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What do you think of John Harbaugh now?

The Orioles are in a deep winter slumber and the Ravens are basically in crunch time.

So I apologize that a so-called baseball guy is riding the Ravens’ writers’ coattails right now. But it is what interests you guys the most. And I am here to please.

So I am serving up more purple-tinged cocktails today.

During Tuesday’s spirited conversation about whether the season would be considered a success if the Ravens make the playoffs, several of you voiced displeasure with head coach John Harbaugh.

This time last year Harbaugh was the toast of Charm City, a first year head coach who had motivated and instructed a merry band of underachievers to the playoffs and, eventually, a spot in the AFC Championship.

The Ravens are likely headed to the postseason again – depending on what happens Sunday in Oakland – and yet not everything is kosher on the USS Harbaugh.

He’s been criticized for questionable personnel decisions, head-scratching clock management and an overall lack of discipline by his players on the field (which we’ve argued in the past about who is to blame with that one).

And then there’s that goofy “mighty, mighty men” stuff, too.

Anyway, I don’t think it is time to buy Harbaugh a one-way ticket out of town on the Billick Express. But I have been surprised by how many of you have changed your tune on Harbaugh in the past year.

I understand the honeymoon is over, but is this relationship now on the rocks?

Daily Think Special: John Harbaugh: What do you think of him now?


Frankly I think he's a joke and nothing more then a shot at a great coach in Brian Billick. Billick was constantly bashed for a boring offense, not developing a QB, and too many penalties from his team. And yet we're getting the same element from Harbaugh and no one is man enough to speak the truth. Flacco is young and still learning, and yet he can't pick a blitz to save his life. Kyle Boller was ran out of town for this same thing, but Joe Cool is given a pass. WHY? Our offense is a joke, we still have no receivers, we lived through last year with no healthy corners and shocker we're in the same boat. Harbaugh is a joke, and frankly Ozzie needs to go out the door with him. Bring back Phil Savage, James Harris, George Kokinos, and promote Eric DeCosta and 2010 will be non-frustrating year for Ravens' fans.

Wow..that "mighty, mighty men" line really rankles you ink peddlers, lol. Get a grip. Anyway, anyone looking to run Harbaugh out of town is a stone, cold idiot. Two playoff apperances in two years, for a rookie coach who was left with repairing an underacheiveing, undisciplined 6 - 10 team is pretty damn good. There is still a lot of housecleaning to do from the Billick regime, the fact that it's ongoing and we're still in the playoffs (make no mistake, we will clean Oakland's clock, we don't lose to sub-.500 teams) is a good thing.

Sure there's a lot of work left to do. Still some deadwood to get rid of, some old heads to replace, but we have a nucelus of an good offense (QB, RB, OL) and some young talent on an aging defense. And yes, Harbaugh needs to improve on his clock management, but give the man time to put his stamp on this thing. If anyone wants to be ticked off, direct it at Billick who wasted the prime years of a dominant defense, not the guy who came in to right the ship when that defense was past its prime.

Well,Dan,I know Harbs is waiting to biuld his own "mighty team"(will he ever live that down?) via drafts,a couple trades,maybe,free agents(no more Eagles,please) so he's learned to coach with the team's he's got.I can't sit here and tell a man how to coach after I've seen some emotional,tear streaming older men break down on camera for one thing or another, but I'd still want his potential down the road more than the," what have you done for me lately" crowd that whines instantly on some blogs when things get tough.He's made some mistakes at various times during a game over 2 yrs.,but, the players are guilty of letting us down occasionaly(ie-penalties,missed assignments,etc.),at the same time.I think some of us would like to hear the Mike Ditka line of,"we suk or stink" after some of these losses,but,hey,he has his own style and I have to give him time to see if it will work.The honeymoon is over,but,I hope the sports writers don't start creating too much pressure to bear and have the whole organization wearing thin on the jobs they have to do,sooo......let's let the dude run the show for awhile.

For all the reasons which you mentioned and then some, he needs to go if Cowher is available. Harbs makes excuses for failures and his doghouse is just too big. He also makes stupid decisions (like the Matt Stover decision).

If a high caliber head coach is available, then we need to eat the contract (which Steve has show he can do) and just go get him. Then that coach can get rid of the players that take up unneeded space on the team (Walker, Suggs) and we can get back to winning.

Let go of it. The team is doing well for all of the blunders and mishaps. Competitive for the games they lost and one the ones they are supposed to. Beat the Raiders and are in. It has been a long two seasons and coach deserves some credit along with the bashing. Let the playoffs play out. Everyone goes home for the rest of the winter. The organization, including coach, take time to reflect and review lessons learned. All come back even stronger next year. Let us enjoy the ride right now. Enough with the examinations.

Everyone needs to chill out. If you bring in a new coach they cant just magically get rid of players and their massive contracts, Ozzie is also not the problem, sure he took some gambles that havent payed off exactly as planned. And for those that want to blame the D cordinator, realize how much better the D has been playing after getting used to the new scheme. The only thing that needs to be fixed is that players need to be held accountable for stupid mistakes, they should look into a system (as much as I hate to say it) that the colts O line has. They should individually fine them selves for the dumb mistakes they make and give it to a charity like the Baltimore PD. But lets see what moves are made this off season before everyone jumps ship

Championship game last year, and a probable playoff berth this year. Too soon to be so vicious. Has he made mistakes, yes. Walker at corner? YIKES. But overall he has kept the team together. It will be on him how 2010 and beyond talent is accumulated. I don't see any GM with Ozzies credentials over a long haul, so don't even go there. Relax. This team may go as far as last year. I don't see any team without weaknesses. At least we didn't peak early like few teams did. Just stop with the penalties!

Personally I would like to see John succeed because having a revolving door at head coach is not a prescription for winning year in and year out.

Having said that, John has shown us this year that he has a lot to learn about being a head coach, he also has a lot to learn about leadership and enforcing discipline. I don't see where John sets the example and his choice of a career college coach as D coordinator was puzzling. Someone I might add who is a friend of the family and old enough to question what other teams missed over the past 30 years. I also question why his family, on many occasions, are on the sidelines and not in the stands. Being a head coach is a well paid position, not an opportunity to provide family members with the best view in the house, a house I might add that is not the property of the Ravens.

