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Finish this sentence: The Ravens' season was ...

It was all quiet and dark at the bar Monday. Sorry, but I had to fix the plate glass window in the front.

Someone threw a mug through it about the same time Ray Lewis’s helmet connected with a horseshoe and a yellow flag floated in the air.

The investigation continues – into the broken window not the penalty flag.

Anyway, it was a tough weekend in Charm City. A dismal 20-3 loss to that team in Indianapolis to end the Ravens’ season.

I guess it is fitting that the patrons at Connolly’s laid an egg on Prediction Friday as well. I probably was the closest with a 24-20 Colts’ win, and I’m taking no credit for it.

So, yeah, it’s a somber mood in here. We’ll try to at least make it more upbeat.

I just picked up the new (well, relatively new) Jimmy Buffett CD to see if it is more like the old ones (great chillin’, drinkin’ music) or like the newer ones (a few good tunes sandwiched around schlock). I’ll give it a listen and report back later. Meanwhile, we’ll stick it on the jukebox.

Today is as appropriate as any to review the Ravens’ season. It started with such promise, three straight wins and the hopes of another AFC Championship game at the least. Then the momentum was flushed away by midseason, only for a solid finish that took them into the second round of the playoffs.

I asked earlier this month whether the Ravens’ season could be considered a success if they made it to the playoffs. Many of you answered yes, and I think that is the case, especially considering they got to the second round.

But it was a step behind last year’s AFC title game run, and the expectations were higher.

I want to know what word you’d use to describe the Ravens’ 2009-10. I’ll say frustrating, with a nod toward exhausting as well. Just so many ups and downs, so much talent wasted by poor execution at the most inopportune times.

So give me one word (or phrase) to sum this one. Make it clean. What do you say?

Daily Think Special: Finish this sentence: The Ravens season was …


Extremely frustrating and emotionally draining. This team had the talent to win every game they played. They just could not find a way to win the big games and instead found ways to lose.

a step in the right direction but showed exactly what holes still exist on the roster.

a hell of a lot better than the one Troy Aikman had in HIS second year as a Cowboy.
This team is a force in the AFC. Imagine if the Ravens had listened to their fans and kept Matt Stover. 11-3 or even better?

I think it overall was a good season. The Ravens made the playoffs and won a game. Ill take watching the ravens any day over watching the orioles. Yes we thought the team could do better but thats how it goes. Just think the ravens made the playoffs back to back years with the same qb for the first time. We also have made the playoffs 6 out 10 years when was the last time any baltimore team made the playoffs 6 out of 10? (yes i know more teams get in the playoffs then in the 60's and 70's but still). Next year i think if the Ravens can sign a corner and a wide receiver and keep reed then the NFL should get scared...GO RAVENS!!

just mediocre at best and very lucky to have gone to the playoffs.
Being a Ravens fan, that really hurts to say that.

Schizophrenic. But with treatment from Drs. Ozzie and Harbs and staff, this malady should be well under control for next season.

....a freaking roller coaster.

Lots of ups and downs with people at times wanting to throw up and yet at times on that same ride having a blast.

Utterly disappointing. The meltdown in all phases of the game were not expected and should not have happened in Harbaugh's second year. He'll get a third year but it will be his last
if this continues.

Ultimately a disappointment. The defense finally seemed to gel as Flacco and the passing game bogged down. Hopefully, next year a healthy Flacco will play like the first part of the season, and the running game will click while the defense continues to improve. Ravens are good up front but need a game-breaking wide receiver, a new young tight end and help in the defensive secondary.

disappointing. The beginning of the season showed streaks of what the Ravens could be, but as the season dragged on we saw what the Ravens really are. Sporadic on offense, and not as good as they use to be on defense.

...predictable. Everything that was exposed at the end of the 2008 season (inability to stretch the field, inability of secondary to cover receivers, lack of discipline in terms of penalties, reliance on run game) was amplified in the 2009 season.

I believe that the injuries to Flacco, FWashington, and Webb and the accumulation of over 1000 yards in mostly stupid penalties were the downfall of this team. The injury to Flacco killed the passing game, the injuries to Washington and Webb (along with the recurring health issues of Reed and Landry) exposed our secondary for the sham that it is, and the stupid penalties cost us at least two victories.

