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What was the most frustrating part of Sunday's loss to the Steelers?

I’ve heard head coaches and managers talk about team wins before.

Sunday’s Ravens’ deflating defeat to the Steelers was a team loss. Just how many Ravens’ made individual mistakes that contributed to the downfall? Once I got to 10, I think I lost count (it was too cold to pull off my shoes and keep counting).

If you are a true Ravens’ fan, you should have at least three welts on your head Monday morning -- from banging your head against the wall (bar, coffee table, etc.) with each Ravens’ potential turning point that wasn’t. Some of you probably look like you ran into a bee hive with a honey-flavored ski cap.

For the record, I am giving the free bar tab to Sizemo, who predicted a 30-27 Steelers win. Most who predicted Steelers had them in a blowout.

Frank gets a free drink chip for having the right score, 23-20; he just flipped the outcome.

Here’s my question: Which part of Sunday’s frustrating contest frustrated you the most?

My answer: Derrick Mason’s dropped catch in the end zone. Yes, that stuff happens. But it normally doesn’t happen to Mason. And it shouldn’t happen for a team’s go-to veteran -- a guy who makes that catch 99 times out of 100.

That 100th time was a killer, though.

You have plenty to choose from in a such a head-shaking loss: Terrell Suggs’ boneheaded block, Frank Walker’s mugging at the end of the game. You name it. Literally. I want you to name it.

Daily Think Special: What was the most frustrating moment of Sunday’s Ravens’ choke job?



The most frustrating part of the game for me was having to watch the team implode after playing a flawless 3rd quarter. It was like clockwork with the poorly-timed penalties, the personal fouls, etc.

It's a real shame. The 06 team won all of those close games... got all the bounces, got a lot of calls.

the fact that basically no penalties were called when the steelers were leading for 3 quarters. but as soon as the game gets tied every hold that is seen is called against the ravens.

The continued bias and overall incompetency of the officiating, the same calls were not made on both sides of the ball...Just another example of the ridiculously biased officiating...

"Illegal contact and defensive holding will continue to be strictly enforced. After five yards, if a receiver attempts to evade a defender, the defender cannot make contact that impedes the receiver in any way, AS LONG AS THE QB IS IN THE POCKET WITH THE BALL. Grabbing the jersey or any other part of a receiver’s uniform is a foul for defensive holding and will be called. The only time defensive holding will not be called is if the ball is already in the air to another receiver. When an official sees illegal contact, he will LOOK TO THE QUARTERBACK. If the quarterback is OUT OF THE POCKET or if the ball is
already in the air to another receiver, illegal contact WILL NOT BE CALLED."

Straight from the NFL rules changes, on that last play, no way Roethlisberger was in the pocket. The Ravens have no chance when officials continue to modify rules and make calls to their own desires.

Watching John Harbaugh speak after the game. He pretends there is not a discipline problem on this team. At least 4 losses can be attributed to senseless penalties

Too many welts on my head to keep track of. Mason's dropped catch was one. Washington's holding penalty another. Cousin's personal foul. Ngata's personal foul. Sugg's push in the back. Cousin's holding penalty. But the thing that bothered me most was how long Flacco held onto the ball. You just can't hold it that long vs the steelers.

Wow.....they gave this one away. And please, all of you "the refs screwed us again" crowd, please be quiet. We played like RAVENS today and we deserved to lose.

The boneheaded penalties. But when you get beat on a play you commit penalties. Some of these guys aren't good at what they do so they get beat.


Will be interesting to see if everyone blames Mason for the lose like they did Clayton earlier this year for dropping a sure catch???

The most frustrating moment was that point in the second quarter when it became clear that, once again, the Ravens' coaching staff failed to adequately prepare for the game. The talent is there. We have seen it on display aperiodically over the season. Execution is what happens when talent and preparation converge. Talent cannot be controlled by coaching, but preparation sure can. Over and over again this year, the Ravens have been out-prepared, if you will. The Ravens' coaching staff must be held accountable.

Mason's dropped TD catch. I do think the Ravens had some BS calls against them but it wouldn't have mattered if Mason made that catch. Rice's fumble hurt as well too, even though they didn't get any points off of it they still could've gotten a FG on that drive.

mason is a choke artist

Hands down, it was the feeling I got that the players didn't realize that it was week 16.......that they were the ones driving the car and they were supposed to be freakin Jimmy Johnson. Instead, they came out, drove like my granny, and now the car bumper is screwed front and back!!