But the most troubling signs are, #2 overall D, #9 overall O, five players named to the pro-bowl and yet a record of 8-7. John's resume does not include great accomplishments on D or O, shoot his resume doesn't have any great accomplishments, period. So I'm assuming that Steve Bisciotti and Ozzie Newsome saw some intrinsic qualities that are manifested in the art of leadership. Something that doesn't standout on paper or in statistics.

Last year's accomplishment speaks for itself, John took a 5-11 team and turned it into an 11-5 playoff team that was football minutes from the Superbowl. Anyone on the outside looking in has to think that something was being done right. Now, with a team that is 8-7, that very well could be 14-1, and a team that leads the league in penalties would lead any rational individual to question what went wrong. All the critics have to base a decision on is what they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and what I see and hear this year from John is what I would expect from a very inexperienced coach that looked at last year and concluded that being a head coach is not that hard, head coaching must be good and so he's going to indulge in behavior that is not consistent with being an apprentice head coach.

Many fans say this team sucks but how can a team be that bad when 25% of the starters are current year pro-bowlers? My opinion, the players have egos that are not being challenged or put in check. Their behavior and individualism is not being questioned by the coaching staff. Anyone that questions this last observation need only look at the success that Marvin Lewis and the Bengals are having this year. As for the players saying they are playing with discipline, well, film study indicates the contrary.

Personally, I think Harbaugh can correct his deficiencies and be a really good coach, but perhaps Bisciotti could do everyone a favor and dust off his Billick speech and inform John that if things are to workout he needs to make some changes in his style of leadership.

My wish for John is that he will be a coach in the same mold as Don Shula, the difference being that his greatness is etched in Baltimore and not in another city. Good luck John.

I have heard several people call him a "whiny punk" for the way he reacts to criticism. I think he is in way over his head. The very fact that it only took 2 seasons for the honeymoon to be over, and his seemingly low football I.Q. which is very much reflected in his teams low football I.Q. leads to to believe they will be the same type of underachieving .500 clun next year after which the head coach will be fired!

I think its too early to storm the castle and call for his head just yet.... but I'm sharpening my pitch fork....

suggs unneeded space? after years of watching the somnambulant offense of the ravens under billick, it has been wonderful watching us blow cruddy teams out of the water. with the bri-master we would have beat detroit 6-3. he had a jedi-like skill to play to the other team's ability.

i like harbaugh. i have also not been a turncoat this season and have maintained a steady course through the ups and downs. An old english proverb states "A smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor".

I learned last year that anything is possible. I live in Phoenix. The cards made it to the superbowl. Miracles can happen.


Coach Harbaugh is a good coach. He does have some self policing to do as for his dog house and just a little too political at times. Sometimes you have to man up and bite the bullet. Swollow the pride hold men accountable for their actions. Clock management is an area which I'm sure he will get better with. Good coaches know how to make adjustments and I am sure he will.

Seriously, they've been in every game they lost. If just a couple of these games had gone our way, you wouldn't hear any complaining. I don't see for the life of me how two winning seasons is a reason to fire your head coach. Whoever was comparing Boller to Flacco is an idiot. In the short time Harbaugh has been here, we managed to fix a problem that the team has had for over a decade in drafting Flacco. There's no reason to think we can't fix the others.

Amazing. If the Orioles had signed Teixeira last year and he'd gotten off to the start he did with the Yankees some of you'd have been ready to run him out of town by the end of April. Amazing what having A-Rod batting behind you and Jeter and Damon in front of you can do for a guys stats. But this isn't about baseball it's about Harbaugh.

So a second year coach who inherited a head-strong but underperforming veteran team without a QB is still working things out? But in the process he has managed to get the team to the playoffs (assuming a win in Oakland) his first two years in the league? I still like the guy. It's gonna take more than one year of missing the playoffs for me to change that opinion of him.

Here's a suggestion for the guys that are already in the "Dump Harbs" camp - check out things at the other end of the BW Parkway. Remember how both teams were looking for head coaches two years ago? How'd things work out for the NFC team from DC? Now that they got rid of Cerrato they may actually be able to make some progress, but only if Allen turns out to be less of a yes-man to Snyder than Cerrato was. Compare that mess to what the Ravens have and Ozzie and Co. look even better. Just because you can draft a top WR for your fantasy team each year doesn't mean it always works out so easily in real life. Brandon Marshall? Do the Ravens really need to be collecting head cases?

Harbaugh is doing just fine. Sure, I have some complaints, but they don't warrant firing the man. He's very likely going to make the playoffs two years in a row. What on God's Green Earth would make you want to go through the upheavel of a coaching change? It is a classic Daniel Snyder-esque over-reaction.

This Ravens team has lost more close games in one season than any other Ravens team in the last 10 years. Losing 5 games by 6 points or less is not because of a lack of talent; that is a reflection of the coaching!! Using the excuse about deadwood from the Billick era is a straight cop out. Last year this organization was completely motivated to show the world that it was all Billick's fault and they can't use that to motivate themselves anymore. The coaching staff has issues with discipline and time management that has bothered us all season long and it has got to get fixed. I would rather see Harbaugh pull a player up about it on the sideline and stop the college coach speak but he is who he is. Special teams leaves alot to be desired, the defense has played well enough down the stretch for us to win but the offense continues to let us down in big games. If we lose to the Raiders I think he needs to go.

I don't get it. Nothing's ever good enough for some fans. Why isn't a playoff appearance good enough? The Steelers aren't going, yet no one wants Tomlin fired. Marvin Lewis has lasted years in the mess that is Cincy and now he led them to the AFC North title.

And for anyone saying Ozzie needs to go, you're an uneducated fool. He's the best in the business and everyone in the league knows it. Finding a #1 receiver for the right price isn't easy and he's tried, but its not always going to work out.

I couldn't be happier with back to back playoff appearances, the Baltimore nay-sayers need to be happy we're actually a good franchise and we're not the Browns.

Also, at MikeInPasadena - if you think Flacco and Boller are on the same level, you're out of your mind. Boller had 5 years to learn to pick up a blitz and he couldn't. Give Flacco a break for maybe more than 2 seasons

Harbaugh reminds me of Marchibroda with his post game comments. I wanna say, Coach, were you watching the same game I was watching?

He needs to admit that this is a mediocre team until it can consistently beat good teams in close games.

It's good that the games have been close, but a loss is still a loss.

