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Finish the sentence: The Orioles' offseason has been ...

I have been slacking off, people. I admit it.

I haven’t filed as many entries this week and I haven’t filled as many glasses.

And I certainly haven’t done much entertaining or thought-provoking, which is just as essential to cyber-bartending as changing the fake kegs.

So here are some random thoughts and a question you can chew on all weekend (kind of like the beef jerky in the glass jar at the west end of the bar).

I saw that Barbi Benton, 1970s sex symbol, actress and former Playboy centerfold, turned 60 this week. Not only does that make me feel ridiculously old, but it also makes me wonder how difficult it must be to be a 60-year-old woman named Barbi. I’d suggest changing her name to Betty or Sylvia and quietly ride out the next two decades.

The season-long suspension of the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas cements a point that my 10-year-old son Alex made a few years ago. I took him to a Wizards’ game for his 8th birthday and on the train to the arena, I explained to him that Arenas was a superstar and one of the best players in the NBA.

Well, that game Arenas had like 10 points and Caron Butler had a career-high 20-something. Afterward, walking back to the train I asked Alex what he thought of the game. And he said, “Well, you were wrong. No. 3 is so much better than No. 0, daddy.” I think that was his indoctrination into an unassailable truth: sportswriters know nothing.

To my music lovers out there, I am seeing the Felice Brothers on Saturday night, and I am psyched. I can’t tell you the last time I was this excited about seeing a band for the first time. It’s a sold out show in an old, 450-seat movie theater. I can’t wait, even though they are Yankees’ fans.

Oh, and to the baseball fans in the bar, I really do think the Orioles are done setting their 40-man roster before spring training. Yes, that could change if Erik Bedard wants to return to Baltimore. But I’ll call that reunion unlikely right now. And I see no other 40-man roster additions before pitchers and catchers report to Sarasota.

So that makes me think it’s time to evaluate Andy MacPhail’s offseason. He said he is pleased with it – he traded for Kevin Millwood and signed Garrett Atkins, Miguel Tejada and Mike Gonzalez – but are you?

Daily Think Special: Finish the sentence: The Orioles’ offseason has been …


I am feeling better now than i was at the end of last year. I am pleased with the moves the o's made this offseason. However I wish could have brought in another vet SP, and a solid vet power hitter...Vlad. But I think the O's will be solid this year Trembley has us moving in the right direction

"successful in terms that this is a rebuilding club." The fans know this will be another year like the last 10 but with some luck and hard work the Orioles may have a winning record in 2-3 years. I would love to see the Orioles win it all the old fashioned way. Bring back Erik Bedard if you can. I would not criticize you for spending some money to do so. I think he has another 100 wins in him.

another Unawarehouse wave of the same old smoke and mirrors.

millwood- B plus very solid vetern pressence, that will post some where round 15 -10 with a 3.95 era and save the bull pen.
Gonzalez - A plus. helluva pick up by Macphail i say the best 1. after we traded Sherrill our pen sucked and we needed a top closer, he definately is that.
Atkins - B- this guy could be a total bargain if he goes back 2 what he was doin a couple years ago.
Tejada- B plus . Adds excitement in the city as well as in the clubhouse and will put up a 300 avg with 15 homers and 80-90 rbi.
Hendrickson- B - was very good at times last year especially out of the pen , which is the plan 4 this year. definately a surprise last year.
Andy has done a nice job without blocking any of the future with these moves and remember that was the plan all along , and they improve the club this year

typically Angelosian

Pretty satisfied looking from top down. McPhail streamlined his game plan. There are talented players at all positions. They are younger but also better with stronger pitching and a deeper offense. Its not going to win 90 games, but it is a good step. Barring injuries I think there is a chance they could break .500.

As good as its going to get! They could have done better, yet, they also could have done worse! Really, though, there wasn't that much out there to choose from. The FA class this year featured only 2 or 3 big (and expensive) ones and plenty of other old or broken parts. So, considering that, I would say AM did as good as he could have...

I still dont think its about 2010 but about 2011 and beyond when our young guns get some more experience. HOWEVER, we will still have to get that big bat .....

