Think Special: How good is Tom Brady right now?


Natty Boh please. I'm going to behave today. "Steeler Nation" tends to get me a bit twisted up.

I'm in agreement with you Barkeep. Brady's still dangerous, even a little scary since he now doesn't have his little sidekick. He'll just bring that little tag along Edelman into the fold and turn him into Welker, Jr. It will be interesting to see if we can hit him a few times. He's not the same when he gets slapped around a bit. But then again, who is?

ya mean tom baby? oh well i heard a report he's at the ref spa where raf's treat him real good, i think somethins going on between them... just between me and whoeveer is reading this.

Tom Brady is fair at this stage. I think Flacco can out duel him in the game Sunday. If the refs don't side with the crybaby, I feel we can beat them. Tom's hurt, Welker is out. I heard Moss is a little banged up. To stand a chance of winning, our ground game carries us again. The Defense MUST play at their game best-- Ravens 24-21

Tom Brady is as good as his offensive line and running game allow him to be. If we can get presure on him and stop their half baked running game, the ball will be in our court. I really like our chances. The pressure is all on the Patriots. A ambush is in the air. Coach Harbaugh played the Oakland game perfect. Rice and Mason got a rest. Flacco took a break, Reed shook some rust, Kelly Gregg is coming to life, and our secondary is swarming. We're loaded and ready, baby.

Don't let the Wes Welker and Brady's ribs and finger injury fool you. I really don't expect their offense to miss a beat. Brady is too good.

I expect Baltimore to have opportunities to win this game, but ultimately the Pats offense will put up too many points for the Ravens to keep up, with Brady leading the day with a stat line like this: 300 yrds, 3TDs, 1INT, 58% completion.

I'd be great to if I had all the NFL rules around to protect me. He just another quarterback.
He ain't all that!

I heard that he wasn't gonna play this Sunday.
Seems his dress won't be back from the cleaners in time for the game.

Right now? Tom Brady stinks ... for Tom Brady. He's in the top eight instead of being in the top two or three as he was before his injury.

are you kidding me with this. I love this blog but surely on a playoff week we could be debating something is ray lewis tired and should his ass be sitting on the bench when it's 3rd and 5+ on sunday against a team that loves the slot position and intermediate passing routes that a quick inside linebacker should cover. anyway.... Tom Brady is back to form and no not the freakish form of 2007. His numbers this year are all top 5 or 10 in the league....more than tom brady the patriots are averaging almost 400 yards a game and they dont run the ball all that well. their 120 yds a game on the ground is clearly because they throw for 277 a game and it opens it up a little. Brady may not be mobile but considering the injury he had last year 16 sacks all season is pretty damn good for a guy whos injured every week and he is. The ravens should consider themselves lucky because they are responsible for 3 of those 16 sacks. Brady is still a great QB who commands great respect and if you ever had any doubt about that just remember who called for the flag on that roughing the passer call. Brady did everything but reach in the refs waisteband and pull the flag out. I love the ravens and think they have a shot at winning but if they dont win on the road in the playoffs at foxborough (which by the way brady is undefeated at home lifetime in playoffs) it will probably be because of something tom brady did to stop the ravens from winning....

This is playoff football time..its a totally different game out there. The Ravens and Steelers showed last season that they can bring the physicality to make other teams bend. If the Ravens can keep the penalties down on 3rd down and the personal fouls (big if)..they're gonna win. The Pats can't run the ball..and thats what you need to do in the playoffs..unless you're Peyton Manning or Big Ben.... Those are the only 2 guys who consistently can fit passes into the smaller windows that playoff football brings.

We also are in a MUCH better spot offensively if you think about it...last year McGahee was the only healthy all three are rearing to go. We gotta run..look for Todd Heap...and the occasional big play down field. If Mark Clayton starts...Shame on the coaches.. Also agree with an earlier poster.. Ray lewis needs to be off the nickle package...he's simple too slow now to get into his zone to stay infront of slot wr's and TEs..

Tom Brady ain't all that? Really, how about counting the rings he has and the records he set. He's playing with 3 fractured ribs and a broken finger on his throwing hand, hasn't complained at all about it. Someone said he's as good as his offensive line lets him. Good insight Einstein, no quaterback is good in this league when they have no time to throw.

Baltimore fans are still whining about the last game, What quaterback isn't protected in this league by the officials? Pats got a roughing the passer call as well in that game and have been called for more penalties this year then the Ravens. They just don't whine and make excuses when they loose.

When the conversation is the Steelers it does tend to increase the take, but is it enough to cover the increased expenses? Probably safer to talk about the Patriots this week, at least before we get back to baseball tomorrow for a day.

Brady is still good enough to be dangerous, even banged up and missing one of his favorite targets. The Ravens need to get to him early and keep the pressure on all day or he'll be able to cut them up if he gets time. Not an easy game coming up, but winnable if the Ravens don't self-destruct. Need some sustained offense as well because I don't see the defense totally shutting down the Patriots.

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