I like Harbaugh and he brings alot of 'positive' traits to the head coach position!! Remember he is only a 2nd year HEAD Coach---He is personable , positive and determined!!! It just so happes that there is alot more PARITY now, and alot of talent spread out all over the NFL.

Billick was also a very good and intelligent coach!!Baltimore has been very good at selecting such good leaders!
The players RESPOND to Harbaugh-there are alot of strong personalities he must manage. GIVE CREDIT where its DUE--instead of DISCREDIT.


Harbaugh is not a leader of men or mighty mighty men. Harbaugh is a joke. He was plucked from obscurity and given the reins to an organization and his presence has not made the organization better. Plain and simple. Despite Harbaugh's coaching, lack thereof this team will make the playoffs if it wins Sunday. If the team loses Harbaugh should be fired. The team has the talent to be a playoff team and go deep in the playoffs if the leader of this team stops making dumb errors that Pop Warner coaches do not even make. If the Ravens make the playoffs give Harbaugh 1 more year. If the Ravens fail to make the playoffs Harbaugh should be fired.

Atomicdog3 why are we idiots for wanting a man who is in over his head gone?!?!? The team is still without discipline. His decision making skills need alot of work. We have a QB who can't pickup a blitz. You are right that there is still alot of work to be done. Just not sure JH is the man to get it done. I have to ask: Are you his agent. If so that's why you can't see the forest through the trees. Last years success is due to REX!!!! HB is a politician. He should run for Mayor of Baltimore. I hear that position will have an opening soon.

First, was last year’s team Harbaugh’s or Billick’s with some Harbaugh and Cameron nuances. I think people gave Harbaugh too much credit last season just as I believe Tomlin’s gotten too much credit for Cowher’s work on that dreaded team north of here. More of last years credit should have gone to Cameron and Ryan.

Do not get me wrong, I like Harbaugh and want to keep him. Did not like the Stover decision at all, I thought it was a bit arrogant. Letting go of Stover in general was a bad business decision. He might not be Unitas, Ripken, or Lewis; but, he is a Baltimore Sports Hero in my book.

The only person to blame for the penalties is Harbaugh. Look back at all the great, successful coaches in NFL history; find me one that was tolerant of a lack of discipline. If Harbaugh wants to be one of the greatest, he needs to take responsibilities for the penalties and get it under control. If he does not want to be one of the greatest, he should look for another job. However, I will still take Harbaugh on his worst day over Indy’s Caldwell, what a goof…

Most coaches in the NFL do pretty dumb stuff because they've all gotten away from the basics. If Harbs and Cam realize what they had by running the ball to establish the pass and manage the clock, time-outs, challenge flags, and their palyers - they could be great. BUT, if that doesn't happen next season, they've had enough time to establish themselves and should be out the door. It would also help to have hotter receivers and CBs (although they hit it big with Lardarius....he's great!!!), etc.
The Ravens are in-line for the playoffs (mostly because everyone sucks) but they're still there. So it's a step in the right direction. I just hope that they get back to basics and run, run, run it down everyone's throat.

Mike in Pasadena needs to look at some really obvious facts. Joe Flacco has thrown 21 TDs and over 3500 yards with a game to go. That's why he gets a pass for still being on his way up the learning curve in his 2nd year. Our offense is a joke? Rice will hit 1300 yards, and is averaging 5.3 a carry. Jamal only outperformed that once. Flacco just turned in the 2nd best QB season in Ravens history, with room to improve. All with a receiving core near the bottom of the league in terms of overall talent. And you really want to run Harbaugh out of town after (likely) going to the playoffs for 2 consecutive years for the first time in a decade? Last year he coached this team to the AFC championship game with a rookie QB. And, by the way, the penalties were not an issue last year. So it's too soon to call that a long-term problem like it was with Billick. This teams is about 3 penalties per game away from being 14-2 this year with the 2nd seed. Excusable? No! Fixable? Yes! It will be much easier to give the man an offseason to improve that to the point that it was at last year than to blow up the whole front office and find a new coach. Newsome is still one of the best in the league, and it is laughable how some Ravens fans try to call for his head. About 30 teams would offer him a job if the Ravens cut him loose. No GM makes good decisions 100% of the time, because, as it turns out, they can't actually predict the future like Mike would prefer. This team has a franchise QB. Within the next couple of years, he is going to make everyone on this team from the players to the execs look better because that's what franchise QBs do. Everyone thinks the Colts are really well managed. They were about 60/40 in favor of Manning over Leaf. Manning has made them all look like geniuses, and some unremarkable players look like HOFers. I'm not saying Flacco is Manning, but he is about to be the first QB in the history of the league to lead his team to the playoffs in his first two years. Imagine the possibilities when his actually completed the requisite 4-5 years for a QB to reach is full potential.

It's tough to pin it all on Harbaugh. He has made some young-coach mistakes, for sure. But he's also had to contend with some of the biggest egos in the NFL (read Ray, etc) that are still hot on the Billick-era 'brawn first, brains second' mode of operation. That works when you are head and shoulders above others based on talent and athletic ability, but not so much when older and slower (Ray) or young and inexperienced (much of the up and coming good talent). Harbaugh's real test will be in the next few years as these up and comers come into their own - which approach (brawn or brains) will they follow - and those older players move on (as all must). Look at the winners in the NFL. By and large, they rely on brains to make use of the brawn. Harbaugh needs to be given a chance, but he also has get the support of the administration (including the owner) when dealing with the older players who have (imo) too much sway.

Wow. seems that some fans are 100% pessimists.

Didn't win the AFC Championship? Fire Harbaugh. Didn't with the Division? Fire Harbaugh. Players making dumb holds and blocks in the back? Fire Harbaugh!

Id imagine if the Ravens won the Superbowl you people will still be calling for Harbaugh's head. 2 seasons, two trips (almost) to the playoffs. What are you complaining about? There are plenty of teams who would kill to be in our position, with our front office and with our continued success. Its not going to be pretty, but that's the NFL. It hardly ever is.

I know in my heart that coach harbaugh is a very stand up guy, but with that said he is in a little over his head. I know everybody is going to tell me with a win on sunday he will have gotten the ravens in the playoffs again and that last year he was just 1 game from going to the super bowl.I don't care what anybody tells me , you can bet your last dollar that Rex ryan made a lot of critical decisions on this team last year and was the buffer between coach harbaugh and the team. If you don't think that to be the case then you are just kidding yourself. So before you start to put him in the hall of fame with Vince lombardi you better understand and realize just how far he has to go to becoming a good coach. This team has the worst time management of any team in the league. Myself i prefer a coach in a press conference to give a honest evaluation of the performance of his team instead of always defending them even when it's very obvious that they played poorly. He reminds me more of a college coach then being in The NFL.And if he doesn't correct the problems on this team he will start to understand just what the word NFL really means. NOT FOR LONG in this league.