.500 this year......

Hmmm... let's see, Gonzalez at his best fills the gaping hole left by Sherill, at his worst, we get to watch Jim Johnson shrink in the roll again. [push] Atkins is the very definition of a flier, a return to his best and we have the makings of a VERY formidable lineup, somewhere in between and we see more than we'd like of big swing, lots of misses Wiggy the Piggy, and if Atkins decline continues the O's will be rushing to the majors yet another greenhorn in the likes of Snyder or Montanez. [pray for a miracle, but expect 1 of the 2 latters. Pass] Millwood and Miggy are solid both on the field and off so I gotta say [Plus Plus] HOWEVER, if the Orioles had really wanted to make hay and play with the big boys this year like they did when Robbie Alomar was manning 2nd base, well they would package some of the young talent they have stockpiled in order to put a real ace at the top of the rotation, not just a gutty innings eater or gotten that bonafied slugger this lineup glaringly needs. Miggy led the Nat'l league in doubles last yr and we all know he can flat out hit, but 17 dingers does not a cleanup hitter make, so again we'll see a Manager more than eager to tinker with his lineup, mixing up his players both in their spots in the order, and in their heads [push]. In summary, unless we can petition baseball to move the O's to another division, we can expect again, the usual 13-17 drubbings from the Yanks and Sawx, so no, I am about as pleased with this offseason as a dog who is fed kibble while the neighbor's dogs to either side both eat steak!

Enough to win 73 and stay in last place. Look at the other teams in our division. Did we do enough to surpass 73 wins?

The Orioles offseason has been a disaster, like all of the other offseasons since Peter Angelos has owned the team. We live in a dream world where we pretend the Yankees and Red Sox are in a different league. We are guaranteed
to finish out of the money again next year. Sell the team to someone who
is willing to compete.

The Orioles’ offseason has been comforting to Toronto and Tampa.

They filled needs and didn't overpay for anyone nor get locked into any regrettable long-term contracts.

I think the naysayers would only have been happy with trading away the farm for AGonz or signing Holliday for $100+.

Wieters is gonna be better than either of those guys anyhow.

I feel better but when are they going to get a real 1st
base man that can hit for power and is young

frugal. No big splash's in free agency and raising ticket prices.

What, no Prediction Friday for the Pro Bowl? I'm going to say AFC wins 27-21 with too many stars to mention.

As for the Orioles, their offseason has been... interesting. The Millwood deal came up without much advance notice and looks like a solid move. Signing Atkins for third seemed like a reasonable gamble, but then it turns out he's going to play first. I never thought Tejada would be back in Baltimore but even though his power numbers have mysteriously dropped off - I guess he ran out of B-12 - he's still a solid hitter and run producer. Still, it would have been nice if they could have gotten more of a sure thing for first base, but it's a reasonable risk for the money and the contract length in both cases. Gonzalez for the bullpen looks solid.

There was not much chance of a big splashy free agent signing so that can't be too disappointing. (After this year, when I expect to see notable development of the younger core we should be in better position to compete for free agents as needed to fill identified needs at that time.) And best of all there weren't any real stupid moves that tie up the roster or payroll for future years.

The fans that expected the Orioles to compete for the playoffs this year (and last) will certainly be disappointed. There is still a definite possibility of a dismal season if too many of the following happen:
- Tejada can't play adequate defense at third
- Atkins doesn't return to his career average offensively
- Reimold and/or Bergesen show lingering effects of their injuries
- Guthrie doesn't return to something approaching his career average numbers
- Wieters and Reimold don't continue their development but have a "sophomore slump"
- Matusz and Tillman don't give solid performances

So yes, there are a lot of question marks, but the realistic probabilities are such that the Orioles should be looking at a season pretty close to .500 if typical, not exceptional, progress happens with their young players. Not that the Orioles should ever be settling for .500 and mediocrity, but at this point it's a huge step in the right direction. And for once, there are legitimate options available if one or more things goes awry and needs to be addressed. While I would have liked to see more (LaRoche signed for two years at around $12MM would have been nice) I do feel encouraged about where the Orioles are headed.

the club seems solid at every position except pitching. There are going to be injuries and the lack of depth is going to hurt the team over a 162 game season. So give it a B-

Between Angelos, Thrift, Flanagan, Duquette, etc. our franchise had become a laughingstock and butt of jokes all around baseball. Any TV analyst or newspaper journalist usually snickered and made tongue-in-cheek remarks when the O's were mentioned.