Late in the first half we had them pinned back on their own 4 yd line with a 3rd and 12 looming only to watch them march down the rest of the field and score. We go into the locker room down by two scores instead of just a field goal.


Kelley Washington's unnecessary holding penalty. It was completely unnecessary because the play was 10 yards away. That or Hardballs' decision not to take a timeout at the end of the first half on Pittsburgh's scoring drive.

Terrell Suggs Boneheaded block. A block in the back is the most inexcusable penalty there is. Worst play of the game.

Dan,it seemed like the ref's dutifully pulled their flags on the Ravens,on cue, and Pittsburgh is so "well schooled" that they played flawless football the whole 2nd half......BS.I'm fustrated watching our coach on the sidelines,on tv,standing alone like he has no control on the game situation.These needless penalties need to be addressed immediately after they happen and the man just does'nt have the nerve to do it.Frank Walker is unqualified to cover a deep route and it does'nt help that he game dresses like a mummy with all that pantyhose he wears.I'm embarrassed to be a Ravens fan with all the dopes committing the penalties.Mason dropping one hurt,but, watching Ngata smiling on the bench after his simply dumb sideline penalty sums it up for me-these players don't want to win as bad as the fans.It's a shame and ripoff of our money;invested in the team.

Oniel Cousins acting like a pouting child after being called for personal foul. After that he was burned play after play. Number one was watching Haloti Nagta smiling and laughing after he was called for personal foul that cost the Ravens a great run back.

The Kelly Washington block/hold on McGahee's touchdown run was not even a football act. I can see why others said goodbye to him.

boneheaded penalties and mental errors that they always seem to make, very undisciplined football team and that is a sure sign of poor coaching!

The camera caught the Ravens smiling wayyyy to often on the sidelines. They had nothing to smile about...they were in the middle of another epic battle with the Steelers. They needed to be more focused and disciplined. That frustrated me to no end.

True thought:

I was going to complain and say some very bad and nasty things about the Ravens, the team I love and support, then I looked in the mirror and remembered I just lost my job three days before Christmas.

There really is a difference between games and real life...Thank you Ravens for providing me with some temporary relief from the turmoils of real life-even if you couldn't win I enjoyed the game!


What is frustrating is watching penalties flags flying at the most crucial times. The penalty against Kelly Washington should have never called as MacGahee would have scored regardless. The penalties against Ngata and Cousins was just plain stupid. I don't think Frank Walker is even qualified to be on the field at a time when the game is on the line. I would have sent Cary Williams in to cover Hines Ward instead. It's not a Ravens games unless Terrell Suggs commits a dumb penalty either. Derrick Mason dropped TD pass was inexcusable. Why did he take is eyes off the ball when he was all alone in the back of the end zone? Where was Mark Clayton at today? He wasn't on the field long enough to have a pass thrown to. The penalty that was never called against Pittsburgh on the pass to Todd Heap. Looked like pass interferance to me. Even Dan Fouts thought it was pass interferance. Just lousy team discipline on both sides of the ball. The other thing that frustrated me was the bad tackling on kick return coverage. Pittsburgh seemed to have good field position for most of the game.

Pee Wee football. When you have the other team on their own 2 1/2 yard line and it's 3rd and about 10 for a first down. All the players know and some are shouting "NO OFF SIDES, NO OFF SIDES, NO OFF SIDES". The Ravens on the other hand, yeah their big and can be a force, but really they don't know how to play the game of football. No off sides? Our whole line was off sides on that play. And that's just one of a dozen minor league plays. I was Harbaugh supporter big time last year. Never seen such a turn around as he performed last year. In fact I said at the beginning of the season, that if he accomplished 20% as much this year as he accomplished last year we would be in for a great season. Well he's accomplished 80% less so we are back to Coach billick's undisplined band of over paid thugs. Everyone of the Ravens that made a hugh mistake, the camera went right to them and they were all laughing. What a bunch of idiots. 1st thing is to get a head coach. Harbaugh not the guy. He's turned out to be just one of the boys. Even after all our blunders we had the ball around the Steelers 45 1st and ten. Well what did we do? First play we handed off to our fullback for a 1/2 yard. This is unexplainable at best. 2nd down a run for a whole yard this time. Well it's 3rd down and of course a Flacco sack. 4th and 20, no not this time.
I here now that Denver lost we are in the drivers seat. ESPN just showed Denver in the drivers seat. So who knows. All I know is that next season is a long long way away, and this season sucked.
Please Dan drinks for everyone and a hugh Makers Mark straight up for me, with a beer on the side.