I like Harbaugh. He's a second year coach whose gaining experience and winning at the same time. He will learn what motivates the team as time goes on. I'm glad he doesn't believe in camp cupcake but he needs to know how to use his "doghouse". I believe the game management, appropriate PR techniques and player interaction will come. Glad to have him here and glad Billick's gone.

Look, I'm not one who is in favor a firing a coach after 2 str8 playoff appearances. But you people who think Harbaugh is a good coach, quite frankly I don't know what you're looking at. Before you go giving him "credit" for getting his team to playoffs 2 years in a a row, think about this; While he wasn't given the keys to a Porsche, he was certainly given the keys to an Acura, or a Lexus-particularly on defense. And the roster overall was a playoff roster, despite under-achieving in an injury riddled final year under Billick.
Here's a question I have for the Harbaugh supporters: PLEASE LIST THE SPECIFIC AND PARTICULAR SKILLS THAT HARBAUGH BRINGS TO THE POSITION. When you can do that, I will understand the support for Harbaugh.

This guy has won 21 NFL games since September of 08, and he has the team on the verge of a 2nd consecutive playoff appearance. He's given us the #3 rated defense in the league and a franchise quarterback who's thrown about 40 TDs and passed for about 6,000 yards in the same period. Dan Snyder and our neighbors down the other end of the parkway would kill for this type of success. And what do Ravens fans do - criticize him because an over paid, out of shape Suggs goes off the deep end (just for an example)..

You guys need to get real - and be thankful Billick is not still running the ship.

Harbaugh benefited last year from Rex Ryan's presence as "de faco" head coach. Without Rex, he appears to be nothing more than a "clueless" spectator on the sidelines. Questionable personnel decisions, i.e., not bringing Lorenzo Neal back to once again spearhead the vaunted "three-headed monster" in favor of L.J. Smith, who caught exactly one more pass than I did this year and the likes of Frank Walker and Chris Carr, were contributing factors to a disappointing season. And, his delegating the defense to a friend of his father's who languished in obscurity in the college ranks for 36 years shows his inexperience. Couple those circumstanes with his questionable gameday decisions and his team's lack of discipline on the field and he deserves to be criticized. That being said, it's probably a little early to judge him, particularly if his team makes the playoffs for the second straight year. But, if he wants to avoid being known as, Coach "Horrible", he better surround himself with more knowledgable assistants because he needs all the quality help he can get.......

I love it when they come out like this calling for his head already. It shows that they know nothing about coaching or football. While there are definately things to address I also think Harbs has done a decent job. I give him a C+ and don't think that is too bad considering it only his 2nd year and playoffs both years. Think how long it took the great coaches in the league to
come of age. We knew we were in for a few rookie mistakes and that is what you got. Anyone that wants to get rid of him needs medication and by all means up the doseage!

This 2009 Ravens team should have won 12 games. Four games were blown because of a lack of discipline, poor coaching, and poor preparation on the player's parts (which goes back to coaching). If Harbaugh stays, he needs to upgrade his assistants.

None of the many QB's Billick was stuck with ever left here and played at an NFL starter level. So Billick tried to do the best he could without an NFL QB and still managed to make the playoffs ~50% of the time. Billick did not fail at developing a QB as he was given by Newsome none with any potential. Give Billick Flacco as a QB and we would be an elite team. Harbaugh is way overmatched. The team has no identity, just like Harbaugh whose special teams background is not cutting it.

harbaugh has been on the job for only his second year and he is on the discussion board for potential replacement?
haha!! get real.

now while he does need to address the clayton over demetrius starting issue,
this team has more holes than a sieve and still overachieves, still puts points on the board and still competes every sunday. he isn't responsible for every win, NOR every loss. his management looks suspect at times: walker at starting corner, occasional time-management issues.... but stellar as well: starting rice over macgahee, moving carr to corner, letting mattison handle the defense, keeping ed reed off the field to heal, not resigning macalister, bring webb up at the right pace so he never lost his confidence, subbing gregg and keeping him fresh following his injury, having the guts to go for it on 4th down against pittsburgh in baltimore, having the guts to go for it on 4th down again against pittsburgh in pittsburgh, supporting his players and not being afraid to challenge calls, being vocal all game and season.... the list goes on.

if they make it to the playoffs this discussion is over.

MikeInPasadena is insane.

I think it's too early to tell. I would like to know, however, that he is sitting on the prime penalty offenders, rather than enabling them. There have been some terrible calls against the Ravens, and I am not naive about the possibility of referee bias -- a recent episode of 60 minutes disabused me of that notion...
but...A good team is not vilnerable to bad calls. A good team dominates the game and does not put itself in a position where the game can be determined by a bad call. And, if a bad call is genuinely the result of referee bias, a smart coach addresses the issue through NFL diplomatic back channels, rather than
making a public "whine" that only makes the matter worse.

I like John Harbaugh as a person, not as a head coach in the NFL. I present a question to every Harbs lover out there...What has he done for this team to get better in the past two seasons? I can't answer it. He had the two best coordinators in the game last year with the combo of the talented player recuited during the Billick era. It surely is not special teams. Ray Lewis runs that Defense, NOT Harbaugh. Ozzie is the draft master. Cam has full control of the Offense's development...We might as well get him some pom poms with a dress and he can be a cheerleader because that is exactly what he has been so far...With the below average special teams, lack of discipline, the total B.S. 1950 motivating speeches, and the non-existent level of respect a head coach needs to have these men execute on the football field; I say Harbs days are numbered if he doesn't grow a pair...Anyone else see what I see???

Many fans are unreasonable and had extremely high expectations after the 11-5 season and the trip to the AFC championship game. They unreasonably expected the team to repeat and improve the performance from last year. Never mind the fact just two seasons ago the team was 5-11, the starting QB is only in his second year, certain key defensive players aged overnight (ex: Trevor Price), we lost our defensive coach and some key offensive and defensive players, and we have been plagued by key injuries all year long.

