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Do you want Miguel Tejada back in an Orioles uniform?

We are switching gears and concentrating on baseball today.

No real reason, but why not?

We’ll keep the postseason NFL Prediction Friday going tomorrow. But we’re back to being seamheads today.

Andy MacPhail, the Orioles’ president of baseball operations, has shown a willingness the past few years to be environmentally friendly.

He has Reduced -- as in the club’s payroll.

And he has Recycled -- giving jobs to some of his old Chicago Cubs, such as Rich Hill, Lou Montanez and Felix Pie.

Now, there is a possibility he could Reuse.

As my Sun baseball partner Jeff Zrebiec wrote earlier this week, a lack of options at third base has put Miguel Tejada on the club’s short list at the hot corner.

Now that’s not to say there will be a reunion with Miggy, whom MacPhail traded to the Houston Astros in Dec. 2007, the day before the famed Mitchell Report on performance enhancing drugs came out.

But he’s definitely on MacPhail’s list, likely behind Joe Crede.

Tejada was a star and fan favorite here. He also was a dog and a fan target here. The guy can still hit and would be more willing to play third this go around. And, no matter the myriad problems he had here, he is a kind-hearted soul who is hard to dislike.

I, for one, liked Miggy the Person, but thought it was time for Miggy the Player to move on. And I don’t think two years have changed my mind.

Daily Think Special: Do you want Miguel Tejada back in an Orioles uniform?


the guy can hit is not a bad fielder and has a great arm. Plus he wants to play everday, never gets hurt. He did hit over .300 last year. Get him!

It would be great to see him back in an o's uni. It wasn't a rough exit and i think the majority of the fans want him back

who else is available thats as good or better with the bat.put players on the field that will improve quality of baseball that we've watched the last 2 years and we won't be hard to please. this is definitely a yes.pitching looks like it should be better. Try to improve the whole package is my motto don't sit still.

Joe Crede's career OBP is a joke and he is always injured. I am praying that we sign anyone other than yes, I want Tejada back.

No way, no how.

definitely not. no need for the orioles to be going backwards with tejada.

If Tejada is back in an O's uniform, I promise that I will not go to a single O's game this year.

No. I don't even want him on my fantasy team.

I think he could help the team and in the world of baseball today I would not be unhappy if the Orioles offered him a 1-2 year deal

There's a lot of pro and cons, not the least of which are the sterioid questions and the lack of hustle when things got bad. But, in the final analysis, Miggy might be the best of a severly limited number of options for the Os at third base. He's very likely to stay healthy, play good D, and hit .300-15-80, which is a lot more than you say for the other possibilties. Hey, it's not a personality contest out there. You play to win the game, and Miggy will give you more chances to do that. You never know when you might just put the right combo of players on the field, and several guys have career years, and you win a championship, or, in the Os case, break .500.

i am so tired of losing , if ghengis khan played a good defense and could hit id sign him . so miggy would be no problem

Come home Miggy, knock down some grounders, snag the liners and put up about 20-23 HR's and you can smile all the way to the bank, Oh it will be beautiful man, I love it ! Lots of love from downy ocean, Hon! Ocean City, Maryland


Oriole fans think the Glen Davis trade was the worst in Birds history? wait until we see the results of this debacle.

Absolutely. If he's willing to take a one year deal with an option. I think he'd get the hang of third soon enough and would be a nice addition to the line up

Crede makes Belanger look like Rod Carew, we don't need him, hits like the late Todd Cruz!

Hey Barkeep, I'll answer your question if you answer mine?

You write, "(I) thought it was time for Miggy the Player to move on. And I don’t think two years have changed my mind."

Why do you have that chiseled in stone? Doesn't the situation with which the Orioles are faced allow for a some flexability in your thinking?

Surely, you will acknowledge that even now Miguel Tejada's a far better player than Joe Crede ever was (this isn't meant as a knock on Crede, just a statement of what the statistics tell us).

Frankly, I find it laughable but disturbing that Crede is being listed as the Orioles' preference over Tejada. (Even Hank Blalock would make more sense.)

In fact, I'd like you to tell me a better short-term option for the Orioles than Tejada, because I can't think of one.

If Andy MacPhail wants to give Dave Trembley a fair chance at producing more wins this year, getting a little more pep in the lineup wouldn't hurt, and of the few free agents still available, Tejada makes the most sense.

