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Do you care if Brett Favre ever plays another NFL down?

Well, it’s official: The Colts and Saints in the Super Bowl.

I think those are probably the best teams in the NFL, so I am OK that they both survived for the big standoff.

We didn’t exactly have rousing participation in Prediction Friday -- when the Ravens go away, so does the enthusiasm in this place -- but of those who saddled up to the bar and tossed your prognostications into the tip jar -- Rich, Rob and Jack -- had the right winners, along with yours truly.

You all get free drink chips, and, in an executive decision, I’ll give the free tab to Jack for predicting a four-point Saints victory in the NFC title game. That was the hardest to pick.

I am sure many of you watched the Vikings-Saints game, and it was definitely a good one. Although it was surprising to think a bad Brett Favre decision may have cost them a chance at advancing.

Part of me loves the fact that a guy older than me is still a major factor in pro sports. But most of me thinks it is time for Favre to walk away. For him, sure, but really for the rest of us.

I don’t see it happening, though. I don’t see him wanting his last play to be a key interception. And he showed he can still play this game at a high level.

You know there will be plenty of talk over the next few months on Favre’s potential retirement (No. 3). We’ll do it once here and I promise we’ll move on. But let’s put our cynical Connolly’s take on it.

Daily Think Special: Do you care if Brett Favre ever plays another NFL down?


I am a Packer fan first and foremost. If he retreats to MS and we only see him again on the day of his induction into Canton I would be one happy Packer fan. God I hope he doesn't show up on Fox.

Absolutely NOT!!!. I am soooo sick of Bret Favre. It was a pleasure watching him throw that interception at the end of regulation killing any Vikings hope for a game-winning field goal. He is self-centered and is only concerned with himself. He has had a great career but, for whatever reason, he thinks the sport owes him. So he will probably "retire" again and decide, halfway through training camp, he wants to play again. And of course the coach Brad Childress will welcome him back with open arms. Maybe even pick him up at the airport again. Favre just has to have his name in the news.

If I thought he'd get pounded again like he did on Sunday I'd be all for him coming back. Either way, you know he'll be as dramatic as possible in making his decision.

Yes, I do.

If you cannot respect and admire what Brett Favre did this season ... there is something wrong with you. Or you are a bitter Packer fan, closing your eyes and heart to He Who Should Be Still One of Their Own.


I don't care if he comes back, just make that decision early and don't retire then come back.

Nah,he's done ,now,I'm convinced.He was'nt going to last long enough to play a good softball game in the spring.He also proved old habits were hard to kick-throwing intercepts at the worst times to seal defeats.Brett has 1 super trophy to show the HOF,so,he's had a good career,nonetheless.

I Hope Brett Favre comes back for one more shot at least... He's almost "statistically" The best QB this year but in my humble opinoin IS and I, like the writer of this article can't see Brett goin out like that. He did it in 2009, and know he can do it again in 2010!

PLEASE let him just go away! I don't even want him to go to Canton anymore. The last play proved "once a Favre, always a Favre." Take your ego and GO HOME!

Brett Farve is a jerk, he should apoligize to all of his fans for thinking of only himself by making the comment "At least he would be going out on top". He just lost the championship for the Vikings and he is only thinking of himself, what a jerk, I pray he retires.

Brett favre one of the all time greats. He's not the one that lost the game

Ya know what?

I'm okay with him giving it one more shot. I mean, why wouldn't he come back? His team is friggin' stacked.

I don't even care if he gets the Clemens treatment. Just say he's coming back, spare us the drama.

FYI... if you want to poke more fun at Favre, join me at my caption contest at

The Viking Response:
Without prompting, player after player brought up how fun Favre was to play with. The consensus with the Vikings was that he can take all the time he needs even if it means skipping training camp.
"I just hope he's with us next season," centre John Sullivan said. "Whatever schedule he needs to be on to do that is just fine with me."
Linebacker Chad Greenway was one player who publicly questioned last spring whether the pursuit of Favre was worth it. "He deserves the right to relax and enjoy himself now. He had an unbelievable year," Greenway said. "He fights to the end. As much respect as I had for him before the season, I have 10 times that now, with the chance to play with him and the way he handles himself."
It was a pleasure to see him play the way he did this year, because he shut a lot of people up and I'm proud of him for that," Longwell said. "You know that he loved the guys in this locker room. It was instant. The second he got here there was a huge bond, and it just kept growing and kept growing and that's why it was so sad the way it ended the way it did."
“I will be one of the ones trying to convince him, but at the same time he's put in numerous years," said rookie wide receiver Percy Harvin, who called his relationship with Favre brother-like. "I don't know how much of a beating a man can take, but we'll see."
"We had a great opportunity with the guys that we had, the chemistry, the coaches, everything," Leber said. "Even look at the game. We put up 475 yards of offence to their 250 or something. So, certainly there are some missed opportunities and I think that's why the loss is just so hard to take."