Predetermined when Harbaugh decided not to bring back Stover. Had we had Stover, we would have won the Minn game, which I am convinced would have changed the 3-6 stretch in the middle of the season which would have led to home playoff game and different match-up in round 2 of the playoffs. Problem is, we would still have to get by the Colts eventually.

A huge disappointment. A team with so much talent that rarely played to the level they were capable of playing at (with the exception of a few individuals, i.e., Ray Lewis, Jarrett Johnson and Ray Rice). It was evident more times than not that this team simply lacked the fire and desire to play all out for the entire sixty minutes of a game. Successful execution lacked all season. Play calling was ridiculous at times. There were also too many stupid penalties! What the heck?! Personally, I'm glad the season is over. That rollercoaster ride made me so sick at times...UGH! Time to clean out the doghouse, bring in some professionals who REALLY want to play football and get on with it... Superbowl 45 awaits.

I want to say disappointing, but in hindsight they made the playoffs and beat the Patriots soundly in the first round. So, the Ravens' season was INCONSISTENT.

..chock full of highs and lows!

Really saw some 'brightness' in the play of RICE, WEBB and KRUGER as well as OHER.

Of course, the ENERGY and LEADERSHIP of Ray Lewis and Derrick Mason were constants


Frox nailed it.

The season was frustrating.

Best team we've had since 2006. Hard schedule, yet we outplayed many of the top teams in the league. Could never finish the job.

Season ended on groundhog day, when we again couldn't score on Indy.

Disappointing because I wanted them to go to the Super Bowl.

That said, the Ravens had a wonderful season all things considered. Regular season, the Raven only lost to teams that made it to the Playoffs (excluding the loss to the Steelers).

Post Season we made it to the second round of the playoffs which is pretty good and the game was points wise the second closest of the week (in other words at least we didn't loose 45-14).

So in other words, the ravens probably should have had a better season but still managed to pull off a better season than most other teams.

Inconsistent, but successful. Made the playoffs for the second straight year under the new head coach/QB combination. One that, quite frankly, these spoiled, crybaby fans don't deserve. I'd like to sentence some of you whiners to be Lions or Rams fans for life LOL

Other than Ray and Ray, the team played like the fans felt- hopeful but rarely confident.
They played tentatively.
If it's true a team takes on the character of it's head coach, this is not a good sign.


we weren't ready for webb's great play or his injury, foxworth, carr & washington playing like raiders --then bringing it when they were needed the most, rice turning into 'superback', mcclain getting no carries, macgahee in shape, crippling injuries.... [even katula!?], oj brigance, biased officiating for the umpteenth season in a row, then that guy hausfield.... haushkins.... houshmandzadeh... lol you know the kicker we cut?

wild season. but as long as i get to see kyle boller throw 3 touchdowns in a game for the rams.... followed by chris redman winning a thriller with a game-winning touchdown pass, and chris macalister potentially earning another superbowl ring after playing for the could be champion saints [didn't consider those 3 things either?]
—then i it made for an interesting enough season for me. now go get brandon marshall, keep defections to a minimum & win a superbowl. go ravens.

A roller coaster year not for the faint of heart. But overall I am pleased with the ravens and believe they are and will remain to be one of the better teams in the afc.

"underachieving". I think we all can pick at least three more games where we should/could have won.

.... Harbaugh's last winning season.

Last year Rex Ryan's leftovers took us to the AFC Championship. This year the remaining Ryan leftovers and the tremendous effort of Ray Rice allowed us to slither into the playoffs (and get embarrassed by a better team/coach). Next year it will be fully Harbaugh's team (vanilla offense still, exposed mistake prone defense) and the wins will be few and far between.

doomed by our front office's inability to recognize and act upon our weaknesses, our team's lack of focus/ discipline and a coaching staff that pretends it is in control of their "Mighty men".

As a football fan it was a total success. Thanks to the players and the whole organization. Yes it was a season of great ups followed by very sad downs, followed by skinning into the play-offs. Well we went 2 deep, and really didn't get a break in the Kolts game. So here we are looking ahead to next year. Not so bad. How do you think it feels to be a Charger fan, pretty shi-ty compared to us.