Fast forward to 2010 spring training. We go into the season with almost every roster spot filled. We have serviceable ML players or talented youngsters at every position. We have more in-house pitching depth than we've had since the 1980's.

I know some fans aren't satisfied and think we haven't done enough this off-season. To them I'd say just think about to just a few short years ago. When people talk about the O's these days they don't snicker anymore. If nothing else, we have "legitimized" our franchise.

See, this is what I don't understand. It's the same crap as on the Schmuck blog.

"The Orioles offseason has been a disaster, like all of the other offseasons since Peter Angelos has owned the team. We live in a dream world where we pretend the Yankees and Red Sox are in a different league. We are guaranteed
to finish out of the money again next year. Sell the team to someone who
is willing to compete."

Frank, how has this off-season been a disaster? Mac picked up four guys who are or likely will be better than the guys we had in the same positions last year. He got two veteran pitchers to stabilize the pitching staff, a solid bridge at third base and a good gamble at first.

He didn't block any of the prize prospects, as was mentioned above, but put some support in place to ease their transition into what for many is their first full year. MacPhail did exactly what he was supposed to do, and yet so many of you feel this wasn't enough or wasn't right.

And that I don't understand.

"The Orioles' needs are well-documented. They are looking to add a veteran starting pitcher and bolster the back end of their bullpen. They need a middle-of-the-order hitter and have vacancies at first base and third base. The Orioles also will try to find a backup catcher and upgrade the rest of their bench." Again they have not accomplished their goal. Mediocore old talent(?) brought in again. Another below .500 season in the works. Now that Miggy is back let's go out and get Raffi back!! Of course raising walk up ticket prices will all help in bringing back the masses. Another disappointing off season by the Warehouse!

Grade: C

I like the Millwood, Gonzalez, and Atkins moves.

I disagree with the Tejada signing. I don't know, for some reason, I would like to see a 3rd baseman (ATkins) play 3rd base, and a 1st baseman play 1st base. There are alot of 1Bmen out there. ( Garko, Blalock). I know they all have question marks, but no more question marks as asking a SS to play a position he has never played.

Just as expected, maybe a little better. We added a strong starter, good closer, and filled 1st and 3rd without blocking Bell and Snyder. We all expected Hendrickson back and got him for a below market rate. I know everybody thought we would get a 40 home run guy as the big bat. I think Atkins and Tejada will be better bats with some more home run production and more hits. The market was not a good one this year for power hitters. If we can improve a lot like most of us think, Andy will have more to go after next year.

Ken Francis - Thanks for the welcome in the other blog...

Frank Curtis - Spot on brother

Greg - Now this guy made me laugh! I want to party with this guy! Actually graded the moves! Gave a "B" for signing Millwood and saying he will have 15 wins with under a 4 era... The guy will be gone by the trading deadline with 7 wins and an era of 5.12.
Then he gives a "B-" for resigning Hendrickson who no one was looking to sign. But the Orioles always can use a 37 year old journeyman reliever with a career record of 56 & 68 and an era of 5.00.
And a "B" for Tejada! Yeah, sign a 36(?) year old guy on the downside of his career to play a position that he has never played before.

Oh, these comments are so funny...

Just wait till they resign 39 year old Mora for the bench... Mark my word...

Keep up the comedy!

...has been fun to watch. I've really enjoyed all of the moves that have been made this off-season. I think all of the signings have made us better and have really set up the future. Obviously our team is hinging on our young pitchers but that is done for a reason--they're good, and they will get better.

I can't help but give Andy an A- for the winter. I'm supportive of all the moves and am hopeful of our return to glory.