"Miggy the Player" can still play at a high level and the O's need a decent player, so why, Dan, don't you want him back?

I failed to see the logic in your rigid thinking. Look, if they bring up Josh Bell, Tejada can DH, platoon at third (Bell can't hit lefties) and on rare occasions spell Cesar Izturis at short (a definite upgrade over Robert Andino, won't you agree?).

And don't forget, get Tejada back at Camden Yards and his home run total should go back up to maybe 20 or so, as it's a better hitters' park than Minute Maid Park. (Don't forget that Miggy's power numbers were down in his last season with the O's in part because of an injury.)

Oh, and here's one last try to sway you on this question: a link where Miggy the kind-hearted soul meets Miggy the player (he could do things like this in the orange and black!).

Barkeep's Reply: Fair thoughts, Ken. So I will elaborate. The player the Orioles sign to play third base is a stop-gap, hence the one-year deal. But that gap may be opened mid-year if Josh Bell is tearing up Triple-A and the Orioles have nothing to play for. So, if a trade doesn't occur, that stop-gap 3Bman might be a part-timer or less. Miggy is an extremely proud person and would not react well to that situation, in my opinion. He would not purposefully be a major distraction, but when he is not energized, we've seen his sulking, disinterested persona before. And I don't like that potential on this club. What I would like for Miggy is a starting role on a contending club -- that's when he is at his best. Because, yes, I think he can still play and I do like "Miggy the Person."

Dan, There's one other reason a Tejada signing could be worthwhile. Suppose he has a great season with the Orioles; they can either bring him back for a pennant run in 2011 or trade him after the All-Star break for prospects. Ditto Erik Bedard.

I, for one, don't understand why we didn't get Adam LaRoche. Maybe we would have needed to offer $6M instead of the $4M the D'backs gave him, but so what? He's basically a much better version of Luke Scott who also happens to play a pretty good first base. I have been pretty pleased with the offseason so far, but the failure to get LaRoche really colors it for me. The whole idea was to get a clean-up hitter, as the absence of one was a big part of the line-up's undoing last season. Adam LaRoche is certainly not a clean-up hitter on a good team, but he'll give you 25-30 HR, a .270-.280 average and, like I said, a strong glove. And yet we're pursuing Joe Crede, a man who wasn't all that great in his best season, who can't stay healthy, and who does nothing to address the middle-of-the-order issues. I would much rather have Tejada, who will at least hit for a high average and hopefully inject some spirit into a group of guys who are long on likability but short on fire. I wouldn't mind Delgado either, he can probably still clout, especially since he would be used only as a DH, and it would be somebody who wouldn't feel bad about putting into the number four hole.

Dan, keep in mind that Miggy is reaching the end of the line and the final stop is within site. A few million more can have a tremendous impact on motivation and personality.


YES! I would love to have Tejada back. people forget he was a all-star last year he can still hit the ball. he may not be a homerun type of guy but he is a gap hitter and will drive and runs. I hope the o's bring him back i would much rather have Tejada over Crede.

Is 830 too early for a beer?

I don't want Miggy back. Period. It's time to carve a new identity with this team and bringing in a former steriod user with a sometimes whiny/lazy 'tude is not the risk we want to take. Let Miggy head 30 miles south and play for whatever that team is named in DC....Expos?

Yes I do. He hits and he plays the game. We need as many hits as we can get, because we are not getting enough as long as we don't have enough pitching depth. Bring Tejada back.

If he can still hit and is willing to play third, both of which I think he will do, why not sign him? Heaven knows, MacPhail hasn't done much else to improve the team this off-season so if he has a chance to do so now, he should. I would prefer a short term contract, maybe i year plus a club option for a 2nd.

Dan, by the way, do you or any of your buddies at the Sun ever plan to actually interview MacPhail? I'd like to hear what he has to say about this off-season.

Barkeep's Reply: My goodness, TP, I can't tell you when we have stopped interviewing MacPhail this season. I don't think 2 days have gone by when he hasn't gotten a call from one of us. Basically, he says what he has said all along. He was aggressive early, and now is waiting for the market to develop and to add the final pieces to stop the gaps for this offseason.

I'm mixed about this. I always liked Miggy when he was here and when he was traded, I also thought it was the best thing for the club- not necessarily to get rid of Miggy, but to get back a lot of talent for him in our rebuilding plan. Where we currently are- in needing a stop-gap veteran to hopefully pave the way for Josh Bell at 3B- Miggy would be a good solution- certainly better than Joe Crede. Crede is injury prone and not nearly the offensive player- or leader- that Miggy is. Miggy brings a lot of energy.