All I want to know about last season is who called the time out on our last possession in the 1st half while we were on the 21 yard line after gaining 1 yard on a run on 1st down. That person should be fired. I don't care who it is. They don't know football and have no business making that kind of decision. I screamed as soon as the time out was called, and wasn'r alone for sure.

A Bust.

When you play at this level, there is only objective- win the Lombardy Trophy. End of story.

a lot more interesting than any season the Orioles have had in over a decade.

a good solid season. Our defense really stepped up in the second half of the year, despite huge injuries in the secondary (Nakamura, Webb). Lewis' intensity on and off the field was unmatched. Ngata went to his first pro-bowl. Ray Rice had his coming out party. Oher was a stand-out rookie. Flacco's late season performance was the only real disappointment.

The Ravens season was better than anything the Orioles have put together in the past 12 years. Even though they are frustrating to watch at times, I thank God for the Ravens.

...better than I expected, given the secondary's many problems. I thought most teams would just try to shred the D with the passing game, and that unit eventually stepped up enough to lock down a playoff birth. Also, it was illuminating - play throughout the season exposed some glaring holes that need to be addressed in the offseason if this team is to make another run.

... two weeks longer than the Steelers' season, and one week longer than the Bengals' season, and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady got to watch the end of it from their couches.

The glass was half full, maybe two thirds.

...headscratching. Why was Stover let go? That move cost us a victory over Minnesota, and probably over Indy earlier in the year. Why did they wait so long to start Ladarius Webb? We might have gotten a few more games out of him then the 2 that he played in. Why wasn't Heap utilized more in the passing game? He obviously was healthier than in years past and is one of your more surehanded receivers. Where was LJ Smith this year? Signing him cost us keeping Stover, which cost us some wins. If Flacco was as banged up as reported, why was he starting in games against Detroit and/or Chicago? He's the franchise QB, you'd think you would want to protect your investment/asset and Troy Smith could probably hold his own against those 2 teams. Why so many penalites? This is a problem every year- is it the players or the coaches? This annual problem cost us a home win against Cincy, a victory in Pittsburgh, killed the momentum in Green Bay, and ended any hope we had of keeping it close this past weekend. Why did it take until the 2nd half more often than not for the team to wake up and play? That cost the team a victory or two also. Why does Ed Reed continue to lateral the ball? His doing so cost us a possible victory against Indy at home.

With all of that said, another description would be "fun". It was fun watching the Ravens beat New England (finally!) last week; it was fun watching them beat Pittsburgh at home in an OT thriller, almost win in Pittsburgh, and then stay competitive and almost pull out wins against all of the division leaders this year.

The Ravens season was similar to the Mount St. Mary's college basketball is. More talent than most teams they play but not playing up to the potential. Mount's biggest rival is near Pittsburgh also-Robert Morris. Last year the Mount got beat 3 times by them-once in the championship. This year, once, so far.

This season was.. Not as successful as it would have been if they kept STOVER... I can't can't how many losses were the result of a missed fieldgoal or lack of any decent kicker.. stover even beat us on the Colts... they shoulda had Huschka, not us... get him back and forget the mistake ever occured.

The Packer game & The Patriot game.

a yo yo. UP and down

... one to forget!

Disappointing and frustrating as they regressed throughout the season, particularly on offense and consistently beat themselves with stupid, ill timed penalties, turnovers, dropped passes and failure to score in the red zone!

My first reaction was to say disappointing, mainly because of how the season ended, the three game losing streak followed by a serious lack of consistency. However, as i dug a little deeper, I would say the season was a success for a few reasons. The first of those being how many players stepped in for their injured teammates. Look at what happened to our secondary. Two torn ACLs, Reed out for 4 games and instead of complain, the next man comes up and plays his butt off. Zibikowski and Carr were definately plerasant surprises back there. Ellerbe stepping up for Gooden and McClain, Dwan Edwards stepping in for an ineffective Trevor Pryce and kelly Gregg. Oher was obviously incredible and our offense line looks amazing for years to come. Ray Rice of course showed that he is a top 3 all round back in the NFL. So while the season definitely disappointed in how it ended, I think overall Ravens fans have to be ahppy with a playoff berth and a beatdown in new england over Tom Brady and Belicheat. I just hope next season is not uncapped because we will be severely limited in our chances to upgrade our roster.