Jim L. Do your research before you blab brother, Atkins was a College and Minor League First Baseman converted to 3rd because why? Come on, you can do this. Because Rado had a perennial All-Star and hit machine at 1st base, maybe at least you have heard of him: Todd Helton. Amazing to me how many Bird fans are simply birdbrains when it comes to their baseball knowledge. And once again, for those who have apparently never played a sport in their lives, mush less baseball, swithcing from short to 3rd is not a "huge" transition. Yes, it will take alittle getting used to, like haveing the ball get to you quicker, but the throw is primarily the same distance and because the ball gets to the glove quicker, the 3rd baseman has more time to set his feet and make a solid throw so in that sense it is easier than playing short. Get real people.

Another year at the bottom.

The rest of the division is laughing.


Why go to the games.

10 years from now, when people look back at the 2010 record, they won't be thinking about the off season moves. All they'll see is that it was year #13 of the consecutive losing streak. Anyone seeing it for more than it is is just kidding themselves. Losing is losing is losing.... no matter who's running the front office.

I think the Orioles had a very productive off season. Andy did the best he could with who was available and without blocking any prospect long term or mortgaging the future. The players brought in will bring some excitement to this season and who knows whats possible if they play to their potential. Anyone who brings up Angelos in their post is obviously jaded and doesn't provide any insightful comments. Are we a contending club, maybe not, but I will take the progress and direction this club has been moving in the past couple of years vs. the early 2000's when there was no plan. I'm liking the moves and if anything I'm encouraged about this year and how winning baseball may now only be a year away.

I find it amusing how the Orioles organization takes so much heat for not signing the big name free agents each off season! Those of you who feel this way need to realize that these players don't WANT to come here at any price. Mark Texiera negotiated with the team out of local loyalty only. They no longer have the new gem of a stadium that helps to attract these players, as great as it may still be to watch a ball game. The big name guys know they will make a lot of money regardless, so wining becomes their priority.The Orioles are in a unique situation. Unlike teams like Minnesota and Oakland, who seam to field a winning team most years despite budget restraints, the Orioles are a little more willing and able to spend. But until recently, the birds minor league system wasn't providing the nucleus to build around. This is where Minnesota and Oakland excel. And, why do Oriole fans, and maybe sports fans in general feel so entitled that their home team be a winner? I have been a life long O's fan, and I too am disappointed that the team has fallen from how I remember them. But, it doesn't impact my life. Be upset, voice your opinion, but keep it in perspective!

I think Andy Mac made some good moves to help us out this year alone and not tie us down w/any awful contracts. The only thing he didn't do, which I think we still need, is to add another solid starter for a year until Matusz, Tillman, etc. all get a full year under their belts. This year will be another down year, but it should be better than last year was. Next year is the key year for when the O's turn it around- Andy Mac is keeping to his word/schedule.

it was not a great free agent class , so we did allright in the bullpen ,atkins who knows slumping at coors field is scary ,but its up to the young arms to see how far they can carry us .

Some of you guys have problems comprehending the concept of "complete the sentence"...

Who really cares? The O's will be 3rd at best, and more likley fighting to stay out of the cellar. Basically professional baseball sucks, it's getting better now that everyone's not juiced up tarnishing all of the real records. Until there is a salary cap to make the playing field level, professional baseball will always suck. The O's did the best withwhat they could but if you compare it against what the Yanks and Sox did it's laughable. Let's just hope the Terps can keep up their good run.

I contend that rebuilding can no longer be used when referencing Markakis, Roberts, Guthrie and Jones. These guys have to produce NOW. Otherwise they begin to enter their 30's and their future is gone and never was. Mantle, Mays, Seaver, Yaz, Teddy Ballgame, etc., all produced big in their second year in the majors!! Top flight players win pennants and they blossom right away, NOT in 5 years. You either got it or you don't.