I hope he comes back. His presence on the Vikings was remarkable. I know it's a lot to ask from a man who has literally given his life to this game, but He is amazing to watch. It's not about perfection, it's about brilliance playing this game. He definitely found a home in the most curious of places - the Minnesota Vikings (his long time opponent). They probably love him as much as they hated him when he played for Green Bay. People play this game for many reasons today. He plays for the love of the game. I hope he comes back. The Vikings need and love this man.

Last time I checked Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball how many times? Yeah exactly. Brett Farve threw a pick at the end of regulation that you could say ruined any hope for the vikings to win, but you know what Adrian Peterson fumbled a hand off at the Saint's one yard line that took away points that would have won the game. The team itself turned the ball over to many times yet they still had a chance to win.

People like you always need some kind of scape goat to put the blame on when your team misses out on the big one.

Brett Farve, after this year, is my all time favorite football player ever. I don't see how you guys can call him selfish when he came back to play football the way it's supposed to be played. Not for money, but for love of the game and to have fun. Sports now a days need more people like him playing and being good role models for the children.

If Brett Farve came back to play one more year, I would be happy.

Barkeep's Reply: Hey Will, relax and put the next beer on me. I wasn't looking for a scapegoat. I saw AP's mistakes. In fact, I said it was surprising to see the game potentially end that way on Favre's miscue. Maybe I should have said unfortunate instead of surprising. Anyway, methinks you are a little sensitive here. So how about I make it two free beers and I'll put purple (and yellow) food coloring in each.

Brett should come back. He is a fantastic athlete, is at the top of his game, loves the sport, makes his team better and is a joy to watch. Forty one is still young and he will regret it the rest of his life if he does not return; what else can he do next year that he will enjoy as much and entertain as many?

Even though the Vikings had their best run since the Scrambling Fran Tarkington days, Brett Farve should retire. He has a super Bowl ring from way back in 1997. He can retire and be proud of his contribution to football. He should retire and if he loves pro football that much, go on and be a Q back coach.

I said it at the end of last season and i'll say it again. The Vikingsa are one good QB away from a Super Bowl. Brett was as good as they could get. Troy Smith is available after this year. I feel that he is too good to keep at a number 2. He's not great but I think he's better than what they have left. Just a thought.

Favre haters are the worst kind of NFL fans. He has done more for the sport than anyone in the game. The fact he couldn't decide to retire in the past is because injuries didn't make that decision for him. I think that time has come... I will miss the guy and the NFL won't be the same. Brett was the best.

Barkeep's Reply: Excellent thoughts, Kevin. Free drink chip your way

I couldn't care less if he plays or not, I just hope he makes a decision and sticks with it. I'm sick and tired of the "I'm retired, now I'm not" routine. It's old, It's worn out. Either come back or don't. Either way, I don't care.

Did y'all REALLY think that Favre would go through a complete playoff cycle without coughing up a furball? That's been his history throughout his career. Great regular season QB, playoff loser. GO HOME BRETT!!!

I was ready for him to go the FIRST time he retired.

Thanks for the drink, Dan.

I was going to be unusally brief and make like a Nancy Reagan commercial (Just say 'no'.") But since frox already beat me to it I'll add that I don't care one way or the other. He's still pretty good but he's not Superman. He can do things to put his team in position, but then try to do one thing too much (same as always). Since he doesn't play for a team I regularly root for or against it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

Just please spare us the agonizing Favre Watch on ESPN for the next 7 months.

Yes, I do hope he comes back just to show the Favre-haters he can do it. He didn't lose the game, it was obviously a prejudiced referees-morelli that gave it to the Saints. Brett is the GREATEST in my book and has certainly has the stats to prove it. He owes NO ONE an apology for his accomplishments, and he WILL go out on the top, regardless of what his decision will be. I look forward to seeing him again - I would rather watch him play than eat!! Go, #4!

Pat, I agree with your comments especially the prejudiced referees in the NO game. It really was pathetic how the late hits on Favre and roughing the QB were never called. Yes Brett threw an interception but the Vikings blew some opportunities with the slippery fingers of Peterson. No one in my memory has given so much to the joy of the game as Favre and if he retires it will certainly be a sad day for me. Yes he throws a lot of interceptions but that is why he also holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes. With high risk you have high rewards. Check out his records all of you naysayers and tell me he is not one of the greatest QBs to ever grace a football field.

I am sure nothing can be recalled now, but if there was any justice, all the tapes from Sunday should be reviewed, the rules applied, a lawsuit from the Vikings to send them to the Super Bowl or at least get a closure in their favor on this game. The officials don't adhere to their own rules. But their names are already forgotten, Brett's name will live till the end of time. I hope he will deluge the country with ads, sponsorships, playing again, etc. In other words, shove in their faces. They won't get the last laugh any way you look at it - Brett won't allow it!!! Jealousy and envy have destroyed the haters. When someone told me they were so glad Brett got hurt and hope Manning gets the same from New Orleans, something is wrong with their minds. Brett Favre 4 Ever!!