The Ravens season was ... the best of seasons (soundly beating the Patriots) and the worse of seasons (losing to the Indys ) . Unfortunately, the rollercoaster season came to an abrupt disappointing end. But wait until next year...

Learning... I think this because the teams identity was always in a state of confusion. In the preseason all the fans said ground and pound, but the coaches said throw. In the end it was ground and pound, but we forgot how to with the colts. Now our mirror image team RavenII (the Jets) will show us what we were suppose to do. So I end with GO RAVENS II (getem Rex)

...consistently inconsistent.

regressive...Other than Ray Rice, the team as a whole did not play up to last years standard. Especially the quarterback and coaches position.

Ummm... you weren't able to get any prints off that shattered mug, were you? You still don't have the security cams hooked up yet, right? Just checking....

I'd say it was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Showed a lot of potential at times, but also showed a tendency to self-destruct. Hard to complain about making the playoffs and winning a game, but it sure felt at times like there should have been about 3-4 more wins in the regular season. Still, it was the best season for any team I root for since last year's Ravens team.

Shorter due to poor moves by Ozzie.
Rex, Bart Scott, Jim Leonard, and Matt Stover all mad strong contributions to last year's success. They are making strong contributions again in the AFC championship game, but without the Ravens. Keep them and take just 1 wide receiver in FA or the draft and we're in the Super Bowl this year. Instead, we got a freakin' dud of a draft, with Paul Kruger on the bench watching us rush Manning with 3 and 4 guys the whole damn game. Rex would have blitzed the heck out of Manning, win or lose. I much rather would have taken our chances with that approach than to watch Peyton carve us up 8 yards at a time all night long.


......certainly not dull.

Lots of questionable decisions that were made, from tha FA's we chose not to sign to the ones we did. Oh well, we have a team, a dedicated fan base and one of the best organizations in football. Could be worse, we could be Cleveland or that "fertile, virgin" territory down In Jacksonville.

Yeah, about the window. .....I think the mug was aimed at the guy wearing the Indy shirt a bowl of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get from one game to the next.

The last two games prove my point: In NE there is excellence, and in Indy there is the typical penalty-plagued, offensively anemic football team.

incredibly frustrating, as they put themselves in positions to win games against really good teams, but couldn't seal the deal. I think it was really smart to let Flacco air it out in the early part of the season, establishing an air attack, and preserving the legs of Rice & McGahee until later in the season, but the failure to use McGahee in the playoffs was annoying. The defense played very well in the second half of the season, and should be even better next year.

Never boring... Just think of what the Redskin fans had to look at fro 16 games. Hell we played 18!


I compare this season to a ride on Space Mountain in Disney World. Extreme highs (NE playoff game), extreme drops (Indy playoff game). It was both nauseating and exhilerating. Never boring, but sad that the team did not perform at the level they are capable of performing. Penalties were unacceptable.

For everyone that said disappointing, you should be ashamed. Sure this team underperformed at times, but anything can happen in the NFL (ie Denver starting 6-0, NYG starting 5-0, Pitt starting 0-2 and winning 6 straight). It happens. The Ravens were one of 6 teams to have consecutive playoff appearances in the entire league and you call that a disappointment? If you honestly believe this team was better than Indy then you are insane. And I can't believe the people trash talking Harbaugh, it's embarrassing. He has a 20-12 record in 2 seasons with a 2nd year qb. He's 4-2 in the playoffs - ALL ROAD GAMES. Anyone who wants him fired or whatever is a fool. This was a good, not great team, that truly overachieved in the end based on how inconsistent they were. They may've ended the decade long DYNASTY that the Patriots had going. This season, the Ravens OVERACHIEVED.

one word STOVER !two words WEBB but still great team to watch and proud to be a raven fan , but why our defense cord. would only rush three on third and longs that never worked was just plain stupid . you need great speed rusher witch we have none , get peppers it will be soved on dee.

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