I'd give Mc Phail about a C+ for the offseason, higher if Atkins contributes 20 hr and a .275 average.
Think that Tejada was a great pickup, Gonzalez a no brainer. I'd have signed Atkins myself. He's young enough to turn it around and had only one down year. Not satisfied with signing Hendrickson, we can do better with guys we already had. Also not satisfied with our backup catcher. We need a bat off the bench there. Go out and sign Bedard and go with what we have to spring training and weed the weak out.Overall grades
Offense lineup B+
Defense B-, better if Atkins and Tejada adapt to new positions
Bench c-, need better bench catcher,get rid of Wiggy and send Andino to Norfolk. Pie a plus off the bench. Montanez should stay around
DH, B, Scott is not bad
Starting Pitching, B-, maybe better if the kids continue to improve. could actually achieve a era under 4.3
Long Relief C, better than last year. Koji may surprise
Situational C, Also better than last year. Ohman a sleeper
Eighth inning and closer A-
The best on the team. Gonzalez will do the job, and Johnson will again be his old self pitching in the 8th instead of closing.
Overall a C+ considering what division we play in and where we are in the rebuilding. I expect us to break .500 and move Toronto into the basement. Watch out for us in 2011 and expect Andy to finally sign a big name free agent in 2011. Keep the young pitchers and let them mature. We will be OK.

I see a starting lineup w/ 7 20 plus HR guys. If te pitching improves they can have a winning season.

the orioles off season has been less than spectacular. the trade for kevin millwood was decent. . andy maphail could have done much better than signing miguel tejada. if they play better than 500 ball, that would be quite a accomplishment.

... incomplete, again. The O's made some nice additions, again, but they failed to get a bonafide, proven, true No. 1 pitcher (no, Millwood's not that; he's maybe a 2), and again failed to acknowledge that's where the true need lies. A genuine No. 1 makes every other pitcher better, and it's the only way to make the rotation comparable to the Yankees' or Red Sox'. I like how the lineup is shaping up, but without a TRUE No. 1, does it really matter in this division?

wayne - Welcome to Connolly's. I don't know if you have been here before and I didn't notice you or if this is your first time. Did the Schmucker send you over here to get even with Dan for something or did you come on your own? Either way, first round today is on me. After that you have to earn your drinks same as everyone else. That reminds me - Dan, set one up for Ken Francis, would you please? He makes me look concise and he also consistently presents well thought out arguments in support of his positions.

Wayne, I'll tell you what. You seem confident that the Orioles will consistently field a losing team, no matter what, and you have been less than impressed with the moves the team has made. Care to back that up with a wager? I know Dan tries to keep the quasi-legal activity to a minimum around here but I'm hoping he'll let this one slide. I am willing to bet that the Orioles make significant improvement in the standings this year. Mr. MacPhail won't put a number on it, but since you have referenced the losing season streak that stands a 12 and counting, how about we make the marker .500? That's 81 wins, assuming no rainouts that don't get made up.

I'll wager that the Orioles will go into the last day of the season with enough wins so that they will be at least playing for .500 on the final day against Detroit on Oct 3. Prize is admission to the game, plus lunch beforehand and one bonus beverage of the winner's choice aside from the one that comes with the lunch. Yes, technically the Orioles would have to win that last game if they are only at 80 wins (79 if they have to play a doubleheader the last day) in order to ensure the .500 season so the payoff would be made before all votes are counted, but that's the handicap for the fact that Vegas odds on the Orioles winning that many games are likely going to side with your position anyway.

It's almost too easy to pass up for you, isn't it? Tickets can be in any section with actual seating, not SRO. They can be purchased in advance, on the day of the game and give the extra cash to the team for the "convenience" of waiting till the last minute to get tickets, purchased from another fan for whatever can be negotiated, or whatever - this is one the loser gets to decide.

What do you say?

I feel sorry forr the idiots that feel a need to always write negative crap and have no sense of how the AM plan is working.

We gave up none of our youngsters. We filled almost all of our needs without giving up anything that hurts our future unless Scarfate does well in the future.
All of our needs were filled with guys who, if they have career average years, are significant upgrades from what we have had.

If you combine these guys and the youngsters continue to improve then its a fun year. If not we have coniderable trade bait around deadline time. But, if this team starts playing well together then trade deadline is when AM may make a significant move.

In Andy I trust. Until I am proven wrong.

One thing that seems to be getting overlooked by most is the move of Koji to the pen. The guy was really tough on major league batters on his first time through the lineup, he proved he had the stuff and the pin point control to get outs in the majors.

