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Which two teams will earn AFC Wild card berths?

I am back, just in time to see the Ravens play well in an exhibition game against the Detroit Lions.

I think they may be ready for the regular season soon.

Seriously, it’s hard to make too many observations after Sunday’s throttling of the Lions. The defense played well and Ray Rice was phenomenal, but it wasn’t exactly a litmus test for the final quarter of the season.

Still, a win is a win, and the Ravens need each one they can get right now.

At this point, they trail the Bengals by two games with three to play, so you have to assume the Ravens are really playing for the Wild Card. They are currently one game behind the Denver Broncos (whom they have beaten) and tied with the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars for the final wild card spot.

The Ravens’ final three games are against teams that are under .500, so that’s a plus. But they have to go to Pittsburgh and to Oakland to end the season, and neither place is friendly to visitors despite how much the home teams may be struggling.

If the Ravens win out, I think they make the playoffs. There is at least one real tough game facing each of the other wild card contenders. And there is no reason the Ravens can’t win out. Then again, I don’t see the Steelers rolling over for their arch-rival, no matter how bad they have looked recently.

Just for your edification, this is the remaining schedule for the five contenders (assuming the current division leaders stay that way): Ravens (vs. Chicago, @ Pittsburgh, @ Oakland); Broncos (vs. Oakland, @ Philadelphia, vs. Kansas City); Jaguars (vs. Indy, @ New England, @ Cleveland); Dolphins (@ Tennessee, vs. Houston, vs. Pittsburgh); Jets (vs. Atlanta, @ Indianapolis, vs. Cincinnati).

Here’s the way I see it: The Ravens and Broncos make the playoffs with identical 10-6 records. In that scenario, the Ravens would actually get the fifth seed.

If the Ravens slip up once, however, it gets dicey. Still, I don’t see any of the other contenders running the table.

Now you have seen the schedule. What do you think?

Daily Think Special: Which two teams get the AFC Wild Card berths?


ravens get the 5 seed and play opening round at cincy which would be the best of the possible scenerios. denver gets the other wild card.

If the Ravens wins out and the Jags lose one game then the Ravens make the playoffs. If would be nice if Miami also looses one game, but if they don't I think the Ravens will beat win the tiebreaker based on the Strength of victory tiebreaker.

The 48-3 victory over the Lions really helped with the Strength of victory tiebreaker.

this is the season of mediocrity.i see them beating both chicago and the raiders, but loosing to the steelers. next year guys. next year.

What games will Baltimore be able to see here on out? A view guide would be nice.

Broncos & Ravens?

Will either be very exciting or very frustrating or probably both. The key is, the Ravens need help. The question is, will the teams playing these other WC contenders give it their all or call it quits? KC @ Den?? Denver all the way.

Broncos go 2-1
Jags go 2-1 (they beat Indy)
Dolphins go 3-0 (they are coming on strong)
Jets go 0-3

With the above scenario, even if the Ravens go 3-0, does a tie with Mia get us in? We'd tie denver which would go to us based on an earlier victory over them. So I guess we get in unless I am overlooking something. Problem is, we have to win 3 (actually 4 counting last weeks) and we haven't done that since games 1-3.

We all know Big Ben, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu will be back in action waiting to exact revenge. If we can't beat Pitt in Pitt (let's face it, you have to beat a good team on the road at least once a season and Pitt isn't even good) the season is pretty much over.

I don't think we have the juice, sorry.

Baltimore and Denver

I see Jax losing to both Indy and Pats and Miami and NY both dropping at least one more with tough schedules, meaning even if Pittsburgh comes strong we're still alive.

@Brian - you can go to titantv .com, tell it your region and television service and see which games will be televised for you.

Or you could just watch them all at the bar!

Welcome back, Dan, and welcome to the Far Side of Forty Club. Hope you and Mrs. C had a great vacation!

It's possible for the Ravens to get in without running the table but I wouldn't count on it. But I do see them playing well enough to win each of the next three games to secure a berth. Assuming the Broncos don't lay any unexpected eggs, which is far from a given, they will get the other wild card. I see them going 2-1 and the other contenders all losing at least one more game this year.

the nfl is so weird. the ravens could have won the last 9 games on their schedule. i even think the broncos could lose out for the rest of the season.

right now i picture the jets, broncos AND jags losing at least two of each of their last three games. the locations, odds and opponents are just stacked against them. the dolphins, however, have the best shot from what i see at winning out. they have the capability, the personnel and the only team in this fold other than the ravens that have recent playoff experience.
i wouldn't doubt the broncos, with already fragile psyche's from last year's collapse have to play a heated rival in oakland, an eagles team desperate for a win to get into the playoffs and then meet the underrated kansas city chiefs. i think the ravens can do it if they win out. if they take only 2 of three then i think we all watch the playoffs from home.

First I want to apologize to Ralph Friedgen and our sports bar for a comment I made in reference to a question about Coach Friedgen. I know Ralph's a great guy and a wonderful coach along with being twice the man and community good spirited person I wish I was. The comment was written on the worse (by far) day of my life and in a very bad place. That said I hope my confession is accepted.

The Ravens are right were they want to be. It's been a tough year, ups and downs, some very bad calls and some very bad plays by our players and coaches. Come on Kolts, help put us in position. The season just getting started. A win in Pittsburgh and away we go. Drinks for everyone. I am feeling much better, HUR-RUH !

Just think. We would not be in this position is we would not have gotten rid of Matt!! Stupid Just Stupid Reminds me of the Differ crap.

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