Not only do many Ravens fans suffer from unreasonable expectations, but they tend to forget the history of this team. The “lack of discipline” isn’t a problem that started under John Harbaurgh’s regime, this started years before Harbaugh was in Baltimore, while Brian Billick was still coach. I know you all remember the Patriots game when Bart Scott threw the refs flags in the stand. How about the infamous Detroit game with all of those penalties?

The truth is, despite the disappointment of the fans, the Ravens are not as bad a team as many make them out to be. We are on the verge of making a consecutive playoff appearance. We are essentially in the same position we were in last year, despite the fact that we have lost more games. There is also the fact that Coach Harbaugh has instilled in this team a non-quitting attitude that I don’t believe the team had before. Despite what many fans may believe, the offense has improved and overall the team has gotten better. I think we are on the verge of doing some special things in the future with the right pieces. Fans just need to be patient. As a matter of fact, if we can cut down on the mental mistakes the team we have now can beat any team in the playoff and make it to the big dance. So from where I sit, Coach Harbaugh has us heading in the right direction.

This season's been a real greulier. The Pats game screwed the whole team up and the rest of the season so far. They went up there and played there best and had the game stolen from them. I remember they all felt like winners after that game. Coach Harbaugh should have seen that and slapped them all. A LOSS IS A LOSS AND YOU NEVER FEEL GOOD. You get mad and beat the hell out of the next guy. Well we didn't and in fact went on a losing streek. Harbs missed that one and has been to easy on certain players. It's still to early to castrate him. New coach, play-offs his first 2 years. Yeah he's a keeper, but we got our eye on you Harbs.

Harbaugh has been the head coach for two seasons and in both seasons the team has made it into the playoffs. Quite simply, there is no way that any other coach could improve upon that record. The whole goal of the regular season is to make it to the second season, the playoffs, and he has accomplished that task. However, like every other coach, he can and deserves to be criticized for the decisions he makes and for the performance of the team. It may not be fair in all cases, but the head coach is “The Man” and as such must take responsibility for the performance of the team.
A crystal clear problem this season is stupid players! The players are guilty of committing stupid penalties that have cost the team games. This is an area in which Harbaugh should be “The Man” and rip some ### right on the sideline even if it’s a big money star player. If that does not get through to the player take another action such as, fine them big, make that player inactive for the next game or simply cut them. Harbaugh’s current practice of publicly defending the stupid players has proven ineffective and makes him appear weak. He has been pissed-off at the media for the "Undisciplined Team" label but it does fit so he has got to accept it or do something about it. I think he should be given time to correct this problem and take control of the team. However, if this problem continues again next season, it will be clear that Harbaugh himself does not get it and that his stupid team is just a reflection of a stupid coach.
I wonder where the leadership among the players is coming from. I don’t see established veteran players such as Heap, Reed, Price or Burk committing these stupid penalties, but what concerns me is that I don’t see these same players getting in anyone’s face. I have seen veteran players on other teams get pissed-off and yell at teammates when they hurt the team by being stupid. We never see that with the Ravens, mostly likely because it is some of our big money star players that are doing the stupid stuff.
So, I say keep Harbaugh as the head coach. Give him the opportunity to get smarter players (Winners) on the roster and to weed out the stupid players (Losers) that were on the roster when he arrived. The Ravens need to improve the pass rush, the secondary and the receivers, but need to do it with intelligent players. The stupid stuff needs to stop….I see the Ravens making it into the playoffs and that is great. Unfortunately, I see us blowing a playoff game because we are a stupid undisciplined team. I am disgusted with paying big bucks for season tickets and watching stupid mistakes cost the Ravens the game. I can accept losing to a more talented and physical team, however I cannot accept blowing games because of stupid mistakes. I cannot be the only fan who feels this way. Harbaugh please fix this problem or get out of town so the Ravens can hire a head coach who knows the difference between winners and losers! (Ozzie – this goes for you to!)

I like Harbaugh as the coach, but he still has quite a bit to learn and that's ok.

What I don't like is the "coachspeak." I've been turned off by that since the New England game. If you recall, Ray Rice had over 100 yards on roughly 11 carries. After the game, the coaches said they wouldn't have changed the offensive attack. That's where they lost me.

I don't expect that they'd admit fault publicly, so if that's truly the case then they all should be fired. If your star RB is averaging almost 10 yards per carry, there might not be a need to actually throw one pass. So I have to assume they weren't telling truth when they said they wouldn't change the gameplan.

That being said, from that moment on, I saw no reason to believe anything the coaches said and therefore saw no reason to listen to them.

All I care about is if Harbaugh can coach this team well enough to keep the flags off the field. Games that are decided by missed opportunities topped with crucial 4th quarter flags ARE NOT WORTH WATCHING. They are not worth the time investment or the emotional investment. If I knew in advance that a game would come down to a killer penalty, I wouldn't watch. I'd do something else.

Gimme a double today.....fighting a cold.

The last coach we ran out of town who had two straight playoff appearances was Davey Johnson. Just look at how well that has worked out.

OK, not a good comparison? Tell me who else got canned after two straight playoff appearances and that team did better the next year? Not someone who quit, but who got canned. And to the dufus who compared Flacco to Boller....have you started on your NY Eve bender already?
The only comparison I give those two guys is that neither has had a bonafide #1/deep threat WR to throw to.

Harbaugh ain't perfect but no other coach is. Cowher was a choke artist until his last year when he won the SB against a very soft Seattle team. Geez, we are a fickle sports town.

I don't understand why Harbaugh is getting all of the blame for the penalties. Yes, they are a huge problem and they cost us the game at Pittsburgh. But a coach can only do so much. He isn't the one on the field committing the penalties. The Ravens were an undisciplined under Billick and, with many of the same players, they are undisciplined now. Maybe the players have something to do with it ...

Here is a few questions for you Harbaugh haters. Was it his fault Clayton could not make an easy catch against the Patriots? Was it his fault that Mason let a touchdown pass bounce of his face mask? Maybe Ozzie had more of a hand in the Stover decision. It's amazing that a general manager that has a 122-111-1 record since 1996 never gets any heat. I hope we go deep into the playoffs again so you idiots can swing back the other way.