What he didn't have was the stamina, one thing that was overlooked when he came over last year, many of his games in Japan were played in AC'ed domes. The move to the pen should helpavoid the effects of Baltimore humidity, he'll seldom be asked to go more then an inning or two, and he'll start working later in the evening when the humidity has dropped some.

I don't see him as just a long releiver, he's a guy that could be used to close some if Trembley wants to use Gonzalez to go after a tough LH batter or just needs a night off. Combined Gonzalez and Koji add a lot to the pen.

Hernandez is another guy that could really bloom in a change of role. As a starter he needs another pitch, out of the pen he could thrive with what he's got just like Johnson did. So adding Millwood to the rotation could also improve the pen as well.

Another guy that we didn't see much of last year that could wind up be a valuable bat off the bench is Montenez. The former minor legue SS that the O's switched to outfield played 1B in winter ball.

With Tejada available to play b/u SS, the O's could send Andino to Norfolk to play everyday and work on the bat. Montenez's willingness to take on playing new positions could be his ticket to the majors. Lou could wind up being a supersub that could give the O's an effective bat off the bench.

Work to do yet, can Wiggington be moved for anything useful? I'd rather see his at bats go to Montenez.. B/U catcher, and an emergancy 3rd catcher so Weiters can D/H on his off days.

I think the flaw is not with the Orioles organization but with the need to instituted a "Salary Cap". As long as the big market teams can spend as much as they want and stock pile as many players as they want with those unlimited fund, small market teams will be unable to compete. We must be realistic the placement of the Nationals in DC made the Orioles an instant small market team. Pete A no longer owns a medium market team.

The odds of the Orioles competing with the Yankees and the Red Sox are the same as winning the Power Ball Lottery!

The NFL, NHL and the NBA have become competitive with the advent of a salary cop. The Pittsburgh Steelers could not possible compete with the big marked teams without it. Free agency has made that a fact baseball wants to ignore!!!.

...a good step towards improving the present without mortgaging the future. The course is steady on and whether they catch fire this year or next, they are better and will be better as the season moves along.

I like their additions, especially Tajada, who has an infectious desire to win, something this team can use. No more happy to be here, but instead let's win and Miggy will have that attitude in the clubhouse and on the field. He has said and done all the right things since they signed him and I believe he is sincere. Now the rest of the guys have to buy into that energy and desire to win; learn from Noland's hustle and play to win not just compete.

They were resilient last year through injuries and problems. This year I want to see that resiliency couple with a desire to win that moves beyond being competitive into some real success.

Daily Think Special: Finish the sentence: The Orioles’ offseason has been …

... ho-hum.

If the team is evaluated by what has been gained versus what has been lost -- a kind of plus-minus evaluation -- the team can be credited for being a plus.

If the team is evaluated for fulfilling its needs, the team gets a below average mark.

The Orioles are likely to score more runs and yield fewer runs than last year (741 and 876, respectively). Obviously, that should lead to more wins. I'm predicting ten more wins.

However, the Orioles are generally lacking in team speed, power bats, patient hitters and depth. There is no true Number One starter despite the rotation's improvement. The bullpen cannot afford to be driven into the ground as the depth there is woeful.

Overall, I will give Andy MacPhail a C+ for this offseason (grade pending amendments up to opening day).

The real interesting part will be what happens during the season. Last year, MacPhail got a D from me.

MacPhail did nothing this offseason to add any players that will help us in 2011 and beyond. Still we'll likely be slightly over .500 this year, but there will be a ton of work left to do. All these young players aren't going to pan out...

I'll give it a C

The O's offseason has been average at best. And that's comparing them with the moves they made last year. If you compare them to teams like the Redsox and Yankees it's an "F". I understand Mr. Angelos does not compete with the Yankees & Redsox, except during the season, but we needed a big bat and didn't get one. We really didn't try all that hard. The pitching will be better but not because of the pitchers we signed but because our prospects will do better. Another year of 70-75 wins.

oh yeh, finish the sentence... The Orioles off-season has been what Andy MacPhail said it would be. [not that it will make much difference in the standings].