Mindless penalties, this has been the identity of this team the whole season. At least 3 or 4 games this season should have been wins if it were not for the horrific penalties. Sure, some of the calls were BS calls, but each team in the season gets some, but, when you do absolutely stupid things like Cousins did long after the ball was thrown what do you expect?? I know the coaching staff does not "air the dirty laundry" on how they address this with the players but one would have to think there just has to be some massive fines being handed out as a measure of disciline. There should be some local charites or the United Way that "should" be having a great year due to the Ravens. I can only hope the coaching staff is raising holy H with these guys. you would think by now what you can and can't do on the field would have gotten through. My 11 year old son is just that...1 and he learns better then these guys seem to!!! Coaching and mental mistakes go hand in hand.

Dan--There were too many frustrating moments to lock onto one as the "most." The Ravens made several stupid penalties. And the officiating crew continued the ball rolling from last week for the Steelers.

Now Samsung is running commercials highlighting Roethlisberger's final play, game-winning touchdown pass against the Packers. What is clear in this commercial, as it was evident to me last week seeing it in real time, is that there was Pittsburgh holding on the play. In other words, that touchdown should not have been allowed.

Now the play is being celebrated in a commercial. Nice job of marketing.

So yes, the Ravens' penalties that they deserved frustrated me. And the ones that they did not earn frustrated me as well.

The final point of frustration? The final score. The Ravens lost a game--like several others this year--that they should have won.

Suggs, Ngata, and Mason apparently laughing after their respective dumb plays. Acting like they gave a crap would have made me feel a little better about things.

Where Did The Ravens Go Wrong In 2009? -

The poor discipline, and bonehead penalties (Ngata, Cousins). There is a troubling lack of self-control on this team from players that ought to know better. Is Ray Lewis providing the leadership that this team needs? I don't even hear anyone mention his name these days as an influence on his fellow players.


I say let's have a few drinks and move on to next week in Oakland. A win there and the rest of the hand-wringing is moot. And fans who want to make this into a bigger issue about who is deserving of the playoffs or who has momentum should think again. Just last year a 9-7 Cardinals team lost by 21 and 40 (yes 40) in weeks 15 and 16 before winning a meaningless finale against a bad Seattle team. Momentum didn't seem to be a problem for them as the rolled to the Super Bowl. Let's chill out and focus on next week. The way things are shaping up, we very well may be able to knock the Steelers out of the playoffs, then.

Harbaugh's press conference where all he had to say in response to questions about the 100+ yds of penalties was" the team played hard". Who does he think he's talking to? What arrogance. I lay the blame for all their stupid plays at his feet. If he can't control the team in the most important game of the year to date, he shouldn't be the head coach- same for his two coordinators.

The most frustrating thing is that another game was handed to the Steelers by officials during critical moments. YES, this team does have a discipline problem, but it would be appreciated if the officials were fair and consistent. You can't tell me the Steelers only committed 20 yards worth of penalties. They are the dirtiest team in the league, and they have the dirtiest player in the league. They commit the same fouls, but don't get called for it.

I`m from Pittsburgh and I`ve seen teams get worked over by the officials before. You were robbed.


Ngata gets called for his cheap, cheap-shot....... then sits on the bench and smiles about it!!!!

Joel pointed out the wording of the rule and mentioned one big problem with the call...Ben was out of the pocket. The other problem was the part of the rule that says, "If a receiver attempts to evade a defender..." The receiver initiated the contact, so there is no illegal contact. The same mistake was made earlier when Heath Miller bulled his was into a defender and the same call was made.
The Ravens made plenty of mistakes today and didn't deserve to win this game, but the refs certainly added to the problem.