Are you kidding me- fire the coach? These are the same people who sat in the stands,or the lazy boy,or the bar stool & screamed @ Billick "PASS THE BALL YOU A'HOLE!"..& then screammed on the next play," RUN IT YOU JERK !" It is amazing how much emotion football brings out in some of us.Can you imagine what these comments would be if the ravens were 15-0,&decided to rest the starters.It would be a fire storm, just like it was after Billick & the boys lost to the Fins two yrs. ago.The bottom line is that to too many fans bitching about the home team is a substitute for beating your spouse.

Cower won one SB! ONE!

He had one great team after another, yet he one once. ONCE!

I was in Tampa when the media and fans ran Tony Dungy out of town. He was 'too soft' on his players - they would say. It was this is!

And how many times did coach B in New England get fired before sticking?

People wanting to run Harbaugh out of town, a coach on the verge of being 2 for 2 in playoff appearances are simply ignorant.

And Connolly.... Instead of raising controversy, when the truth is, this is only about a few ignorant bloggers, how about writing factual pieces? How about writing about the success of coaches in their first 2 years, with a team that was supposedly rebuilding with a new O line and QB going into 08'?

How about writing about darling teams like Atlanta, who with their stud rookie qb, won't make the playoffs this year?

Don't be an US magazine sensational type writer. Talk about the shortcomings of our sophomore coach, but also talk about how it's special what he's accomplished....


Wow some of these posts are really ridiculous. People this team had discipline problems under Billick, this is not all Harbaugh's fault!! It's been a problem for a while. It's way too soon to be wanting him fired.

That being said, there's no doubt this team has underachieved this year and Harbaugh has shown a few more flaws, making dumb challenges is one of them. This team honestly could've won 13, maybe 14 games this year. The only two games that were sure losses were the 2nd Bengals game and the Packers game, every other of those losses they could've easily won but because of a few bad calls, penalties, and missed opportunities they did not.

Despite that, I still like Harbaugh and unless the team does the unthinkable and loses to the Raiders I don't think he should be on the "hot seat" next year.

Doesn't matter who the head coach is, this team is in the midst of a serious long term run at mediocrity. The masses will be calling for his head next year but the fact remains the defense will never be close to what it has been in the past for the next few years at least. Get ready for a long 3 seasons minimum.

I think that while Harbaugh has done a good job I also think that the missing element he was supposed to bring to the team is still missing. The discipline. The Raven are amongst the highest penalized teams in the league if not the highest and a lot of penalties are of the variety that reflect upon the head coach and his way of coaching. offsides, false starts and personal conduct penalties such as delay of game for celebrating or hitting a guy late are mental lapses and the ravens have them every week and at costly times of the games. The same guys seem to commit these penalties every week which also speaks to his coaching. If the same guys commit the same penalties isn't it the job of the head coach to enforce penalties and fines? I dont think Harbaugh has established an identity. The last time a head coach was chosen he was brought in for his special talent of being an offensive genious. We waited 10 years and 20 quarterbacks later before deceiding that it wasn't going to work out. Is it fair to say that with the coaching talent available that if the ravens could get better all the way around shouldn't they? Wasn't the issue brought up numerous times that Brian Billick was kept because the alternatives were no better?.Thats not true this year and although the ravens if they win sunday are in the playoffs wasn't the expectations this year at least to make a return trip to the afc championship game? Isn't is also true that a lack of focus and concentration along with mental lapses cost the ravens 3 very critical games this year? (new england, cincinnati and pittsburgh) Aren't the ravens notorius slow starters and doesn't that issue lay with the head coach having his team ready to play? I like john harbaugh however if you can honestly answer yes to all of the above questions then ask yourself this. Are there better alternatives available and would they make the ravens better.? I mean isn't that the goal to be better every year if the talent says you should be.? Wouls anyone fault the ownership of the ravens if MIke Shannahan, Bill Cowher, John Gruden or even Marty Schottenheimer were standing on the sidelines next year? I think not....two years ago the options were jason garrette or john harbaugh and the ravens chose wisely. Whatever they choose to do this year with a playoff team it seems we wont lose out either way. Go ravens

Seriously...this is even a conversation? He's better than twenty plus other coach's in this league and he's only in his second year. I'm sure he'd be the first to admit he's made some mistakes, but an AFC Championship last year with a Rookie QB and a likely return trip this year looks pretty damn good to me. These are the same people that want to run Flacco out of town after a few mistakes, I'm sure next year we'll want to get rid of Ray Rice as well if he fumbles a few times. I love the Ravens and it's been a fun season and I'm very excited to be playing an all or nothing game the last week of the year. What more can we as fans ask for? What will everyone be saying when we get in, got to New England and pull off the victory??? I guess all will be OK with all the people bitching and complaining now. Oh well, Go Ravens!

Connolly, what an ignorant subject,

Good job at US Magazine sensational type writing.

I was in Tampa when the media and fans ran Tony Dungy out of town. He was 'too soft on his players'. Was as ignorant as what people are now saying about Harbaugh.

Making the playoffs in your first 2 years, with a team that was rebuilding with a rebuilt O line and rookie qb in 08' was remarkable. Making the post season yet again with all the changes and injuries is truly gratifying.

Question: How many time did the genius in New England get fired before sticking?

Connolly..... Stop going for the sensational. Write about the Falcons and how they didn't go back to the playoffs with their glory boy QB. Write about how 20 teams are going home, and about the coaches of many of those teams not having nearly the success that John Harbaugh has already attained.

Gimme another double....I'm getting a little wound up.

What exactly is a "de faco" coach, Jerry B.?

And to those of you still in love with sexy Rexy Ryan....didn't he get handed the keys to a porsche/lexus/acura defense? How could he have screwed up that defense last year? Let's see how Rex does on Sunday.

I realize Harbaugh doesn't want to call out a specific player but what he should be doing is calling out or challenging the team....publicly. Ray doesn't want to be the outspoken leader any longer, which is fine, but if no one else wants to challenge the team, the HC should do it.

And Ozzie, please get us a #1 WR next year....please.

What do I think of Harbaugh? I think we're stuck with him. The team won't do anything rash, and rightfully so. The last thing we need is Cleveland-like unstability at the top. All we can hope is that Harbs learns from his mistakes, and fixes them (unlike Billick, who just arrogantly denied them).

The "mighty mighty men" thing is cringe-worthy. It's sugary and trite, and I expect the players think it's stupid. This alone is not a huge problem, but I think it shows that he is a little out of touch with the players.