Depending on the contract, if Miggy was willing to take a one year deal, with an option for next year- and the price was in the $4M range than yes, I would bring Miggy back.

"i am so tired of losing , if ghengis khan played a good defense and could hit id sign him . so miggy would be no problem"
Posted by: jeffrey mason | January 20, 2010 11:23 PM

Ghengis Khan has a hip injury, he can only DH.

Barkeep's Reply: No way the Orioles ever again sign a slugger with a potential hip injury ever again. Too bad. I hear this guy was murder from the left side. (Tip your waitresses).

I think it would be great from a purely black comedy perspective for the Orioles to resign both Tejada and Bedard, see them have good years, and then flip them again for more prospects. Second time around neither would bring as much but even getting one player that the team uses for 6-8 years would be fantastic.

Of course, the downside would be that they could both be signed, Tejada continues his decline - after all, he's four years older than he was when he left here two years ago, and he can't use his B-12 anymore - and turns into a problem when Bell gets called up, and Bedard makes three starts then goes on the DL for the rest of the year.

Bottom line is that I really don't have a strong feeling one way or the other. It's hard to believe that a reunion with either Tejada or Bedard would pan out well for the Orioles but it could be positive for either or both. I agree with Ron, I thought LaRoche was the best option for the Orioles, particularly once he got down to signing for one year for less than I would have been prepared to pay. But that's a different question. For right now, it looks like the realistic options are Miggy at 3rd or Delgado or Garko at first. I really don't like Crede or Blalock at this point in their careers at all. Tejada is the one with the least amount of uncertainty, most of which is tied to how long it will take him to adjust to third. Remember, MelMo wasn't real smooth his first half season there, and it took Cal a few months to get back in the groove at the hot corner also.

As a one-year stopgap only.

Miggy never should have come out of an Os uniform, but it was for a very good cause. It'd be fantastic to have him back in Black & Orange. Maybe fans won't be so cruel & hateful this time.

If Rafael Palmeiro is ok with Tejada coming back, we should be too.

I would certainly take Tejada on a one year deal. Although he is no longer a power hitter, he can still hit for average and gets on base at a good rate. Last year, he had 199 hits and 46 doubles! He has a good arm and I suspect he would play 3B better than SS because he would have less ground to cover.

Crede is all defense at this point and that is if he even makes it on the field. I don't think it is reasonable to expect that Crede could play long enough to give Bell some time to season in AAA.

I think I would be more accepting of Crede if MacPhail traded Luke Scott and signed someone more consistent to play DH like Jim Thome. Do you think this is possibility or do you get the impression that Luke will be here to start the season?

I really did not like the idea of bringing Miggy back when I first heard the rumblings, but if the plan all along was to have Atkins play 1st (which seems the case by passing on LaRoche -- glad we did not sign him anyway), then Miggy appears to be the best option left at 3rd and I would sign him over Blalock or Crede in a heartbeat.

If he can put up a .285/15/70 season (projecting a full season), that would good production from the position and would help this team. Based on his last couple of seasons, I think these would be reasonable numbers to expect from him.

do it at a bargain price. If he does well, then he earns his check. If he does poor, I would hate to see them anchored down by his contract and hesitate bringing up Bell

He might not hurt but I would not be in favor of bring Miggy back. It's been said he can't play 3b and it's well known he dogs it on the bases. He may still be exciting at bat but I beleive he'll give away as many runs as he'll drive in.

If the choice is Tejada or Crede, it's a no brainer. Crede hits about as well as Mora and can't stay healthy--if you go with Crede, you might just as well bring back Mora. Tejada is an upgrade in durability and offense. He'll probably be adequate defensively, although he'll be learning a new position so that's a crap shoot. Still, good hands, great arm--he should be fine. Big thumbs up to a one-year deal for Tejada.

I would be in favor of bring Tejada back if for no other reason it means no Crede. I have no idea why the Orioles would even think about Crede. He has not played 100 games the last three and has only had one goood year four years ago. Signing Crede could be one the Orioles worst sigings ever!!

Glad to see some fans in Baltimore still have some heart.I'm boycotting the 2010 season because of the Tejada signing, something that will be very, very difficult to do, because I love the O's, but I can't believe they'd resign Tefrauda.


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