Personally, I don't care if he ever plays again but he certainly proved to everyone that he still has it. Take away that bonehead INT and played a very good game AND took an absolute pounding. I haven't seen someone get beat like that since Tawny Katahn (sp).

I could do without the soap opera like decision making process, the endless shots of Mrs. Favre or the way ESPN milks it for all it's worth but Mr. Favre can call his own shots as to whether he plays again or not.

Would love to have him back. He's a pleasure to watch and that Minnesota team is *this* close to being championship-caliber. They could have easily won it all this year, and next year should be much the same.

Just win, baby!

Favre gives the Vikes the best chance to win in 2010, and the Vikes give Favre the best chance to go out a winner. It's a win-win situation.

Yeah, all the "will-he/won't-he" retirement drama has gotten old, but give the guy a break, he's practically a living legend.

If I could play pro-football at his age, would I? In a heartbeat.

I think he's retired more than 3 times so far, right? Maybe i'm confusing it with off seasons in which he merely excessively vacillated......

i blame the media. Ignore him and he might just go away. or stay. whatever

That game is a splendid example of why the current sudden-death OT rules should be changed. A coin toss should NOT determine the outcome of a game, and in this case, an entire season. Both teams should get a possession in OT - that is the only fair way of doing it. This would also make the team with the first possession think twice before just kicking a field goal, as the other team would then know that a touchdown would win the game for them.

Dan, I find your response to Favre a bit confusing. Not the part about wanting to see him retire for his sake--if the Vikings' O-line let the Saints all but send him to the hospital (typically gritty performance by Brett, by the way--what a warrior!), he needs to get out before he's carried out on his shield.

No, what puzzled me was your contraditory position of saying on the one hand that you'd like to see him retire for the sake of football fans, but on the other hand, that he still plays at a very high level.

Well, okay, if you're saying you want to see him retire while he's still at the top of his game, I guess I can see that, but he was playing like a player ten years his junior.

It's not like there were signs that he was losing his touch. I mean let's not forget, he was in the running for MVP Award, he was that good.

Even if he were to come back at only 80% to 90% of vintage Favre, he's still a lot more fun to watch than most of the QBs playing today. Not many can match his heart or gutsy style of play.

It's a tough call. Like I say, if he can't get better protection then I think he needs to step aside...or find a new team (kidding!). But I'd prefer him coming back for another year if it's anything like this one was. I mean, once he's gone, he's gone, and there probably won't be another like him for a long while.

Yes, I hope Brett comes back just to show the Favre-haters he is a real person who loves the game and can play it well. He was not alone at loosing the last game, turn overs, bad calls and yes the bad decision, the game could have been won way before the bad throw. Brett took a beating in this last game and still tried to win with the help of the team. It fell short, most QB's would have been finished. If the Saints were not scared of him why did they try to damage him . Bad!!!! Again the obviously prejudiced referees-morelli that gave it to the Saints. Brett is the GREATEST in my book and has certainly has the stats to prove it. He owes NO ONE an apology for his accomplishments, and he WILL go out on the top, regardless of what his decision will be. I don't believe all Packer Fans hate him either. I am one that will always be a Brett fan. Las Vegas transplant.

Favre needs to go. He should have retired after 2005. The man is a egotistical pariah, who doesn't know when to go away.

I always despised his primadonna attitude. Had he gone away for good a few years back, the records would still belong to Marino, a true warrior QB, who remained loyal to 1 team his whole career.

Nope...not one little bit.

Who wouldn't want to see Brett back in Minnesota? So he goes out on an interception again...big deal. He had the best season of his career, and the NFL won't be the same without him in 2010.

Peter, You wrote: "I always despised his primadonna attitude. Had he gone away for good a few years back, the records would still belong to Marino, a true warrior QB, who remained loyal to 1 team his whole career."

Marino "a true warrior QB," but not Favre? Are you kidding? Do you even watch football?

In Sunday's game against the Saints, Favre was continually getting hit and hit hard by New Orleans' defenders (the last count I heard was fifteen, but there might have been more).

After one below the knees cheap shot he hobbled off of the field and it looked like his day was over. Many quarterbacks wouldn't have returned after that.

Not Favre. He had his ankle taped and went back out.

That's a true warrior QB and that's what he's always been. He's been called a throwback to a tougher era in the NFL, when quarterbacks weren't coddled.

He broke many of Marino's records because he's started a record 285 consecutive games (307 counting playoff games). And he's started them despite being banged up, including a badly broken thumb, and after the death of his father.

Brett Favre was and still is toughness personified. If you don't like him, fine that's your right, but give the man his due.

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