What is most frustrating is that the Ravens were clearly the superior team on the field. For the first time, in a long time, I think the Ravens outclassed the Steelers - up to the fourth quarter! We could have and should have won this by 2 touchdowns! Well I suppose it is not fair to say that.... because we self-destructed. But I sensed a changing of the guard in the AFC North. Oh what could have been!

I suppose the play that hurt the most was the run by Willis. The hold did not affect the play - he would have made it or at least gotten very close.

I would also say that while I like John Harbaugh - I would like to see a little authenticity at post-game news conferences. It was like he knew what was coming and was defensive about it. Now maybe he was that way because he knew we still were in with a win in Oakland and he wanted to try to motivate his team by having their backs. I will give him the benefit of the doubt here.

I know they will be ready to play Oakland and are likely in. Harbaugh gets them ready for the ones they should beat. Yet, he said he came here to "build a dynasty" and if he is committed to that he has to get them to beat elite teams most of the time too.

Yet, to be fair - if we get in - it's two years in a row we made the play offs. For next year, we have a few places to fill some holes around. If we hold onto Cam and Greg - we will be in the hunt to win the division and take it to the next level. The good news is - we don't have to talk about next year ... YET

Never More

The final score. The rest of it doesn't matter if the Ravens win. Well, it wouldn't bode well for having any realistic chance of progressing through the playoffs, but the mistakes could be considered as something to be worked on to be eliminated rather than turning out to be game killers as they were yesterday. The only good thing is that I didn't actually get to watch any of it so that made it less painful. But the penalties - again - turned out to be brutal.

WE LOST now get over it and Ngata was running and only trying to slow down.......look at the film again......he's 340 pounds how in the heck do you expect him to slow down so quickly! his smiling on the sidelines was only in explaining that he was trying to stop!

Mason laughing after he drops a touchdown pass????

The next time you see Ozzie ask him to bring in some smarter players. Week after week these guys make way too many mental mistakes - this must be the dumbest bunch of players in the NFL. The frustrating part is Harbaugh acts like they played a great game. I have news for him. The winner is decided by who has the most points not by who has the most penalty yards.

60 million dollar Thugg


What was frustrating is that it was so PREDICTABLE. This team has Pittsburgh on the brain. The Steelers are mere shadows of their former selves, and they still psyche out the Ravens. WHY? It would be like Notre Dame psyching out Alabama, or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays psyching out the Yankees. C'mon. A good team doesn't let another team get into their heads.

The breakdown in discipline was also predictable. I honestly think this team needs a discipline specialist. They should hire the guy who coached the MIT card counting team that beat the house in Vegas. He taught them how to stay focused amidst all the bells and whistles. They need that calibre of specialist at this point. It seems like they football ADHD. Enough.

Dan, I've submitted stuff for a long time, and always get the "held for approval" notice. How much approval does a person need, for criminy sakes???? It's just a blog, not a request for a hand gun license.

Hey Bryan, sometimes we also ask for high school transcripts before approving a comment. Seriously, I don't know why you get that message, but I know I try to get to the approvals ASAP. I wish we didn't have to approve each one, but sadly there are some people out there who refuse to sign the rules of decency form we sent home in your backpacks. If everyone used common sense and control, we wouldn't have so many hoops. But I appreciate all of you, including Bryan, who deal with it in order to make great posts.

The coaches, the refs? I don't think so! Where was the on field leadership after the Ngata penalty or the Suggs penalty? Ray Lewis should have been in their face chewing them a new one instead of standing around laughing. The lack of a team leader during yesterday's game was the most frustrating moment of the game for me.

Fire the head coach and defensive coach. The Ravens need some discipline or will never get anywhere, except beating lowly teams that are worse.

I have to say the coach! You can control the penalties, but it seems that Harbaugh allows it to happen. You make a bad foul, sit your ass on the bench. Trust me, Suggs wouldnt be laughing then and neither would anyone else. The last thing a player wants is to let his team down and not play. Thats how you punish them. Its that simple. Suggs seems like a perfect candidate for that lesson.

To the smiling, laughing, fouling-up Ravens:


The intelligence of this team, and that includes the head coach and his staff, is not very high. They all have, especially the head coach, have no capapcity to retain any knowledge in their brains, with the same mistakes over and over all year. This is a very dumb team, probably the dumbest in the NFL. Sunday's game at Pittsburgh is the proof.

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