Not bad.

There wasn't enough talent on the free agent market to make us competitive with the Yanks and BoSox, even if PA opened up his wallet all the way. And AM didn't have the trading chips to get the players we needed even, if good players were available in trade, which wasn't really the case.

So we got a few upgrades over last year in Tejada and Millwood who won't block the young guys if they suddenly get ready in 2010. In Gonzalez, we got the best former Pirate available; he'll help the bullpen. Atkins is a gamble, but hey, why not? The price was right and what have we got to lose?

We should win a few more than in 2009, and if some of the young pitchers hit their potential, maybe we could get near .500. But in the AL East, that's the best we cn hope for.

It's a good sign we can lose servicable pitchers like Bass and Sarfate (who I think we're going to miss someday) because we have enough young arms to make them expendable.

I'd give MacPhail a B-. Gonzalez was a great pick up, I think few would dispute that. Resigning Hendrickson was a very good move, he was reliable in the pen. Millwood is not an outstanding pitcher but he brings a much needed veteran presence to take pressure off the younger guys and to eat up innings, it was a good move. I like Tejada's bat added to the lineup but I'm hoping he doesn't struggle too much with the transition to 3B. Atkins is a questionable move to me, if he can produce than this grade will go to a B+, maybe A-.

I like what I've seen from the O's but I still wish they would've at least made offers to Rich Harden and Ben Sheets. I still think they could use another quality veteran pitcher in this rotation.

With the moves they've made I think the O's can win 75-78 games, maybe get to .500.

While the Os are improved over the beginning of last year they are nit even close to competing in the AL East. They didn't pull the trigger and get a beast to hit number 4. Thus, the off season was a failure. Every off season will be a failure until the Os actually compete for an AL East title.

Given the makeup of this team, here's a maybe not-to-crazy prediction: The 2010 Orioles will surprise the world and win like the 1960 Baby Birds. Same winning percentage or thereabouts, which translates to 93-69 give or take a game.

Where does that put them in the standings? Will they challenge the Yankees until September as they did 50 years ago? Who knows. But it sure would bring people back to the Yards. Attendance was up 33% in 1960.

I'm just happy that the O's are rebuilding! imagine if this mentality happened 5+ years ago! but they wanted to retool.. aged vets with silly contracts.

This year is good. we got players that can contribute without contracts that would hinder the youngsters from advancing thru the system. All i want to see is progress on all levels, thats all we can ask for right now.

and who really expects the O's to dig out of the hole they are in and marquee players wanting to sign here now? we would have to GROSSLY overpay them! Good work so far AM

GO O's

...uninspiring. Sure they mildly improved their team for next year, but there is nothing to get excited about. Sure I am excited about the young talent, but not about the FA class they signed. I'd be more excited if they signed 1 big name that could be a part of their future (like Holiday) then 5 little ones...

Grade - C

The goal was to get a starting pitcher,a closer, 1st baseman and 3rd baseman. MacPhail kept his word and delivered. Bravo.

My problem is that when said that he wanted to give Trembley every chance to win going in to 2010, I was expecting more. I liked the Gonzalez signing because is solidifies the back end of the bullpen. The Millwood trade was a classic example of the low risk, conservative appoach that MacPhail is famous for, especially when looking at what we gave up. But Millwood is nothing more then a good 4 or 5 starter posing as an ace now. For Atkins and Tejada, I'm very unimpressed with these stop-gap moves.

Yes, MacPhail kept his word in signing the players that we need. But as far as giving Trembley every chance to succeed, I think he's been set up for failure.

....above average. If the O's had signed Tejada first then they might not have signed Atkins to play first base. But the off season can get a whole lot better if they can sign Bedard.

THEY THE ORIOLES will surprize everyone ,. they will win 90 games and be in contention,. and make POST SEASON . think WORLD SERIS ,. think CHAMPIONSHIP. WORLD CHAMPIONS ,. beedard would be great to have for 700,000 one year ,. a proven LEFt hander that can help./ rick

please, remember, by, sept. yes, they willtalk about the ORIOLES and who they play in october., have a great day and a better one tomorrow.

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