To me, he only gets partial credit for last season. Without Flacco showing surprising maturity for a first year QB, and without a dominating defense, this team is 6-10 at best -- and neither of those things had anything to do with Harbaugh. The resurgence had more to do with a QB that raised the offense from bottom of the league to mid-pack, a decent running game, and a superb defense that was still owned and run by Rex.

1. Stover -- why "fix" something that wasn't broken to begin with? Dumb.
2. Mattison. Maybe hiring dad's golf buddy wasn't the best decision. If this were a team in mid-rebuild, fine. But this was a veteran team that did not need a DC that was learning on the job. Double dumb.
3. Discipline. Why on earth are the penalties -- the stupid, stupid penalties -- still a problem?
4. Clock management. Atrocious. All season, and last year too.
5. Why did it take 1/2 of the season to go back to the ground game, in earnest? They paid lip service to it early on, but it was proven early that a second year QB shouldn't be throwing 45 times per game.

I hope Harbs takes a good look at things, and is willing to change. The future of our team is in his hands for the foreseeable future, because he's not going anywhere.

@atomicdog , your the only idiot that doesn't know when a head coach truely sucks even in his second season , just wait there's more disappointments to come with Harbaugh , either your smoking something or had a little too much to drink during game time , but it's very eveident that Harbaugh is not HEAD COACH MATERIAL , no discipline whatsoever on this team , and him being a special team coach from Philly is truely showing , very bad poor decision making on Harbaugh's part , we quailty players on the sidelines that are never used , and all Harbaugh does is makes excuses , have you ever heard him say that this game was my fault , NOT ! not Harbaugh he needs to come to terms that hi9s method of coaching isn't working here in Baltimore , and we may loose against Oakland on Sunday becuase of that poor coaching by Harbaugh that you adore so much !

Getting to know him, it would seem that he doesn't allow good sense to get in the way of what he's doing.

The 2007 Ravens were 5-11 because they were decimated by injuries, and thus had even worse pass blocking than prior seasons. The defense also blew at least three games late that should have been wins. Boller actually did a decent job, completing 61% of his passes despite no protection.

I think he is not learning from his mistakes, meaning he constantly miss manages the clock during games. He needs to take playing time from his repeat stupid plenalty committers. The dont care about getting fined but they do care about playing time. Lastly, he should let Ozzie pick the players and not whine for guys like Lj Smith who in my mine stole the season ticket holders money this year. If he can do those 3 things i think he has potential to be quite good.

I am so tired of people complaining about Harbaugh. We may be in the play-offs and who do you think has a part in that. Give the guy a break and be supportive of our team. Do you know why Pittsburgh fans are so important to their team, you never hear of them complaining about the team even if they look horrible. I am ashamed of our fans.

I think everything boils down to this coming Sunday. It seems like many bar patrons are making that assumption that the Ravens will beat the Raiders and that John Harbaugh will have taken them to the playoffs for two consecutive years.

If Harbaugh is a good coach, he will not overlook Oakland. This is the NFL and the Ravens and everyone here in the bar better not "assume" - if you know what I mean.

Some of you fans are emotionally retarded and much of what you say makes no sense. Comparing Boller to Flacco is laughable.

Can we give the Stover thing a rest already. I know Stover was a great kicker and loved by all Ravens fans. The fact of the matter is however, the team decided to move in another direction for reasons that made sense. Sure it initially didn’t work out the way that they anticipated, but that still doesn’t change the fact that they made a practical decision to move in another direction. The only reason fans are really complaining is because the decision cost us a couple of games. Had Hausuka made all of his kicks, other than the fact that fans liked Stover personally, would this really be a logical issue. Also, bear in mind that Harbaugh didn’t make this decision on his own.

The fact of the matter is that any NFL team that wants to be competitive has to constantly evaluate its roster each year to make sure that it has the best players in each position. Sometimes mistakes are made in selecting or letting go players, but that doesn’t change the fact that this needs to be done. This includes the precious kicker Stover, who has seen a decline in his range and could not longer do kickoffs.

Furthermore, please stop with the three headed monster nonsense and the crap about brining Lorenzo Neal back. During the Billick years and even last year fans complained about the fact that our team never threw the ball down the field. Now the team is starting to evolve and change from the same old vanilla offense of the past and these emotionally retarded fans are still complaining.

And for those of you that believe that last years success was completely attributable to Rex Ryan, when exactly did Rex Ryan coach offense and special teams last year. Last time I checked Rex only coached the defense last year. Also, how exactly is Rex and Jets doing this year….Right, they are in exactly the same position as the Ravens are.

What is funny is that I am sure many of you emotional idiots thought the Ravens were a lock in for the Super Bowl after the first three games of the season. I can see you idiots now looking at the power rankings and planning your trip to Miami. Now the team has faced some adversity and all of a sudden the sky is falling and it’s all Harbaugh’s fault.

If you really think the coach is doing such a terrible job then maybe you should support another team. How about supporting the Patriots? Oh wait, they didn’t even make the playoffs last year and have struggled this year. They should fire Bellichick as well. How about the Colts? Oh wait, despite the fact that they have one of the best QBs in the league they have only won one Super Bowl in this decade. Tony Dungy really sucked, and it’s a good thing he retired because I am sure he would have been fired this year. How about the Steelers? Oh wait, their year has been pretty much the same as the Ravens and I am sure Mike Tomlin will be fired at the end of the year. How about the Bengals? That’s right, this is the first time they have made the playoffs in how many years. Might I interest you in the Chargers? Oh wait, they barely made the playoffs last year in a weak division and haven’t won a championship in the last decade, if ever. People stop being unreasonable. The Ravens are no different from any other team.

I'd rather have Gruden

People thinbk that this team is more talented than it is. While coaches make a difference, he is not the reason this team is not 11-4 right now. When people complain about discipline, the Ravens have had less Personal Foul penalties under Harbaugh's two years than any years under Billick. The penalties are mostly execution. You blame that on him to a degree, but players play and coaches coach.

People around football respect the Ravens more now than they did under Billick. In fact, the Ravens aren't the most hated team in the NFL anymore like they used to be.

I can't believe what I'm reading. What a bunch of babies you people are. From where I'm sitting, it looks like nothing short of Super Bowl wins every single year are going to be good enough for you. Apparently, Baltimore is filled with short memories.

When Billick was hired, we were told that he was an offensive genius. Well, the genius gave us one of the most consistently anemic offenses in the league. And he wasn't the king of draft picks, either. Kyle Boller was an unmitigated disaster. He got fired after season after season of not getting it done. The Super Bowl victory was the exception, not the rule.

Now, it's true that Harbaugh was hired out of obscurity. No argument there. But, an appearance in the AFC championship in his first year (coming off Billick's 5-11 season for his last go-around) and a play-off berth in his second season, assuming we beat the Raiders, is pretty damn good in this fan's opinion.

His decision to hire Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator was a master-stroke. Our offense actually started producing immediately. He drafted Flacco, who has done a great job at QB (thank you to the person who posted his stats to prove that point). And he found Ray Rice to anchor a three-pronged ground game that has been a drastic improvement over Jemal "Butterfingers" Lewis. There is no comparison between our offensive production under Harbaugh and Cameron and what it was under Billick.

Btw, what's Jim Fassel doing these days? That was another fine Billick decision.

And another thing, does anyone else remember that the Ravens were considered thugs under Billick's regime. You don't hear that anymore since Harbaugh took over. Our beloved team is actually respected now. How about that?

True, the Stover decision was a poor one, although I'm betting the final decision wasn't Harbaugh's. And even if it was, not every decision any coach makes will be the right one. I'm sure Lombardi, himself, made a few boneheaded decisions he wished later that he could take back.

I will also grant you that our defense this year isn't what it used to be. But injuries have been a factor. Also, we lost Rex Ryan. I think things will be better next year. It takes time.

Oh, and while we're talking about decisions, Harbaugh made sure Ray Lewis stayed, didn't he? Before the season, people were writing Ray off as an over-the-hill joke. But, lo and behold, he's done nothing but produce and he's still the great player, leader and spiritual mentor he's always been. Kinda hard to argue with that.

I was as frustrated as everyone else with the loss via penalties. I was spitting fire when the second TD was called back. We should have won that game. No question about it. But you can't hang that albatross around the head coach, alone. When do the players, themselves, get to be held accountable?

Maybe we could all grow up a bit and get rid of the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately mentality. As a previous poster pointed out, if you think things are bad here, I invite you to turn your eyes southward and look at the horror show that is our neighbors in DC and count your lucky stars that we have a good team and a solid organization run by Bischotti and Newsome, who are class-acts. And we have a good coach.

Over all, Harbaugh is doing a fine job as head coach. There are problems that need fixing. There's no denying that. But he knows it and he will make sure it happens. He obviously loves his players and the fans of the his team. He has always shown the utmost respect for both and he's put a winning product on the field for two straight seasons.

What more do you want? Curing lepers and raising the dead is above his pay grade.

People, people, people, please get a grip! It drives me crazy when I read or hear so many negative comments about firing the coach in a year that more then likely we'll be going to the playoffs in. And Oh by the way, this would be the SECOND year in a row!!!
Has Harbaugh made some mistakes, absolutely, but the man readily admits them and will learn from them. Do we know what happens behind the closed doors, no, have we seen a reduction in the penalties, no, but what I do see (with the exception of the second Bengal game) is a team with heart that does not give up or shut down. This is a trait of a leader. Like or not Harbaugh is here to stay for a while and for one I'm pleased as hell. For all you other "fist pounders and screamers" for Harbaughs job at the first sign of a little adversity, lets hope you don't give up so easily in the real world of family, friends and the real hardships life can bring. Chill people, just chill

Here's the bottom line:

Harbaugh's two year regular seasi=on record versus teams with winning records:
7 wins, 14 losses

Harbaugh's record against the #1 division foe: 1-3, with the only win coming when the 3rd string QB started for Pittsburgh.

Stop focusing on last year, Harbaugh Lovers, have you ever heard of Joe Altobelli? The Ravens players were determined to show the world they could win without Billick. This year, that extra motivation is gone and a team with 5 Pro Bowlers is barely limping into the playoffs and will make a very VERY quick exit.

Harbaugh has no people skills, no time management skills, and very little X's and O's skills. He's a YES man and a politician, that's all.

Please someone tell me how can the coach teach penalty-free football when the enforcement of the rules change from week to week and from side to side. Can he say "just play defense like you did in the denver game and all should go fine"?Because the next game the same style of play cost us; or maybe he can say mid-game "just do what the steelers, or the pats, or the bengals are doing and we will be fine." We need to wake up and understand the odds that are stack against this team from week to week and stop listening to the TV commentators when they say stuff like the Ravens are self-distructing. K Washington barely touch the defender away from the play, yet Hines Ward has made a carrer from exploding on opposing defenders late and behind plays forever, but does he get flagged? It's not lack of coaching, it's not lame press conf's, noo it's a NFL league wide policies that says the ravens players have to play at a 99&1/2 percent pefection rate we as other teams can give it a good college try and still win games. Lay off the coach he's doing a great job.

Let''s cut through all the bull and simply say Rex Ryan would have been the better option as the Ravens' Head Coach.

I like John Harbaugh. He seems like a really decent person and family man. That said, if Bill Cowher was available I'd take him. One thing about Cowher is he wouldn't stand for all the ridiculous penalties. He would instill discipline on the team, which is probably why he'd never be considered. The players (including Ray Lewis) would be scared to death of having him as coach.

Regarding the love affair with Rex Ryan; if it wasn't for the Colts sitting their starters last week, the Jets would be out of the playoffs. So, forget about the "greatness" of Rex.

For all of you satisfied with just making the playoffs every year.......keep Harbaugh. If we ever want to win a Super Bowl, we need to get a premier head coach......or at least one that knows the basics of clock management, player substitutions, and establishing discipline.

I just wish he's stop with all the coach speak. I feel like I'm listening to Andy Reid in press conferences, and I loathe Andy Reid.

Other than that...he may not be the best right now, but he certainly is the best option for the Ravens moving forward. Change is not an option at this point.

He's a decent head coach who seems to surround himself with good coaches and let them do their job, which is all you can ask for with a young guy. Definitely a no-brainer to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. If the same stuff goes on next year, then we can bring this up again.

i think John is an excellent coach!!!

The combination of former Ravens' coaches Rex Ryan and Rick Pettine has elevated the the Jets defense from # 16 in 2008 to absolute # ! in 2009. That type of high pressure scoring defense combined with Cam Cameron's offense would have made the Ravens a shoe-in for a Superbowl slot. Rex Ryan would have been a much better option as Ravens head coach.

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